Investing Basics

  1. Could You Afford to Save for a 40-Year Retirement?

    As people longer, financial planning for retirement is becoming even more important.
  2. Six Critical Rules for Successful Retirement Investing

    Understand which investment vehicles and strategies build you the most fiscally sound retirement.
  3. 5 Misconceptions That Put Your Finances at Risk

    These are the pitfalls to avoid when planning your finances and investments.
  4. Getting Started In Stocks

    We'll provide a step-by-step introduction on how to invest - and succeed - in this market.
  5. 5 Statements Commonly Made By Amateur Investors

    Here are five inaccurate investing statements and some tips on how to think more like a professional.
  6. Are We In A Passive Investing Bubble?

    A passive strategy in investments can create too much risk in your portfolio.
  7. Accelerating Returns With Continuous Compounding

    Investopedia explains the natural log and exponential functions used to calculate this value.
  8. The Barnyard Basics of Derivatives

    This tale of a fictional chicken farm is a great way to learn how derivatives work in the market.
  9. Can You Become Rich Investing in Mutual Funds?

    Find out how you can use mutual fund investments to get rich, including which types of funds are best suited for rapid wealth ...
  10. 4 Smart Beta Predictions for 2017

    Investors are more interested in smart beta strategies than ever after last year's tremendous growth. Sara talks about the ...
  11. 3 Steps to Build a Diversified Investment Portfolio

    Take these three steps to achieve and maintain diversification in your investment portfolio.
  12. Why Asset Allocation Is Important in Your Portfolio

    Asset allocation accounts for more than 90% of the investment process.
  13. Warren Buffett's Investing Style Reviewed

    Learn the main principles that Warren Buffet uses in assessing a company. His take on value investing may surprise you.
  14. 5 Things to Know About Asset Allocation

    Overwhelmed by investment options? Learn how to create an asset allocation strategy that works for you and builds toward ...
  15. Active Traders Are Turning Bullish on Japan (EWJ, DXJ)

    Bullish chart patterns shown on the chart of key ETFs suggest that now could be the time to take a look at investing in Japan.
  16. Penny Stocks to Watch for February 2017 (TBIO, GSX)

    These ten penny stocks trading on U.S. public exchanges could gain substantial ground in February 2017 and the coming months.
  17. 4 Fintech Companies Disrupting Real Estate (Z, FISV)

    Fintech has revolutionized real estate transactions and will continue to do so in 2017.
  18. 5 Ways to Find More Sustainable Investment Options

    Here are five ways to make your portfolio more socially responsible and in line with the 2020s.
  19. What Robo-Advisors Can and Can't Do for Investors

    Despite their technological sophistication, there are limitations to what robo-advisors can do.
  20. Equity Factors for a Reflationary Environment

    We explain why certain equity factors are poised to potentially outperform in an environment of U.S.-led reflation.
  21. Where Does Under Armour Go From Here? (UAA, NKE)

    Under Armour fell more than 20% after missing fourth quarter metrics and lowering 2017 guidance, continuing a downtrend that's ...
  22. What Is Tactical Asset Allocation?

    Here's how tactical asset allocation, an extension of strategic asset allocation, works.
  23. The Best Value In the Semiconductor Space (AVGO, NVDA)

    Uncovering deals in the Semiconductor space is easy with fundamental analysis.
  24. Top Consumer Cyclical Stocks for 2017

    Choose consumer cyclical stocks carefully if you want to prosper in the current economic expansion.
  25. Top 4 Alternative Energy Stocks for 2017

    Some alternative energy stocks are making positive moves and could have a prosperous 2017.
  26. Top 4 Pharmaceutical Stocks for 2017

    Some smaller, more tightly-focused pharmaceutical stocks are outperforming the giants.
  27. Top 4 Natural Gas Stocks of 2017

    These four companies that develop natural gas may be looking at a stellar 2017.
  28. Wisdom of Crowds

    Wisdom of Crowds is the idea that large groups of people are collectively smarter than even individual experts when it comes ...
  29. Sector Rotation: the Essentials

    We look at how the market signals impending economic cycles and sector performance during each stage.
  30. Inflation Comes Skulking Back

    Russ discusses the signs that inflation is rising faster than many expect, and what that means for your portfolio.
  31. What Investors Get Wrong About Dividends

    Are you guilty of buying into the dividend fallacy? A groundbreaking new study shows just how wrong some investors are about ...
  32. Hedge Fund Fortunes Change, High-Rolling Culture Doesn't

    The lavish lifestyles of hedge fund employees have persisted, even as returns have dwindled.
  33. Trump's Protectionism Could Benefit Emerging Markets: Fund Manager

    Weiss Multi-Strategy Advisers believes that Trump's protectionism will inspire emerging markets to create domestic demand.
  34. Top 5 Small-Cap Oil Stocks for 2017

    Small-cap energy stocks may the most lucrative in the oil patch.
  35. The On-Demand Generation Will Forever Change Media (NFLX, AMZN)

    The On-Demand Generation is radically altering the media landscape in the United States and around the world.
  36. The Outlook for ETF Investors in 2017

    Here's why the popularity of ETFs shows no sign of slowing down in 2017.
  37. Investment Strategies for Your Retirement Accounts

    A retirement portfolio should focus on absolute return strategies to minimize risk.
  38. How Defined-Benefit Pension Plans Can Be Saved

    Defined-benefit plans are disappearing as the primary retirement vehicle for many workers.
  39. Didi Chuxing

    The ride-hailing company beat Uber and dominates the China market. Now it's eying the world
  40. 5 Questions to Ask your Advisor About ETFs

    More and more investors are looking at ETFs and wondering if they should incorporate them in their portfolios. Talking to ...
  41. Is a Robo-Advisor Right for Your Investments?

    When it comes to managing your investments, how much of a role should a robo-advisor play?
  42. Every Investor Should Know This Boring Financial Term

    Think of standard deviation as a thermometer for risk, or better yet, anxiety.
  43. Active vs. Passive ETF Investing

    Active or passive ETF investing? Find out which one is for you.
  44. Top Defensive Consumer Stocks for 2017

    These 4 defensive consumer stocks can add stability to your portfolio.
  45. Top 4 Coal-Mining Stocks for 2017

    Coal stocks have been quietly making money and may continue to do so in 2017.
  46. Riskalyze

    Riskalyze provides advisors with a way to assess clients' risk tolerance and craft portfolios accordingly.
  47. You Can Now Use Bitcoin to Buy Stuff on Amazon, via App (AMZN)

    This changes everything for Bitcoin and for (literally) billions of Amazon users.
  48. What to Expect from Markets Under a New President

    The U.S. market started low and ended high in 2016, but what happens next remains to be seen.
  49. Why Bonds Aren't Enough for Your Retirement Income

    You can easily tap into growth mutual funds or ETFs to create monthly income in retirement.
  50. 7 Ways to Recession-Proof Your Life

    Find out what you can do to prepare and cope in tough economic times.
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