Investing Basics

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  1. Repurchase Agreement - Repo

    A form of short-term borrowing for dealers in government securities.
  2. In Which Account Should Corporate Bonds Be Held?

    Is it always best to put your corporate bonds in a tax-deferred account? Maybe not.
  3. Top 5 Real Estate ETFs for 2017

    These ETFs may be solid investments for those who want real estate exposure without the headaches.
  4. Wall Street and Washington: Do Politics Move Markets?

    Unless it's a major world crisis, the U.S. stock market seems remarkably immune to political turmoil at the top. So far, ...
  5. Spread Betting: OK in the U.K., Illegal in the U.S.

    The U.K. practice of spread betting is illegal in the U.S. because it is considered a form of online gambling, banned in ...
  6. The Most Important Question to Ask Before Investing

    Before investing, ask yourself, "Why am I risking capital in the financial markets?"
  7. Long (or Long Position)

    A long (or long position) is the buying of a security such as a stock, commodity or currency with the expectation that the ...
  8. How To Sell Stock In Your Company

    Selling even a small part of your business can be complicated.
  9. What are Advantages and Disadvantages of Preference Shares?

    Preference shares have advantages and disadvantages for both investors and issuing companies.
  10. How to Forecast Future Stock Prices...Usually

    One can project future prices by multiplying future earnings by the historical P/E, but not always.
  11. Liquidate

    Liquidate means to convert assets into cash or cash equivalents by selling them on the open market. Liquidate is also a term ...
  12. Top 4 Long-Term Infrastructure Stocks as of August 2017

    President Trump is promising major infrastructure spending, and these long-term infrastructure stocks are positioned to outperform.
  13. Top 3 Solar Stocks as of August 2017

    Despite the slump so far this year, solar is still an attractive option for many long-term investors. Here are some stocks ...
  14. Top 3 ETFs to Track the S&P 500 as of August 2017

    If you're looking for exposure to the country's largest market caps, these index ETFs are a good place to start.
  15. Top 5 Semiconductor ETFs as of August 2017

    See why these 5 stellar semiconductor ETFs separated themselves from the pack in 2017.
  16. Why Traditional Investment Strategies Don't Work

    Why traditional investment strategies come up short in today's new market reality.
  17. Global Sustainable Investment Alliance and Sustainable Investment Forums (SIF)

    The Global Sustainable Investment Alliance (GSIA) is a collaboration among sustainable investment organizations from countries ...
  18. Morningstar Sustainability Rating

    The Morningstar Sustainability Rating is a reliable and objective way for investors to see how approximately 20,000 mutual ...
  19. Montreal Carbon Pledge

    The Montreal Carbon Pledge is a commitment by investors to annually measure and publicly disclose their portfolio’s carbon ...
  20. UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)

    UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) are a set of six principles that provides a global standard for responsible ...
  21. These are the 10 Biggest U.S. Startups by Valuation

    Earlier this month, Recode published a list of the 10 biggest startups by valuation. Here's a look.
  22. How do Interest Rate Changes Affect the Profitability of the Banking Sector?

    When interest rates rise, the banking sector profits.
  23. Why I'm a Lazy, Passive-Aggressive, Cheap Investor

    Being a lazy, passive-aggressive and cheap investor can pay off.
  24. Are Long-Term US Bonds a Terrible Deal?

    “Think about the insane amount of money the U.S. government gave away…” These are the words of Alex Gurevich, a highly accomplished ...
  25. 6 Small Cap Stocks to Beat This Aging Bull Market

    Legs Like a Bull: These stocks may have room to run
  26. Think Outside the Style Box

    You don’t need a portfolio makeover to take advantage of smart beta. We explain how to refresh the Morningstar fund style ...
  27. Evaluating Country Risk For International Investing

    Investing overseas begins with determining the risk of the country's investment climate.
  28. Artificial Intelligence: An Evolution or A Revolution?

    We discuss the impact of artificial intelligence on investing and the financial industry overall.
  29. 6 Investing Mistakes That the Ultra Wealthy Don't Make

    Understand who ultra-high-net-worth individuals are and how they invest. Learn about the six key investment mistakes that ...
  30. Issued Share Capital vs. Subscribed Share Capital

    Subscribed share capital and issued share capital have numerous differences.
  31. Why would a stock have no par value?

    The term "par value" has slightly different applications depending on whether you are talking about equity or debt.
  32. Bullion

    Bullion refers to gold and silver that is officially recognized as being at least 99.5% pure and is in the form of bars or ...
  33. What is the difference between preference and ordinary shares?

    Preferred shareholders have a higher priority claim to the assets of a corporation in case of insolvency than common shareholders.
  34. 7 Book Recommendations for your Summer Reading List

    It’s officially summer reading season. We share some titles you may want to add to your reading list.
  35. How Money Managers May Be Hurting Your Investments

    Is your money manager helping or hurting your investments? Read these 10 points to find out.
  36. Move Over Tech! The Market Has a New Winner

    Telecom stocks outperformed techs in July. How long will it last?
  37. 10 Tips for Successful Long-Term Investing

    Avoid common mistakes with these guiding principles.
  38. Warren Buffett's Investing Style Reviewed

    Warren Buffet uses a value-investing style in assessing a company.
  39. Returns and Financial Planning Projections

    Return expectations continue to be a necessary part of any investment strategy discussion.
  40. Penny Stocks to Watch for August 2017

    Speculative fervor should underpin penny stocks through August's dog days, with buying pressure centered on biotechs, industrial ...
  41. What Advisors, Clients Should Expect from a Low-Return Future

    What should advisors and their clients expect from what many see as a looming new era of low returns?
  42. Does Active Value Investing Pay Off?

    Learn about a well-researched paper that explores why active value investors underperform, and how value investing might ...
  43. 3 Trends to Watch in ESG Investing

    Understand why climate change, equal pay for women and executive compensation are three ESG investing trends you should watch ...
  44. Understanding the Power of Compound Interest

    Understanding compound interest is important for both investing and borrowing money.
  45. A Market Prediction From a Hesitant Predictor

    It is much better to focus on investment planning than market predictions.
  46. A Simple but Not Simplistic Investment Strategy

    To be successful, one should keep their investment strategy simple, but not too simple.
  47. 5 Reasons to Stay in Stocks At Market Highs

    The stock market keeps setting records. Here are five reasons why you shouldn't sell.
  48. Your 401(k): What's the Ideal Contribution?

    If done properly, planning for retirement can affect the quality of life at retirement age — for the better. Here's what ...
  49. How Do You Use Stock Simulators?

    Stock market simulators let you pick securities, make trades and track the results-all without risking a penny.
  50. Avoid Hot Stock Tips and Focus on Fundamentals

    Investors should avoid hot stock tips and instead focus on these fundamentals.
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