Investing Basics

  1. Apple Paid Record $20 Billion+ to App Store Developers in 2016 (AAPL, NTDOY)

    Customers spent almost a quarter of a billion dollars in the company's app store.
  2. Einhorn's Greenlight Capital Ekes Out 9.4% Gains in 2016

    He outperformed his peers in a terrible year for hedge funds. *Golf clap*.
  3. What to Expect from REITs Under President Trump

    REITs have been hit hard over the past couple of months. Here's why, and what to look for next.
  4. Clarity: My Favorite Term

    Adam Dell shares his favorite financial term.
  5. Why a Long-Term View Is the Key to Investing Success

    Staying well within your risk portfolio will allow you to avoid short-term reactions to the market.
  6. 3 Ways to Prime a Portfolio with ETFs for 2017

    Building a portfolio can be a daunting task, especially at an economic and political turning point like now. Here are three ...
  7. Jared Dillian: Inside Track

    Jared Dillian, author of STREET FREAK: Money and Madness at Lehman Brothers and editor of "The Daily Dirtnap" shares his ...
  8. Brexit Deal Needed, or Bankers Leave London: Jamie Dimon (JPM)

    JPM and French banks look to move finance jobs out of London if markets remain unstable.
  9. 9 Apple Products that Changed the World (AAPL)

    Investopedia looks at Apple's 10 most disruptive innovations over the last 40 years.
  10. Top 5 Semiconductor ETFs of 2016 (SOXX, SMH)

    See why these 5 stellar semiconductor ETFs separated themselves from the pack in 2016.
  11. Who's Most Likely to Get Wall Street Bonuses?

    See what areas of finance were most likely to get you a bonus last year.
  12. Marketing Plan

    A marketing plan is a business's operational document for advertising campaigns designed to reach its target market.
  13. Affiliate Fraud

    Affiliate fraud refers to any false or unscrupulous activity meant to generate commissions from an affiliate marketing program. ...
  14. Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is an advertising model where a company pays compensation to third party publishers to generate leads ...
  15. Marketing Strategy

    A marketing strategy is a business' overall game plan for reaching people and turning them into customers of the product ...
  16. Contextual Advertising

    Contextual advertising refers to an automated process where a promotional message is matched to relevant digital content.
  17. Top Hedge Fund Managers of 2016

    These hedge fund managers came out on top of a rough 2016.
  18. How to Make the Most From Real Estate Investments

    If you own commercial real estate, there are ways to create extra income without extra work.
  19. Which European Hedge Funds Had the Lowest Returns for 2016?

    Paris Cafe: In another tough year for European hedge funds, only a few firms came out on top
  20. Fed Expectations Throw Investors a “Curve”

    The economic outlook for 2017 may rest in large part on the global yield curve. We explain what it means, and why it matters.
  21. Top 5 Performing ETFs (SILJ, BRZU)

    These five ETFs doubled investors’ money by using aggressive approaches.
  22. Top 3 ETFs to Track the Nikkei in 2017 (JPNH, HJPX)

    The Nikkei is tracked by only a few ETFs. These 3 are worth a look.
  23. Top 5 Inverse Volatility ETFs for 2017 (XIV, SVXY)

    By seeking the inverse of the performance of the volatility index, some investors make strong returns.
  24. What Happens When You Try to Time the Market?

    This is how market timing and frequent trading can negatively impact returns.
  25. Top Mutual Funds of 2016 (HDPCX, SDIVX)

    A look at equities, bonds and other top-performing mutual funds of 2016.
  26. Worst Performing Stocks on U.S. Exchanges in 2016 (VRX, DRYS)

    Valeant plummeted by more than 80%. Here's a list of the worst performing stocks listed on the NYSE and the NASDAQ.
  27. Top 5 Real Estate ETFs for 2017 (VNQ, IYR)

    These ETFs may be solid investments for those who want real estate exposure without the headaches.
  28. These Hedge Funds Did Great Despite a Tough 2016

    2016 has been one of the toughest years in hedge fund history.
  29. Pinterest, Inc.

    Pinterest's growth is exploding as it evolves into a force in advertising and e-commerce.
  30. Top 5 ETFs of the Year (SPHD, SDOG)

    This year’s top ETFs focus on income plus returns and maintain a disciplined approach.
  31. Why Investors Need to Focus on the Long-Term

    Paying too much attention to short-term performance can hurt your long-term investment strategy.
  32. 4 Investing Resolutions to Make for 2017

    As 2017 approaches, it’s time to turn your thoughts to your financial goals – and the investing resolutions needed to achieve ...
  33. Inflation is Not Dead Yet

    We discuss four reasons why the rebound in inflation is likely to continue.
  34. Xiaomi, Inc.

    Xiaomi quickly became one of the biggest startup companies by valuation, but its recent history has been rocky
  35. Lyft, Inc.

    Lyft is second in size to rival Uber. A look inside the privately held ride-sharing company.
  36. Reasons to Like Japanese Stocks (for now)

    Does the Japanese stock market rally have legs? We weigh in on a number of reasons to like Japanese stocks (on a currency-hedged ...
  37. Uber Technologies Inc.

    Uber is a major disrupter in the taxi, automotive and logistics industries.
  38. Snap Inc. (Snapchat)

    Snap Inc., formerly called Snapchat, has become a social media phenomenon.
  39. 3 Things You Should Be Doing in Your 30s to Avoid Going Broke in Your 60s

    Taking action in your 30s to secure a comfortable retirement can help you to avoid going broke in your 60s and beyond. Here ...
  40. Top 3 Silver ETFs of 2016 (SLVP, SIL)

    You can profit from the price movement of silver without physically owning the metal.
  41. Top 4 Equity ETFs of 2016 (PEY, PFF, XLG, MGC)

    These ETFs have core holdings that can provide stability over the long haul.
  42. Top 3 ETFs for Long-Term Investors (VTI, VIG, SPY)

    Long-term investors may find these buy-and-hold ETFs very appealing.
  43. The Risks Pro Athletes Face as Accredited Investors

    Professional athletes with a high net worth need to understand the accredited investor status.
  44. How to Invest for Retirement When You're Working

    Here's how three different portfolios impact your retirement savings while you're still employed.
  45. How to Use Ethical Investing to Invest in Your Beliefs

    These steps will help you invest ethically without jeopardizing your financial goals.
  46. Is It The Right Time To Invest In Russia? (RSX, ERUS)

    The oil price recovery, Trump/Putin detente, and low ruble valuations are making Russia an attractive bet once again.
  47. Investors Shouldn't Give Up on Commodities Just Yet (DJP, DBB)

    The nearby support shown on the charts of key commodity-related ETFs suggest that 2017 could be a prosperous year for traders ...
  48. The Fed Makes its Move… Now What?

    With the Federal Reserve back in the spotlight, We discuss what investors should be focused on in 2017.
  49. Can the REIT Party Continue?

    We suggest that real estate investment trusts (REITs) may still be worth a look, despite the rise in rates.
  50. The Worst Stocks of 2016 (NKE, KO)

    The stocks performed the worst among those that make up the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S & P 500, the Russell ...
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