Investing Basics

  1. How Does Wisebanyan Make Money?

    Touted as the world's "first free financial advisor," Wisebanyan's unique platform allows clients to begin investing money ...
  2. Mimicking Robo-Advisor Trades: Pros & Cons

    Here's a breakdown of the pros and cons of mimicking robo-advisors.
  3. How the Facebook-Google Duopoly Crushes Rivals (FB, GOOG)

    Facebook and Google dominate 85% of the mobile advertising market - and that could make them the target of antitrust regulators ...
  4. Trump Vows to 'Dismantle' Dodd-Frank (MET, VFH)

    According to Trump's transition site, his administration will put an end to the law that includes restrictions on institutions ...
  5. Leveraged ETFs: Are They Right For You? (SSO, DDM)

    This specialty vehicle promises dramatic short-term results, but can also magnify risk.
  6. Japanese Store Sells Ramen-Scented Bath Powder

    A Japanese online store has come out with bath powders in five flavors.
  7. Robo Tax Loss Harvesting

    The automated selling of securities in a portfolio to deliberately incur losses in order to offset any capital gains or taxable ...
  8. The 10 Cheapest Vanguard ETFs (VOO, VTI)

    Learn about the 10 cheapest Vanguard exchange-traded funds ETFs.
  9. L Share Annuity Class

    The L share annuity class is a common share class offered by a variable annuity that has a short surrender period but with ...
  10. How to Seek Income Now

    As 2016 draws to a close and a Fed hike looms, where should investors hunt for yield now? We highlight the case for three ...
  11. Election Aftermath Advice for Investors: Don't Lose Your Head

    The best investing advice after this election? Stay calm. And get yourself a good investing process.
  12. Drug Stocks Rebound After Clinton Defeat (PFE, MRK)

    Drug and biotech stocks rebounded sharply after the Trump victory. Hillary Clinton had pledged to stop escalating prices, ...
  13. Election Volatility Had You Spooked? Think of Your Goals

    If volatility leading up to Nov. 8, and a futures plunge on election night had you skittish, think of your why you're investing ...
  14. Bank Stocks Rise On Trump Victory (JPM)

    The President-elect has said that he wants to eliminate financial regulation, and bank stocks are reflecting that at the ...
  15. Chief Operating Officer - COO

    The senior manager who is responsible for managing the company's day-to-day operations and reporting them to the chief executive ...
  16. Marijuana Vote Could Boost These Stocks (SMG, INSY)

    Now that both recreational and medical marijuana is legal in more places, these businesses may experience a big lift.
  17. Strategies for Fantasy Football and Stock Picking

    You can think about picking your fantasy football team in much the same way that you think about picking stocks.
  18. Chart of the Week: Taking Stock of Income Stocks

    We see rising interest rates ahead, but this headwind for income equities doesn’t weaken the case for all dividend-paying ...
  19. The Dangers in Extreme Income Investing

    Investors seeking income have taken to the extremes: reaching to the riskiest corners for yield while also piling up cash. ...
  20. Interval Fund

    A non-traditional type of closed-end mutual fund that periodically offers to buy back a percentage of outstanding shares ...
  21. Stock Picking: The Flaws of Technical Analysis

    Is technical analysis of stocks an accurate science, and a worthwhile endeavor?
  22. What Are the Benefits of Passive Investing?

    These are the benefits of a passive, long-term investing strategy.
  23. Dollar-Cost Averaging With ETFs

    If you are investing small amounts regularly into an exchange-traded fund, be sure to do it right.
  24. Comparing VIX ETFs/ETNs (XIV, SVXY)

    These two exchange-traded products offer exposure to short-term VIX futures, but have a different degree of credit risk. ...
  25. Barred From Investing, SAC's Steven A. Cohen Turns to Philanthropy

    The billionaire, who has been barred from investing external assets through 2018 as a result of insider trading, has focused ...
  26. What is the formula for calculating net present value (NPV) in Excel?

    Understand how net present value is used to estimate the anticipated profitability of projects or investments, and how to ...
  27. What Does Investment Diversification Really Mean?

    A properly diversified portfolio provides investors with a way to reduce risk and volatility, without necessarily giving ...
  28. L Bond

    An L bond is an alternative investment providing high yield in exchange for bearing the risk that an insurance policy premium ...
  29. Smart Money Still Placing Massive Bets on Amazon (AMZN)

    While retail investors focus on higher operating expenses, professional money managers realize that Amazon just logged sixth ...
  30. Inverse ETFs Can Lift A Falling Portfolio

    These funds can reduce your exposure to market risk or enhance portfolio performance.
  31. The Best Investment Strategies for a Low-Yield Environment

    Our current economic environment is challenging, so you need to have the best investment strategies for your situation. A ...
  32. Use Thematic Investing to Engage Your Clients

    Advisors looking for a new way to strengthen their client relationships should consider thematic investing, which can engage ...
  33. Why Hedge Funds Do Not Belong in Your Portfolio

    Considering hedge funds as part of your investment strategy? Make sure you understand all the risks and fees involved.
  34. John Mauldin: Investopedia Profile

    Chairman of Mauldin Economics John Mauldin shares his personal investing style.
  35. Should You Buy Stock or an ETF?

    No all investment vehicles are suited for each individual investor.
  36. 8 Gifts for Financial Geeks

    Put one of these unique offerings under someone's tree this year.
  37. How Understanding Risk is Key to Investing

    Here's why considering all types of risk is crucial for a successful investment plan.
  38. An Inside Look At ETF Construction

    Everything you need to know about these versatile and ubiquitous investment vehicles.
  39. Trying to Beat the Market? Consider These Steps Instead

    Trying to beat the market? These methods are much more likely to lead to investing success.
  40. Facebook Blocks Insurance App From Using Your Data to Set Rates (FB)

    The Menlo Park company said Facebook data should not be used to determine loan eligibility. But it seems to okay with similar ...
  41. Using ETFs To Build A Cost-Effective Portfolio

    ETFs are a viable alternative to mutual funds, but before you invest, there are a few things you should know.
  42. The Gold Showdown: ETFs Vs. Futures

    ETFs and gold futures are two ways to diversify into the metals asset class, but there are advantages and disadvantages to ...
  43. Top Penny Stocks for November 2016 (CGNT)

    These five penny stocks trading on U.S. public exchanges were poised to gain substantial ground in November 2016.
  44. The Rise in Real Estate Isn't a Bubble

    Inventories and rates of new building do not show the speculative froth of 2008-2009.
  45. Investing in Robotics Through ETFs and Stocks (ROBO, ROK)

    The robotics sector is recovering from the dip in the beginning of 2016. Big dollars are being spent on new startups and ...
  46. Could Iceland's Pirate Party Save the Nation's Horrid Finances?

    After years of financial disasters, Iceland is poised to elect a party that plans to enact Iceland's own decentralized currency.
  47. The Advantages of an Active Management Strategy

    A look at active management and what it potentially offers investors.
  48. Immediate Variable Annuity

    An immediate variable annuity is an insurance product where an individual pays a lump sum upfront for payments that begin ...
  49. Thiel Defends Trump, Says He Will Make U.S. "Normal Country" (FB,PYPL)

    Speaking to reporters at the National Press Club, the Paypal Founder said that Trump would reject "bubble thinking" and American ...
  50. CRM2

    CRM2 refers to new rules around the reports and disclosures made by Canadian investment dealers and advisors.
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