Investing Basics

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  1. Why Your Portfolio Hasn't Rallied With the Market

    Here are four reasons why your portfolio may be lagging behind a rising equity market.
  2. 10 Books Every Investor Should Read

    Want advice from some of the most successful investors of all time? Check out our reading list.
  3. Micro-Investing Platform

    A micro-investing platform is an application that allows users to regularly save small sums of money.
  4. Top 5 Books Every Young Investor Must Read

    Reading these respected books by finance legends will help you begin investing on the right foot.
  5. Prize Indemnity Insurance

    Prize indemnity insurance is financial protection for a company that offers a high dollar value prize that it does not want ...
  6. Why Your Portfolio Underperforms the S&P 500

    Comparing your portfolio to the S&P 500 can be disappointing and cost you in the long run.
  7. Top 4 Steel Stocks of 2017

    Trump's plan to use US Steel for all new and pipelines and pipeline repairs position these four steel stocks to break out ...
  8. Brick And Mortar: Term

    A traditional "street-side" business that deals with its customers face to face in an office or store that the business owns ...
  9. Origination Points

    A type of fee borrowers pay to lenders or loan officers to compensate them for the role they play in evaluating, processing ...
  10. The Value Investor's Handbook

    Learn the technique that Buffett, Lynch and other pros used to make their fortunes.
  11. 5 Ways to Double Your Investment

    Here are five different approaches that investors can take in hopes of doubling their investment.
  12. Finding the Right Financial Advisor Is Important

    Taking the time to find the right advisor for you will be worth it in the long run.
  13. Charging Bull-The Brass Icon of Wall Street

    The brass "Charging Bull" near Wall Street, the finance world's most famous sculpture, started out as a bizarre stealth gift--initially, ...
  14. 3 Trends That Could Impact ETF Investors in 2017

    If ETFs feature heavily in your investment portfolio, there are three specific trends to watch for in 2017.
  15. Why Socially Responsible Investing Is A Bad Idea

    Socially responsible investing can reduce your investments and doesn't help or punish anyone.
  16. Are You Investing or Gambling?

    We look at ways in which gambling creeps into trading and what may drive an individual to trade - or gamble - in the first ...
  17. Buy When There's Blood in the Streets

    Contrarian investors find value in the worst market conditions. Find out how they do it.
  18. Patience and Discipline Reduces Investment Risk

    The stock market is only riskier when you don't take a long-term approach to investing.
  19. Investors Like These Are Most Likely to Be Taken Advantage Of

    People most at risk for investment fraud aren't naive beginners. Surprising results from a recent study – and how to fight ...
  20. A Look At Primary And Secondary Markets

    Knowing how the primary and secondary markets work is key to understanding how stocks trade.
  21. Why All Investors Should Care About China

    Isabelle Mateos y Lago puts China in context, showing just how important it has become for the global economy.
  22. Blending the Ingredients of a Portfolio

    While most investors focus on potential returns in their portfolios, Russ discusses why risk and correlation are just as ...
  23. Factoring in Fixed Income

    Matt and Sara sat down to chat about how factor-based insights can help build better fixed income portfolios in a cost effective ...
  24. What is the history of the S&P 500?

    Discover the history of the S&P 500, which sophisticated market participants consider to be the best index to understand ...
  25. The Pains and Gains of Retirement Planning

    It is prudent to find out what tradeoffs and pain-adjusted gains are right for your retirement plan.
  26. Hedge Fund Returns and Taxes

    Hedge funds purportedly bring large returns, but they also come with large fees and taxes.
  27. How Dumb Money Can Become Smart Money

    An online brokerage grades its clients on their trades, and guess what? Their returns improve.
  28. Study: Investing and Cocaine Look Same to Brain

    Here's some investing advice: don't blow it.
  29. Time to Be Long Bitcoin (BTC)

    A technical trader explains his strategy around Bitcoin.
  30. How to Invest in the Growth of Insurtech (BRK.A, PGR)

    Here's how insurtech is providing a new opportunity for investors.
  31. Be Prepared For the Next Market Downturn

    Make changes to your portfolio while the market is stable and expect market fluctuations.
  32. Learn to Invest in 10 Steps

    Want to invest but don't know where to start? Learn how to make your money work for you with these tips.
  33. Best Strategy for Short-Term Savings Goals

    For the best return when you have short-term savings goals, consider bonds. They're less risky than stocks and earn more ...
  34. Will Small Caps Continue to Rally Under Trump?

    It remains to be seen what effect Trump's proposed economic policies will have on small businesses.
  35. Tony Robbins on Ray Dalio's All-Weather Portfolio

    Author, Philanthropist and Strategist Tony Robbins on Ray Dalio.
  36. Finding Your Risk Tolerance and Investing Style

    Active, passive and income investing strategies all have differing risks and returns.
  37. How Money Views Affect Your Financial Decisions

    There are four main money scripts that influence how we make financial decisions.
  38. Top 4 Financial Stocks for 2017

    These four financial stocks are currently in uptrends and have good prospects for 2017.
  39. Microsoft, Big Banks Unite to form Massive Ethereum Consortium (JPM,MSFT)

    Enterprise Ethereum is 'guarded' project built on the Ethereum protocal for use by corporates by overcoming the drawbacks ...
  40. How to Invest While Living Abroad as an Expatriate

    The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act has made it harder for expatriates to invest while overseas.
  41. Is Your Safe Investing Strategy Really Safe?

    Playing it too safe increases your opportunity cost and decreases your earnings in the long run.
  42. IMAX Up Following Results (IMAX)

    IMAX is trading higher today following quarterly results but growth in major markets has been inconsistent.
  43. Defining the 3 Types of Investments

    The first step to being a successful investor is knowing what is and isn't an investment.
  44. Why I’m Bullish and Also Buying Into Market Corrections

    With almost every other sector up this month, Energy is actually on sale.
  45. 5 Ways to Double Your Investment

    From risky maneuvers to slow-and-steady strategies, we look at five methods to double your money.
  46. Is Your Bank Pushing You Into the Wrong Products?

    Recent reports of questionable selling practices at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. underscore the need for banking customers ...
  47. How Emotions Affect Your Investment Strategy

    Behavioral finance studies the emotional side of investing and its effects on investor returns.
  48. Why Are the Cayman Islands So Popular With Hedge Funds?

    Here's a recent Q&A on what makes the Cayman Islands popular with hedge funds.
  49. When Investing in Gold, Context Is Key

    No market need more context right now than gold for investors to be successful.
  50. Mardi Gras Markets?

    Animal spirits rule the markets these days. But does a period of penance await?
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