Investing Basics

  1. How to Stress Test Your Financial Plan

    A look at four key variables and their impact on a financial plan.
  2. Don't Panic When the Market Goes Up and Down

    Investing is not a month-to-month proposition. Here's why you need to consider the long term.
  3. What the Bond Markets Tell Us About Reflation

    Global bond markets are flashing caution on the reflation trade. Yet we see the underlying reflationary dynamic as alive ...
  4. Amgen's Woes: It Could Always Be Worse! (AMGN, GILD, IBB)

    Amgen may need to do a major acquisition to revive is stock price longterm
  5. Why Ford's New Boss Faces a Rough Road Ahead (F, GM, TSLA)

    Ford's New CEO, Jim Hackett, must find a way to overhaul the automaker
  6. What are Inverse ETFs?

    Should you be investing in inverse ETFs?
  7. How a Portfolio Benefits From Market Neutral Funds

    Market neutral funds can help protect your portfolio from different types of risk.
  8. The Yield “Melt-Up” That Wasn’t

    Russ talks about why bond yields remain low this year, despite expectations of a rise.
  9. Not All High Dividend ETFs Are Taking a Breather

    The high dividend strategy will provide above-average total returns over time.
  10. How Rising Interest Rates and Inflation Affect Bonds

    Understand bonds better with these four basic factors.
  11. Master Limited Partnership - MLP

    A Master Limited Partnership is a type of limited partnership that is publicly traded, combining the tax benefits of a partnership ...
  12. Goal-Based Investing: My Favorite Term

    Managing Director of Vanguard's Retail Investor Group Karin Risi shares why "goal-based investing" is her favorite financial ...
  13. Standard Deviation

    A measure of the dispersion of a set of data from its mean, calculated as the square root of the variance. The more spread ...
  14. How to Spot Fake Financial News When You're Investing

    Take these steps to decipher the flood of information and determine what’s worth your attention.
  15. Bear Market

    A financial market with declining asset prices fueled by investors’ pessimism, lack of confidence and negative expectations. ...
  16. What's the difference between a market order and a limit order?

    Market orders execute a transaction at the present stock price and limit orders execute the transaction if the stock price ...
  17. Just How Different Are Hedge Fund Investing Strategies?

    Before investing in hedge funds, be sure to consider all the facts.
  18. Exponential: My Favorite Term

    John Mauldin shares why "exponential" is his favorite financial term.
  19. Bitcoin Price Drops After "WannaCry" Ransomware Taint

    Bitcoin price has undergone a price revision since the WannaCry cyber-attack.
  20. How You Can Invest During the Trump Presidency

    Now that the first 100 days are over, how can you expect this presidency to affect your portfolio?
  21. The Evolution of Impact Investing

    James Lumberg, Co-founder and EVP of Envestnet, discusses how far Impact investing has come in the past decade and new challenges ...
  22. Benchmarking Mistakes to Avoid

    A benchmark is more than a yardstick for measuring a portfolio’s performance. Patrick Nolan discusses the best way to use ...
  23. Applying Financial Analysis to Impact Investing

    Eric Halverson, investment analyst for Envestnet/PMC, talks about the emergence of new tools and technologies that assist ...
  24. Customizing Sustainable Investment Solutions

    Margaret Childe of Sustainalytics discusses the evolution of sustainable portfolio creation using new tools and metrics based ...
  25. Crafting Portfolio Strategies with Sustainable Goals

    Brett Wayman, senior portfolio strategist with Envestnet PMC, discusses strategies for helping investors find alpha through ...
  26. Aligning Vision and Strategy in Impact Investing

    CEO and Founder of Social3, Darby Hobbs, on strategy in impact investing.
  27. Up/Down Gap Side-by-Side White Lines

    The side by side white lines pattern is a three-candle continuation pattern that occurs in candlestick charts.
  28. Advance Block

    The advance block is a three-candle bearish reversal pattern appearing on candlestick charts.
  29. Counterattack

    The counterattack lines pattern is a two-candle reversal pattern that appears on candlestick charts.
  30. What Is a 13F and How Can You Benefit From It?

    13F filings are a valuable way of tracking the investment strategies of industry leaders, though they show only a limited ...
  31. Why Options Trading Is Not for the Faint of Heart

    Trading options is not easy and should only be done under the guidance of a professional.
  32. Should the Media Affect Your Investing Strategy?

    Don't let the media sway you from sound investing decisions, like having a diversified portfolio.
  33. Avoid Costly Mistakes With These 4 Investing Rules

    Being well-informed can help avoid the costly surprises that stand in the way of investment success.
  34. Zachary Karabell on Future of Bespoke Portfolios

    Zachary Karabell says the future of investing will involve bespoke portfolios designed to accommodate ESG.
  35. Dow Jones STOXX Sustainability Index

    A stock index that measures the financial performance of leading European companies as measured by their sustainability practices. ...
  36. Dow Jones Sustainability World Index

    A global index consisting of the top 10% of the largest stocks in the Dow Jones Global Indexes (which cover more than 2,5 ...
  37. When does one sell a put option, and when does one sell a call option?

    An investor would sell a put option if her outlook on the underlying was bullish, and would sell a call option if her outlook ...
  38. Diederik Timmer on Sustainalytics' Growth

    Diederik Timmer discusses the research company's role in providing environmental and social governance.
  39. Ben Kille on Portfolio "Social Screens"

    Ben Kille discusses the burgeoning world of environmental, social and governance (ESG​) investing.
  40. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Criteria

    A set of standards for a company’s operations that socially conscious investors use to screen investments. Environmental ...
  41. Social Impact Statement

    A company's account of how its operations affect social and environmental factors in the communities where it operates. A ...
  42. How Priceline Group Makes Money (EXPE, PLCN)

    The Priceline Group is more successful than it may appear and is on track to enjoy tremendous profits down the road.
  43. Would You Take Financial Advice from a Robot?

    A combination of robo-advising and human advising can provide affordable, quality investing advice.
  44. Save More for Your Retirement by Managing Risks

    To fund your lifestyle in retirement you need to balance your risk capacity and tolerance.
  45. Does an Annuity Make More Money Than Direct Investing?

    Whether an annuity or direct investing makes more financial sense depends on many factors.
  46. Investing 101: A Tutorial For Beginner Investors

    Do want to invest, but don't know how to begin? We'll show you the building blocks you need to get started.
  47. Preventive Medicine: Playing Defense with Health Care

    With risks abounding in the markets, Russ discusses the case for health care as a defensive sector.
  48. Teaching Your Kids About Money & Impact Investing

    Connect with your kids, rather than lecturing them, about how to manage and invest their money.
  49. How are stock warrants different from stock options?

    A stock option is a contract between two people that gives the holder the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell outstanding ...
  50. What Is an Interval Fund?

    Interval funds provide high yield in exchange for illiquidity and high fees. Their latest wrinkle: commercial real estate. ...
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