Investing Basics

  1. How to Create a Smart Beta Investment Strategy (MTUM, VLUE)

    Learn how to use different smart beta ETFs exploiting various factors in your investment portfolio.
  2. Chart of the Week: The Truth About Climate-Aware Investing

    Climate-aware investing does not have to mean compromising on traditional goals of maximizing investment returns, as this ...
  3. Some Cautionary Advice for the Novice Day Trader

    The lure of day trading is the stuff of investor dreams: Making lots of money in little time. But it can be very dangerous. ...
  4. A Roadmap for Climate-Savvy Investing

    We explain the market risks and opportunities as well as how investors can incorporate climate awareness into their investment ...
  5. 3 Reasons Against a Smart Beta Allocation in Your Portfolio

    3 reasons why you may want to think twice before allocating Smart Beta to your portfolio.
  6. Traps Leading to Market Underperformance Part III

    Many investors rely on the wrong things when it comes to evaluating and then acting upon their investments. Here are three ...
  7. Stocks Dive as Rate Hike Fears Grow (SPY, DIA)

    A weekly technical summary of the major U.S. indexes.
  8. August 2016 Top Penny Stocks (CDTI)

    Penny stocks are generally risky; however, these five experienced an incredible run in July 2016 and look like they may keep ...
  9. How to Manage the 'Debt Supercycle'

    A “super cycle” of debt in the global economy means that fixed-income investors need to proceed with caution.
  10. Why Investing in Commodities Can Be Tricky

    While some exposure to commodities can enhance a portfolio, it is key to understand the investment vehicle you've chosen, ...
  11. EIA vs. API: Comparing Crude Inventories Announcements

    Between the two major oil inventory reports: the API and the U.S. EIA, which is more highly regarded and why?
  12. With Election Looming, Fundamentals & Fed Matter for Investors

    This has been an unusual election in the United States, to say the least. We discuss some of the potential investment implications ...
  13. Investing: How to Focus on What You Can Control

    There are plenty of distractions and concerns outside of our portfolios, but to win the investing race we must stay focused ...
  14. Transports Flashing September Buy Signals (CSX, SWFT)

    This week's D.J. Transportation Average breakout signals new buying opportunities in the railroads, truckers, and packaging ...
  15. Investment Decisions: How Do You Make Them?

    Your decision-making criteria reveals a great deal about your investing beliefs, and your outlook for the future.
  16. Tactical Allocation Funds: A Sucker's Play?

    John Rekenthaler of Morninstar has illustrated that the dismal performance of tactical allocation funds makes them a sucker's ...
  17. A Guide to Smart Beta ETF Investing

    Smart Beta may be one of those financial terms that raises the ire of many market participants, but its success in spawning ...
  18. September Effect

    The September Effect refers to the historical weakness in stock market returns for the month of September.
  19. 3 Graphene Companies to Invest In (SSNLF, INTC)

    One-sixth the weight of steel and 200 times stronger, graphene could revolutionize several industries.
  20. 51% Attack

    51% attack refers to an attack on a blockchain – usually bitcoin's, for which such an attack is still hypothetical – by a ...
  21. Betterment Review 2016: Fees and Investment Facts

    Betterment is the largest robo-advisor with more than $5 billion in assets under management. Here is what to expect when ...
  22. What Jackson Hole Means for Investors

    Even as talk of Fed “normalization" intensifies, financial markets are looking less and less normal. We explain why this ...
  23. Investing: It’s Just a Matter of Getting Out of Your Own Way

    Being too quick to react to the news can undermine the most well-crafted investment plan. Getting out of your own way is ...
  24. Wealthfront Review 2016: Fees and Investment Facts

    Wealthfront is one of the premier robo-advisors. Here's a breakdown on the brokerages fees and features.
  25. Hamptons Effect

    The Hamptons Effect refers to a dip in trading prior to the labor day weekend followed by increased trading volume as traders ...
  26. How to Find the Best Wealth Manager

    Finally there exists a small number of financial advisors who can be considered modern wealth managers. Here's how to find ...
  27. Why You’ll Never Get a Stock Tip Out of Me

    Playing the long game might not be as exciting as following a cocktail party stock tip, but it's likely to make you far more ...
  28. Leadership

    The ability of a company's management to make sound decisions and inspire others to perform well. Effective leaders are able ...
  29. Bid Price

    The price a buyer is willing to pay for a security. This is one part of the bid with the other being the bid size, which ...
  30. SingularDTV Creating Entertainment On The Ethereum Blockchain

    A new use for blockchain technology: Let users upload original entertainment that can't be pirated.
  31. GS Disagrees With the Stock Market's Most Common Theme (SPY)

    Goldman Sachs turned bearish in May 2016 and has doubled down as the stock market breaks new highs. Find out the reasons ...
  32. Barclays Foresees Oil Prices Recovering up to $85 by 2019 (BCS)

    Here's why Barclays predicted that Brent crude would reach $85 by 2019, one year earlier than the financial institution's ...
  33. Traps That Lead to Market Underperformance Part II

    There is a vicious investing cycle that impacts many young and first-time investors.
  34. Smart Beta: Can Low Beta Equal High Risk?

    Low beta may not necessarily mean low risk when it comes to some smart beta strategies.
  35. Why Small-Caps May Be a Good Bet if Rates Rise

    While small-cap stocks may suffer if rates rise, they may also turn out to be winning performers in this environment.
  36. Building A Better Mousetrap With Smart Beta ETFs

    What exactly are smart beta funds and how can they be used in a portfolio?
  37. How to Explain Smart Beta Strategies to Clients

    Smart beta funds continue to gain steam. Here's how to explain the benefits of these strategies to clients.
  38. How U.S Investors Can Buy Nintendo Stock (NTDOY)

    Those who wish to buy stock in Nintendo due to the success of "Pokemon Go" can do so on U.S. exchanges. Find out how.
  39. Understand Your Financial Personality

    We talk to Joe Duran, the CEO of United Capital, about how different financial personalities drive decision making in investing ...
  40. 6 Reasons to Invest in Companies That Make Safes (GUNN, FBHS)

    Investing in companies that make safes could be a smart move, given the proliferation of negative interest rate policies ...
  41. Smart Beta: How Does Quality Factor In? (QUAL, SPHQ)

    One of the factors used in smart beta strategies is quality. Here's a look at this popular factor and the ETFs that use it. ...
  42. Once Again, It’s Too Quiet Out There

    Russ discusses what's behind the unusually low volatility in the markets, and what could bring an end to the days of calm.
  43. Don't Let Dire Forecasts Keep You on the Sidelines

    Many people think that they need an accurate forecast about the future to be a successful investor.
  44. How to Combat the Lure of 'Free' Financial Advice

    If most of us realize that there is no such thing as a free lunch, why do we make illogical decisions when we hear free financial ...
  45. Conscious Capitalism

    A way of thinking about capitalism and business that better reflects the current state of the world and the potential of ...
  46. Is Dividend Investing Still Viable?

    The performance of dividend stocks, ETFs and mutual funds is hot right now. Do they still offer upside potential for clients? ...
  47. Here’s How to Build Wealth Like a Multimillionaire

    If you’re wondering how to become a multimillionaire, the answer is less complicated than you may think.
  48. Defensive Investing: Learn from This Hedge Fund Pro

    Looking for ideas on companies, sectors or investments to short? Consider the opinion of this hedge fund luminary.
  49. Equity Returns: Key Drivers Over the Past 30 Years

    Equities enjoyed robust gains between 1985 and 2014, but a 2016 McKinsey report warned that these returns could soon deteriorate ...
  50. Investing Vs. Speculating: How They Differ

    The difference between investing and speculating may surprise you.
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