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  1. Why Facebook's Stock Is Still a Bargain

    The fast-growing mega tech stock is even cheaper than slow-growth McDonald's.
  2. Amazon's Cloud Service Just Got Cheaper

    Amazon’s cloud computing platform has switched from hourly to per-second billing in a bid to reel in more customers from ...
  3. Intel Has Invested Over $1B in AI Startups

    Intel believes its capital intensive investments in AI will pay off in a big way in the coming decades.
  4. How S&P 500 Stocks May Get Killed by Low Inflation

    Investors beware. Today's low inflation may no longer help stocks outperform
  5. Sprint First to Offer Free iPhone 8 With Trade-In

    The most aggressive offer yet on Apple's new iPhone could spur another price war among carriers.
  6. Ford Bullish on Indian Car Market Partnership

    The new alliance is aimed at improving development costs in India, where automakers struggle.
  7. Nike Investors' 'Patience Is Wearing Thin': Canaccord

    Facing competition, analysts say Nike hasn't done enough to fix its 'stale innovation pipeline.'
  8. Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook Still a Steal: MKM

    Analysts write that the group's premium to the market multiple has actually been shrinking.
  9. Toy Companies' Shares Fall on Concerns of Toys "R" Us Bankruptcy

    Shares of U.S. toy companies Mattel Inc and Hasbro Inc fell on Monday on concerns that retailer Toys "R" Us, a major customer, ...
  10. Chipotle Slides as Customers Turn Up Nose at Cheese Dip

    Shares of Chipotle Mexican Grill sank 3 percent on Monday as customers on social media turned up their noses at the burrito ...
  11. Blockchain Is IBM’s to Lose: Juniper Research

    A new survey of corporate tech buyers that shows IBM in the lead with blockchain technology.
  12. Toys 'R' Us Stock Doesn’t Exist: Here Is Why

    Learn why investors cannot trade stock in toy retailer Toys 'R' Us. This privately traded company could be a hot IPO candidate ...
  13. 5 Reasons These Chip Stocks Will Surge

    Five key forces may keep chip equipment stocks rising even as growth decelerates
  14. NVIDIA’s AI Prospects Make BoA Even More Bullish

    Bank of America Merrill Lynch upped its price target, which sent the stock to an all-time high.
  15. Broadcom Is the Best iPhone Play: Jim Cramer

    TheStreet's Jim Cramer is touting Broadcom as the best iPhone supplier play.
  16. Why Amazon's Shares Could Rise 12% to $1,100

    Amazon stock is often considered overvalued, but here's why it's not.
  17. iShares Expands Corporate Bond ETF Suite

    iShares has bolstered its corporate bond suite with three new ETFs.
  18. The Top General Motors Shareholders (GM)

    Discover General Motors’ top four direct shareholders. Learn about how many shares they hold and obtain a brief description ...
  19. Oil Slicks: More Leveraged Oil ETNs Debut

    Risk-tolerant traders may like these new leveraged oil ETNs.
  20. How Verizon and AT&T Will Crush T-Mobile

    T-Mobile cannot compete against wireless juggernauts Verizon and AT&T unless it makes major changes.
  21. China Cryptocurrency Ban Only Fuels GPU Sales: RBC

    The firm says that the only legal way to get cryptocurrency in China is to mine it via GPUs.
  22. Buy First Solar on Better Products: Deutsche Bank

    Analyst suggest that the improved Series 6 is set to begin shipping sooner than expected.
  23. Oppenheimer's Ari Wald on the Tech Sector

    Head of Technical Analysis at Oppenheimer & Co. Ari Wald shares his favorite chart.
  24. Huawei Takes Aim at Apple With Upcoming AI Phone

    China's Huawei is taking aim at Apple with the rollout of its new AI phone in October.
  25. Top DRIPs and Picks for the Next 25 Years

    Instead of trying to time the market or worry about interim ups and downs, some of the most successful investors focus on ...
  26. Nintendo Raised to Outperform by Credit Suisse

    Nintendo's Switch sales cycle is going to last longer than originally predicted, prompting Credit Suisse to raise its rating ...
  27. Northrop Grumman to Buy Missile Maker Orbital for $7.8 Bln

    U.S. defense contractor Northrop Grumman Corp said on Monday it would buy Orbital ATK Inc for about $7.8 billion in a deal ...
  28. Google Launches Digital Payments Service in India

    Alphabet Inc's Google on Monday launched a localised payments app for India as it tries to gain a foothold in the country's ...
  29. Hulu Upstages Netflix, Amazon at Emmys

    Hulu became the first online network to win the coveted prize for best TV drama.
  30. World Stocks Peak at Start of Fed-Fuelled Week

    World stocks hit a record high on Monday and the dollar reached an eight-week peak against the yen on expectations that the ...
  31. Slack Valued at $5.1B After SoftBank-led Round

    Private investor eagerness to tap into tech startups helped the workplace messaging app secure a further $250 million in ...
  32. Dividend: My Favorite Financial Term

    Betterment Founder and CEO, Jon Stein, shares his favorite financial term.
  33. Why These Chipmakers Are Poised to Breakout

    On the verge of breaking out, chip stocks Skyworks, Broadcom and Qorvo are the principal beneficiaries.
  34. Alphabet's Short-Term Fall Could Be a Long-Term Gain

    Alphabet's loss of $32 billion in market value will be offset by the stock's longterm advance
  35. Why the FANG Stocks Will Dominate Long Term

    The FANG stocks have delivered stunning outperformance in recent years.
  36. Mutual Funds vs. Index Funds: Why Not Both?

    Investing in both index and mutual funds combines active and passive strategies.
  37. Look Abroad for Better Stock Values

    Investors who look beyond markets in the U.S. will find stock values more reasonable.
  38. How Your Investments Are Like the Weather

    Just like temperatures fluctuate throughout a season, fluctuations in the market are normal.
  39. Frost Bank Parent to Rebound From Harvey Losses -Barron's

    Cullen/Frost Bankers Inc , the parent of San Antonio, Texas-based Frost Bank, is a bargain investment due to a share price ...
  40. Too Soon to Determine Risks of Central Bank-Issued Cryptocurrencies -BIS

    It is too soon to determine whether central banks should issue their own cryptocurrencies, the Bank for International Settlements ...
  41. Equifax Two Top Technology Executives Leave Company 'Effective Immediately'

    Equifax said on Friday that it made changes in its top management as part of its review of a massive data breach, with two ...
  42. 8 Reasons to Sell Your Home with an Agent

    Is saving the seller's side of the agent's commission worth the trouble of selling your home without one?
  43. Apple, Alphabet Among 30 Highest-Rated Picks: UBS

    The Swiss bank released a list of 30 stocks its North American analysts believe will outperform.
  44. Pot Stock Winners of the Week

    Notable gainers this week include 22nd Century Group.
  45. Samsung to Surge Thanks to Apple: JPMorgan

    The firm will see a lift from higher-than-expected OLED panel prices, says JPM analysts.
  46. Micron to Boom on DRAM Prices in Q1: Goldman

    Analysts suggest that tight supply and consolidation has set the stage for a major fiscal Q1 beat.
  47. Reconciliation

    Reconciliation is the key process used to determine whether the money leaving an account matches the amount spent, ensuring ...
  48. Why Oracle's Stock Is Set For a Fall

    Oracle's cloud business has been on a tear but not enough to significantly boost the bottom line.
  49. Gloomy Math Will Weigh On Europe

    As Europe's population ages, consumption will likely slow.
  50. Alibaba’s Ma, Tsai to Unload Shares: Will it Hurt?

    Alibaba's Jack Ma and Joseph Tsai are gearing up to sell shares. Will others do the same?
  51. Online Trading

    Online trading is simply buying and selling assets through a brokerage's internet-based proprietary trading platforms.
  52. Goldman Goes Cheap With New Equal-Weight ETF

    Goldman Sachs has launched the cheapest equal-weight ETF on the market.
  53. Amazon Could Take $60B in Apparel Retail: Fitch

    If Amazon gets 25% of the apparel market, it would mean traditional retailers losing $60B in sales.
  54. Durability Seen in Emerging Markets ETF Rally

    Some market observers see more upside for emerging markets, but there are risks to consider.
  55. Blue Chip

    A blue chip is a nationally recognized, well-established, and financially sound company.
  56. Don't Expect Sweet Deals From Carriers for iPhones

    Consumers won't be getting the deals they saw with the iPhone 7, thanks to the high-end pricing.
  57. Top 4 Companies Owned By Nestle

    Discover the top four companies owned and operated by Nestle and how they have enabled the company to grow faster than its ...
  58. Footwear Maker Aerosoles Files for Bankruptcy

    Women's shoe retailer Aerosoles Group said it had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, the latest casualty in a struggling ...
  59. Case Study: The Collapse of Lehman Brothers

    Lehman Brothers survived many financial crises in its long history. Find out what finally drove it to bankruptcy.
  60. Globalization

    Globalization refers to the tendency of investments and businesses to move beyond domestic markets to ones abroad, increasing ...
  61. Whole Foods Could Draw Millions to Amazon Prime: MS

    Whole Foods could boost the number of Prime members Amazon has by the millions.
  62. JPMorgan Downgrades 3 Airline Stocks, LUVs Others

    JPM expects rising fuel costs and price wars to create more turbulence across the airline sector, throwing up a number of ...
  63. Angry Birds Maker Rovio Moves Forward With $1 Bln IPO

    Finnish mobile games maker Rovio Entertainment Ltd set a price range on Friday for its planned listing that would value the ...
  64. Nvidia's Stock May Have Just Broken Out

    Nvidia shares have just broken out on a technical analysis basis, setting up the stock to move higher.
  65. Is an All-Stock Portfolio Worth the Risk?

    Determining the level of risk that should be in your portfolio is highly personal and complex.
  66. When It Comes to Investing, Risk Is Always On

    To give you a better sense of what risk looks like, here are some risks we're seeing right now.
  67. Why an Annuity May Not Be Right for You

    An annuity, when compared to the many other options available, may not be the best choice.
  68. Alphabet Considering $1B Investment in Lyft

    Uber might regret crossing Alphabet as the tech giant looks set once again to back the ride-hailing company’s biggest rival.
  69. U.S. Fund Investors Rush Into Money-Market Funds, Treasuries -Lipper

    U.S. fund investors sought shelter during the latest week, pouring more than double the amount from the previous week into ...
  70. Republican Unity on U.S. Tax Overhaul Shows Sign of Fraying

    Republican efforts to unite the White House, Senate and House of Representatives behind a single tax reform plan appeared ...
  71. ViaBTC Becomes Second China Bitcoin Trading Platform to Shut Down

    Chinese cryptocurrency exchange ViaBTC on Friday said it will shut its mainland China exchange business on Sept. 30, becoming ...
  72. Angry Birds Maker Rovio Sets Price Range for $1 Bln IPO

    Finnish mobile games and animation studio Rovio Entertainment Ltd on Friday set the initial price range for its planned IPO ...
  73. Late-Day Trading

    Late-day trading is an unethical (if not illegal) practice of a hedge fund purchasing and then selling securities (usually ...
  74. Oracle's Profit, Cloud Growth Forecasts Drag Down Shares

    Oracle Corp forecast current-quarter adjusted profit largely below Wall Street's estimates and indicated to slowing growth ...
  75. Close

    The close is the end of a trading session in financial markets. It can also refer to the process of exiting a trade. It also ...
  76. How Amazon Will Be Worth $1.6 Trillion in Less Than a Decade

    It could be a tricky path to $1 trillion for Amazon, but not impossible.
  77. Just Don't Do It: Why Nike's Stock Is A Loser

    Shares of sports apparel leader Nike raced past the competition from 1980 to 2015, then fell to the back of the pack. More ...
  78. Best Buy, GameStop Expect Apple-Related Traffic

    The retailers could see more foot traffic and increased sales thanks to new Apple products.
  79. Whole Foods Continues to Cut Prices Amid New HQ Search

    Whole Foods has lowered prices on over 400 items, leading to a 25 percent uptick in foot traffic.
  80. Stock Hedges Soar on Fear of Market Plunge

    Fund managers surveyed by Bank of America Merrill Lynch report sharply more hedging against a stock market plunge, for the ...
  81. Goldman Names New iPhone's Biggest Beneficiaries

    Goldman Sachs names Broadcom, Samsung, Nidec and Murata are the suppliers who'll benefit most.
  82. Apple iPhone Launch Doesn't Impress Options Market

    Apple stock popped immediately after it unveiled the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, but has since stalled.
  83. Retail Exposure Problematic for REIT ETFs

    Amazon could be a big problem for retail REITs and some related ETFs.
  84. Microsoft May Raise Dividend Up to 10% Next Week

    Microsoft could hike its dividend by as much as 10% if IHS Markit's forecast proves true.
  85. A Dependable Dividend ETF

    This dividend ETF has an impressive long-term track record and just hit an all-time high.
  86. AMD, Nvidia Push Semiconductor Revenue Above $100 Billion

    The cryptocurrency boom has pushed semiconductor revenue to record levels.
  87. Here's Why Verizon Buying Netflix Would Make Sense

    There are some compelling reasons why Verizon should consider acquiring Netflix.
  88. Alibaba’s Jack Ma to Sell Up to 16M Shares in Oct.

    Ma may sell as many as 16 million shares, executive chairman Joseph Tsai could sell 5.5 million.
  89. Amazon to Build Massive Warehouse in Mexico

    Amazon's new million-square-foot warehouse aims to get more consumers in Mexico to shop online.
  90. Bank of England Says Rate Rise Likely in "Coming Months" if Price Pressures Rise

    Bank of England policymakers said their first interest rate rise in more than a decade was likely to be needed in the "coming ...
  91. U.S. Price Data Key Risk for Dollar Bears; SNB Eyed

    The dollar consolidated gains on Thursday, a day after posting its biggest single-day rise in six weeks as markets looked ...
  92. 'Blue Pill' Investors Will Lift Overvalued Tesla: Barclays

    Barclays continues to argue that Tesla is overvalued, but admits that diehard fans of the company are likely to continue ...
  93. How Amazon's Sharp Expansion Could Hurt MasterCard

    Amazon's sharp expansion could hurt Mastercard.
  94. Gilead, Celgene and Biogen Are Ready To Rise

    The biotech sector could be buoyed by strong performances from three industry heavyweights.
  95. Is Apple's iPhone X Threatened by Chinese Rivals?

    Apple's iPhone X's price tag could hurt its push to regain its luster in China.
  96. Why Is Disney Not Partnering With Apple on 4K?

    Apple has signed on all of the major Hollywood studios to sell their 4K films, except for Disney.
  97. Under Armour Is in ‘Growth Purgatory’: Bernstein

    Berstein analysts suggest that the company's recent push into footwear has dragged on growth.
  98. JNJ Shares Could Rise By 13%

    Shares of Johnson & Johnson have rallied by roughly 14.5% so far in 2017, barely edging out the S&P 500.
  99. What Is Your Investment Strategy?

    Without a well executed plan, investments may not grow to reach financial goals.
  100. Difficult to Cut U.S. Corporate Tax Rate Below 26 Pct -Study

    U.S. President Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress would have a hard time slashing the corporate tax rate to below 26 ...
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