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  1. Nvidia Announces Deals With Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba

    Leading Chinese companies are queuing up to use Nvidia’s latest AI-focused technology.
  2. Why Risky Biotechs Are Rising as Tech Stocks Slump

    The Nasdaq Composite and Technology stocks fell by nearly 1% on Monday.
  3. Nike's Shares Appear Set to Rise After Hitting Bottom

    Nike seems to have bottomed-out and looks poised to climb ahead of the company's 1Q earnings release.
  4. Stock Market's New Threat Is Record Margin Debt

    Margin debt is a rapidly expanding threat that could turn a modest market drop into a drastic plunge.
  5. Moving to the Burbs? Keep the City Condo As Rental

    Considering selling your condo after moving to the suburbs? Run the numbers on renting it first.
  6. Using Monte Carlo Simulations in Financial Plans

    A Monte Carlo forecast can be a great tool that helps financial planners guide clients.
  7. Is United Utilities Environmentally Friendly?

    United Utilities, the largest publicly-traded water company in the U.K., is still working to meet its own environmental goals. ...
  8. Highest-Paid CEOs in the UK

    These executives of public companies are the top five highest paid in Britain.
  9. Apple Replaces Bing With Google in Siri and Spotlight

    Apple’s decision to use more Google search results should provide it with greater consistency and, potentially, another bumper ...
  10. Alibaba Takes Control of Logistics Business, Pledges $15 Bln to Expand Network

    Chinese e-commerce firm Alibaba Group announced it will invest 100 billion yuan ($15.12 billion) over five years to build ...
  11. Apple Shares Flirt With Correction Territory

    Shares of Apple Inc dipped on Monday and flirted with correction territory following a report that the company had told suppliers ...
  12. Microsoft Stock Is Record Breaking But Overvalued

    MSFT has been killing it in cloud computing, but the stock could be in overvalued territory.
  13. Don't Bank on NVIDIA's AI Prospects: Morningstar

    Investors giddy over NVIDIA's's AI prospects may be setting themselves up for some disappointment, says Morningstar.
  14. Uncertainty, Geopolitical Tensions Boost Yen, Sink Euro vs Dollar

    The U.S. dollar rose against a basket of six currencies on Monday, with the euro hit by election results in Germany and investor ...
  15. Picture This! Where Your Money Came (and Went) This Century

    Where your money went, where your money arrived. An up-and-down start to the 21st century.
  16. 12 Stocks That Will Push the S&P 500 Higher

    Goldman Sachs says sales growth will be the key ingredient driving stocks higher
  17. Micron Poised For 20% Move In Stock, Traders Indicate

    Micron Technology stock appears poised for a drop ahead of its 4Q earnings release.
  18. Tesla's 4% Drop Was On Lack Of Volume, Not Trust

    Tesla stock took a big dip last week, but trading volume suggests this was a temporary blip.
  19. Amazon Web Services Expanding Into Middle East

    AWS is expanding into the Middle East, gearing up to open data centers in 2019.
  20. A Big Battle Among Small-Cap ETFs

    One small-cap ETF has been king for a while, but the race for the crown is heating up.
  21. Why This Apple-Heavy ETF Can Keep Surging

    This ETF allocates a huge weight to Apple. Right now, that is a good thing.
  22. A Worthwhile Approach to Dividend Stocks

    This ETF avoids dangerous high-yield stocks.
  23. Top 4 Leveraged S&P 500 ETFs as of September 2017

    Investors with high risk tolerance aiming to capitalize on a volatile space may like these funds.
  24. U.S. Hopes for "Good Deliverables" During Trump's China Visit

    The United States hopes there will be some "very good deliverables" when President Donald Trump visits China, U.S. Commerce ...
  25. Japan Govt Keeps Moderately Upbeat View on Economy in Sept

    Japan's government maintained its moderately optimistic view on the economy, signalling that a recovery is broadening and ...
  26. Obama Warned Facebook CEO About Fake News: Report

    Barack Obama reportedly warned Mark Zuckerburg about the rise in fake news shortly after Donald Trump won the U.S. presidential ...
  27. Amazon Signs Deal With Indian Store Chain

    Amazon’s purchase of a 5 percent stake in Shoppers Stop promises to give it much greater access to India’s fast growing ecommerce ...
  28. European Shares Stay Near Highs as Merkel Hangs on to Power

    European shares rose slightly on Monday after German Chancellor Angela Merkel secured a fourth term but saw her party weakened ...
  29. Why Google Is Buying HTC Talent for $1.1B

    The search giant makes its second foray into the hardware space to compete with Apple's iPhone.
  30. Susquehanna Sees Semiconductor Sector Slowdown

    Analysts expect a deceleration in earnings growth and M&A activity, cooling down the chip industry.
  31. Mercurial Tesla Stock Could See Surge in Volatility

    Fasten your seat belts; Tesla stock is gearing up for a bumpy ride over the next few months.
  32. 3 Steps to Avoid Investing Mistakes

    Making good investment decisions involves changing these counterproductive habits.
  33. RPT-Trump, Republicans to Showcase Tax Cut for Businesses

    U.S. President Donald Trump and top Republicans in Congress are about to show how aggressively they intend to cut the corporate ...
  34. British Banks' Pessimism in Worst Run Since Financial Crisis

    Optimism about the business environment among Britain's financial services firms declined again in the third quarter of this ...
  35. Pot Stock Winners of the Week

    Notable gainers this week include Intec Pharma.
  36. Facebook Drops Class C Plan - Shareholder Attorney

    Facebook Inc has dropped its plan to issue Class C stock, according to an attorney who sued the company on behalf of a Facebook ...
  37. Disney Short Interest Up $696M in Past Month: S3

    Thanks to a tempered outlook for 2017 EPS and the ending of its arrangement with Netflix, short interest on Disney is up ...
  38. AMD’s AI Is ‘Dead’—NVIDIA Is Better Bet: Analysts

    As the Street gushes over reports of a partnership between electric car maker Tesla and chip maker AMD, Global Equities continues ...
  39. Opinion: China Can Afford to Shrug Off Credit Downgrades

    Standard & Poor’s dinged China’s sovereign rating on Thursday, along with a slew of the country’s financial institutions. ...
  40. Apple Stock May Have Worst Launch Week Ever

    With shares trading lower Friday, Apple is on tap to have the worst week ever ahead of a launch.
  41. Buy Netflix, Rally Isn’t Over, Says Buckingham

    Analysts initiated coverage on the streaming service, foreseeing expanding operating margins.
  42. An Introduction to Convertible Bonds

    Getting caught up in all the details and intricacies of convertible bonds can make them appear more complex then they really ...
  43. US Tech Funds See Largest Inflows Since 2006

    Tech mutual funds had their biggest inflows in 11 years, thanks in part to NVIDIA and Apple.
  44. Qualcomm May Have to Pay $120 to Clinch NXP Deal

    Qualcomm may have to boost its $110-a-share bid price for NXP given the current lackluster enthusiasm.
  45. Why The Dow Matters

    Although the DJIA only includes 30 stocks, it can tell you a lot about the market as a whole.
  46. Apple: Slow iPhone 8 Sales May Not Be a Bad Thing

    A sluggish start may be a good thing if Asian consumers are waiting for the pricier iPhone X.
  47. Considering Currency Hedging With This ETF

    Currency hedging is not working this year, but that could change if the dollar rebounds.
  48. Billionaire L'Oreal Heiress Bettencourt Dies Aged 94

    French businesswoman and billionaire Liliane Bettencourt, whose family founded L'Oreal and still owns the largest stake in ...
  49. North Korea Jitters Ease as Focus Moves to Brexit Speech

    Jitters over a fresh exchange of barbs between North Korea and the United States eased in Europe on Friday as strong economic ...
  50. Wal-Mart Will Unpack Groceries, Restock Fridges

    The retail giant is eager to do whatever it takes to make life easier for shoppers as it seeks to claw back market share ...
  51. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Planning 5,000 Job Cuts: Report

    The company claims that more layoffs are necessary to combat rising competition.
  52. "Debt Trap" May Paralyse Central Banks With Fear - BIS

    Central banks are in danger of falling into a "debt trap" where they can't take needed action for fear of triggering defaults ...
  53. North Korea Risk Dents Stocks, All Eyes on Brexit Speech

    Risk appetite in Europe chilled on Friday after a new exchange of barbs between North Korea and the U.S. sparked a knee-jerk ...
  54. Gilead, Amgen, and Biogen May Lift Biotech Higher

    These drug juggernauts could bolster the entire biotechnology sector as we head toward year-end.
  55. 3 Reasons These Five Stocks Will Outperform the S&P

    Through extensive screening, Barron's concludes that 3 major attributes boost stocks outperforming.
  56. Use Relative Strength to Your Portfolio's Advantage

    Comparing one investment's performance can help you make a better-informed investment decision.
  57. Boeing Sees Growth in Demand for Airplanes in Southeast Asia

    Boeing Co said it sees demand for new airplanes worth $650 billion in Southeast Asia over the next two decades.
  58. Costco, Not Amazon, Has the Lowest Prices: BMO

    Turns out Costco has the lowest prices and the speediest shipping, according to BMO Capital Markets.
  59. Tesla to Develop Own Chip—Will NVIDIA Suffer?

    Tesla is reportedly testing its own self-driving chip, which could be a blow to its main supplier.
  60. Understand the Risks of Bond Market Investing

    Selecting bonds that match your investment goals is easier said than done.
  61. Top 5 Gold ETFs as of September 2017

    Gold ETFs offer a convenient way to take advantage of the volatility of the precious metals market.
  62. Arista Poised to Grab 400G Market: Morgan Stanley

    Analysts highlight the networking company's time-to-market advantage. So, a 19% share by 2020?
  63. Buy Micron—DRAM, NAND to Deliver Upside: Deutsche

    Deutsche Bank analysts recommend buying Micron ahead of its Q4 report, citing chip prices.
  64. Trump Says Signs New Order to Widen Sanctions Against North Korea

    U.S. President Donald Trump said on Thursday he had signed an executive order that would allow the United States to ramp ...
  65. Top 3 Investment-Grade Corporate Bond ETFs

    If you're seeking a hedge against a volatile stock market, these bond ETFs are worth a look.
  66. J&J? It’s Time to Sell on Valuation: Goldman Sachs

    Analysts expects weakness to drag down the healthcare giant's profits and sales below the industry average.
  67. We Want to Like L Brands, But It's a Sell: Cowen

    When it comes to competing in the wider bra market, the firm says LB is not holding up its end.
  68. General Mills Sags—Still Not a Buy: Susquehanna

    Analysts warn against bottom fishing in GIS, suggesting that better value lies elsewhere.
  69. Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval - EDGAR

    The electronic filing system created by the Securities and Exchange Commission for the purpose of increasing efficiency and ...
  70. Apple Could Fall By 10 Percent Based On Options

    Weak demand for the new iPhone 8 is putting the squeeze on Apple's stock.
  71. Greece ETF: More Frustration or More Rewards?

    The Greece ETF remains fraught with risks and potential rewards.
  72. Top 3 ETFs for Long-Term Investors as of September 2017

    Long-term investors may find these buy-and-hold ETFs very appealing.
  73. Lithium ETF Still Lighting Up

    The lithium ETF remains red-hot and keeps adding new assets.
  74. John Bogle: 'The more you trade, the less you make'

    Vanguard founder John Bogle explains why most ETFs don't always make sense.
  75. Hack of U.S. Securities Regulator Rattles Investors, Stirs Doubts

    Wall Street's top regulator faced questions on Thursday about its defenses against cyber criminals after admitting hackers ...
  76. Is Amazon Eyeing an Rx Drug Delivery Service?

    Amazon is reportedly talking to pharmacy benefits managers, eyeing the prescription drug market.
  77. Top 4 ETFs to Track the Nasdaq as of September 2017

    Investors seeking exposure to the tech sector may want to check out these Nasdaq ETFs.
  78. Karl Marx

    Karl Marx is a philosopher, author and economist famous for his ideas about capitalism and communism. Father of Marxism.
  79. Apple Watch 3 Connectivity Issues Confirmed

    After reviewers had trouble making calls with the new Watch, Apple confirmed connectivity issues.
  80. Snap's Rally Is Over: Shares Could Fall By 20%

    Technical analysis and withering fundamentals suggest Snap Inc.'s stock is poised to plunge.
  81. Baidu Launches $1.5B Self-Driving Vehicle Fund

    Baidu launches the investment fund as it seeks to bolster its position in the burgeoning market.
  82. Peter Thiel Could Spell Trouble for Google, Amazon: Report

    Thiel is reportedly set to land a top intelligence position and use it to take aim at the likes of Amazon and Google.
  83. S&P Downgrades China, Says Rising Debt Is Stoking Economic, Financial Risks

    S&P Global Ratings downgraded China's long-term sovereign credit rating on Thursday, less than a month ahead of one of ...
  84. Buffett: Dow Could Hit 1,000,000 Within a Century

    Warren Buffett makes a bullish call for the Dow Jones Industrial Average's long-term future.
  85. Energy Stocks Rise From the Ashes on Oil's Surge

    Energy stocks have been surging as oil climbs.
  86. 10 Stocks For The Next Tech Boom

    Next Tech Wave: Stocks leading the next boom won't be the FAANGS
  87. Google Dives Into Hardware With $1.1B HTC Deal

    Google is paying for HTC staff and access to intellectual property, which promises to immediately strengthen its hardware ...
  88. Top 6 Drone Stocks

    Drones offer huge investment opportunities as companies find limitless uses for these pilotless planes.
  89. Rite Aid Tanks on Walgreens Deal: Time to Buy?

    While it will keep its most profitable stores, RAD will still face pressure from CVS, Walgreens.
  90. Micron PT Lifted on Favorable Profit Margins

    Susquehanna says that as DRAM, NAND prices decline, so will costs, presenting a near 40% upside.
  91. Tesla Working With AMD to Develop Chip for Self-Driving Car-CNBC

    Electric carmaker Tesla Inc is working with Advanced Micro Devices Inc to develop its own artificial intelligence chip for ...
  92. Tesla, Alibaba and PayPal May Break From The Pack

    Tesla, Alibaba and PayPal have had a sizzling 2017, and look strong heading into the end of the year.
  93. Tesla Stock's Price Target Lowered by Jefferies

    The analyst corrected an error in yesterday's calculations and decreased his price target for Tesla shares.
  94. GE—Being Cheap Doesn’t Make It Attractive: JPM

    JPMorgan suggests that sentiment on GE is 'chicken bullish'—analysts, investors are in denial.
  95. Why Microsoft's Dividend Was Lower Than Expected

    Microsoft shares are under pressure after the company failed to raise its dividend high enough.
  96. Under Armour's Decline Is Warranted: Wells Fargo

    The investment bank says the North American retail environment will continue to drag on earnings.
  97. Top Internet Manager Says Ailbaba Can Still Double

    Citing an average near-term 20% annual return, Mitchel recommends buying BABA on any pullback.
  98. 80-20 Rule

    The 80-20 rule, a rule of thumb often applied to business, states that 80% of outcomes (revenues) can be attributed to 2 ...
  99. Stocks Face "Nasty Shock" From Fed-Created Bubble

    High valuations in both stocks and bonds, an unusual event, threaten to give investors a "nasty shock"
  100. Nvidia's Red-Hot Stock Is Poised For a 10% Fall

    With the options market pricing in escalating volatility, Nvidia stock looks ready to slide.
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