Mutual Funds

  1. MetWest Fund Dethrones PIMCO as World's Largest (MWTRX, PTTRX)

    December 8, 2016
    MetWest's actively managed bond fund has dethroned its PIMCO rival.
  2. Trump May Bring $2 Trillion in U.S. Profits Home

    November 8, 2016
    Companies are stashing at least $2 trillion abroad to avoid taxes. As president, Donald Trump may bring part of that back ...
  3. A Gold Bug's ETF Plays (GLD, GDX)

    November 2, 2016
    Gold has become a popular investment. These ETFs can help gain exposure to this precious metal.
  4. Energy ETFs vs. Energy Mutual Funds: Which are Better? (XLE, BNO)

    November 1, 2016
    For investors looking to gain exposure to the energy sector in preparation for a rebound, there are a number of possible ...
  5. American Banks Hold Nearly $2.5 Trillion in Bonds

    November 1, 2016
    Banks are holding the biggest dollar amount of bonds since the central bank began compiling data in 1973
  6. Investors Flocked to Taxable Bond Funds in September

    October 31, 2016
    September was an exciting month for taxable bond funds as other assets saw their investments fluctuate.
  1. Rise of the Robo Advisors

    The financial advisory business is facing an impending transformational change.
  2. Is a Big Stock Buyback Coming? (APPL, MSFT)

    One of Trump’s tax proposal promises could be a boon for stock buybacks.
  3. Vanguard's John Bogle on the 40th Anniversary of Index Funds

    In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Vanguard's John Bogle reflects on the birth of the index fund and where the industry ...
  4. Expect Big Capital Gains from These Funds in 2016

    Investors in actively-managed mutual funds should be prepared for big capital gains in 2016 and the tax hit that comes with ...
  5. Capital Gains: You May Have to Pay Taxes on a Loss

    Here's why some investors need to pay capital gains taxes even if they haven't sold any funds or made any portfolio changes—and ...
  6. How to Spot Hidden Pension Fees That Cut into Gains

    You’re not likely to even detect pension fees unless a pension fund puts them in disclosure documents. But more recipients ...
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