Platinum is an extremely rare metal that has high demand. Not only is it used in jewelry, it has applications in electrical circuits and medicine.

There is reason to think platinum prices could be ready to rise. The primary reason is that several platinum mines have closed while demand remains strong. If supply continues to trail demand, the price could go up dramatically. (See also: These Charts Suggest Now Is the Time to Buy Platinum.)

Five platinum stocks appear to be ready to rise in 2017. These stocks were chosen based on the companies’ abilities to quickly deliver increased amounts of platinum if demand soars. In other words, there are no startups on this list.

However, there are stocks here that are priced under $5 per share. When a stock is that cheap, it tends to be more volatile than higher-priced stocks. Of course, when an inexpensive stock makes a move upward of even a few cents, this can mean a higher-percentage gain for investors when compared to a more expensive stock that moves a few cents.

All figures are current as of January 16, 2017.

Sibanye Gold

Don’t let Sibanye Gold's (SBGL) name fool you. The company owns Stillwater Mining, which produces platinum. This South African company pays a dividend of 6.16%, has positive operating income and a 10.91% profit margin.

The stock price experienced a steep decline in the second half of 2016 but seems to have bottomed out and is climbing so far in 2017. If platinum prices rise, this mine could respond with increased production and capitalize on the uptrend.

Ivanhoe Mines Ltd.

The stock price for Ivanhoe Mines (IVN.TO) has seen a 509.09% change in 52 weeks. Even with that price increase, the stock is only priced at $3.28 as of this writing. Analysts’ consensus rating is a “buy.”

The company has a market cap of $2.56 billion. A recent drop in share price may have been due to rumors of conflicts with the labor force at some of its mines. Ivanhoe Mines denied any such conflicts.

This is an African company that mines several metals, including platinum. The diversity of metals in the portfolio help stabilize Ivanhoe’s share price because it is not entirely dependent on platinum.

Wellgreen Platinum

Wellgreen Platinum Ltd (CVE:WG) is based in Canada. It mines both platinum and nickel. The stock has seen a sharp drop since November 2016, and is currently trading at $5.09. Wellgreen engages in open pit mining, which keeps the company’s costs lower than those of underground miners. The open-pit approach allows the company to use large equipment, and therefore increase productivity.

Wellgreen is focusing its efforts in the Yukon. The land being mined is next to a highway, which will further reduce the company’s transportation costs for its product.

Platinum Group Metals Ltd.

Trading below $2 a share, Platinum Group Metals (PLG) is coming off a low and seems to be setting up to rise again. The company had a consensus target price of $0.60 at the beginning of 2016 and moved above $3.40. If the stock repeats that performance in 2017, it could make some money for investors.

It should be noted that this is not a pure platinum play. The company also develops palladium, rhodium, gold, ruthenium, iridium, nickel, copper, chromium and vanadium.

The Bottom Line

Investing in platinum stocks presents two tasks for investors. The first duty is to find viable companies, and the second need is to correctly predict the rise in the price of platinum. The stocks on this list that have exposure to Africa will always have to deal with labor force problems, so that could affect their productivity. As for the metal itself, expect volatility throughout 2017, but watch for a generally upward trend. (See also: A Beginner's Guide To Precious Metals.)

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