1. Sears at Risk of Bankruptcy, Says Fitch Report

    Sears (NASDAQ: SHLD) has not had an easy go of it recently. The company has been closing stores while denying rumors that ...
  2. Another Robbery Near Port Of Belize (CCL)

    A cruise line takes another hit.
  3. Analysts' Take on Square Inc., Fintech Leader (SQ)

    Jack Dorsey's Square ignites interest as the platform balances its commitment to improving mobile payments for small business ...
  1. Active Bond Funds Beat Market More Than Equity

    The S&P SPIVA Scorecard shows that some actively-managed bond funds are outpacing equity funds in terms of performance.
  2. Oil ETFs Rally on OPEC Deal Speculation (GUSH)

    A possible deal among OPEC producers has oil prices rallying on Wednesday. The deal has bullish, leveraged ETFs rallying ...
  3. Get Major Biotechs With BBH ETF (BBH)

    The BBH ETF provides exposure to major biotech firms globally. We take a look at its annual returns.
  4. Trade Establish Healthcare Providers With IHF ETF (IHF)

    IHF is a major ETF providing exposure to stocks in the healthcare sector. We take a look at IHF’s performance since its inception ...
  5. Gold Performance Update: Catalysts Hard to Come By (GLD)

    GLD has been nothing but flat since July 1, and with only a few days left in Q3, its quarterly performance looks like a dud.
  6. LABD Rallies as Mylan, Biotechs Slump (LABD)

    Triple-leveraged ETFs with a short-term focus can provide big returns or big losses depending on which way stocks go. Here's ...
  1. Corporate Stock Buybacks: Why They're Losing Steam (AAPL, GE, MCD, MSFT)

    Falling share buybacks may reflect CEOs' weakening confidence about corporate profits and the strength of the economy
  2. Another Robbery Near Port Of Belize (CCL)

    A cruise line takes another hit.
  3. Analysts' Take on Square Inc., Fintech Leader (SQ)

    Jack Dorsey's Square ignites interest as the platform balances its commitment to improving mobile payments for small business ...
  4. Apple in Enterprise Tech Deals (AAPL, SAP)

    The global tech giant seeks new revenue streams amid weak iPhone demand, shifting focus away from consumer targets to new ...
  5. How Valeant’s Scandal Has Impacted Its Stock Price (VRX)

    Since its peak price on August 5, 2015, Valeant’s shares have lost 86% of their value.
  6. Analysts Upbeat on Qualcomm-NXP Deal (QCOM, NXPI)

    Qualcomm's potential deal to buy NXP Semiconductors is being praised by some on Wall Street.
  1. Are Big Banks Becoming More Corrupt? (JPM, C)

    Big banking scandals have been a prominent feature in 2016, but news of corrupt banks is not a new or surprising phenomenon ...
  2. Did OPEC Blink in the U.S. Shale Standoff? (KSA)

    Did OPEC just blink in its standoff with U.S. shale oil producers?
  3. Bye Bye Austerity, Hello Fiscal Easing

    Policymakers are changing their tone on fiscal policy. We assess the potential for more fiscal support in key economies, ...
  4. Are Investors Underestimating the Risk of a Recession?

    We discuss why investors should pay more attention to the signs that the probability of a recession has gone up.
  5. Vanguard Economist: 1% Fed Rate is New Normal

    Here's why Vanguard's global chief economist predicts a federal funds rate of 1% for the next several years.
  6. Effective Date of Alcoa Business Split Revealed (AA)

    Alcoa announced that its board of directors has green-lighted the separation into two independent, publicly-traded companies ...


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  1. Bullish Energy Sentiment Unlikely to Last (OIH, XLE)

    The OPEC supply agreement has underpinned energy funds, but numerous cartel misfires tell us to curb our enthusiasm.
  2. Two Big Biotechs Flash Bearish Signals (CELG, GILD)

    Biotech funds are trading near rally highs, but two popular blue chip components are struggling, a foretelling weakness that ...
  3. Caterpillar Uptrend Faces Major Obstacles (CAT)

    Caterpillar has risen to Dow leadership after a restructuring announcement but faces major overhead supply that should limit ...


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  1. Foreign Exchange Reserves

    Foreign exchange reserves are reserve assets held by a central bank in foreign currencies, used to back liabilities on their ...
  2. North American Free Trade Agreement - NAFTA

    A regulation implemented on Jan. 1, 1994, that decreased and eventually eliminated tariffs to encourage economic activity ...
  3. Trickle-Down Theory

    An economic idea which states that decreasing marginal and capital gains tax rates - especially for corporations, investors ...
  4. Derivative

    A security with a price that is dependent upon or derived from one or more underlying assets.
  5. Fiduciary

    A fiduciary is a person who acts on behalf of another person, or persons to manage assets.
  6. Sharpe Ratio

    The Sharpe Ratio is a measure for calculating risk-adjusted return, and this ratio has become the industry standard for such ...
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