CEW : Analysis & Opinions

  1. Trading Opportunities in Currency ETFS (CEW, FXA)

    These currency ETFs are at or nearing critical technical levels. That means trading opportunities in the near future.
  2. The CEW Emerging Market Currency ETF

    Why this emerging market currency ETF needs to be on your radar.
  3. ETF Plays For A Surging Greenback

    After years of declines, the U.S. dollar has regained its mojo. More importantly, those gains should continue throughout ...
  4. Diversify Your Portfolio With Currency ETFs

    Using currency ETFs can help investors diversify and hedge their portfolios.
  5. Safe Havens In Foreign Currency ETFs

    We'll take a look at the top foreign currency ETFs and what they offer for diversification.
  6. Currency ETFs for your Portfolio

    Diversify and hedge your portfolios with currency ETFs.
  7. Diversify with Currency

    As investors seek out strategies to limit downside risk, they often find themselves in alternative asset classes. One over ...