DEF : Analysis & Opinions

  1. 3 Expensive Value ETFs Worth Your While (PKW, SPY)

    March 17, 2016
    Compare the performances of smart beta value ETFs with simply market cap-weighted, value ETFs and determine whether higher ...
  2. Is It Finally Time To Get Defensive?

    July 31, 2014
    A major stock correction could be near, which means that getting a bit more defensive could make sense. Here are a few ideas. ...
  3. 3 Defensive Equity ETFs For Turbulent Times

    April 30, 2014
    Investors that are concerned about the recent volatility in the stock market may want to consider looking at conservative ...
  4. Time To Get Defensive With ETFs

    July 26, 2013
    With some storm clouds beginning to form over the global economy, investors may want to consider thinking about moving some ...
  5. 3 Defensive Plays For The Fiscal Cliff Fakeout

    January 11, 2013
    After what seemed like endless months of frustratingnegotiations, Congress finally signed off on a last minute deal cobbled ...
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