HYS : Analysis & Opinions

  1. O'Brien Wealth Partners LLC Buys Vanguard Total Bond Market, ...

    January 12, 2017
    Investment company O'Brien Wealth Partners LLC buys Vanguard Total Bond Market, Vanguard FTSE Developed Markets, Vanguard ...
  2. The 3 Best High-Yielding Short-Term Bond ETFs (HYS, SJNK)

    April 1, 2016
    Discover the short-term high-yielding exchange-traded funds that have low interest rate sensitivity but pay interest comparable ...
  3. 3 Expensive High-Yield ETFs Worth Your While (HYLS, HYS)

    March 30, 2016
    Discover which high-yield bond ETFs that come with high expense ratios might make good investments as part of a broader portfolio.
  4. 3 Best High-Yielding Intermediate Corporate Bond ETFs (HYG, HYS)

    March 24, 2016
    Discover the best high-yield intermediate-term corporate bond ETFs for increasing fixed income yields while also providing ...
  5. 5 Popular High Yield ETFs in 2016 (HYG, JNK)

    March 9, 2016
    Discover the five most popular high-yield ETFs for 2016, as measured by assets under management, and the differences that ...
  6. High Times Ahead For High Yield Bonds

    March 3, 2014
    For those investors looking for a good balance of risk and reward, high yield bonds could be a great play this year. There’s ...
  7. Rising Interest Rates? Not A Problem For These Funds

    June 20, 2013
    As the United States moves further into recovery, it's only a matter of time before the Fed begins raising interest rates. ...
  8. 4 High Yielding Junk Bond ETFs

    February 25, 2013
    High-yield bonds have more default risk than investment-grade bonds, and that's why using an ETF might be the responsible ...
  9. Top 5 Bond ETFs

    February 7, 2013
    These ETF options should offer broad appeal for a number of different angles.