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  1. ETFdb’s 2013 Holiday Portfolio Recap: XRT, KOL, IYT, CUT, COW

    December 25, 2013
    This year started off on a very strong note after equities exploded out of the gates on Wall Street following the successful ...
  2. Are Trucker Profits Signaling a Market U-turn? - Analyst Blog

    July 15, 2013
    Profit short falls at UPS and JB Hunt present a risk to the rally by suggesting headwinds to corporate profit growth.
  3. The Week Ahead: Will Overseas Markets Lead the Way

    February 22, 2013
    Most investors were expecting a correction after the enormous surge in 2013, but evidence from Europe indicates that the ...
  4. Top Ranked Telecom ETF in Focus: VOX - ETF News And Commentary

    February 8, 2013
    Markets have been on pretty much a straight up trajectory since the Fiscal Cliff was resolved in late December. Once that ...
  5. Invest like Warren Buffett with These ETFs - Investment Ideas

    November 15, 2012
    Warren Buffett is widely regarded as one of the greatest investors of all-time, and for good reason. The 'Oracle of Omaha' ...
  6. The Week Ahead: What Do Sectors Say About the Economy

    September 29, 2012
    Troubling technical signals appear to be confirmed by recent movements in key sectors, driving up the possibility of a ...
  7. Will Earnings Trigger More Selling

    September 25, 2012
    Earnings could pressure the market this week, writes MoneyShow’s Tom Aspray, and owners of these three stocks should ...
  8. Goldman Sachs and Other Financial Stocks Making Big Moves on ...

    September 20, 2012
    On a bad day for the market, the Nasdaq has decreased 0.3%, the S&P 500 is down 0.3% and the Dow has fallen 0.1%. The financial ...
  9. The Week Ahead: How Sorry Will May Sellers Be

    September 15, 2012
    Mantras can be prophetic until they aren't, and those who "sold in May" have already lost out on solid gains. ...
  10. Stick With Market Leaders, Not Laggards

    September 12, 2012
    A look at this technically weak sector shows how even stocks that appear attractive by themselves may not be good buys ...
  11. The Week Ahead: Did The ECB Put a Floor Under Stock Prices?

    July 28, 2012
    All it took was a few words from Europe's top banker to turn stocks around, but can the momentum last? MoneyShow's Tom ...
  12. Big Movers on the Financial Sector Today

    July 17, 2012
    The Nasdaq is trading down 2%, the S&P 500 is down 1.7% and the Dow has slipped 1.3%, marking a bad morning for the market. ...
  13. The Week Ahead: Can Stocks Ignore the World's Problems?

    July 7, 2012
    Technical action in most markets seems to show this week's downswing was only a temporary pullback, which means buying ...
  14. The Week Ahead: Will Earnings Revive the Rally?

    April 21, 2012
    Despite recent gains, critical market internals suggest the correction is not yet over, but more upside earnings surprises ...
  15. The Week Ahead: Buckle Up...More Turbulence to Come

    April 14, 2012
    The rough week has caused quite a bit of damage, and a deeper correction is likely. It pays to be defensive right now, but ...
  16. The Week Ahead: Risk Never Takes a Holiday

    March 31, 2012
    Risk of a deeper correction remains high despite a holiday-shortened week. Watch for technical warning signs, as well as ...
  17. Get Onboard the Transports Surge

    March 17, 2012
    High-volume gains in transport stocks and the leading sector ETF suggests the group may start rolling higher again soon, ...
  18. The Week Ahead: Individual Investors Not Buying

    March 3, 2012
    There’s lots of cash on the sidelines of this aging rally, but investors should not get caught up in the hype. Instead, ...
  19. The Week Ahead: Will Crude Oil Crush the Recovery?

    February 28, 2012
    Select buying opportunities remain, but the combination of rising oil prices and latest deterioration in the financial sector ...
  20. The Week Ahead: Stocks Need Some Bad News

    January 30, 2012
    Markets are due for a bull-scaring correction that would open more opportunities, but until then investors should stick with ...
  21. The Week Ahead: Wait to Buy Lower

    January 25, 2012
    Dividends are key to market-beating performance, especially during these times, says John Buckingham of The Prudent Speculator. ...
  22. The Week Ahead: The Path to Profits in 2012

    January 9, 2012
    The year has started off well, but some sectors and strategies have the potential to pay off even better in coming weeks. ...
  23. The Week Ahead: Will the Grinch Steal Christmas?

    December 20, 2011
    The warning flags are up, and time is running out for a solid rally. Be careful, and watch these key indicators over the ...
  24. The Week Ahead: The Market Doesn't Need Another Storm

    August 28, 2011
    Hurricane Irene looks tough enough, but the barrage of economic news next week could be even more of a problem for the ...
  25. Railroad Stocks Are Right on Track

    June 23, 2011
    While the overall market struggles, railroad stocks are an attractive area for new buying, and risk-controlled entry points ...
  26. Shake, Rattle and Roll: 3 Transport Stocks On The Move

    November 25, 2010
    These issues are not household names for most investors, but they're still a sound bet.
  27. An Infrastructure Jobs Plan Portfolio

    September 13, 2010
    The president's current $50 billion plan to reinforce America's crumbling infrastructure could be a step in the right direction.
  28. Top Performing Railroad Stocks

    August 27, 2010
    Although transportation stocks have lost some value in recent trading, rail is a solid long-term investment.
  29. 3 Shipping Stocks That Are Cruising

    August 18, 2010
    Hop on the next ocean-going transport to wealth and riches.
  30. 3 Fallen Angel Stocks Demanding A Look

    July 22, 2010
    So long as they avoid the fate of the Edsel, these three companies offer investors great turnaround potential.
  31. FedEx Is Delivering The Recovery

    June 18, 2010
    What do FedEx earnings say about our recovery?
  32. 3 Ocean-Going Bulk Dividend Carriers

    April 23, 2010
    Shipping stocks are making waves as the global economic recovery continues.
  33. And The Next Hot Sector Is

    March 19, 2010
    The theorists were right about the sectors that would lead the bull market to date. Are they also right about which groups ...
  34. 3 Transport Stocks That Deliver

    September 19, 2008
    Investors seeking safety should check out transport companies. We find strong plays within the holdings of a top transport ...
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