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  1. Volatility Can Drag On Leveraged ETF Gains

    January 9, 2015
    The pros (many) and cons (several) of investing in S&P 500 leveraged ETFs.
  2. ProShares to Shutdown 17 Leveraged and Inverse ETFs - ETF News ...

    January 7, 2015
    ProShares is getting rid of more than a dozen of its least popular inverse and leveraged ETFs.
  3. 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Trading Leveraged ETFs

    September 4, 2013
    Exchange-traded funds have found their way into countless portfolios, as investors of all types have embraced their cost-efficient, ...
  4. How To Reduce Your Risk With Leveraged ETFs Using Options

    August 8, 2013
    Leveraged ETFs have become very popular among active traders looking to increase their exposure to a given index without ...
  5. 2 Bullish Charts You Need to See - Cook`s Kitchen

    January 22, 2013
    For several months, I've been watching two indexes that I like to call "the other 2,400 stocks." One is the Russell 2000 ...
  6. Guide to The 10 Most Popular Leveraged ETFs - ETF News And Commentary

    November 1, 2012
    Over the past decade, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have gained tremendous popularity due to many advantages and flexibility ...
  7. The Painful Truth About Leveraged ETFs

    July 10, 2009
    Unfortunately, the growing popularity of leveraged ETFs is coming at a painful price.
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