YINN : Analysis & Opinions

  1. Debtload Swells at Chinese Banks (YINN, YANG)

    September 20, 2016
    Is a banking crisis looking in China?
  2. The Top 4 Leveraged (2x & 3x) China ETFs of 2016 (YINN, YANG)

    July 27, 2016
    Discover four leveraged ETFs that can be used to gain exposure to China, the world’s second-largest economy.
  3. CHAU vs. YINN: Comparing Leveraged China ETFs

    May 2, 2016
    Explore the financial profiles of two leveraged ETFs that invest in China, and learn about what types of investors may find ...
  4. Chinese ETFs: The Long and Short of It (FXI,EWH)

    April 11, 2016
    If you think you know where the Chinese markets are heading, here's how to capitalize on it.
  5. Going Long China with Leveraged ETFs (YINN, YANG)

    November 17, 2015
    Leveraged ETFs, especially those related to the China story, present significant opportunities and substantial risk. Here's ...
  6. This Leveraged ETF Is For China Bulls

    November 25, 2014
    With its huge population and booming economy, China is tops for many emerging markets investors. Here's a leveraged ETF for ...
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