AAN : Analysis & Opinions

  1. Aaron's Controls Costs to Beat Earnings Estimates (AAN)

    July 29, 2015
    Aaron's (NYSE: AAN) was able to keep expenses under control in the second quarter, allowing per share profits to surge 65% ...
  2. 5 Stocks for an Economy in the 'Weeds'

    July 16, 2011
    With many Americans downwardly mobile, just like fictional Showtime drug dealer Nancy Botwin, the stocks of dollar stores ...
  3. 5 Reasons To Love Aaron's

    June 24, 2010
    There are many things to love about Aaron's - here are the top five.
  4. Not Too Late To Participate In The Surging Market

    July 29, 2009
    A surprising number of stocks missed last weeks market rally due mostly to earnings misses. Are there some opportuntities ...
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