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  1. AES to Divest Minority Stake in IPALCO Enterprises to CDPQ - ...

    December 17, 2014
    AES Corp (AES) decides to sell its 15% minority stake in AES US Investments Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of AES, to CDPQ ...
  2. Aerospace & Defense Stock Outlook - April 2014 - Industry Outlook

    April 15, 2014
    Aerospace & Defense Stock Outlook - April 2014 - Industry Outlook
  3. Strong Buy on Black Hills Corp. - Analyst Blog

    July 10, 2013
    Black Hills Corporation has been upgraded to Strong Buy on Jul 9.
  4. CEMIG Not The Cheap Dividend Stock It Appears To Be

    July 2, 2013
    CEMIG is likely to find it hard to maintain, let alone raise, its dividend in the current regulatory environment.
  5. Big News For U.S. Wind Energy

    June 5, 2013
    The recent Dept. of Interior decision to begin auctioning off blocks of federal waterways for offshore wind development does ...
  6. DTE Energy Upgraded to Outperform - Analyst Blog

    February 14, 2013
    On Feb 7, we upgraded DTE Energy Company (DTE) ahead of its fourth quarter earnings release to Outperform. Our bullish stance ...
  7. Alternative Energy Stock Outlook - Feb 2013 - Industry Outlook

    February 7, 2013
    Historically, the growth outlook of alternative energy companies has been directly related to the state of the economy and ...
  8. NRG Sheds Non-Core Asset in Germany - Analyst Blog

    July 18, 2012
    Diversified power provider NRG Energy Inc.'s (NRG) subsidiary, Saale Energie GmbH ("SEG"), sold 41.9% of its ownership stake ...
  9. PCG Improves Bottom Line - Analyst Blog

    May 2, 2012
    PCG Improves Bottom Line - Analyst Blog
  10. The Next Big Thing - Again

    May 31, 2011
    They're back! Independent power producers snoozed through 2010 but are coming out of their lull with a vengeance ... some ...
  11. Green Energy Investment On The Rise

    April 6, 2011
    With the various geopolitical risks facing the traditional energy sector, renewable energy investment is on the rise.
  12. Look To Emerging Markets For Renewables Growth

    November 19, 2010
    While many of the developed world’s renewable energy plans have stalled , the emerging world is chugging right along.
  13. Bill Miller's Favorite Picks In 2010 And Beyond

    February 12, 2010
    Miller seems to think that the best values today are in the strongest franchises that continue to churn out cash.
  14. Ride The Goldfarb 10

    February 9, 2010
    The Goldfarb 10 are a tempting buy for value investors. Find out why.
  15. Deep Value Disappointments

    July 1, 2009
    In order to be truly successful, value investors need to do their homework.
  16. First Solar Is Looking Bright

    May 21, 2009
    It's cloudy now, but the future is looking brighter for solar companies.
  17. Bullet Proof (AH, BAESY, FRPT)

    May 11, 2007
    People, vehicles and aircraft are safer from hostile fire because of these firms and the technology they produce.
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