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Dec. 22, 2014 | 11:10 AM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
11/14/2014MICHAEL RALPH S IIIDirector10,000$6.2511.52%
11/07/2014HORN DAVID CExec V.P., Chf Legal, Adm, Sec-2,250$6.49-0.84%
11/07/2014JENKINS ROBERT HDirector25,000$6.3120.89%
11/07/2014WRIGHT VICENTEDirector10,000$6.2144.94%
11/07/2014Newport Roger KSenior V.P., Finance and CFO5,000$6.214.11%
11/06/2014ABDOO RICHARD ADirector10,000$6.155.72%
11/06/2014HORN DAVID CExec V.P., Chf Legal, Adm, Sec20,000$6.048.29%
11/06/2014WAINSCOTT JAMES LChairman, President & CEO160,000$6.1821.61%
8/13/2014ESSIG MARK GDirector25,000$9.80131.16%
5/23/2014Howell Keith JV.P. Operations-1,704$6.40-2.02%
5/23/2014Newport Roger KV.P., Finance and CFO-1,704$6.40-1.63%
5/23/2014Reed Maurice A.V.P. Eng., Raw Mat'l & Energy-1,704$6.40-3.54%
3/21/2014Bisselberg Stephanie SVP - Human Resources-3,174$6.91-6.49%
1/23/2014Howell Keith JV.P. Operations-1,410$6.71-1.64%
1/23/2014Reich Kirk WVP Procurement & Sup Chain Mgt-1,296$6.71-1.92%
1/23/2014Reed Maurice A.V.P. Eng., Raw Mat'l & Energy-1,278$6.71-2.59%
1/23/2014Newport Roger KV.P., Finance and CFO-1,531$6.71-1.45%
1/23/2014Petersen Eric SVP, Sales & Customer Service-754$6.71-1.05%
1/23/2014Bisselberg Stephanie SVP - Human Resources-495$6.71-1.00%
1/22/2014HORN DAVID CExec V.P., Gen. Counsel & Sec.-8,057$6.72-3.23%
1/22/2014WAINSCOTT JAMES LChairman, President & CEO-36,166$6.72-4.66%
1/21/2014Bisselberg Stephanie SVP - Human Resources-559$6.86-1.42%
1/21/2014Newport Roger KV.P., Finance and CFO-2,327$6.86-2.50%
1/21/2014Reich Kirk WVP Procurement & Sup Chain Mgt-2,310$6.86-4.00%
1/21/2014Reed Maurice A.V.P. Eng., Raw Mat'l & Energy-1,618$6.86-4.01%
1/21/2014Petersen Eric SVP, Sales & Customer Service-1,144$6.86-1.83%
1/21/2014Howell Keith JV.P. Operations-2,306$6.86-3.03%
10/21/2013Bisselberg Stephanie SVP - Human Resources-225$4.14-0.57%
5/28/2013Barlow Gary T.VP Sales & Cust Service-360$3.54-1.06%
5/28/2013FERRARA ALBERT E JRSr. V.P., Corp. Strategy & IR-3,779$3.54-3.41%
5/28/2013HORN DAVID CExec V.P., Gen. Counsel & Sec.-4,002$3.54-1.69%
5/28/2013Howell Keith JV.P. Operations-600$3.54-0.78%
5/28/2013KALOSKI JOHN FExec. V.P. & Operating Officer-3,702$3.54-2.27%
5/28/2013Newport Roger KV.P., Finance and CFO-617$3.54-0.66%
5/28/2013Reich Kirk WVP Procurement & Sup Chain Mgt-610$3.54-1.05%
5/23/2013Newport Roger KV.P., Finance and CFO-1,701$3.49-1.78%
5/23/2013Reed Maurice A.V.P. Eng., Raw Mat'l & Energy-1,655$3.49-3.94%
5/23/2013Howell Keith JV.P. Operations-1,655$3.49-2.11%
1/23/2013WAINSCOTT JAMES LChairman, President & CEO-36,498$4.59-4.69%
1/23/2013ZIZZO LAWRENCE FVice President Human Resources-3,832$4.59-6.07%
1/23/2013FERRARA ALBERT E JRSr. V.P., Corp. Strategy & IR-5,850$4.59-5.01%
1/23/2013HORN DAVID CExec V.P., Gen. Counsel & Sec.-8,310$4.59-3.39%
1/23/2013KALOSKI JOHN FExec. V.P. & Operating Officer-7,773$4.59-4.14%
1/22/2013Reich Kirk WVP Procurement & Sup Chain Mgt-1,457$4.64-2.96%
1/22/2013Newport Roger KV.P., Finance and CFO-1,547$4.64-1.84%
1/22/2013Reed Maurice A.V.P. Engineering, Raw Mat'l &-970$4.64-2.99%
1/22/2013Williams Richard S.Controller & Chief Acct. Off.-646$4.64-5.22%
1/22/2013Reich Kirk WVP Procurement & Sup Chain Mgt-1,447$4.64-2.94%
1/22/2013Howell Keith JV.P. Operations-1,465$4.64-2.15%
1/22/2013Barlow Gary T.VP Sales & Cust Service-977$4.64-4.04%
1/18/2013Newport Roger KV.P., Finance and CFO-1,278$4.61-1.50%
1/18/2013Reed Maurice A.V.P. Engineering, Raw Mat'l &-1,085$4.61-3.24%
1/18/2013Barlow Gary T.VP Sales & Cust Service-1,278$4.61-5.02%
1/18/2013Williams Richard S.Controller & Chief Acct. Off.-760$4.61-5.79%
1/18/2013Reich Kirk WVP Procurement & Sup Chain Mgt-1,296$4.61-2.57%
1/18/2013Howell Keith JV.P. Operations-1,278$4.61-1.84%
12/04/2012ABDOO RICHARD ADirector12,500$3.9512.23%
11/28/2012Newport Roger KV.P., Finance and CFO2,500$3.863.11%
11/28/2012Newport Roger KV.P., Finance and CFO2,500$3.873.01%
11/27/2012WAINSCOTT JAMES LChairman, President & CEO100,000$3.8517.73%
11/26/2012MICHAEL RALPH S IIIDirector10,000$3.8225.36%
11/26/2012HORN DAVID CExec V.P., Gen. Counsel & Sec.10,000$3.834.68%
11/23/2012BRINZO JOHN SDirector4,000$3.8411.50%
8/20/2012Barlow Gary T.VP Sales & Cust Service-599$5.60-2.30%
5/29/2012Barlow Gary T.VP Sales & Cust Service-360$6.49-1.36%
5/29/2012Howell Keith JV.P. Operations-600$6.49-0.86%
5/29/2012Newport Roger KV.P., Finance and CFO-600$6.49-0.74%
5/29/2012Williams Richard S.Controller & Chief Acct. Off.-270$6.49-2.02%
5/29/2012Reich Kirk WVP Procurement & Sup Chain Mgt-609$6.49-1.19%
4/02/2012WAINSCOTT JAMES LChairman, President & CEO-76,662$7.65-11.97%
1/23/2012Reich Kirk WV.P. Specialty Steel Operation-737$9.29-1.42%
1/23/2012Howell Keith JV.P. Carbon Steel Operations-726$9.29-1.34%
1/23/2012Newport Roger KV.P., Business Planning & Dev.-854$9.29-1.31%
1/23/2012WAINSCOTT JAMES LChairman, President & CEO-10,759$9.29-1.65%
1/20/2012WAINSCOTT JAMES LChairman, President & CEO-5,380$9.30-0.82%
1/20/2012Newport Roger KV.P., Business Planning & Dev.-470$9.30-0.71%
1/20/2012Howell Keith JV.P. Carbon Steel Operations-413$9.30-0.76%
1/20/2012Reich Kirk WV.P. Specialty Steel Operation-419$9.30-0.80%
1/20/2012Williams Richard S.Controller & Chief Acct. Off.-77$9.30-0.57%
1/19/2012Barlow Gary T.VP Sales & Cust Service-923$9.41-3.38%
1/19/2012Newport Roger KV.P., Business Planning & Dev.-991$9.41-1.48%
1/19/2012Howell Keith JV.P. Carbon Steel Operations-972$9.41-1.75%
1/19/2012Reich Kirk WV.P. Specialty Steel Operation-959$9.41-1.80%
1/19/2012Williams Richard S.Controller & Chief Acct. Off.-534$9.41-3.81%
1/19/2012WAINSCOTT JAMES LChairman, President & CEO-9,377$9.41-1.41%
1/18/2012FERRARA ALBERT E JRSr. V.P., Finance and C. F. O.-5,270$9.11-4.97%
1/18/2012HORN DAVID CExec V.P., Gen. Counsel & Sec.-7,485$9.11-3.33%
1/18/2012ZIZZO LAWRENCE FVice President Human Resources-3,620$9.11-6.45%
1/18/2012MCCOY ALAN HVP Gov't & Public Relations-3,620$9.11-6.52%
1/18/2012KALOSKI JOHN FExec. V.P. & Operating Officer-6,947$9.11-4.01%
10/19/2011Reich Kirk WV.P. Specialty Steel Operation-61$7.84-0.14%
9/06/2011ZIZZO LAWRENCE FVice President Human Resources2,515$7.955.84%
8/22/2011ABDOO RICHARD ADirector12,500$8.0020.91%
8/19/2011Newport Roger KV.P., Business Planning & Dev.2,000$7.883.69%
8/18/2011KALOSKI JOHN FExec. V.P. & Operating Officer6,250$7.884.21%
8/18/2011FERRARA ALBERT E JRSr. V.P., Finance and C. F. O.4,000$7.834.64%
8/18/2011Reich Kirk WV.P. Specialty Steel Operation10,000$7.7730.58%
8/18/2011Barlow Gary T.VP Sales & Cust Service-599$8.03-3.45%
8/09/2011WAINSCOTT JAMES LChairman, President & CEO25,000$7.964.61%
8/09/2011HORN DAVID CExec V.P., Gen. Counsel & Sec.10,000$8.095.17%
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