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Sep. 4, 2015 | 12:44 PM

Insider Transactions

Latest insider trade data based on US Insider Regulatory Filings which are subject to input errors by filers. Insiderslab.com may adjust certain filings for common filing errors on a reasonable effort basis.
Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
9/01/2015Hulihee David CDirector9,160$33.361.30%
9/01/2015Hulihee David CDirector8,650$33.360.56%
8/31/2015Hulihee David CDirector1,350$33.470.09%
8/31/2015Hulihee David CDirector840$33.470.12%
8/27/2015KURIYAMA STANLEY MChairman & CEO5,000$33.942.31%
8/25/2015KURIYAMA STANLEY MChairman & CEO5,000$33.992.36%
8/18/2015Hulihee David CDirector6,697$37.160.43%
8/18/2015Hulihee David CDirector5,000$37.200.72%
8/14/2015Hulihee David CDirector3,103$36.880.20%
8/14/2015Hulihee David CDirector1,007$36.840.14%
8/11/2015Hulihee David CDirector200$36.470.01%
8/11/2015Hulihee David CDirector3,993$36.450.58%
7/07/2015DOANE W ALLEN JRDirector-3,300$40.00-4.00%
7/06/2015DOANE W ALLEN JRDirector-300$40.00-0.36%
6/15/2015Hulihee David CDirector10,000$39.500.65%
6/05/2015Hulihee David CDirector8,219$39.750.54%
6/04/2015Hulihee David CDirector10,000$39.951.49%
6/04/2015Hulihee David CDirector1,781$39.940.12%
3/16/2015DOANE W ALLEN JRDirector-14,637$39.45-15.35%
3/12/2015WATANABE JEFFREY NDirector16,422$19.68125.05%
3/12/2015WATANABE JEFFREY NDirector-16,422$39.36-55.57%
3/12/2015DOANE W ALLEN JRDirector-5,000$39.42-4.98%
1/28/2015CHUN NELSON N SSr. Vice Pres. & CLO-489$38.40-0.82%
1/28/2015CHING MEREDITH JSr. Vice Pres. Gov't Rel.-353$38.40-0.79%
1/28/2015CHING MEREDITH JSr. Vice Pres. Gov't Rel.-439$38.40-0.99%
1/28/2015KURIYAMA STANLEY MChairman & CEO-2,681$38.40-1.25%
1/28/2015BENJAMIN CHRISTOPHER JPresident & COO-1,098$38.40-1.39%
1/28/2015KURIYAMA STANLEY MChairman & CEO-1,849$38.40-0.86%
1/28/2015Ito Paul KSr. Vice Pres. and CFO-766$38.40-4.44%
1/28/2015BENJAMIN CHRISTOPHER JPresident & COO-1,638$38.40-2.10%
1/28/2015CHUN NELSON N SSr. Vice Pres. & CLO-365$38.40-0.61%
1/28/2015Ito Paul KSr. Vice Pres. and CFO-524$38.40-2.95%
1/28/2015Morvis George M JRVice President Corporate Devel-343$38.40-3.65%
1/28/2015Morvis George M JRVice President Corporate Devel-492$38.40-5.43%
1/27/2015CHUN NELSON N SSr. Vice Pres. & CLO-422$39.39-0.70%
1/27/2015Morvis George M JRVice President Corporate Devel-484$39.39-4.89%
1/27/2015BENJAMIN CHRISTOPHER JPresident & COO-973$39.39-1.22%
1/27/2015CHING MEREDITH JSr. Vice Pres. Gov't Rel.-422$39.39-0.94%
1/27/2015KURIYAMA STANLEY MChairman & CEO-1,524$39.39-0.70%
1/27/2015Ito Paul KSr. Vice Pres. and CFO-676$39.39-3.66%
1/25/2015BENJAMIN CHRISTOPHER JPresident & COO-1,508$39.34-2.07%
1/25/2015CHUN NELSON N SSr. Vice Pres. & CLO-486$39.34-0.86%
1/25/2015Ito Paul KSr. Vice Pres. and CFO-365$39.34-3.14%
1/25/2015KURIYAMA STANLEY MChairman & CEO-2,230$39.34-1.08%
1/25/2015Morvis George M JRVice President Corporate Devel-1,077$39.34-14.32%
1/25/2015CHING MEREDITH JSr. Vice Pres. Gov't Rel.-365$39.34-0.89%
12/17/2014KING CHARLES GDirector16,422$19.6828.42%
12/17/2014KURIYAMA STANLEY MChairman & CEO28,945$21.6614.24%
12/17/2014KURIYAMA STANLEY MChairman & CEO-23,005$36.71-9.91%
12/11/2014CHING MEREDITH JSr. Vice Pres. Gov't Rel.-5,747$36.57-12.27%
12/11/2014CHING MEREDITH JSr. Vice Pres. Gov't Rel.5,747$21.6613.99%
12/09/2014Hulihee David CDirector20,000$36.501.33%
9/03/2014DOANE W ALLEN JRDirector-5,134$41.60-4.87%
8/22/2014Ito Paul KSr. Vice Pres. and CFO-4,586$40.96-28.28%
6/10/2014DOANE W ALLEN JRDirector-2,755$42.12-2.55%
6/05/2014Ito Paul KSr. Vice Pres. and CFO-5,546$39.75-25.48%
6/02/2014Hulihee David CDirector3,836$37.670.59%
5/30/2014Hulihee David CDirector6,670$37.901.04%
5/21/2014Hulihee David CDirector3,799$36.910.60%
5/20/2014Hulihee David CDirector7,592$37.091.21%
5/19/2014Hulihee David CDirector1,823$37.160.29%
5/15/2014Hulihee David CDirector585$37.160.09%
5/15/2014Hulihee David CDirector621$37.200.04%
5/14/2014WATANABE JEFFREY NDirector-12,000$38.46-47.75%
3/13/2014BENJAMIN CHRISTOPHER JPresident & COO-5,000$42.17-90.01%
3/13/2014BENJAMIN CHRISTOPHER JPresident & COO5,000$22.11900.90%
3/04/2014BENJAMIN CHRISTOPHER JPresident & COO2,500$16.0949.46%
3/04/2014BENJAMIN CHRISTOPHER JPresident & COO4,500$11.37810.81%
3/04/2014BENJAMIN CHRISTOPHER JPresident & COO-7,000$41.81-92.65%
3/04/2014DOANE W ALLEN JRDirector-78,511$42.24-42.59%
3/04/2014DOANE W ALLEN JRDirector101,037$22.11121.31%
3/03/2014BENJAMIN CHRISTOPHER JPresident & COO500$11.3790.09%
3/03/2014BENJAMIN CHRISTOPHER JPresident & COO-500$41.75-47.39%
2/21/2014BENJAMIN CHRISTOPHER JPresident & COO5,000$22.11900.90%
2/21/2014BENJAMIN CHRISTOPHER JPresident & COO-5,000$39.90-90.01%
1/28/2014Ito Paul KSr. Vice Pres. and CFO-552$40.20-2.47%
1/28/2014Paik Son-JaiVice President Human Resources-296$40.20-4.74%
1/28/2014KURIYAMA STANLEY MChairman & CEO-1,849$40.20-0.90%
1/28/2014Morvis George M JRVice President Corporate Devel-380$40.20-4.81%
1/28/2014CHING MEREDITH JSr. Vice Pres. Gov't Rel.-338$40.20-0.82%
1/28/2014BENJAMIN CHRISTOPHER JPresident & COO-1,117$40.20-1.51%
1/28/2014CHUN NELSON N SSr. Vice Pres. & CLO-337$40.20-0.59%
1/26/2014Ito Paul KSr. Vice Pres. and CFO-462$40.82-2.60%
1/26/2014CHING MEREDITH JSr. Vice Pres. Gov't Rel.-462$40.82-1.19%
1/26/2014BENJAMIN CHRISTOPHER JPresident & COO-1,739$40.82-2.47%
1/26/2014CHUN NELSON N SSr. Vice Pres. & CLO-617$40.82-1.13%
1/26/2014Paik Son-JaiVice President Human Resources-462$40.82-9.56%
1/26/2014KURIYAMA STANLEY MChairman & CEO-2,781$40.82-1.40%
1/25/2014CHING MEREDITH JSr. Vice Pres. Gov't Rel.-365$40.82-0.93%
1/25/2014KURIYAMA STANLEY MChairman & CEO-2,114$40.82-1.05%
1/25/2014CHUN NELSON N SSr. Vice Pres. & CLO-476$40.82-0.87%
1/25/2014Paik Son-JaiVice President Human Resources-365$40.82-7.02%
1/25/2014Ito Paul KSr. Vice Pres. and CFO-365$40.82-2.01%
1/25/2014Morvis George M JRVice President Corporate Devel-1,077$40.82-16.61%
1/25/2014BENJAMIN CHRISTOPHER JPresident & COO-1,374$40.82-1.92%
1/13/2014BENJAMIN CHRISTOPHER JPresident & COO-10,000$42.07-94.74%
1/13/2014BENJAMIN CHRISTOPHER JPresident & COO10,000$22.111,801.80%
1/03/2014BENJAMIN CHRISTOPHER JPresident & COO5,000$16.09900.90%
1/03/2014BENJAMIN CHRISTOPHER JPresident & COO-5,000$42.00-90.01%
12/16/2013DOANE W ALLEN JRDirector100,000$22.11157.47%
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