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Nov. 25, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
11/11/2015Voytovich Thomas EExec Vice Pres, International-2,350$49.40-6.33%
11/11/2015CHRISTMANN JOHN JCEO and President-2,350$49.40-7.71%
8/27/2015HARRIS MARGERY MExec. Vice President1,885$42.0030.72%
8/27/2015HARRIS MARGERY MExec. Vice President1,115$42.005.90%
8/26/2015OLSON W KREGGExec. Vice President2,500$39.505.36%
8/26/2015Montgomery William CDirector5,000$39.9033.01%
8/26/2015CHRISTMANN JOHN JCEO and President8,335$39.3087.30%
8/10/2015House James LSr. RVP - Houston Region-6,435$47.31-47.74%
8/10/2015House James LSr. RVP - Houston Region-5,895$46.99-83.70%
8/03/2015Hoyt Rebecca ASr. Vice Pres, Chief Acct Off-424$45.86-5.09%
6/05/2015Hoyt Rebecca ASr. Vice President, Chief Acct-700$58.54-9.36%
6/05/2015Hoyt Rebecca ASr. Vice President, Chief Acct-2,568$58.56-25.55%
6/03/2015OLSON W KREGGExec. Vice President-1,487$58.87-3.09%
6/03/2015BAHORICH MICHAEL SExec Vice President &-1,735$58.87-5.69%
6/03/2015LANNIE P ANTHONYExec. Vice President-1,611$58.87-5.69%
6/03/2015Voytovich Thomas EExec Vice Pres & COO, Intn'l-2,032$58.87-6.06%
6/03/2015EICHLER RODNEY JEVP & Executive Advisor to CEO-1,703$58.87-3.97%
6/03/2015Hoyt Rebecca ASr. Vice President, Chief Acct-345$58.87-3.32%
6/03/2015HARRIS MARGERY MExec. Vice President-1,239$58.87-6.15%
6/03/2015CHRISTMANN JOHN JCEO and President-2,032$58.87-7.56%
5/26/2015BAHORICH MICHAEL SExec Vice President &-723$62.53-2.68%
5/26/2015Voytovich Thomas EExec Vice Pres & COO, Intn'l-1,260$62.53-4.31%
5/26/2015LANNIE P ANTHONYExec. Vice President-723$62.53-2.87%
5/26/2015EICHLER RODNEY JExecutive Advisor to CEO-1,945$62.53-4.81%
5/26/2015Hoyt Rebecca ASr. Vice President, Chief Acct-189$62.53-2.03%
5/26/2015OLSON W KREGGExec. Vice President-663$62.53-1.46%
5/26/2015CHRISTMANN JOHN JCEO and President-1,260$62.53-5.71%
5/26/2015HARRIS MARGERY MExec. Vice President-512$62.53-3.12%
5/26/2015CHRISTMANN JOHN JCEO and President-464$62.53-2.12%
5/26/2015Voytovich Thomas EExec Vice Pres & COO, Intn'l-510$62.53-1.75%
5/19/2015OLSON W KREGGExec. Vice President-1,110$63.42-2.48%
5/19/2015Hoyt Rebecca ASr. Vice President, Chief Acct-258$63.42-2.90%
5/19/2015CHRISTMANN JOHN JCEO and President-921$63.42-4.60%
5/19/2015Voytovich Thomas EExec Vice Pres & COO, Intn'l-1,249$63.42-4.54%
5/19/2015HARRIS MARGERY MExec. Vice President-925$63.42-26.59%
5/19/2015LANNIE P ANTHONYExec. Vice President-1,203$63.42-4.88%
5/19/2015BAHORICH MICHAEL SExec Vice President &-1,203$63.42-4.54%
5/19/2015EICHLER RODNEY JExecutive Advisor to CEO-1,956$63.42-5.12%
5/04/2015Hoyt Rebecca ASr. Vice President, Chief Acct-138$68.55-1.71%
5/04/2015Voytovich Thomas EExec Vice Pres & COO, Intn'l-256$68.55-1.03%
5/04/2015BAHORICH MICHAEL SExec Vice President &-414$68.55-1.80%
5/04/2015OLSON W KREGGExec. Vice President-339$68.55-0.80%
5/04/2015Teslik Sarah BSr. Vice President-115$68.55-0.62%
5/04/2015CHRISTMANN JOHN JCEO and President-223$68.55-1.24%
5/04/2015EICHLER RODNEY JExecutive Advisor to CEO-934$68.55-2.67%
5/04/2015DUNDREA MATTHEW WSr. Vice President, Treasury-164$68.55-0.74%
5/04/2015O'Brien Urban F.Vice President-95$68.55-1.70%
5/04/2015MCARDLE JANINE JSenior Vice President-155$68.55-0.63%
5/04/2015Merrick Aaron S. G.Vice President-109$68.55-0.90%
5/04/2015Gryder Rodney A.Vice President, Audit-108$68.55-1.07%
5/04/2015HARRIS MARGERY MExec. Vice President-257$68.55-1.66%
5/04/2015LANNIE P ANTHONYExec. Vice President-376$68.55-1.69%
5/04/2015PEPER CHERI LCorporate Secretary-67$68.55-1.13%
4/21/2015FARRIS G STEVENDirector-43$68.37-11.29%
4/21/2015FARRIS G STEVENDirector50$56.7315.11%
4/16/2015Voytovich Thomas EExec Vice Pres & COO, Intn'l-3,100$70.71-11.33%
4/16/2015Voytovich Thomas EExec Vice Pres & COO, Intn'l3,200$56.7313.25%
4/16/2015Voytovich Thomas EExec Vice Pres & COO, Intn'l-100$70.72-0.41%
4/15/2015EICHLER RODNEY JExecutive Advisor to CEO5,300$56.7316.10%
4/15/2015Gryder Rodney A.Vice President, Audit1,100$56.7311.36%
4/15/2015CHRISTMANN JOHN JCEO and President1,000$56.735.75%
4/15/2015EICHLER RODNEY JExecutive Advisor to CEO-200$71.36-0.60%
4/15/2015Gryder Rodney A.Vice President, Audit-1,100$70.29-10.20%
4/15/2015CHRISTMANN JOHN JCEO and President-881$71.40-4.79%
4/15/2015EICHLER RODNEY JExecutive Advisor to CEO-5,100$71.35-13.34%
4/14/2015OLSON W KREGGExec. Vice President3,600$56.738.63%
4/14/2015OLSON W KREGGExec. Vice President-3,600$68.70-7.95%
4/09/2015MCARDLE JANINE JSenior Vice President2,100$56.738.81%
4/09/2015FARRIS G STEVENDirector31,750$56.738.52%
4/09/2015MCARDLE JANINE JSenior Vice President-1,877$66.47-7.24%
4/09/2015FARRIS G STEVENDirector-29,050$66.47-7.18%
2/01/2015Hoyt Rebecca ASr. Vice President, Chief Acct-208$62.57-2.67%
2/01/2015DUNDREA MATTHEW WSr. Vice President, Treasury-353$62.57-1.60%
2/01/2015Gryder Rodney A.Vice President, Audit-155$62.57-1.58%
2/01/2015Teslik Sarah BSr. Vice President-155$62.57-0.85%
2/01/2015PEPER CHERI LCorporate Secretary-96$62.57-1.67%
2/01/2015MCARDLE JANINE JSenior Vice President-375$62.57-1.55%
2/01/2015O'Brien Urban F.Vice President-123$62.57-2.29%
2/01/2015Merrick Aaron S. G.Vice President-171$62.57-1.44%
12/15/2014Graham JonVice President-1,600$56.71-81.18%
12/03/2014Voytovich Thomas EExec Vice Pres & COO, Intn'l-2,350$63.81-8.87%
12/03/2014CHRISTMANN JOHN JExec Vice Pres & COO, NA-2,350$63.81-11.92%
11/18/2014OLSON W KREGGExec. Vice President-1,678$72.07-3.87%
11/18/2014LANNIE P ANTHONYExec. Vice President-1,678$72.07-7.31%
11/18/2014BAHORICH MICHAEL SExec Vice President &-1,678$72.07-6.61%
8/21/2014PEPER CHERI LCorporate Secretary-796$100.00-12.73%
8/15/2014LAWRENCE GEORGE DDirector-374$98.68-1.01%
8/15/2014PITMAN CHARLES JDirector-374$98.68-1.55%
8/15/2014FRAZIER A D JRDirector-374$98.68-1.36%
7/01/2014MCARDLE JANINE JSenior Vice President1,000$56.734.34%
7/01/2014MCARDLE JANINE JSenior Vice President-1,000$100.67-4.16%
6/23/2014O'Brien Urban F.Vice President-2,074$101.64-29.32%
6/17/2014BAHORICH MICHAEL SExec Vice President &-4,900$97.41-18.32%
6/17/2014BAHORICH MICHAEL SExec Vice President &-500$97.40-2.29%
6/17/2014BAHORICH MICHAEL SExec Vice President &5,500$56.7325.88%
6/01/2014Leon AlfonsoExecutive Vice President-423$93.22-2.63%
6/01/2014MCARDLE JANINE JSenior Vice President-464$93.22-1.97%
6/01/2014Johnston Robert V. IIExecutive Vice President-749$93.22-6.33%
6/01/2014LANNIE P ANTHONYExec. Vice President-1,167$93.22-5.80%
6/01/2014OLSON W KREGGExec. Vice President-950$93.22-2.36%
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