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Nov. 25, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
12/03/2013SIMONTE MICHAEL KExecutive VP & CFO-4,200$19.37-4.31%
12/03/2013SIMONTE MICHAEL KExecutive VP & CFO-100$19.29-0.09%
12/03/2013SIMONTE MICHAEL KExecutive VP & CFO-500$19.34-0.48%
12/03/2013SIMONTE MICHAEL KExecutive VP & CFO-4,400$19.35-4.22%
12/03/2013SIMONTE MICHAEL KExecutive VP & CFO-2,600$19.36-2.60%
12/03/2013SIMONTE MICHAEL KExecutive VP & CFO-900$19.30-0.84%
12/02/2013SIMONTE MICHAEL KExecutive VP & CFO-1,200$19.63-1.09%
12/02/2013SIMONTE MICHAEL KExecutive VP & CFO-2,700$19.62-2.38%
12/02/2013SIMONTE MICHAEL KExecutive VP & CFO-973$19.61-0.85%
12/02/2013SIMONTE MICHAEL KExecutive VP & CFO-200$19.60-0.17%
12/02/2013SIMONTE MICHAEL KExecutive VP & CFO-1,021$19.59-0.88%
12/02/2013SIMONTE MICHAEL KExecutive VP & CFO-3,400$19.58-2.86%
12/02/2013SIMONTE MICHAEL KExecutive VP & CFO-379$19.57-0.32%
12/02/2013SIMONTE MICHAEL KExecutive VP & CFO-607$19.49-0.51%
12/02/2013SIMONTE MICHAEL KExecutive VP & CFO-9,614$19.48-7.43%
12/02/2013SIMONTE MICHAEL KExecutive VP & CFO-12,229$19.47-8.63%
12/02/2013SIMONTE MICHAEL KExecutive VP & CFO12,500$10.089.67%
12/02/2013SIMONTE MICHAEL KExecutive VP & CFO-2,627$19.64-2.40%
5/30/2013MONICH ALLAN RVP-Quality Cust Satisf & Warr-1,396$18.20-3.56%
5/30/2013BELLANTI JOHN JExecutive VP-Worldwide Op.-3,498$18.20-4.04%
5/30/2013DAUCH RICHARD ECo-Fdr & Executive Chairman49,500$9.197.89%
3/13/2013Szymanski Thomas JVP Operations AAM Americas-6,614$13.10-15.87%
3/12/2013Szymanski Thomas JVP Operations AAM Americas-1,386$13.20-3.22%
6/05/2012WALKER THOMAS KDirector600$8.3521.43%
6/05/2012WALKER THOMAS KDirector700$8.3433.33%
6/05/2012WALKER THOMAS KDirector600$8.3240.00%
6/05/2012WALKER THOMAS KDirector3$8.370.20%
6/05/2012WALKER THOMAS KDirector297$8.3624.75%
6/05/2012WALKER THOMAS KDirector500$8.4071.43%
6/05/2012WALKER THOMAS KDirector300$8.4375.00%
5/09/2012SIMONTE MICHAEL KExecutive VP & CFO2,500$9.405.06%
5/04/2012SIMONTE MICHAEL KExecutive VP & CFO2,500$9.555.32%
5/02/2012SIMONTE MICHAEL KExecutive VP & CFO2,500$9.895.62%
3/14/2012WILLEMSE NORMANVP, Metal Form Prod. Bus. Unit-1,923$11.61-10.98%
3/14/2012Szymanski Thomas JPresident AAM Europe-1,379$11.61-5.64%
3/14/2012SMITH KEVIN MARKVP Driveshaft Business Unit-1,827$11.61-10.83%
3/14/2012Moriguchi Inacio NVP Operations - Americas-1,859$11.61-5.98%
2/07/2012Hantler Steven BrianDirector100$12.574.31%
2/07/2012Hantler Steven BrianDirector2,580$12.58106.61%
1/06/2012DAUCH RICHARD ECo-Founder, Chairman & CEO-6,714$11.40-34.11%
1/06/2012Moriguchi Inacio NVP Operations - Americas-6,496$11.40-17.29%
1/06/2012Szymanski Thomas JVP Global Mfg Services-5,879$11.40-19.39%
11/21/2011FARMER FOREST J SRDirector3,218$7.6914.08%
11/10/2011SIMONTE MICHAEL KEVP, Finance & CFO6,000$8.5015.60%
9/09/2011SIMONTE MICHAEL KExecutive VP Finance & CFO2,000$7.695.49%
9/08/2011SIMONTE MICHAEL KExecutive VP Finance & CFO2,000$8.245.81%
8/25/2011SIMONTE MICHAEL KExecutive VP Finance & CFO3,000$8.009.54%
6/02/2011SIMONTE MICHAEL KExecutive VP Finance & CFO2,000$10.756.79%
6/02/2011SIMONTE MICHAEL KExecutive VP Finance & CFO2,000$10.607.29%
5/24/2011WALKER THOMAS KDirector1,000$10.886.92%
5/24/2011WALKER THOMAS KDirector600$10.864.33%
5/13/2011MCCASLIN JAMES ADirector2,600$11.33185.71%
3/18/2011BARRETT MARK S.VP Engineering & Product Dev-3,788$12.79-23.09%
3/16/2011CULTON DAVID APresident-AAM Europe-1,993$13.22-11.74%
3/16/2011Szymanski Thomas JVP Global Manufacturing Svc-1,490$13.22-4.68%
3/16/2011SMITH KEVIN MARKVP Program Mngmt & Launch-1,864$13.22-9.95%
3/16/2011Moriguchi Inacio NVP Operations - America-1,864$13.22-4.73%
3/16/2011BARRETT MARK S.VP-Engineering & Product Dev.-1,956$13.22-10.65%
3/16/2011WILLEMSE NORMANVP, Metal Form Prod. Bus. Unit-1,986$13.22-10.18%
3/15/2011BELLANTI JOHN JExecutive VP-Worldwide Op.-3,121$12.38-10.51%
3/15/2011DAUCH DAVID CPresident & COO-4,160$12.38-15.75%
3/15/2011BARRETT MARK S.VP-Engineering & Product Dev.-2,012$12.38-9.88%
3/15/2011MONICH ALLAN RVP-Quality & Cust Satisfaction-2,601$12.38-13.24%
3/15/2011Satine Alberto LVP-Strategic & Bus Dvlpmt-2,081$12.38-14.04%
3/15/2011WILLEMSE NORMANVP, Metal Form Prod. Bus. Unit-2,670$12.38-12.04%
3/15/2011CULTON DAVID APresident-AAM Europe-2,649$12.38-13.50%
3/15/2011Jerge John EPresident-AAM Americas-2,427$12.38-5.17%
3/15/2011SMITH KEVIN MARKVP Program Mngmt & Launch-2,358$12.38-11.18%
3/15/2011Proctor Steven JPresident AAM Asia-2,913$12.38-17.65%
3/15/2011Moriguchi Inacio NVP Operations - America-2,081$12.38-5.01%
3/15/2011Szymanski Thomas JVP Global Manufacturing Svc-1,908$12.38-5.66%
3/15/2011Sofia John SVP Commercial Vehicle Business-2,705$12.38-18.03%
3/14/2011DAUCH RICHARD ECo-Founder, Chairman & CEO49,500$10.08126.23%
3/14/2011DAUCH DAVID CPresident & COO5,115$10.0824.01%
3/02/2011DAUCH RICHARD ECo-Founder, Chairman & CEO-900$13.36-0.02%
3/02/2011DAUCH RICHARD ECo-Founder, Chairman & CEO-9,100$13.35-0.16%
3/02/2011DAUCH RICHARD ECo-Founder, Chairman & CEO-39,075$13.25-0.68%
3/02/2011DAUCH RICHARD ECo-Founder, Chairman & CEO-9,925$13.30-0.17%
3/01/2011DAUCH DAVID CPresident & COO-17,645$13.37-45.31%
3/01/2011DAUCH DAVID CPresident & COO10,385$10.0836.36%
3/01/2011DAUCH DAVID CPresident & COO7,260$8.8534.08%
3/01/2011DAUCH RICHARD ECo-Founder, Chairman & CEO-700$13.57-0.01%
3/01/2011DAUCH RICHARD ECo-Founder, Chairman & CEO-4,800$13.56-0.08%
3/01/2011DAUCH RICHARD ECo-Founder, Chairman & CEO-9,900$13.50-0.17%
3/01/2011DAUCH RICHARD ECo-Founder, Chairman & CEO-24,400$13.55-0.42%
3/01/2011DAUCH RICHARD ECo-Founder, Chairman & CEO-9,758$13.40-0.17%
3/01/2011DAUCH RICHARD ECo-Founder, Chairman & CEO-700$13.39-0.01%
3/01/2011DAUCH RICHARD ECo-Founder, Chairman & CEO-19,300$13.38-0.33%
3/01/2011DAUCH RICHARD ECo-Founder, Chairman & CEO-8,700$13.34-0.15%
3/01/2011DAUCH RICHARD ECo-Founder, Chairman & CEO-7,130$13.37-0.12%
3/01/2011DAUCH RICHARD ECo-Founder, Chairman & CEO-25,380$13.35-0.43%
3/01/2011DAUCH RICHARD ECo-Founder, Chairman & CEO-7,178$13.33-0.12%
3/01/2011DAUCH RICHARD ECo-Founder, Chairman & CEO-1,000$13.31-0.02%
3/01/2011DAUCH RICHARD ECo-Founder, Chairman & CEO-25,217$13.30-0.43%
3/01/2011DAUCH RICHARD ECo-Founder, Chairman & CEO-4,137$13.28-0.07%
3/01/2011DAUCH RICHARD ECo-Founder, Chairman & CEO-1,400$13.27-0.02%
2/18/2011DAUCH RICHARD ECo-Founder, Chairman & CEO51,000$2.81130.05%
2/18/2011DAUCH RICHARD ECo-Founder, Chairman & CEO100,500$10.08111.40%
2/14/2011DAUCH RICHARD ECo-Founder, Chairman & CEO240,000$8.85612.01%
2/01/2011DAUCH RICHARD ECo-Founder, Chairman & CEO-5,041$14.61-0.09%
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