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  1. American Express Q4 EPS Miss on Costs, Costco

    January 20, 2017
    Higher expenses and the loss of its exclusive relationship with Costco dragged down American Express' profitability.
  2. American Express Earnings on Tap: What to Expect

    January 19, 2017
    The company, which has taken actions to lower costs and grow revenue, will look to extend its earnings beat streak to five.
  3. American Express Stock Upgraded by JPMorgan

    January 18, 2017
    American Express received another upgrade Tuesday, putting its shares on the cusp of another 52-week high.
  4. American Express at Resistance Ahead of Earnings

    January 17, 2017
    American Express has reached resistance after a yearlong recovery and could enter an intermediate correction following its ...
  5. American Express Stock to Rally 29%: Oppenheimer

    January 11, 2017
    Given American Express' consensus price target of $75, Oppenheimer has the most bullish call on the stock.
  6. American Express Gets Buy Rating at BAML

    January 10, 2017
    American Express stock missed a new 52-week high by 5 cents after bullish comments by BAML analysts.
  7. American Express Trades Ex-Dividend Wednesday

    January 4, 2017
    American Express will send its dividend payment on Feb. 10 to shareholders of record as of Jan. 6.
  8. What Drives American Express in 2017?

    January 3, 2017
    American Express surprised the market in 2016 with the rate at which its business improved.
  9. American Express Acquisition Boosts Fraud Protection (AXP)

    December 7, 2016
    American Express, which acquired fraud prevention software specialist InAuth, had been familiar with the company throughout ...
  10. American Express Price Target Cut at Nomura (AXP)

    December 5, 2016
    Despite what continues to be an impressive turnaround, not everyone is comfortable with the direction American Express is ...
  11. Why Did Warren Buffett Make a Big Bet on Airlines?

    November 30, 2016
    According to Berkshire Hathaway's 13F for Q3, Warren Buffett initiated positions in all four major airline companies last ...
  12. How India Makes Money

    November 29, 2016
    India currently has the ninth largest nominal GDP (and third largest in PPP) in the world.
  13. AmEx Shares Hit a One-Year High

    November 28, 2016
    In spite of a serious setback the credit card giant suffered early this year, American Express' (NYSE: AXP) stock notched ...
  14. Where American Express Stands in Rewards War (AXP, BAC)

    November 28, 2016
    As American Express is the largest U.S. credit card issuer by purchases, the rewards war is one it may win by losing.
  15. American Express Raises Late Payment Fees (AXP)

    November 25, 2016
    Membership might have its privileges, but there are still consequences for making late credit card payments on American Express ...
  16. American Express Declares 32-Cent Quarterly Dividend (AXP)

    November 23, 2016
    The company's board has declared a quarterly dividend of 32 cents per share payable on Feb. 10, 2017, to shareholders of ...
  17. American Express Reports October Credit Metrics (AXP)

    November 16, 2016
    Sometimes that which is considered "boring" serves as good news, especially when it comes as expected.
  18. Why American Express Deserves More Credit (AXP)

    November 14, 2016
    Add the name American Express to the list of financial stocks posting strong gains in the wake of Donald Trump's shocking ...
  19. Assessing American Express Post-Earnings Valuation (AXP)

    November 3, 2016
    Investors still want to know if membership, or in this case stock ownership, still has its privileges.
  20. Why American Express Stock Surged 12% (AXP, COST)

    October 24, 2016
    American Express Company, which saw its stock soar 12% last week, has begun to earn credit for its operational improvements.
  21. American Express Upgraded by BofA (AXP, COST)

    October 21, 2016
    Better-than-expected Q3 earnings and bullish outlook convince analysts at Bank of America that American Express has moved ...
  22. Beat and Raise for American Express in Q3 (AXP, COST)

    October 20, 2016
    American Express’ third quarter profit declined 10% from last year, but it was still enough to beat Wall Street estimates. ...
  23. American Express Shares Rise on Strong Q3 Report

    October 20, 2016
    Are the challenging times coming to an end for American Express (NYSE: AXP)? The payment card giant, which has been struggling ...
  24. American Express Levels To Watch After Earnings (AXP, V)

    October 19, 2016
    Look for American Express bottom fishers to limit damage after this week's quarterly earnings report.
  25. American Express Earnings on Tap: What to Expect? (AXP, COST)

    October 18, 2016
    With three straight earnings beats and counting, the global payment processor has taken meaningful steps to shore up its ...
  26. Costco's Sales and Comps Rose in September

    October 7, 2016
    The back-to-school month was a busy one for top retailer Costco Wholesale (NASDAQ: COST). The company reported that its ...
  27. Zacks: Visa's Growth Engages New Tech (V, AXP)

    September 26, 2016
    As Visa executes its plan for near-term strategic growth, Zacks gives a nod toward the payments technology company remaining ...
  28. How to Acquire Affluent Clients

    September 26, 2016
    Financial advisors need to establish trust to gain affluent clients. These strategies can help you build your client base ...
  29. 5 Best Credit Cards for Groceries (AXP, BAC)

    September 24, 2016
    These five credit cards with cash-back reward programs offer consumers a great way to capitalize on everyday purchases such ...
  30. American Express at Cusp of New Uptrend (AXP)

    September 8, 2016
    American Express has been testing major resistance in the mid-60s since April and finally looks ready to break out and head ...
  31. Top U.S. Banks Paid $2 Bn in Deductible Bonuses in 4 Years (WFC, ...

    September 4, 2016
    A study has found that financial institutions are able to write off massive rewards to their executives because of a tax ...
  32. MasterCard vs. AMEX Platinum Card: Which Has Better Benefits? ...

    September 4, 2016
    Both are good choices, but which is best?
  33. AXP: How American Express' Stock Price Fell 11% in 6 Months

    September 2, 2016
    American Express's stock price has taken investors on an up-and-down ride in the first half of 2016, but the overall trend ...
  34. 5 Debit Cards That Still Offer Rewards

    August 17, 2016
    There are still debit card rewards available for those individuals who prefer using debit cards as opposed to regular credit ...
  35. Warren Buffett's Probability Analysis is His Key to Success

    August 14, 2016
    Warren Buffett didn't get rich through luck. His shrewd acumen when picking investments is based on thorough research and ...
  36. 3 Prepaid Debit Cards With No Monthly Fee (AXP, WMT)

    August 13, 2016
    These prepaid debit cards with no monthly fees offer a substantial savings advantage.
  37. How MasterCard Beat Q2 Estimates

    July 28, 2016
    Healthy growth in transactions using its cards is boosting MasterCard's (NYSE: MA) business, which showed up in the numbers ...
  38. Behind AmEx's Q2 Profit Surge Lies a Big Problem

    July 21, 2016
    What kind of company sees its stock fall immediately following an earnings report that shows a nearly 40% jump in net profit? ...
  39. American Express Earnings on Tap: What to Expect?

    July 19, 2016
    The company appears to have put the worst behind it, but what will drive growth in the quarters and years ahead?
  40. Costco's June Sales Solid Despite Credit Card Woes

    July 8, 2016
    Costco (NASDAQ: COST) had a decent June despite the fallout of its decision to switch from American Express (NYSE: AXP) ...
  41. American Express Trades Ex-Dividend Wednesday (AXP)

    June 29, 2016
    American Express will send its dividend payment on August 10 to shareholders of record as of July 1.
  42. Costco's Credit Card Switch Is a Massive Headache

    June 23, 2016
    Shortly after finalizing its divorce from longtime credit card partner American Express (NYSE: AXP), Costco Wholesale (NASDAQ: ...
  43. The Pros and Cons of Executives' Pay Tied to Stock Performance

    June 23, 2016
    Watch for situations where lavish executive compensation is either not justified by total shareholder return or rationalized ...
  44. Goodbye, Amex; Costco Finishes Transition to Visa

    June 21, 2016
    Costco (NASDAQ: COST) has completed its switch from American Express (NYSE: AXP) to Visa (NYSE: V) as its official credit ...
  45. Synchrony Financial Forecasts Deeper Credit Losses

    June 15, 2016
    Shares of specialty financial services company Synchrony Financial (NYSE: SYF) are trading lower after the company admitted ...
  46. 4 Reasons Buffett's Portfolio Is Irrelevant to Today's Investors ...

    June 11, 2016
    Find out why investors should not try to emulate Warren Buffett's stock portfolio and why they could not achieve his same ...
  47. 3 Short Sales in the S&P 500 (AXP, KMX)

    June 8, 2016
    The S&P 500 is testing the bull market high but many components have lagged badly, stuck in downtrends below their 200-day ...
  48. EU Regulator Approves Visa's Buy of Visa Europe

    June 3, 2016
    Visa (NYSE: V) has won its final, and most crucial, regulatory approval for its large-scale acquisition of peer payments ...
  49. The Top 4 General Motors Shareholders (GM)

    May 23, 2016
    Discover General Motors’ top four direct shareholders. Learn about how many shares they hold and obtain a brief description ...
  50. Breaking Down XLF: 3 Components that Are Most Attractive

    May 10, 2016
    Identify the three most attractive components of the Financial Select Sector SPDR Fund, and determine why attractive valuations ...
  51. Is Costco Ready for a Membership Fee Increase?

    April 25, 2016
    To offset the impact of slowing sales, Costco (NASDAQ: COST) is going to be raising its annual membership fees next year ...
  52. American Express Stock Rise on Q1 Beat (AXP)

    April 21, 2016
    American Express , which issued 3 million new credit cards during the quarter, enjoyed higher income from interest and fees.
  53. Global Financials: 3 Key Industry Players (IDCBY, AXAHY)

    April 20, 2016
    Take a look at three of the largest and most influential global companies that are leaders in the important financial services ...
  54. Is the Latest Costco Dividend Raise Ill-Timed?

    April 19, 2016
    The company has reported two straight quarters of profit declines; its most recent comparable-sales figure was well short ...
  55. Trade American Express on Both Sides (AXP, V)

    April 14, 2016
    American Express may offer profits with short term long trades and long-term short sales.
  56. Wal-Mart and Costo Improve Their Rewards Programs

    April 4, 2016
    After posting its first annual drop in sales since the company went public 45 years ago, Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT) has decided ...
  57. Jamie Dimon's Success Story: Net Worth, Education & Top Quotes ...

    April 4, 2016
    Learn how Jamie Dimon did not waste time making a mark in the family business by creating one of the most successful financial ...
  58. Financials Sector: Industries Snapshot (WFC, BLK)

    April 1, 2016
    Learn about the industries and stocks that make up the financial sector of the S&P 500 index. The industries include banking, ...
  59. Top 5 Companies Owned by American Express (JBLU, FLWS)

    March 27, 2016
    Read about the most important subsidiaries of American Express Company, including two banks, an insurance company and a fraud ...
  60. The 5 Highest Paid Executives in The Financial Sector (JPM, C)

    March 18, 2016
    Learn who the highest paid executives in the financials sector are and how they became some of the most influential and powerful ...
  61. Top 5 Positions in Markel Corp's Portfolio (MKL, KMX)

    March 14, 2016
    Discover if the top five stocks in Markel Corp.'s portfolio can help boost your own portfolio performance against the volatile ...
  62. Top 5 Positions in Mohnish Pabrai's Portfolio (FCAU, MS)

    March 13, 2016
    Learn about Mohnish Pabrai and the types of funds and philanthropies he runs. Discover the top five positions in his hedge ...
  63. Highland Capital Management: Investment Manager Highlight

    March 12, 2016
    Check out the executive management and investment team that leads the registered investment advisory firm Highland Capital ...
  64. The Top Gainers And Losers Among Berkshire Hathaway's Publicly-Listed ...

    March 2, 2016
    The stock market wasn't up to the mark last year. Buffett's publicly-listed holdings didn't do too well either.
  65. Why Is the Market Punishing American Express?

    March 1, 2016
    American Express shares lost over 40% of their value in 2015. We examine some of the factors contributing to this fall.
  66. 3 Financials Stocks Near Their 52-Week Lows Worth Buying (AXP, ...

    March 1, 2016
    Identify several financial sector stocks trading near their 52-week lows that might be worth buying.
  67. Warren Buffett: Be Fearful When Others are Greedy

    January 21, 2016
    It is prudent for the investor to understand when the party has gone on long enough and the clock is about to strike midnight. ...
  68. American Express: Don't Invest Without It

    January 18, 2016
    leaving home with AXP in your portfolio would be a mistake, especially when combined with its 29-cent quarterly dividend ...
  69. Three Outstanding Value Stocks to Buy in 2016

    January 11, 2016
    The core of long-term value investing orbits around businesses with superior economics, rationale management and a value ...
  70. The Top 5 Financials Stocks for 2016 (JPM, BAC)

    December 29, 2015
    Explore detailed analyses of the top five financials stocks to consider in 2016, and learn why they are poised to rise with ...
  71. Warren Buffett and Berkshire's Productive Assets

    December 5, 2015
    Here are some methods to measure whether an investment will be "productive."
  72. How the Dow Components Could Point to a Correction

    October 30, 2015
    For the most part, the Dow has been on fire since March 2009. So the profits of its components are growing, right?
  73. Is American Express (AXP) a Bargain Right Now?

    October 28, 2015
    AXP has underperformed over the past 12 months. Is this likely to continue or is a rebound in the cards?
  74. Buffett Refreshes Berkshire Hathaway Portfolio (BRK-A, BRK-B)

    August 19, 2015
    Warren Buffett, it seems, has a go-against-the-grain view on the prospects of the cable industry and is no longer fond of ...
  75. Credit Card Review: Blue Cash Everyday Amex (AXP, KSS)

    July 31, 2015
    Read about the Blue Cash Everyday Amex card, and learn how it saves cardholders money on groceries, gas and other household ...
  76. Credit Card Review: Amex EveryDay (AXP, JPM)

    July 30, 2015
    Learn the benefits of the Amex EveryDay card, such as its introductory offer and rewards perks, and discover the types of ...
  77. Credit Card Review: Premier Rewards Gold Amex (AXP)

    July 29, 2015
    Read more about the American Express Premier Rewards Gold card, one of the top charge cards in the United States and a favorite ...
  78. Credit Card Review: Gold Delta SkyMiles Amex (AXP, DAL)

    July 29, 2015
    Learn about the three American Express cards that partner with Delta Airlines. Understand the benefits of the Gold Delta ...
  79. Credit Card Review: Discover it (DFS, AMZN)

    July 29, 2015
    Learn why the Discover it card provides a great balance between cost effectiveness and robust rewards, especially for those ...
  80. American Express Returns Vs. DJ Industrial Average

    July 28, 2015
    American Express has handily outperformed the Dow Jones Industrial Average since 2009, but unusual weakness in the last year ...
  81. Credit Card Review: Platinum American Express (AXP, UAL)

    July 28, 2015
    Take a closer look at the gold standard of luxury travel rewards credit cards, the American Express Platinum, and find out ...
  82. American Express Q2 Revenue, Net Decline (AXP, C)

    July 24, 2015
    American Express (NYSE: AXP) stock has been a laggard so far this year behind rivals Visa and MasterCard. It seems AmEx's ...
  83. Relax at the Airport With the Right Credit Card

    July 14, 2015
    Some of the best credit cards available to the everyday consumer now give anyone access to some of the world’s most luxurious ...
  84. Ink Plus or Starwood Preferred, Which Credit Card Is Right for ...

    July 2, 2015
    Maximize Your Business Rewards: Chase Ink Plus vs. Starwood Preferred.
  85. Should You Copy How Warren Buffett Invests?

    June 30, 2015
    Buffett has proven to be one of the most astute investors of all time. Can you emulate his success?
  86. American Express Cards: Centurion Vs. Platinum (AXP)

    June 24, 2015
    If you're offered a coveted black card from Amex, should you accept it?
  87. Four Buy and Hold Stocks for Millennials

    June 19, 2015
    Wealth creation is the byproduct of holding excellent businesses that grow substantially over the long-run.
  88. American Express's Main Competition

    May 14, 2015
    American Express competes with Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Financial Services in the credit card space. It also competes ...
  89. Is There Any Upside Left in Costco?

    May 14, 2015
    Costco's stock has performed exceptionally well over the past five years, but does it need a breather?
  90. Costco Just Extended Its Advantage Even Further (AXP, COST)

    May 1, 2015
    If you thought Costco (NASDAQ: COST) couldn't become any more dominant than it already is, then think again. Over the past ...
  91. Top Places to Work for Financial Advisors (RJF, AXP)

    May 1, 2015
    Looking for a job in the financial services sector? Here's a list of the top companies for financial advisors.
  92. How Investment Risk Is Quantified

    March 24, 2015
    FInancial advisors and wealth management firms use a variety of tools based in Modern portfolio theory to quantify investment ...
  93. Profit From High Consumer Spending With Visa Or Mastercard

    March 9, 2015
    American consumers have more money to spend thanks to falling gas prices. Investing in Visa and MasterCard may give investors ...
  94. Hillary's Many Wall Street Connections

    March 4, 2015
    Hillary Clinton is one of the most high profile potential 2016 presidential candidates, and her Wall Street ties are a source ...
  95. Visa vs. MasterCard: Is There a Difference?

    February 2, 2015
    Visa and MasterCard are two of the most widely used credit card brands. But are the differences between the two significant ...
  96. What Cuba-US Relations Could Mean For U.S. Industry

    January 30, 2015
    The restoration of diplomatic relations with Cuba could mean big profits for U.S. travel, agriculture, and financial services ...
  97. How American Express Counts on Your Profligacy (AXP, MA)

    January 27, 2015
    Consumers like novelty, reliability, variety, and other subjective qualities. But what really keeps them coming back to American ...
  98. American Express: Headwinds and Tailwinds

    January 15, 2015
    Any investors considering a position in American Express need to know these important facts.
  99. Do Your Card's Travel Benefits Make The Grade?

    October 28, 2014
    If you take frequent trips, it pays to evaluate the different travel benefits that a credit card offers – from airline miles ...
  100. Credit Cards With Travel Insurance

    October 24, 2014
    Some credit cards offer travel coverage, which may include trip cancellations, lost baggage and rental-car damages. Just ...
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