Autozone Inc $526.44

down -5.87

19/9/2014 04:00 PM  |  NYSE : AZO  
Industries : Retail / Auto Parts Stores

Insider Transactions

Latest insider trade data based on US Insider Regulatory Filings which are subject to input errors by filers. may adjust certain filings for common filing errors on a reasonable effort basis.
Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
6/30/2014RHODES WILLIAM C IIIChairman, President & CEO131$536.240.30%
6/30/2014GRIFFIN RONALD BSr. Vice President & CIO13$536.2422.81%
6/30/2014Graves William WSenior Vice President12$536.240.20%
6/30/2014GILES WILLIAM TExecutive V.P. & CFO78$536.241.23%
6/30/2014Finestone Mark A.Sr. Vice President13$536.240.43%
6/04/2014GILES WILLIAM TExecutive V.P. & CFO5,000$89.76183.42%
6/04/2014GILES WILLIAM TExecutive V.P. & CFO2,000$103.4425.89%
6/04/2014GILES WILLIAM TExecutive V.P. & CFO1,600$115.3816.45%
6/04/2014GILES WILLIAM TExecutive V.P. & CFO-5,000$537.15-44.15%
3/31/2014RHODES WILLIAM C IIIChairman, President & CEO111$537.100.26%
3/31/2014GRIFFIN RONALD BSr. Vice President & CIO11$537.1030.56%
3/31/2014Graves William WSenior Vice President10$537.100.17%
3/31/2014GILES WILLIAM TExecutive V.P. & CFO67$537.102.53%
3/31/2014Finestone Mark A.Sr. Vice President11$537.100.36%
3/07/2014Roesel Larry MSenior Vice President800$130.7931.76%
3/07/2014Roesel Larry MSenior Vice President400$142.7712.05%
3/07/2014Roesel Larry MSenior Vice President250$326.006.72%
3/07/2014RHODES WILLIAM C IIIChairman, President & CEO9,555$82.0022.06%
3/07/2014RHODES WILLIAM C IIIChairman, President & CEO-500$543.27-0.95%
3/07/2014RHODES WILLIAM C IIIChairman, President & CEO-9,055$542.26-17.29%
3/06/2014RHODES WILLIAM C IIIChairman, President & CEO14,872$82.0034.34%
3/06/2014RHODES WILLIAM C IIIChairman, President & CEO-527$545.00-0.91%
3/06/2014RHODES WILLIAM C IIIChairman, President & CEO-14,345$542.11-24.88%
1/22/2014Roesel Larry MSenior Vice President2,000$115.38385.36%
1/21/2014Nieto Luis P JrDirector1,000$138.2548.64%
1/21/2014Nieto Luis P JrDirector-379$503.59-12.40%
1/21/2014Nieto Luis P JrDirector-621$502.97-23.20%
1/09/2014Roesel Larry MSenior Vice President2,900$142.7774.47%
1/09/2014Roesel Larry MSenior Vice President-400$489.26-5.89%
1/09/2014Roesel Larry MSenior Vice President-748$491.14-11.70%
1/09/2014Roesel Larry MSenior Vice President-5,127$490.42-90.81%
1/09/2014Roesel Larry MSenior Vice President3,375$225.74650.29%
1/08/2014PLEAS CHARLES IIISr. VP & Controller400$142.7711.66%
1/08/2014PLEAS CHARLES IIISr. VP & Controller250$326.006.53%
1/08/2014PLEAS CHARLES IIISr. VP & Controller800$130.7930.42%
1/01/2014GOODSPEED LINDADirector262$477.9459.68%
1/01/2014GOVE SUEDirector439$477.9423.15%
1/01/2014GRAVES EARL G JRDirector471$477.9423.92%
1/01/2014HYDE JOSEPH R IIIDirector418$477.940.24%
1/01/2014JORDAN D BRYANDirector429$477.94107.52%
12/31/2013RHODES WILLIAM C IIIChairman, President & CEO670$477.941.58%
12/31/2013GRIFFIN RONALD BSr. Vice President & CIO14$477.94127.27%
12/31/2013GOLDSMITH HARRY LExec. VP, Sec. & Gen Cnsl355$477.941.54%
12/31/2013GILES WILLIAM TExecutive V.P. & CFO163$477.946.70%
12/31/2013Finestone Mark A.Sr. Vice President74$477.942.53%
12/31/2013Graves William WSenior Vice President118$477.942.06%
12/11/2013HYDE JOSEPH R IIIDirector3,000$85.101.40%
11/25/2013RHODES WILLIAM C IIIChairman, President & CEO25,000$465.70136.37%
11/08/2013PLEAS CHARLES IIISr. VP & Controller2,000$115.38318.47%
11/01/2013Roesel Larry MSenior Vice President6,750$225.741,328.74%
11/01/2013Roesel Larry MSenior Vice President-2,675$434.12-36.86%
11/01/2013Roesel Larry MSenior Vice President-4,075$432.92-88.92%
10/29/2013GOLDSMITH HARRY LExec. VP, Sec. & Gen Cnsl175$225.740.77%
10/29/2013GOLDSMITH HARRY LExec. VP, Sec. & Gen Cnsl125$142.770.55%
10/29/2013GOLDSMITH HARRY LExec. VP, Sec. & Gen Cnsl100$326.000.44%
10/17/2013JORDAN D BRYANDirector240$423.87150.94%
10/15/2013BROOKS DOUGLAS HDirector355$422.54223.27%
10/03/2013GOLDSMITH HARRY LExec. VP, Sec. & Gen Cnsl3,500$142.7715.44%
10/03/2013GOLDSMITH HARRY LExec. VP, Sec. & Gen Cnsl3,125$225.7411.94%
10/03/2013GOLDSMITH HARRY LExec. VP, Sec. & Gen Cnsl-1,021$420.01-3.49%
10/03/2013GOLDSMITH HARRY LExec. VP, Sec. & Gen Cnsl-5,604$421.28-19.82%
10/03/2013GRAVES EARL G JRDirector1,000$119.1550.76%
10/03/2013GRAVES EARL G JRDirector-1,000$420.81-33.67%
10/01/2013Guimaraes EndersonDirector118$425.1123.79%
10/01/2013MCKENNA WILLIAM ANDREWDirector129$425.113.64%
10/01/2013MRKONIC GEORGE R JRDirector121$425.117.23%
10/01/2013GRAVES EARL G JRDirector132$425.117.18%
10/01/2013GOVE SUEDirector123$425.116.94%
9/30/2013GILES WILLIAM TExecutive V.P. & CFO57$422.732.41%
9/30/2013GOLDSMITH HARRY LExec. VP, Sec. & Gen Cnsl71$422.730.31%
9/30/2013Finestone Mark A.Sr. Vice President22$422.730.76%
9/30/2013Graves William WSenior Vice President13$422.730.23%
9/30/2013RHODES WILLIAM C IIIChairman, President & CEO142$422.730.78%
8/13/2013MRKONIC GEORGE R JRDirector-557$431.62-24.97%
7/12/2013Finestone Mark A.Sr. Vice President2,000$130.7933.97%
7/12/2013Finestone Mark A.Sr. Vice President5,000$130.79563.70%
7/12/2013Finestone Mark A.Sr. Vice President-5,000$438.94-63.40%
7/01/2013MRKONIC GEORGE R JRDirector121$425.275.73%
7/01/2013Nieto Luis P JrDirector121$425.277.79%
7/01/2013MCKENNA WILLIAM ANDREWDirector129$425.273.65%
7/01/2013Guimaraes EndersonDirector118$425.2731.22%
7/01/2013HYDE JOSEPH R IIIDirector118$425.270.06%
7/01/2013GRAVES EARL G JRDirector132$425.277.74%
7/01/2013GOODSPEED LINDADirector118$425.2757.84%
7/01/2013GOVE SUEDirector123$425.277.45%
6/30/2013GILES WILLIAM TExecutive V.P. & CFO56$423.692.44%
6/30/2013RHODES WILLIAM C IIIChairman, President & CEO141$423.690.77%
6/30/2013Graves William WSenior Vice President12$423.690.21%
6/30/2013Finestone Mark A.Sr. Vice President21$423.692.44%
6/27/2013Graves William WSenior Vice President-5,436$417.49-48.63%
6/27/2013Graves William WSenior Vice President-2,802$419.21-20.04%
6/27/2013Graves William WSenior Vice President800$115.385.46%
6/27/2013Graves William WSenior Vice President-1,462$419.73-9.47%
6/27/2013Graves William WSenior Vice President9,700$115.38196.24%
6/27/2013GOLDSMITH HARRY LExec. VP, Sec. & Gen Cnsl100$326.000.44%
6/27/2013GOLDSMITH HARRY LExec. VP, Sec. & Gen Cnsl350$225.741.58%
6/27/2013GOLDSMITH HARRY LExec. VP, Sec. & Gen Cnsl375$142.771.72%
6/14/2013GOLDSMITH HARRY LExec. VP, Sec. & Gen Cnsl-17,014$421.13-43.88%
6/14/2013GOLDSMITH HARRY LExec. VP, Sec. & Gen Cnsl-1,136$422.02-2.85%
6/14/2013GOLDSMITH HARRY LExec. VP, Sec. & Gen Cnsl1,400$130.793.64%
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