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Nov. 27, 2015 | 01:06 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
10/27/2015Roesel Larry MSenior Vice President125$326.005.82%
10/27/2015Womack Michael A.Sr. Vice President-3,311$767.38-33.11%
10/27/2015Womack Michael A.Sr. Vice President-1,271$768.29-9.19%
10/27/2015Womack Michael A.Sr. Vice President7,050$371.4720,142.86%
10/27/2015Womack Michael A.Sr. Vice President-6,653$766.34-99.48%
10/27/2015Womack Michael A.Sr. Vice President6,750$367.1795.27%
10/27/2015Womack Michael A.Sr. Vice President-2,565$764.69-20.42%
10/15/2015GRAVES EARL G JRDirector1,000$138.2535.66%
10/15/2015GRAVES EARL G JRDirector-1,000$732.52-26.29%
9/30/2015GILES WILLIAM TExecutive V.P. & CFO49$723.830.61%
9/30/2015GRIFFIN RONALD BSr. Vice President & CIO8$723.835.03%
9/30/2015Finestone Mark A.Sr. Vice President25$723.830.81%
9/30/2015Graves William WSenior Vice President7$723.830.12%
9/30/2015RHODES WILLIAM C IIIChairman, President & CEO83$723.830.31%
9/24/2015RHODES WILLIAM C IIIChairman, President & CEO-2,500$747.55-3.92%
9/24/2015RHODES WILLIAM C IIIChairman, President & CEO-13,706$743.43-34.07%
9/24/2015RHODES WILLIAM C IIIChairman, President & CEO38,600$115.38145.52%
9/24/2015RHODES WILLIAM C IIIChairman, President & CEO-1,300$746.30-2.00%
9/24/2015RHODES WILLIAM C IIIChairman, President & CEO-12,361$744.49-23.50%
9/24/2015RHODES WILLIAM C IIIChairman, President & CEO-8,733$745.38-14.24%
9/23/2015GILES WILLIAM TExecutive V.P. & CFO-10,187$734.21-55.91%
9/23/2015GILES WILLIAM TExecutive V.P. & CFO-2,416$736.16-8.29%
9/23/2015GILES WILLIAM TExecutive V.P. & CFO-8,497$735.36-31.80%
9/23/2015GILES WILLIAM TExecutive V.P. & CFO21,400$115.38266.37%
9/23/2015GILES WILLIAM TExecutive V.P. & CFO-300$737.28-1.02%
7/13/2015MCKENNA WILLIAM ANDREWDirector-3,000$681.20-41.13%
7/13/2015MCKENNA WILLIAM ANDREWDirector3,000$92.2269.86%
7/10/2015GRAVES EARL G JRDirector-1,000$682.44-26.29%
7/10/2015GRAVES EARL G JRDirector1,000$138.2535.66%
7/07/2015Finestone Mark A.Sr. Vice President-4,500$678.14-59.22%
7/07/2015Finestone Mark A.Sr. Vice President4,500$142.77145.21%
6/30/2015GILES WILLIAM TExecutive V.P. & CFO63$666.900.79%
6/30/2015GRIFFIN RONALD BSr. Vice President & CIO11$666.907.86%
6/30/2015RHODES WILLIAM C IIIChairman, President & CEO105$666.900.40%
6/30/2015Finestone Mark A.Sr. Vice President31$666.901.01%
6/30/2015Graves William WSenior Vice President10$666.900.17%
3/31/2015Graves William WSenior Vice President8$682.160.13%
3/31/2015Finestone Mark A.Sr. Vice President25$682.160.80%
3/31/2015RHODES WILLIAM C IIIChairman, President & CEO88$682.160.33%
3/31/2015GILES WILLIAM TExecutive V.P. & CFO53$682.160.67%
3/31/2015GRIFFIN RONALD BSr. Vice President & CIO9$682.167.38%
3/30/2015Nieto Luis P JrDirector-1,000$689.30-30.69%
3/30/2015Nieto Luis P JrDirector1,000$159.1844.29%
3/27/2015Newbern Thomas BSr. Vice President2,000$115.3810.98%
3/27/2015Newbern Thomas BSr. Vice President400$142.771.90%
3/27/2015Newbern Thomas BSr. Vice President375$326.001.75%
3/27/2015Newbern Thomas BSr. Vice President-17,150$680.00-78.71%
3/27/2015Newbern Thomas BSr. Vice President13,500$225.741,268.80%
3/27/2015Newbern Thomas BSr. Vice President800$130.793.96%
3/27/2015Newbern Thomas BSr. Vice President3,650$142.7725.06%
3/23/2015Roesel Larry MSenior Vice President-2,000$671.29-48.44%
3/11/2015Graves William WSenior Vice President-2,252$648.30-10.01%
3/11/2015Graves William WSenior Vice President-14,200$647.04-70.18%
3/11/2015Graves William WSenior Vice President-548$648.86-2.38%
3/11/2015Graves William WSenior Vice President17,000$130.79281.69%
3/06/2015GRAVES EARL G JRDirector-1,000$645.65-26.29%
3/06/2015Nieto Luis P JrDirector-1,000$645.48-30.69%
3/06/2015Nieto Luis P JrDirector1,000$159.1844.29%
3/06/2015GRAVES EARL G JRDirector1,000$119.1535.66%
3/04/2015PLEAS CHARLES IIISr. VP & Controller4,750$115.38115.46%
3/04/2015PLEAS CHARLES IIISr. VP & Controller-4,750$651.45-53.59%
3/04/2015PLEAS CHARLES IIISr. VP & Controller4,700$115.38114.24%
3/04/2015PLEAS CHARLES IIISr. VP & Controller-4,700$651.45-53.32%
12/31/2014Graves William WSenior Vice President131$619.112.23%
12/31/2014Finestone Mark A.Sr. Vice President59$619.111.94%
12/31/2014RHODES WILLIAM C IIIChairman, President & CEO516$619.111.60%
12/31/2014GILES WILLIAM TExecutive V.P. & CFO68$619.110.87%
12/31/2014GRIFFIN RONALD BSr. Vice President & CIO11$619.1110.58%
12/11/2014GILES WILLIAM TExecutive V.P. & CFO14,711$103.44188.84%
12/11/2014RHODES WILLIAM C IIIChairman, President & CEO-22,396$602.38-33.85%
12/11/2014GILES WILLIAM TExecutive V.P. & CFO-3,221$604.79-14.31%
12/11/2014GILES WILLIAM TExecutive V.P. & CFO-11,490$603.65-59.60%
12/11/2014RHODES WILLIAM C IIIChairman, President & CEO-3,817$605.29-4.55%
12/11/2014RHODES WILLIAM C IIIChairman, President & CEO-9,312$603.42-12.34%
12/11/2014RHODES WILLIAM C IIIChairman, President & CEO40,200$103.4491.86%
12/11/2014RHODES WILLIAM C IIIChairman, President & CEO-4,675$604.71-5.83%
12/10/2014GILES WILLIAM TExecutive V.P. & CFO900$225.746.08%
12/10/2014GILES WILLIAM TExecutive V.P. & CFO375$326.002.39%
12/10/2014RHODES WILLIAM C IIIChairman, President & CEO-1,100$605.13-2.38%
12/10/2014RHODES WILLIAM C IIIChairman, President & CEO-75$609.48-0.16%
12/10/2014GILES WILLIAM TExecutive V.P. & CFO-8,289$604.50-51.55%
12/10/2014RHODES WILLIAM C IIIChairman, President & CEO-800$606.43-1.70%
12/10/2014GILES WILLIAM TExecutive V.P. & CFO8,289$103.44127.23%
12/10/2014RHODES WILLIAM C IIIChairman, President & CEO-1,325$608.65-2.94%
12/10/2014RHODES WILLIAM C IIIChairman, President & CEO3,300$103.447.54%
11/07/2014MCKENNA WILLIAM ANDREWDirector-419$562.27-6.04%
11/07/2014MCKENNA WILLIAM ANDREWDirector-1,046$560.48-16.05%
11/07/2014MCKENNA WILLIAM ANDREWDirector3,000$90.4676.18%
11/07/2014MCKENNA WILLIAM ANDREWDirector-1,535$561.58-28.05%
11/04/2014HYDE JOSEPH R IIIDirector3,000$90.461.71%
10/23/2014Roesel Larry MSenior Vice President125$326.003.13%
10/21/2014PLEAS CHARLES IIISr. VP & Controller-5,000$529.52-55.04%
10/21/2014PLEAS CHARLES IIISr. VP & Controller5,000$115.38122.43%
9/30/2014Graves William WSenior Vice President10$509.660.17%
9/30/2014RHODES WILLIAM C IIIChairman, President & CEO118$509.660.27%
9/30/2014GILES WILLIAM TExecutive V.P. & CFO71$509.661.10%
9/30/2014GRIFFIN RONALD BSr. Vice President & CIO12$509.6615.00%
9/30/2014Finestone Mark A.Sr. Vice President12$509.660.40%
6/30/2014RHODES WILLIAM C IIIChairman, President & CEO131$536.240.30%
6/30/2014GILES WILLIAM TExecutive V.P. & CFO78$536.241.23%
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