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Sep. 30, 2014 | 01:16 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
5/08/2014Hill Shephard WSVP, President, Boeing Int'l10,800$74.459.18%
5/08/2014Hill Shephard WSVP, President, Boeing Int'l11,242$75.9710.57%
5/08/2014Hill Shephard WSVP, President, Boeing Int'l19,175$75.4021.98%
5/08/2014Hill Shephard WSVP, President, Boeing Int'l24,603$71.4439.29%
5/08/2014Hill Shephard WSVP, President, Boeing Int'l-65,820$130.77-51.24%
5/05/2014Downey Thomas JSVP, Communications-2,912$131.25-4.63%
5/02/2014Chadwick Christopher MEVP, Pres. & CEO, BDS-2,488$130.10-6.92%
5/02/2014DUBERSTEIN KENNETH MDirector2,400$43.1238.96%
5/02/2014DUBERSTEIN KENNETH MDirector-2,400$130.00-28.04%
5/01/2014Chadwick Christopher MEVP, Pres. & CEO, BDS-10,100$128.71-21.92%
5/01/2014Chadwick Christopher MEVP, Pres. & CEO, BDS10,100$83.9328.08%
4/30/2014Denson-Low Wanda KSVP7,505$75.9764.63%
4/30/2014Denson-Low Wanda KSVP6,494$75.4033.97%
4/30/2014Tracy John JSVP, EO&T & CTO-3,478$129.02-5.76%
4/30/2014Denson-Low Wanda KSVP5,931$71.4423.16%
4/30/2014Denson-Low Wanda KSVP-19,930$129.10-63.19%
4/29/2014Conner Raymond L.Vice Chair, Pres. & CEO, BCA-8,626$127.89-6.47%
4/29/2014Tracy John JSVP, EO&T & CTO10,576$75.9717.52%
4/29/2014Tracy John JSVP, EO&T & CTO8,687$75.4012.24%
4/29/2014Tracy John JSVP, EO&T & CTO-25,977$127.55-30.08%
4/29/2014Denson-Low Wanda KSVP-13,643$127.59-54.02%
4/29/2014Tracy John JSVP, EO&T & CTO6,714$71.448.43%
3/07/2014Muilenburg Dennis AVice Chair, President & COO-30$129.12-0.02%
3/07/2014Parasida Anthony MSVP, Human Resources/Admin-9$129.12-0.02%
3/07/2014Sands Diana LVP Fin. & Corporate Controller-13$129.12-0.11%
3/07/2014Smith Gregory DEVP and CFO-7$129.12-0.01%
3/07/2014Tracy John JSVP, EO&T & CTO-15$129.12-0.02%
3/07/2014MCNERNEY W JAMES JRChairman & CEO-136$129.12-0.03%
3/07/2014LUTTIG J MICHAELEVP & General Counsel-32$129.12-0.03%
3/07/2014KEATING TIMOTHY JOHNSVP, Government Operations-16$129.12-0.02%
3/07/2014Hill Shephard WSVP, President, Boeing Int'l-18$129.12-0.03%
3/07/2014Downey Thomas JSVP, Communications-71$129.12-0.11%
3/07/2014Chadwick Christopher MEVP, Pres. & CEO, BDS-11$129.12-0.03%
3/07/2014Conner Raymond L.Vice Chair, Pres. & CEO, BCA-35$129.12-0.03%
3/07/2014Denson-Low Wanda KSVP, Internal Governance-78$129.12-0.31%
2/24/2014MCNERNEY W JAMES JRChairman & CEO-23,004$129.58-4.71%
2/24/2014Tracy John JSVP, EO&T & CTO-1,974$129.58-3.18%
2/24/2014Smith Gregory DEVP and CFO-812$129.58-0.96%
2/24/2014Sands Diana LVP Fin. & Corporate Controller-1,442$129.58-10.77%
2/24/2014Parasida Anthony MSVP, Human Resources/Admin-1,036$129.58-2.37%
2/24/2014Muilenburg Dennis AVice Chair, President & COO-4,115$129.58-3.15%
2/24/2014LUTTIG J MICHAELEVP & General Counsel-4,473$129.58-3.98%
2/24/2014Chadwick Christopher MEVP, Pres. & CEO, BDS-1,238$129.58-3.34%
2/24/2014KEATING TIMOTHY JOHNSVP, Government Operations-1,930$129.58-2.20%
2/24/2014Hill Shephard WSVP, President, Boeing Int'l-2,177$129.58-3.38%
2/24/2014Downey Thomas JSVP, Communications-11,168$129.58-15.09%
2/24/2014Denson-Low Wanda KSVP, Internal Governance-12,489$129.58-33.20%
2/24/2014Conner Raymond L.Vice Chair, Pres. & CEO, BCA-5,754$129.58-4.15%
2/18/2014Conner Raymond L.Vice Chair, Pres. & CEO, BCA-15,828$130.28-16.38%
2/18/2014Conner Raymond L.Vice Chair, Pres. & CEO, BCA7,128$74.457.97%
2/18/2014Conner Raymond L.Vice Chair, Pres. & CEO, BCA8,700$89.6510.77%
2/18/2014MCNERNEY W JAMES JRChairman & CEO2,400$43.120.52%
2/18/2014Hill Shephard WSVP, President, Boeing Int'l-14,129$130.55-18.81%
2/05/2014Smith Gregory DEVP and CFO3,911$35.579.89%
2/05/2014Smith Gregory DEVP and CFO-3,911$120.72-9.00%
2/04/2014Tracy John JSVP, EO&T & CTO15,000$89.6525.57%
2/04/2014Tracy John JSVP, EO&T & CTO-15,000$122.07-20.37%
8/13/2013Conner Raymond L.EVP, Pres. & CEO, BCA-15,287$105.41-16.02%
8/13/2013Conner Raymond L.EVP, Pres. & CEO, BCA15,287$63.8319.08%
8/08/2013MCNERNEY W JAMES JRChairman, President & CEO282,037$35.5760.85%
8/08/2013MCNERNEY W JAMES JRChairman, President & CEO-282,037$106.21-37.83%
8/08/2013Muilenburg Dennis AEVP, Pres. & CEO, BDS17,197$63.8314.31%
8/08/2013Muilenburg Dennis AEVP, Pres. & CEO, BDS4,898$35.573.57%
8/08/2013Muilenburg Dennis AEVP, Pres. & CEO, BDS-22,095$106.42-15.53%
8/05/2013Parasida Anthony MSVP, Human Resources/Admin10,800$74.4568.24%
8/05/2013Parasida Anthony MSVP, Human Resources/Admin10,100$83.9337.93%
8/05/2013Parasida Anthony MSVP, Human Resources/Admin8,700$89.6523.69%
8/05/2013Parasida Anthony MSVP, Human Resources/Admin-29,600$107.36-65.16%
8/02/2013Tracy John JSVP, EO&T & CTO-75,756$107.27-56.56%
8/02/2013Denson-Low Wanda KSVP, Internal Governance4,187$89.6511.96%
8/02/2013Tracy John JSVP, EO&T & CTO8,950$75.407.16%
8/02/2013Tracy John JSVP, EO&T & CTO22,377$63.8338.46%
8/02/2013Tracy John JSVP, EO&T & CTO20,000$83.9324.83%
8/02/2013Tracy John JSVP, EO&T & CTO13,629$71.4413.55%
8/02/2013Tracy John JSVP, EO&T & CTO10,800$74.459.46%
8/02/2013Denson-Low Wanda KSVP, Internal Governance-4,187$106.90-10.68%
8/02/2013Hill Shephard WSVP, President, Boeing Int'l27,325$63.8336.61%
8/02/2013Hill Shephard WSVP, President, Boeing Int'l-27,325$107.09-26.80%
8/01/2013Denson-Low Wanda KSVP, Internal Governance20,000$83.9357.11%
8/01/2013Denson-Low Wanda KSVP, Internal Governance4,513$89.658.20%
8/01/2013Denson-Low Wanda KSVP, Internal Governance-24,513$106.90-41.18%
5/07/2013Downey Thomas JSVP, Communications-3,188$94.75-6.47%
5/06/2013Parasida Anthony MSenior Vice President11,084$35.5770.26%
5/06/2013Parasida Anthony MSenior Vice President-11,084$94.36-41.27%
5/02/2013Tracy John JSVP, EO&T & CTO-16,459$91.23-22.13%
5/01/2013Conner Raymond L.EVP, Pres. & CEO, BCA-2,965$91.05-3.58%
5/01/2013KELLNER LAWRENCE WDirector1,500$91.59150.00%
4/30/2013Denson-Low Wanda KSVP, Internal Governance-49,083$91.17-58.48%
4/30/2013KEATING TIMOTHY JOHNSVP, Government Operations-15,000$91.13-15.13%
4/30/2013Denson-Low Wanda KSVP, Internal Governance19,957$63.8352.35%
4/30/2013Denson-Low Wanda KSVP, Internal Governance6,691$75.408.66%
4/30/2013Denson-Low Wanda KSVP, Internal Governance7,128$74.4510.17%
4/30/2013Denson-Low Wanda KSVP, Internal Governance12,038$71.4420.73%
4/30/2013Hill Shephard WSVP, President, Boeing Int'l-23,521$91.21-24.03%
3/08/2013Tracy John JSVP, EO&T & CTO-78$81.21-0.10%
3/08/2013Downey Thomas JSVP, Communications-16$81.21-0.03%
3/08/2013Conner Raymond L.EVP, Pres. & CEO, BCA-11$81.21-0.01%
3/08/2013KEATING TIMOTHY JOHNSVP, Government Operations-19$81.21-0.02%
3/08/2013LUTTIG J MICHAELEVP & General Counsel-35$81.21-0.03%
3/08/2013Denson-Low Wanda KSVP, Internal Governance-16$81.21-0.04%
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