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Jul. 31, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

Latest insider trade data based on US Insider Regulatory Filings which are subject to input errors by filers. Insiderslab.com may adjust certain filings for common filing errors on a reasonable effort basis.
Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
7/02/2015BENNETT DOUGLAS MExecutive VP, Banner Bank-374$47.71-3.29%
7/02/2015Wuesthoff Anne LouiseExecutive VP, Banner Bank-196$47.71-2.98%
7/02/2015Quillin M KirkSenior VP, Banner Bank-374$47.71-2.94%
7/02/2015Reed James T JrSenior VP, Banner Bank-304$47.71-2.60%
7/02/2015WAGERS GARY WExecutive VP, Banner Bank-374$47.71-2.02%
7/02/2015BARTON RICHARD BExecutive VP, Banner Bank-374$47.71-2.75%
7/02/2015Rust Steven WExecutive VP, Banner Bank-243$47.71-2.68%
6/08/2015BUDKE GORDON EDirector-300$46.94-8.50%
6/03/2015PURCELL CYNTHIA DExecutive Vice President-221$45.40-1.76%
6/03/2015BENNETT DOUGLAS MExecutive VP, Banner Bank-179$45.40-1.55%
6/03/2015BARTON RICHARD BExecutive VP, Banner Bank-197$45.40-1.43%
6/03/2015Reed James T JrSenior VP, Banner Bank-125$45.40-1.06%
6/03/2015Rust Steven WExecutive VP, Banner Bank-170$45.40-1.84%
6/03/2015Quillin M KirkSenior VP, Banner Bank-155$45.40-1.21%
6/03/2015GRESCOVICH MARK JPresident & CEO-662$45.40-0.69%
6/03/2015Wuesthoff Anne LouiseExecutive VP, Banner Bank-96$45.40-1.44%
6/03/2015WAGERS GARY WExecutive VP, Banner Bank-122$45.40-0.66%
5/18/2015SMITH MICHAEL MARIONDirector120$45.660.49%
5/18/2015ADAMS ROBERT DDirector81$45.660.38%
5/18/2015SIRMON GARYDirector7$45.660.02%
5/18/2015Layman John RDirector50$45.660.25%
5/18/2015ORRICO BRENT ADirector139$45.660.17%
5/18/2015BAKER LLOYD WExecutive Vice President2$45.660.01%
5/18/2015JONES D MICHAELDirector2$45.660.01%
5/18/2015Rust Steven WExecutive VP, Banner Bank2$45.660.02%
5/18/2015Kravas Constance HDirector253$45.661.93%
5/18/2015FOSTER JESSE GDirector8$45.660.07%
5/18/2015Klaue David ADirector279$45.660.33%
5/18/2015WAGERS GARY WExecutive VP, Banner Bank4$45.660.02%
5/04/2015Wuesthoff Anne LouiseExecutive VP, Banner Bank-171$44.64-2.50%
5/04/2015BENNETT DOUGLAS MExecutive VP, Banner Bank-43$44.85-0.37%
5/04/2015BENNETT DOUGLAS MExecutive VP, Banner Bank-200$44.86-1.69%
4/24/2015GRESCOVICH MARK JPresident & CEO-1,471$46.12-1.51%
3/30/2015GRESCOVICH MARK JPresident & CEO-524$45.22-0.53%
3/30/2015BAKER LLOYD WExecutive VP-67$45.22-0.28%
3/30/2015Rust Steven WExc. VP Banner Bank-133$45.22-1.42%
3/30/2015WAGERS GARY WExc. VP Banner Bank-96$45.22-0.51%
3/30/2015Reed James T JrSr. VP Banner Bank-125$45.22-1.05%
3/30/2015Quillin M KirkSr. VP Banner Bank-122$45.22-0.94%
3/30/2015BARTON RICHARD BExec. VP, Banner Bank-152$45.22-1.09%
3/30/2015Wuesthoff Anne LouiseEx. VP, Banner Bank-87$45.22-1.25%
3/30/2015PURCELL CYNTHIA DExecutive Vice President-171$45.22-1.35%
3/30/2015BENNETT DOUGLAS MExe. VP, Banner Bank-139$45.22-1.16%
3/02/2015GRESCOVICH MARK JPresident & CEO-740$44.07-0.87%
2/17/2015WAGERS GARY WExecutive VP, Banner Bank6$44.630.04%
2/17/2015Klaue David ADirector283$44.630.34%
2/17/2015Kravas Constance HDirector264$44.632.16%
2/17/2015SIRMON GARYDirector12$44.630.03%
2/17/2015BAKER LLOYD WExecutive Vice President4$44.630.02%
2/17/2015ORRICO BRENT ADirector102$44.630.13%
2/17/2015FOSTER JESSE GDirector19$44.630.18%
2/17/2015Layman John RDirector62$44.630.33%
2/17/2015SMITH MICHAEL MARIONDirector108$44.630.45%
2/17/2015ADAMS ROBERT DDirector131$44.630.65%
2/17/2015Rust Steven WExecutive VP, Banner Bank3$44.630.04%
2/17/2015JONES D MICHAELDirector4$44.630.02%
2/05/2015Rust Steven WExecutive VP, Banner Bank-435$42.63-5.79%
1/23/2015FOSTER JESSE GDirector-42$40.79-0.39%
12/15/2014Kravas Constance HDirector-215$41.60-1.73%
11/14/2014ORRICO BRENT ADirector4$43.330.01%
11/14/2014Kravas Constance HDirector194$43.331.59%
11/14/2014Layman John RDirector36$43.330.19%
11/14/2014ADAMS ROBERT DDirector42$43.330.21%
11/14/2014FOSTER JESSE GDirector1$43.330.01%
11/14/2014Klaue David ADirector214$43.330.26%
11/14/2014SMITH MICHAEL MARIONDirector45$43.330.19%
8/22/2014GRESCOVICH MARK JPresident and CEO-1,318$40.08-1.53%
8/15/2014Klaue David ADirector283$39.980.34%
8/15/2014ORRICO BRENT ADirector41$38.980.05%
8/15/2014Layman John RDirector55$38.980.29%
8/15/2014ADAMS ROBERT DDirector124$38.980.62%
8/15/2014Kravas Constance HDirector297$38.982.49%
8/15/2014SMITH MICHAEL MARIONDirector90$38.980.38%
8/15/2014JONES D MICHAELDirector3$38.980.01%
8/15/2014SIRMON GARYDirector14$38.980.04%
8/15/2014Rust Steven WExecutive VP, Banner Bank2$38.980.03%
8/15/2014WAGERS GARY WExecutive VP, Banner Bank4$38.980.02%
8/15/2014FOSTER JESSE GDirector11$38.980.10%
8/15/2014BAKER LLOYD WExecutive Vice President2$38.980.01%
8/04/2014Wuesthoff Anne LouiseExecutive VP, Banner Bank-418$39.40-8.12%
7/31/2014BENNETT DOUGLAS MExecutive VP, Banner Bank-186$40.20-1.97%
7/31/2014BENNETT DOUGLAS MExecutive VP, Banner Bank-440$40.25-4.45%
7/30/2014SIRMON GARYDirector-181$40.42-0.48%
7/28/2014BENNETT DOUGLAS MExecutive VP, Banner Bank-307$40.01-3.01%
7/02/2014BENNETT DOUGLAS MExecutive VP, Banner Bank-374$39.69-3.54%
7/02/2014Rust Steven WExecutive VP, Banner Bank-276$39.69-3.54%
7/02/2014WAGERS GARY WExecutive VP, Banner Bank-295$39.69-1.77%
7/02/2014Quillin M KirkSenior VP, Banner Bank-372$39.69-3.38%
7/02/2014Reed James T JrSenior VP, Banner Bank-372$39.69-3.73%
7/02/2014Wuesthoff Anne LouiseExecutive VP, Banner Bank-249$39.69-4.61%
7/02/2014BARTON RICHARD BExecutive VP, Banner Bank-424$39.69-3.70%
6/13/2014Wuesthoff Anne LouiseExecutive VP, Banner Bank-207$40.12-3.69%
6/03/2014WAGERS GARY WExecutive VP, Banner Bank-151$38.79-0.90%
6/03/2014Reed James T JrSenior VP, Banner Bank-125$38.79-1.24%
6/03/2014Quillin M KirkSenior VP, Banner Bank-155$38.79-1.39%
6/03/2014GRESCOVICH MARK JPresident & CEO-662$38.79-0.76%
6/03/2014PURCELL CYNTHIA DExecutive Vice President-180$38.79-1.81%
6/03/2014BARTON RICHARD BExecutive VP, Banner Bank-155$38.79-1.34%
6/03/2014BENNETT DOUGLAS MExecutive VP, Banner Bank-176$38.79-1.64%
6/03/2014Rust Steven WExecutive VP, Banner Bank-170$38.79-2.14%
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