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Oct. 2, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

Latest insider trade data based on US Insider Regulatory Filings which are subject to input errors by filers. Insiderslab.com may adjust certain filings for common filing errors on a reasonable effort basis.
Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
9/15/2015COWEN SCOTT SDirector5,000$13.0838.77%
9/11/2015RIGGIO LEONARDChairman of the Board350,000$12.524.25%
9/10/2015RIGGIO LEONARDChairman of the Board650,000$12.638.56%
8/09/2015HUSEBY MICHAELChief Executive Officer-300,000$26.74-58.84%
7/09/2015Carey JaimeChief Operating Officer10,443$15.788.41%
7/09/2015Carey JaimeChief Operating Officer-10,443$26.85-7.76%
7/09/2015Carey JaimeChief Operating Officer14,557$15.7811.73%
7/09/2015Carey JaimeChief Operating Officer-14,557$26.81-10.50%
7/08/2015COWEN SCOTT SDirector3,000$25.7730.32%
7/02/2015Malhotra KanujCFO, NOOK Media-1,031$25.99-2.00%
5/23/2015BOTTINI MARKV.P. and Director of Stores-1,849$23.08-2.86%
5/23/2015KEATING MARY ELLENSr. VP Corp. Com. & Pub. Aff.-3,436$23.08-7.55%
5/23/2015Roberts Max J.CEO, B&N College Bksllrs-5,575$23.08-2.54%
5/23/2015Lindstrom Allen WChief Financial Officer-5,235$23.08-4.43%
5/23/2015Carey JaimeVP & Chief Merchandising Off.-5,146$23.08-3.98%
5/23/2015DEASON DAVID SVP B&N Development-2,280$23.08-4.16%
5/23/2015Troia ChristopherVP & Chief Information Officer-1,031$23.08-2.11%
5/23/2015SMITH MICHELLE LVP Human Resources-925$23.08-2.43%
4/15/2015Troia ChristopherVP & Chief Information Officer-27,271$23.51-35.77%
4/15/2015Troia ChristopherVP & Chief Information Officer15,000$15.7824.50%
3/18/2015DEASON DAVID SVP B&N Development-922$23.23-100.00%
3/16/2015KLIPPER MITCHELL SCEO, B&N Retail Group-21,186$23.34-100.00%
3/16/2015KLIPPER MITCHELL SCEO, B&N Retail Group-16,137$23.51-43.24%
3/16/2015KLIPPER MITCHELL SCEO, B&N Retail Group-100$23.70-0.27%
3/16/2015KLIPPER MITCHELL SCEO, B&N Retail Group-5,037$23.81-11.86%
3/16/2015KLIPPER MITCHELL SCEO, B&N Retail Group-2,262$23.34-100.00%
3/13/2015KLIPPER MITCHELL SCEO, B&N Retail Group-14,116$23.78-24.95%
3/13/2015DEASON DAVID SVP B&N Development-4,300$23.75-6.14%
3/13/2015DEASON DAVID SVP B&N Development-2,000$23.62-3.04%
3/13/2015DEASON DAVID SVP B&N Development-8,891$23.52-13.96%
3/13/2015HUSEBY MICHAELChief Executive Officer-71,716$23.57-11.87%
3/12/2015KLIPPER MITCHELL SCEO, B&N Retail Group-20,700$23.70-26.79%
3/11/2015Malhotra KanujCFO, NOOK Media-12,263$22.83-19.24%
3/05/2015DEASON DAVID SVP B&N Development-1,197$24.92-1.68%
3/05/2015Troia ChristopherVP & Chief Information Officer-1,804$24.92-2.86%
3/05/2015SMITH MICHELLE LVP Human Resources-1,618$24.92-4.08%
3/05/2015Roberts Max J.CEO, B&N College Bksllrs-4,502$24.92-2.01%
3/05/2015Malhotra KanujCFO, NOOK Media-1,804$24.92-2.75%
3/05/2015Lindstrom Allen WChief Financial Officer-2,281$24.92-1.89%
3/05/2015KEATING MARY ELLENSr. VP Corp. Com. & Pub. Aff.-1,804$24.92-3.81%
3/05/2015HUSEBY MICHAELChief Executive Officer-3,092$24.92-0.51%
3/05/2015FEUER BRADLEY A.VP, Gen. Counsel & Corp. Secy-773$24.92-2.20%
3/05/2015Carey JaimeVP & Chief Merchandising Off.-2,061$24.92-1.57%
3/05/2015BOTTINI MARKV.P. and Director of Stores-1,618$24.92-2.44%
2/07/2015Troia ChristopherVP & Chief Information Officer-6,966$24.19-9.95%
2/07/2015SMITH MICHELLE LVP Human Resources-2,585$24.19-6.13%
2/07/2015Roberts Max J.CEO, B&N College Bksllrs-28,280$24.19-11.19%
2/07/2015KEATING MARY ELLENSr. VP Corp. Com. & Pub. Aff.-3,509$24.19-6.90%
2/07/2015Herpich Peter MVP, Corp.Contr.(Pr. Acc. Off.)-2,173$24.19-9.08%
2/07/2015FEUER BRADLEY A.VP, Gen. Counsel & Corp. Secy-3,541$24.19-9.16%
2/07/2015DEASON DAVID SVP B&N Development-4,653$24.19-6.14%
2/07/2015Carey JaimeVP & Chief Merchandising Off.-13,819$24.19-9.52%
2/07/2015BOTTINI MARKV.P. and Director of Stores-6,133$24.19-8.46%
2/07/2015Malhotra KanujCFO, NOOK Media-6,974$24.19-9.62%
2/06/2015Herpich Peter MVP, Corp.Contr.(Pr. Acc. Off.)-1,057$24.19-4.23%
1/20/2015KLIPPER MITCHELL SCEO, B&N Retail Group-15,456$22.48-16.67%
1/09/2015BOTTINI MARKV.P. and Director of Stores7,500$15.7810.34%
1/09/2015BOTTINI MARKV.P. and Director of Stores-7,500$24.59-9.38%
12/23/2014Lindstrom Allen WChief Financial Officer-13,870$23.08-10.32%
12/12/2014DEASON DAVID SVP B&N Development10,000$15.7812.68%
12/12/2014DEASON DAVID SVP B&N Development-13,027$22.79-14.66%
10/01/2014HUSEBY MICHAELChief Executive Officer-83,730$19.27-12.12%
9/01/2014FEUER BRADLEY A.VP, Gen. Counsel & Corp. Secy-1,031$23.86-2.60%
7/07/2014BOTTINI MARKV.P. and Director of Stores-1,575$22.81-2.15%
7/07/2014Malhotra KanujCFO, NOOK Media-1,575$23.06-2.13%
7/03/2014KEATING MARY ELLENSr. VP Corp. Com. & Pub. Aff.8,750$15.7816.42%
7/03/2014KEATING MARY ELLENSr. VP Corp. Com. & Pub. Aff.-11,199$22.88-18.05%
7/03/2014SMITH MICHELLE LVP Human Resources8,750$15.7820.73%
7/03/2014SMITH MICHELLE LVP Human Resources-8,750$23.06-17.17%
7/02/2014Troia ChristopherVP & Chief Information Officer-20,918$22.51-25.35%
7/02/2014Malhotra KanujCFO, NOOK Media-925$22.72-1.23%
7/01/2014KLIPPER MITCHELL SCEO, B&N Retail Group-11,219$22.23-9.53%
7/01/2014KLIPPER MITCHELL SCEO, B&N Retail Group-13,824$22.51-12.97%
6/30/2014KLIPPER MITCHELL SCEO, B&N Retail Group-11,633$22.83-6.44%
6/30/2014KLIPPER MITCHELL SCEO, B&N Retail Group-51,324$23.02-30.35%
6/30/2014FEUER BRADLEY A.VP, Gen. Counsel & Corp. Secy1,875$13.354.73%
6/30/2014FEUER BRADLEY A.VP, Gen. Counsel & Corp. Secy-1,875$23.06-4.51%
6/27/2014CAMPBELL GEORGE JRDirector-10,000$23.35-25.13%
5/23/2014Carey JaimeVP & Chief Merchandising Off.-1,849$16.84-1.26%
5/23/2014KEATING MARY ELLENSr. VP Corp. Com. & Pub. Aff.-1,718$16.84-3.12%
5/23/2014DEASON DAVID SVP B&N Development-1,140$16.84-1.42%
5/23/2014BOTTINI MARKV.P. and Director of Stores-925$16.84-1.25%
5/23/2014Lindstrom Allen WChief Financial Officer-1,848$16.84-1.36%
5/23/2014KLIPPER MITCHELL SCEO, B&N Retail Group-15,404$16.84-7.85%
5/23/2014Roberts Max J.CEO, B&N College Booksellers-2,018$16.84-0.79%
5/23/2014SMITH MICHELLE LVP Human Resources-451$16.84-1.06%
5/23/2014Troia ChristopherVP & Chief Information Officer-513$16.84-0.62%
4/04/2014Herpich Peter MVP, Corp.Contr.(Pr. Acc. Off.)-3,165$18.36-11.24%
4/01/2014Herpich Peter MVP, Corp.Contr.(Pr. Acc. Off.)-902$20.97-3.10%
3/13/2014HUSEBY MICHAELChief Executive Officer-64,087$21.40-8.49%
3/05/2014DEASON DAVID SVP B&N Development10,000$15.7812.50%
3/05/2014DEASON DAVID SVP B&N Development-3,143$20.20-3.49%
3/05/2014DEASON DAVID SVP B&N Development-6,857$20.40-7.89%
3/04/2014BOTTINI MARKV.P. and Director of Stores7,500$15.787.44%
3/04/2014BOTTINI MARKV.P. and Director of Stores-34,281$20.27-31.64%
3/03/2014SMITH MICHELLE LVP Human Resources-2,500$19.89-5.25%
3/03/2014SMITH MICHELLE LVP Human Resources-2,500$19.82-5.54%
2/06/2014Herpich Peter MPrincipal Accounting Officer-1,057$14.60-8.37%
1/10/2014Malhotra KanujCFO, NOOK Media-1,575$15.72-5.93%
12/10/2013RIGGIO LEONARDChairman of the Board-650,352$13.81-6.02%
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