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Mar. 3, 2015 | 11:31 AM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
2/17/2015LEUNG SANDRAGeneral Counsel & Secretary-11,746$60.39-4.26%
2/17/2015LEUNG SANDRAGeneral Counsel & Secretary15,000$25.455.75%
2/12/2015Moed Samuel JSVP, Strat Plan & Analysis-3,880$59.26-10.11%
2/06/2015Moed Samuel JSVP, Strat Plan & Analysis-21,478$60.15-35.89%
2/06/2015Moed Samuel JSVP, Strat Plan & Analysis27,938$22.1487.58%
1/30/2015CORNELIUS JAMES MDirector-50,000$60.60-29.50%
1/29/2015CAMPBELL LEWIS BDirector-2,300$60.89-92.00%
1/29/2015CAMPBELL LEWIS BDirector-200$60.90-100.00%
1/29/2015ANDREOTTI LAMBERTOChief Executive Officer112,500$25.4531.18%
1/29/2015Schmukler Louis SPres., Global Mfg. & Supply-5,250$60.73-27.02%
1/29/2015ANDREOTTI LAMBERTOChief Executive Officer-90,246$61.14-19.07%
1/03/2015Caforio GiovanniChief Operating Officer-2,855$59.51-5.92%
1/03/2015Elicker John ESVP Pub Affairs & Inv Relation-341$59.51-0.67%
12/31/2014CORNELIUS JAMES MDirector423$59.030.25%
12/05/2014ANDREOTTI LAMBERTOChief Executive Officer-300$60.84-0.08%
12/05/2014ANDREOTTI LAMBERTOChief Executive Officer-9,696$59.21-2.22%
12/05/2014ANDREOTTI LAMBERTOChief Executive Officer-65,004$60.47-15.26%
11/05/2014ANDREOTTI LAMBERTOChief Executive Officer-75,000$57.79-14.68%
11/02/2014Cuss Francis MEVP & CSO-3,457$58.19-1.41%
11/01/2014Bancroft Charles AEVP & Chief Financial Officer-1,397$58.19-1.40%
10/24/2014ANDREOTTI LAMBERTOChief Executive Officer-50,000$53.00-8.92%
10/15/2014CORNELIUS JAMES MDirector-100,000$48.92-37.17%
9/30/2014CORNELIUS JAMES MDirector488$51.180.18%
9/16/2014Cuss Francis MEVP & CSO38,667$25.4514.68%
9/16/2014Cuss Francis MEVP & CSO25,000$24.7410.48%
9/16/2014Cuss Francis MEVP & CSO-63,667$50.77-21.07%
9/15/2014Caforio GiovanniChief Operating Officer-26,691$49.87-39.57%
9/10/2014Caldarella Joseph CSVP & Controller-100$51.04-0.16%
9/10/2014Caldarella Joseph CSVP & Controller-3,115$51.03-4.52%
9/10/2014Caldarella Joseph CSVP & Controller-4,200$51.03-6.38%
9/08/2014ANDREOTTI LAMBERTOChief Executive Officer-50,000$51.05-7.57%
8/19/2014von Autenried PaulSVP, Enterp. Services & CIO-400$49.91-1.05%
8/19/2014von Autenried PaulSVP, Enterp. Services & CIO-100$49.90-0.24%
8/19/2014von Autenried PaulSVP, Enterp. Services & CIO-4,491$49.90-10.59%
8/19/2014von Autenried PaulSVP, Enterp. Services & CIO-15,009$49.89-26.09%
7/29/2014Bancroft Charles AEVP & Chief Financial Officer-67,621$51.06-41.19%
7/28/2014Moed Samuel JSVP, Strat Plan & Analysis19,650$27.0149.12%
7/28/2014Moed Samuel JSVP, Strat Plan & Analysis-25,752$49.32-43.17%
7/01/2014DANIELS BRIANSVP Global Dev & Med Affairs-2,103$48.12-2.18%
6/30/2014CORNELIUS JAMES MDirector515$48.510.19%
5/05/2014ANDREOTTI LAMBERTOChief Executive Officer-15,650$49.80-2.31%
5/03/2014Elicker John ESVP Pub Affairs & Inv Relation-680$49.80-1.35%
5/01/2014Moed Samuel JSVP, Strat Plan & Analysis-2,593$49.52-6.09%
4/01/2014JUDGE ANN POWELLSVP, Human Resources-473$51.87-12.81%
3/31/2014CORNELIUS JAMES MDirector481$51.950.18%
3/13/2014Caldarella Joseph CSVP & Controller-9,137$55.20-11.70%
3/10/2014Schmukler Louis SPres., Global Mfg. & Supply-8,799$55.81-49.82%
3/10/2014Bancroft Charles AEVP & Chief Financial Officer-4,196$56.14-2.49%
3/10/2014Cuss Francis MEVP & CSO-2,065$56.14-0.86%
3/10/2014ANDREOTTI LAMBERTOChief Executive Officer-100,000$55.52-13.68%
3/10/2014DANIELS BRIANSVP Global Dev & Med Affairs-1,655$56.14-1.77%
3/10/2014von Autenried PaulSVP, Enterp. Services & CIO-2,065$56.14-3.47%
3/10/2014Moed Samuel JSVP, Strat Plan & Analysis-885$56.14-2.30%
3/10/2014Schmukler Louis SPres., Global Mfg. & Supply-1,212$56.14-9.44%
3/10/2014Heller Frances KSVP, Business Development-958$56.14-18.67%
3/10/2014Elicker John ESVP Pub Affairs & Inv Relation-1,212$56.14-2.41%
3/10/2014JUDGE ANN POWELLSVP, Human Resources-924$56.14-30.17%
3/10/2014Caforio GiovanniEVP & Chief Commercial Officer-3,678$56.14-5.17%
3/10/2014Caldarella Joseph CSVP & Controller-1,506$56.14-1.89%
3/10/2014ANDREOTTI LAMBERTOChief Executive Officer-22,451$56.14-3.35%
3/10/2014LEUNG SANDRAGeneral Counsel & Secretary-3,678$56.14-1.39%
3/10/2014Nielsen AnneChief Compliance & Ethics Off-414$56.14-0.95%
3/06/2014von Autenried PaulSVP, Enterp. Services & CIO-2,081$55.56-3.61%
3/06/2014Schmukler Louis SPres., Global Mfg. & Supply-1,281$55.56-6.76%
3/06/2014Moed Samuel JSVP, Strat Plan & Analysis-774$55.56-2.06%
3/06/2014Nielsen AnneChief Compliance & Ethics Off-504$55.56-1.17%
3/06/2014ANDREOTTI LAMBERTOChief Executive Officer-27,454$55.56-3.62%
3/06/2014DANIELS BRIANSVP Global Dev & Med Affairs-2,276$55.56-2.47%
3/06/2014Elicker John ESVP Pub Affairs & Inv Relation-789$55.56-1.63%
3/06/2014Caldarella Joseph CSVP & Controller-1,815$55.56-2.31%
3/06/2014Bancroft Charles AEVP & Chief Financial Officer-5,536$55.56-3.36%
3/06/2014Cuss Francis MEVP & CSO-2,621$55.56-1.10%
3/06/2014Caforio GiovanniEVP & Chief Commercial Officer-2,516$55.56-3.78%
3/06/2014LEUNG SANDRAGeneral Counsel & Secretary-4,852$55.56-1.85%
3/05/2014CORNELIUS JAMES MDirector-100,000$55.82-26.78%
3/03/2014Nielsen AnneChief Compliance & Ethics Off-4,616$53.49-9.90%
3/03/2014LEUNG SANDRAGeneral Counsel & Secretary-7,628$53.49-3.58%
3/03/2014von Autenried PaulSVP, Enterp. Services & CIO-15,146$53.49-22.01%
3/03/2014Moed Samuel JSVP, Strat Plan & Analysis-875$53.49-3.05%
3/03/2014Nielsen AnneChief Compliance & Ethics Off-757$53.49-2.16%
3/03/2014Nielsen AnneChief Compliance & Ethics Off-854$53.49-2.35%
3/03/2014von Autenried PaulSVP, Enterp. Services & CIO-3,299$53.49-8.76%
3/03/2014Caforio GiovanniEVP & Chief Commercial Officer-1,550$53.49-2.88%
3/03/2014von Autenried PaulSVP, Enterp. Services & CIO-1,835$53.49-5.54%
3/03/2014ANDREOTTI LAMBERTOChief Executive Officer-5,786$53.49-1.13%
3/03/2014Bancroft Charles AEVP & Chief Financial Officer-5,095$53.49-5.75%
3/03/2014Bancroft Charles AEVP & Chief Financial Officer-47,547$53.49-23.79%
3/03/2014Caforio GiovanniEVP & Chief Commercial Officer-1,242$53.49-2.38%
3/03/2014Caldarella Joseph CSVP & Controller-14,409$53.49-16.03%
3/03/2014Caforio GiovanniEVP & Chief Commercial Officer-6,830$53.49-9.97%
3/03/2014DANIELS BRIANSVP Global Dev & Med Affairs-16,402$53.49-15.86%
3/03/2014Bancroft Charles AEVP & Chief Financial Officer-8,777$53.49-8.52%
3/03/2014Elicker John ESVP Pub Affairs & Inv Relation-4,474$53.49-8.76%
3/03/2014LEUNG SANDRAGeneral Counsel & Secretary-7,693$53.49-3.50%
3/03/2014Cuss Francis MEVP & CSO-20,803$53.49-8.16%
3/03/2014LEUNG SANDRAGeneral Counsel & Secretary-40,021$53.49-13.67%
3/03/2014Moed Samuel JSVP, Strat Plan & Analysis-4,732$53.49-11.68%
3/03/2014Cuss Francis MEVP & CSO-4,284$53.49-1.99%
3/03/2014Elicker John ESVP Pub Affairs & Inv Relation-828$53.49-2.23%
3/03/2014Cuss Francis MEVP & CSO-3,841$53.49-1.76%
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