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Nov. 27, 2015 | 01:01 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
11/16/2015MARIO ERNESTDirector-125,000$17.63-59.23%
11/09/2015Sorenson John BradleySVP, Manuf & Sup Chn-4,469$18.68-44.36%
11/09/2015Fitzgerald Joseph MichaelEVP & President, CRM-26,220$18.58-20.15%
11/05/2015Pratt Timothy A.EVP, GC & Chief Admin Officer-19,598$19.00-6.34%
11/02/2015Pratt Timothy A.EVP, GC & Chief Admin Officer17,000$13.565.38%
11/02/2015Pratt Timothy A.EVP, GC & Chief Admin Officer-24,000$18.45-7.21%
11/01/2015Mahoney Michael FPresident & CEO-160,927$18.28-10.08%
10/29/2015Thepaut Eric Francis YvesSVP & Pres, Europe-374$18.18-0.36%
10/28/2015Pratt Timothy A.EVP, GC & Chief Admin Officer-3,500$18.00-1.10%
10/28/2015Mirviss Jeffrey B.SVP&Pres, Periph Intervent-9,492$18.00-10.46%
10/25/2015Thepaut Eric Francis YvesSVP & Pres, Europe-812$16.73-0.80%
10/05/2015Pratt Timothy A.EVP, GC & Chief Admin Officer-3,500$17.34-1.08%
10/01/2015Pratt Timothy A.EVP, GC & Chief Admin Officer-17,000$16.33-5.00%
10/01/2015Pratt Timothy A.EVP, GC & Chief Admin Officer17,000$13.565.26%
8/21/2015ABELE JOHN EN/A100,000$16.5325.00%
8/20/2015ABELE JOHN EN/A100,000$17.0233.33%
8/19/2015ABELE JOHN EN/A100,000$17.3950.00%
8/18/2015ABELE JOHN EN/A100,000$17.57100.00%
8/10/2015Sorenson John BradleySVP, Manuf & Sup Chn-3,413$17.41-25.31%
7/07/2015Prange KarenSVP&Pres, Uro & Women's Health-17,456$17.66-50.04%
7/02/2015Prange KarenSVP&Pres, Uro & Women's Health-8,406$17.57-19.42%
5/29/2015Nanavaty MaulikSVP & Pres, Neuromodulation50,466$7.1637.51%
5/29/2015Nanavaty MaulikSVP & Pres, Neuromodulation-71,558$18.52-34.72%
5/29/2015Nanavaty MaulikSVP & Pres, Neuromodulation21,092$6.2811.40%
5/28/2015Carruthers WendySVP, Human Resources33,512$8.3076.89%
5/28/2015Carruthers WendySVP, Human Resources-42,281$17.91-49.24%
5/28/2015Carruthers WendySVP, Human Resources8,769$7.7411.37%
5/18/2015MARIO ERNESTDirector-50,000$18.09-19.15%
5/18/2015JOHNSON KRISTINA MDirector-16,301$18.10-100.00%
5/14/2015Sununu John EDirector-10,000$17.87-48.43%
5/11/2015Sorenson John BradleySVP, Manuf & Sup Chn-8,735$17.49-39.31%
5/11/2015Sorenson John BradleySVP, Manuf & Sup Chn8,735$7.1664.77%
5/10/2015Sorenson John BradleySVP, Manuf & Sup Chn-1,019$17.51-7.02%
5/04/2015Ballinger Kevin J.SVP & Pres, Interven Cardio28,122$6.2844.63%
5/04/2015Ballinger Kevin J.SVP & Pres, Interven Cardio-67,964$17.91-60.14%
5/04/2015Ballinger Kevin J.SVP & Pres, Interven Cardio21,878$6.3124.01%
3/20/2015Pierce David ASVP and President, Endoscopy8,500$8.3024.18%
3/20/2015Phalen Michael P.EVP & President, MedSurg-35,000$18.00-28.46%
3/20/2015Pierce David ASVP and President, Endoscopy-18,050$18.00-41.35%
3/20/2015Pierce David ASVP and President, Endoscopy9,550$16.0237.30%
3/20/2015Phalen Michael P.EVP & President, MedSurg35,000$12.5239.78%
3/19/2015Phalen Michael P.EVP & President, MedSurg-11,085$17.77-11.19%
3/16/2015Phalen Michael P.EVP & President, MedSurg-30,022$17.18-23.26%
3/13/2015Sorenson John BradleySVP, Manuf & Sup Chn-3,830$16.84-25.02%
3/09/2015Pierce David ASVP and President, Endoscopy-2,561$16.54-9.09%
3/03/2015Phalen Michael P.EVP & President, MedSurg-12,768$16.79-9.00%
3/03/2015Pierce David ASVP and President, Endoscopy-8,983$16.79-24.18%
3/03/2015Prange KarenSVP&Pres, Uro & Women's Health-2,492$16.79-12.51%
2/28/2015Brennan Daniel J.EVP and CFO-1,788$16.90-1.32%
2/28/2015Carruthers WendySVP, Human Resources-2,118$16.90-4.63%
2/28/2015Sorenson John BradleySVP, Glob Ops & Qual-2,875$16.90-15.81%
2/28/2015Mahoney Michael FPresident & CEO-23,901$16.90-1.87%
2/28/2015Prange KarenSVP&Pres, Uro & Women's Health-1,229$16.90-5.81%
2/28/2015Dawkins Keith DEVP, Global Chief Med. Off.-4,534$16.90-2.45%
2/28/2015Pierce David ASVP and President, Endoscopy-3,717$16.90-9.10%
2/28/2015Nanavaty MaulikSVP & Pres, Neuromodulation-2,125$16.90-1.55%
2/28/2015Fitzgerald Joseph MichaelEVP & President, CRM-4,618$16.90-3.48%
2/28/2015Pratt Timothy A.EVP, GC & Chief Admin Officer-8,918$16.90-2.69%
2/28/2015Ballinger Kevin J.SVP & Pres, Interven Cardio-5,102$16.90-7.49%
2/28/2015Thepaut Eric Francis YvesSVP & Pres, Europe-1,867$16.90-1.86%
2/28/2015Mirviss Jeffrey B.SVP&Pres, Periph Intervent-2,659$16.90-2.85%
2/28/2015Phalen Michael P.EVP & President, MedSurg-6,497$16.90-4.38%
2/27/2015Mahoney Michael FPresident & CEO-27,001$16.90-2.15%
2/27/2015Thepaut Eric Francis YvesSVP & Pres, Europe-946$16.90-1.02%
2/27/2015Pratt Timothy A.EVP, GC & Chief Admin Officer-6,376$16.90-2.00%
2/27/2015Sorenson John BradleySVP, Glob Ops & Qual-2,399$16.90-19.95%
2/27/2015Brennan Daniel J.EVP and CFO-1,619$16.90-1.23%
2/27/2015Dawkins Keith DEVP, Global Chief Med. Off.-4,126$16.90-2.29%
2/27/2015Carruthers WendySVP, Human Resources-1,500$16.90-3.69%
2/27/2015Ballinger Kevin J.SVP & Pres, Interven Cardio-1,071$16.90-1.85%
2/27/2015Mirviss Jeffrey B.SVP&Pres, Periph Intervent-803$16.90-0.93%
2/27/2015Phalen Michael P.EVP & President, MedSurg-4,876$16.90-3.50%
2/27/2015Prange KarenSVP&Pres, Uro & Women's Health-1,307$16.80-6.98%
2/27/2015Fitzgerald Joseph MichaelEVP & President, CRM-4,798$16.90-3.75%
2/27/2015Pierce David ASVP and President, Endoscopy-2,355$16.90-6.67%
2/27/2015Phalen Michael P.EVP & President, MedSurg-1,819$16.80-1.39%
2/27/2015Pierce David ASVP and President, Endoscopy-19,046$16.80-40.35%
2/27/2015Nanavaty MaulikSVP & Pres, Neuromodulation-2,395$16.90-1.80%
2/24/2015Mirviss Jeffrey B.SVP&Pres, Periph Intervent-835$16.62-0.99%
2/24/2015Sorenson John BradleySVP, Glob Ops & Qual-500$16.62-9.33%
2/24/2015Carruthers WendySVP, Human Resources-785$16.62-2.13%
2/24/2015Thepaut Eric Francis YvesSVP & Pres, Europe-337$16.62-0.38%
2/24/2015Fitzgerald Joseph MichaelEVP & President, CRM-2,303$16.62-1.91%
2/24/2015Ballinger Kevin J.SVP & Pres, Interven Cardio-963$16.62-1.73%
2/24/2015Nanavaty MaulikSVP & Pres, Neuromodulation-1,006$16.62-0.79%
2/24/2015Pierce David ASVP and President, Endoscopy-994$16.62-2.06%
2/24/2015Pratt Timothy A.EVP, GC & Chief Admin Officer-2,161$16.62-0.70%
2/24/2015Brennan Daniel J.EVP and CFO-1,864$16.62-1.45%
2/24/2015Dawkins Keith DEVP, Global Chief Med. Off.-1,081$16.62-0.63%
2/24/2015Mahoney Michael FPresident & CEO-13,684$16.62-1.13%
2/24/2015Prange KarenSVP&Pres, Uro & Women's Health-795$16.62-4.07%
2/24/2015Phalen Michael P.EVP & President, MedSurg-1,621$16.62-1.22%
2/23/2015Phalen Michael P.EVP & President, MedSurg-20,296$16.31-13.59%
2/23/2015Nanavaty MaulikSVP & Pres, Neuromodulation-7,151$16.31-5.40%
2/23/2015Pierce David ASVP and President, Endoscopy-8,177$16.31-15.34%
2/23/2015Pratt Timothy A.EVP, GC & Chief Admin Officer-35,551$16.31-10.49%
2/23/2015Mirviss Jeffrey B.SVP&Pres, Periph Intervent-6,340$16.31-7.16%
2/23/2015Mahoney Michael FPresident & CEO-213,300$16.31-15.29%
2/23/2015Dawkins Keith DEVP, Global Chief Med. Off.-13,355$16.31-7.29%
2/23/2015Fitzgerald Joseph MichaelEVP & President, CRM-19,026$16.31-14.13%
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