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May. 26, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
5/15/2015Gedeon EliasSVP & Chief Bus. Dev. Officer-272$33.49-33.09%
3/05/2015Data J RandallPresident - PGG-445$30.50-1.58%
3/05/2015Black David SVice President and CAO-314$30.50-1.22%
3/05/2015Canafax James DSVP & Gen. Counsel-728$30.50-2.21%
3/05/2015Baker Peyton S.President - Govt. Operations-216$30.50-0.95%
3/05/2015Colatrella Anthony S.SVP & CFO-1,049$30.50-3.21%
3/05/2015APKER JENNY LVice President, Treasurer & IR-205$30.50-2.69%
3/05/2015Ferland E James JrPresident and CEO-11,278$30.50-15.88%
3/04/2015Canafax James DSVP & Gen. Counsel-777$30.78-2.46%
3/04/2015Colatrella Anthony S.SVP & CFO-99$30.78-0.33%
3/04/2015Tarapore KairusSVP & Chief Admin. Officer-480$30.78-21.35%
3/04/2015Data J RandallPresident - PGG-30$30.78-0.11%
3/04/2015Black David SVice President and CAO-329$30.78-1.26%
3/04/2015Baker Peyton S.President - Govt. Operations-28$30.78-0.13%
3/04/2015APKER JENNY LVice President, Treasurer & IR-216$30.78-2.96%
3/04/2015Ferland E James JrPresident and CEO-3,616$30.78-8.14%
3/03/2015Baker Peyton S.President - Govt. Operations-574$30.75-2.54%
3/03/2015APKER JENNY LVice President, Treasurer & IR-223$30.75-3.21%
3/03/2015Carano Mark ASVP & Chief Corp. Dev. Officer-122$30.75-5.43%
3/03/2015Colatrella Anthony S.SVP & CFO-109$30.75-0.37%
3/03/2015Data J RandallPresident - PGG-142$30.75-0.52%
3/03/2015Ferland E James JrPresident and CEO-363$30.75-1.07%
3/03/2015Tarapore KairusSVP & Chief Admin. Officer-130$30.75-13.17%
3/03/2015Canafax James DSVP & Gen. Counsel-679$30.75-2.27%
3/03/2015Black David SVice President and CAO-276$30.75-1.08%
11/17/2014Canafax James DSVP & Gen. Counsel4,681$10.5816.80%
11/17/2014Canafax James DSVP & Gen. Counsel-4,681$30.17-14.38%
11/17/2014Canafax James DSVP & Gen. Counsel2,307$24.558.28%
11/17/2014Canafax James DSVP & Gen. Counsel-27,870$30.16-50.00%
6/12/2014Carano Mark ASVP & Chief Corp. Dev. Officer-1,052$32.19-33.12%
6/06/2014Data J RandallPresident - PGG9,854$10.5836.62%
6/06/2014Data J RandallPresident - PGG-9,854$32.83-26.80%
6/05/2014Data J RandallPresident - PGG-6,000$32.40-18.23%
6/05/2014Data J RandallPresident - PGG6,000$10.5822.29%
3/21/2014MASON CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLCSubstantial Shareholder-1,100,000$32.80-9.25%
3/05/2014Ferland E James JrPresident and CEO-11,592$33.09-25.70%
3/05/2014Mowry Christofer MPresident - mPower-442$33.09-1.17%
3/05/2014Dudich GeorgePresident-TSG-442$33.09-1.94%
3/05/2014Data J RandallPresident - PGG-455$33.09-1.66%
3/05/2014Colatrella Anthony S.SVP & CFO-1,513$33.09-4.88%
3/05/2014Canafax James DSVP & Gen. Counsel-729$33.09-2.55%
3/05/2014Black David SVice President and CAO-324$33.09-1.29%
3/05/2014Baker Peyton S.President - NOG-441$33.09-2.06%
3/05/2014APKER JENNY LVice President, Treasurer & IR-174$33.09-2.66%
3/04/2014Mowry Christofer MPresident - mPower-4,573$32.93-11.18%
3/04/2014Ferland E James JrPresident and CEO-3,607$32.93-19.48%
3/04/2014Dudich GeorgePresident-TSG-3,940$32.93-15.53%
3/04/2014Data J RandallPresident - PGG-2,815$32.93-9.76%
3/04/2014Colatrella Anthony S.SVP & CFO-12,232$32.93-30.52%
3/04/2014Canafax James DSVP & Gen. Counsel-4,090$32.93-13.42%
3/04/2014Black David SVice President and CAO-3,121$32.93-11.45%
3/04/2014Baker Peyton S.President - NOG-2,736$32.93-12.02%
3/04/2014APKER JENNY LVice President, Treasurer & IR-1,548$32.93-20.47%
3/04/2014Tarapore KairusSVP & Chief Admin. Officer-534$32.93-38.39%
3/04/2014Zwetolitz Joseph APresident - NE-319$32.93-32.12%
12/02/2013Black David SVice President and CAO-9,482$32.26-34.39%
12/02/2013Black David SVice President and CAO6,011$10.5827.88%
11/18/2013FEES JOHN ADirector-31,500$32.24-23.06%
11/16/2013Dudich GeorgePresident-TSG-525$31.73-3.70%
8/12/2013Canafax James DSVP & Gen. Counsel-486$31.32-2.59%
8/12/2013Dudich GeorgePresident-TSG-745$31.32-5.58%
8/12/2013APKER JENNY LVice President, Treasurer & IR-387$31.32-10.88%
5/31/2013Black David SVice President and CAO-5,115$29.74-19.18%
5/29/2013Salomone Mary PSVP and COO2,307$26.5913.39%
5/29/2013Salomone Mary PSVP and COO-1,625$29.87-8.32%
5/28/2013Black David SVice President and CAO-1,125$29.96-4.05%
5/28/2013Salomone Mary PSVP and COO-7,700$30.01-30.89%
5/28/2013Salomone Mary PSVP and COO7,700$26.5944.69%
3/07/2013Azad AliSVP-215$27.71-14.85%
3/05/2013APKER JENNY LVice President, Treasurer & IR-206$27.30-5.47%
3/05/2013Mowry Christofer MPresident - mPower-433$27.30-1.56%
3/05/2013Colatrella Anthony S.SVP & CFO-1,046$27.30-14.06%
3/05/2013Ferland E James JrPresident and CEO-3,771$27.30-33.18%
3/05/2013Data J RandallPresident - PGG-439$27.30-2.06%
3/05/2013Dudich GeorgePresident-TSG-428$27.30-3.09%
3/05/2013Salomone Mary PSVP and COO-127$27.30-0.73%
3/05/2013Azad AliSVP-338$27.30-27.50%
3/05/2013Black David SVice President and CAO-317$27.30-1.13%
3/05/2013Canafax James DSVP & Gen. Counsel-714$27.30-3.96%
3/05/2013Dudich GeorgePresident-TSG-481$27.30-3.48%
3/05/2013Baker Peyton S.President - NOG-644$27.30-4.17%
3/04/2013Baker Peyton S.President - NOG-491$26.80-3.52%
3/04/2013Mowry Christofer MPresident - mPower-458$26.80-1.80%
3/04/2013Salomone Mary PSVP and COO-1,369$26.80-7.36%
3/04/2013Salomone Mary PSVP and COO-37$26.80-0.25%
3/04/2013APKER JENNY LVice President, Treasurer & IR-153$26.80-4.52%
3/04/2013Baker Peyton S.President - NOG-326$26.80-2.51%
3/04/2013Mowry Christofer MPresident - mPower-733$26.80-2.71%
3/04/2013Canafax James DSVP & Gen. Counsel-443$26.80-2.72%
3/04/2013Canafax James DSVP & Gen. Counsel-373$26.80-2.42%
3/04/2013Colatrella Anthony S.SVP and CFO-1,152$26.80-21.25%
3/04/2013Data J RandallPresident - PGG-748$26.80-3.60%
3/04/2013Data J RandallPresident - PGG-314$26.80-1.64%
3/04/2013Dudich GeorgePresident-TSG-417$26.80-3.23%
3/04/2013Black David SVice President and CAO-821$26.80-2.94%
3/04/2013Black David SVice President and CAO-320$26.80-1.23%
1/09/2013MASON CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLCSubstantial Shareholder-2,800,000$24.50-19.05%
1/09/2013MASON CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLCSubstantial Shareholder-2,800,000$24.50-19.05%
11/16/2012Dudich GeorgePresident-TSG-511$23.59-4.14%
8/12/2012Athanas VangelSVP & Chief HR Officer-213$25.77-2.37%
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