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Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
3/30/2012Grody Howard B.Sr. VP - Leasing5$19.150.03%
3/29/2012Grody Howard B.Sr. VP - Leasing12,500$18.2770.14%
3/29/2012Grody Howard B.Sr. VP - Leasing-12,500$18.71-41.22%
3/29/2012LANDRESS BEN SExec VP - Management18,000$18.277.29%
3/29/2012LANDRESS BEN SExec VP - Management-18,000$18.97-6.79%
3/26/2012Mancuso Mark DSVP-Community Center Dev15,000$18.2738.27%
3/26/2012Mancuso Mark DSVP-Community Center Dev-7,500$18.98-13.84%
3/26/2012Mancuso Mark DSVP-Community Center Dev-7,500$18.98-16.06%
3/26/2012SINK JERRY LSr VP - Mall Management18,000$18.2754.56%
3/26/2012SINK JERRY LSr VP - Mall Management-13,000$18.98-25.49%
3/26/2012SINK JERRY LSr VP - Mall Management-5,000$18.97-13.16%
2/29/2012Grody Howard B.Sr. VP - Leasing6$17.360.03%
2/24/2012Mancuso Mark DSVP-Community Center Dev-324$18.32-0.82%
2/24/2012LEBOVITZ STEPHEN DPresident and CEO-1,621$18.52-0.28%
2/24/2012Grody Howard B.Sr. VP - Leasing-240$18.29-1.33%
2/24/2012STEPHAS AUGUSTUS NExec VP & COO-947$18.31-1.87%
2/24/2012SINK JERRY LSr VP - Mall Management-276$18.32-0.83%
2/24/2012MITCHELL FARZANA KExec VP - Finance-960$18.31-0.69%
1/31/2012Grody Howard B.Sr. VP - Leasing6$17.140.04%
1/17/2012Grody Howard B.Sr. VP - Leasing14$15.830.09%
1/17/2012Berghel Victoria SSVP and General Counsel46$15.830.32%
1/17/2012DEROSA THOMAS JDirector25$15.840.57%
1/17/2012LEBOVITZ CHARLES BChairman of the Board182$15.841.32%
1/17/2012LEBOVITZ CHARLES BChairman of the Board174$15.840.39%
1/17/2012LEBOVITZ STEPHEN DPresident and CEO174$15.840.49%
1/17/2012STEPHAS AUGUSTUS NExec VP & COO81$15.840.21%
12/30/2011Grody Howard B.Sr. VP - Leasing6$15.870.04%
11/28/2011Grody Howard B.Sr. VP - Leasing7$13.410.05%
11/22/2011STEPHAS AUGUSTUS NExec VP & COO-27$14.85-0.07%
11/10/2011FOY JOHN NVice Chair, CFO, Treas & Sec7,000$14.310.74%
10/31/2011Grody Howard B.Sr. VP - Leasing7$14.420.05%
10/17/2011Grody Howard B.Sr. VP - Leasing16$13.050.10%
10/17/2011Berghel Victoria SSVP and General Counsel55$13.050.38%
10/14/2011LEBOVITZ STEPHEN DPresident and CEO208$12.970.59%
10/14/2011STEPHAS AUGUSTUS NExec VP & COO96$12.970.25%
10/14/2011DEROSA THOMAS JDirector30$12.971.64%
10/14/2011LEBOVITZ CHARLES BChairman of the Board219$12.971.62%
10/14/2011LEBOVITZ CHARLES BChairman of the Board208$12.970.47%
9/30/2011Grody Howard B.Sr. VP - Leasing8$12.800.05%
8/31/2011Berghel Victoria SSVP and General Counsel35$14.230.24%
8/31/2011Grody Howard B.Sr. VP - Leasing7$14.230.05%
8/09/2011LEBOVITZ STEPHEN DPresident and CEO300$13.4035.29%
8/09/2011LEBOVITZ STEPHEN DPresident and CEO400$13.411.15%
8/09/2011LEBOVITZ STEPHEN DPresident and CEO1,000$13.322.95%
8/09/2011LEBOVITZ STEPHEN DPresident and CEO1,130$13.253.45%
8/09/2011LEBOVITZ STEPHEN DPresident and CEO735$13.412.30%
8/09/2011LEBOVITZ CHARLES BChairman of the Board400$13.410.92%
8/09/2011LEBOVITZ CHARLES BChairman of the Board1,000$13.322.34%
8/09/2011LEBOVITZ CHARLES BChairman of the Board1,130$13.252.72%
8/09/2011LEBOVITZ CHARLES BChairman of the Board735$13.411.80%
8/05/2011FOY JOHN NVice Chair, CFO, Treas & Sec10,000$14.331.07%
7/28/2011Berghel Victoria SSVP and General Counsel27$18.470.19%
7/28/2011Grody Howard B.Sr. VP - Leasing5$18.480.03%
7/18/2011Grody Howard B.Sr. VP - Leasing11$18.370.07%
7/18/2011Berghel Victoria SSVP and General Counsel38$18.370.27%
7/15/2011LEBOVITZ STEPHEN DPresident and CEO147$18.240.46%
7/15/2011LEBOVITZ CHARLES BChairman of the Board147$18.240.36%
7/15/2011LEBOVITZ CHARLES BChairman of the Board154$18.241.15%
7/15/2011STEPHAS AUGUSTUS NExec VP & COO67$18.240.18%
7/15/2011DEROSA THOMAS JDirector21$18.241.16%
6/29/2011Berghel Victoria SSVP and General Counsel28$17.690.20%
6/29/2011Grody Howard B.Sr. VP - Leasing6$17.690.04%
6/01/2011Grody Howard B.Sr. VP - Leasing5$18.550.03%
6/01/2011Berghel Victoria SSVP and General Counsel27$18.550.19%
5/12/2011SINK JERRY LSr VP - Mall Management-159$18.39-0.47%
5/12/2011STEPHAS AUGUSTUS NExec VP & COO-159$18.39-0.42%
5/12/2011Mancuso Mark DSVP-Community Center Dev-190$18.39-0.49%
5/12/2011Grody Howard B.Sr. VP - Leasing-96$18.39-0.62%
4/29/2011Berghel Victoria SSVP and General Counsel28$18.040.20%
4/29/2011Grody Howard B.Sr. VP - Leasing6$18.040.04%
4/18/2011Berghel Victoria SSVP and General Counsel38$17.540.27%
4/18/2011Grody Howard B.Sr. VP - Leasing11$17.540.07%
4/15/2011LEBOVITZ CHARLES BChairman of the Board150$17.630.37%
4/15/2011LEBOVITZ STEPHEN DPresident and CEO150$17.630.48%
4/15/2011LEBOVITZ CHARLES BChairman of the Board158$17.631.20%
4/15/2011DEROSA THOMAS JDirector21$17.631.17%
4/15/2011STEPHAS AUGUSTUS NExec VP & COO64$17.630.17%
4/06/2011WILLETT CHARLES W A JRSr VP - Real Estate Finance-10,000$17.39-19.38%
4/06/2011WILLETT CHARLES W A JRSr VP - Real Estate Finance12,000$13.8430.31%
4/01/2011Grody Howard B.Sr. VP - Leasing2,500$13.8416.09%
4/01/2011Grody Howard B.Sr. VP - Leasing-2,500$17.45-13.86%
3/30/2011Berghel Victoria SSVP and General Counsel29$17.460.20%
3/30/2011Grody Howard B.Sr. VP - Leasing6$17.460.04%
3/28/2011FOY JOHN NVice Chair, CFO, Treas & Sec32,000$13.843.54%
3/25/2011LANDRESS BEN SExec VP - Management18,000$13.847.44%
3/25/2011LANDRESS BEN SExec VP - Management-18,000$17.60-6.92%
3/17/2011WILLETT CHARLES W A JRSr VP - Real Estate Finance1,000$13.842.59%
3/01/2011Grody Howard B.Sr. VP - Leasing5$18.410.03%
3/01/2011Berghel Victoria SSVP and General Counsel27$18.410.19%
2/16/2011Mancuso Mark DSVP-Community Center Dev-216$17.16-0.55%
2/16/2011STEPHAS AUGUSTUS NExec VP & COO-430$17.22-1.12%
2/16/2011SINK JERRY LSr VP - Mall Management-184$17.16-0.54%
2/16/2011Berghel Victoria SSVP and General Counsel-184$17.16-1.29%
2/16/2011Grody Howard B.Sr. VP - Leasing-148$17.19-0.94%
2/14/2011Grody Howard B.Sr. VP - Leasing-5,000$18.26-19.48%
2/14/2011Grody Howard B.Sr. VP - Leasing-1,350$18.24-6.53%
2/14/2011Grody Howard B.Sr. VP - Leasing-3,650$18.23-18.90%
2/14/2011Grody Howard B.Sr. VP - Leasing10,000$13.8463.84%
1/28/2011Berghel Victoria SSVP and General Counsel30$16.650.24%
1/28/2011Grody Howard B.Sr. VP - Leasing6$16.650.04%
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