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Apr. 1, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
3/02/2015ROBERTS JULIE SDirector6,614$8.6513.83%
2/27/2015COCCAGNO JAMES ANDREWSenior Vice President-135$20.83-3.03%
2/11/2015O BRIEN ROBERT PExec. VP & COO-2,093$19.82-1.50%
2/11/2015SCHOTT STEVAN RSVP & CFO-1,091$19.82-4.52%
12/19/2014RUPERT TIMOTHY GDirector2,756$5.597.14%
12/05/2014O BRIEN ROBERT PExec. VP & COO17,677$14.9413.26%
12/05/2014O BRIEN ROBERT PExec. VP & COO-7,677$20.60-5.08%
12/05/2014O BRIEN ROBERT PExec. VP & COO-5,000$20.65-3.49%
12/05/2014O BRIEN ROBERT PExec. VP & COO-5,000$20.68-3.61%
12/05/2014O BRIEN ROBERT PExec. VP & COO5,800$14.714.35%
12/05/2014O BRIEN ROBERT PExec. VP & COO-5,800$20.70-4.17%
12/04/2014MASSIMO LOUIS SDirector10,000$20.7558.18%
12/04/2014O BRIEN ROBERT PExec. VP & COO622$14.940.47%
12/04/2014O BRIEN ROBERT PExec. VP & COO-5,868$20.60-4.22%
12/04/2014O BRIEN ROBERT PExec. VP & COO7,950$13.895.96%
12/04/2014O BRIEN ROBERT PExec. VP & COO5,868$15.914.40%
12/04/2014O BRIEN ROBERT PExec. VP & COO-3,405$20.60-2.41%
12/04/2014O BRIEN ROBERT PExec. VP & COO-167$20.85-0.13%
12/04/2014O BRIEN ROBERT PExec. VP & COO-455$20.60-0.34%
12/04/2014O BRIEN ROBERT PExec. VP & COO-4,545$20.60-3.30%
5/27/2014Alexander J RichDirector-6,500$21.65-31.38%
5/21/2014Templin Donald C.Director2,500$20.8045.45%
5/14/2014LYONS WILLIAM JDirector3,500$21.427.62%
3/19/2014GERONO GAIL AVP Investor Relations-5,000$20.65-5.88%
3/10/2014ROBERTS JULIE SDirector-7,911$21.00-15.10%
3/10/2014ROBERTS JULIE SDirector7,911$6.8917.78%
3/02/2014O BRIEN ROBERT PExec. VP & COO-704$20.11-0.55%
3/02/2014Rose Richard D.SVP, General Counsel & Sec.-306$20.11-1.51%
3/02/2014GERONO GAIL AVP Investor Relations-126$20.11-0.15%
3/02/2014SCHOTT STEVAN RSVP & CFO-351$20.11-1.99%
3/01/2014GERONO GAIL AVP Investor Relations-132$20.11-0.15%
3/01/2014SCHOTT STEVAN RSVP & CFO-291$20.11-1.62%
3/01/2014Rose Richard D.SVP, General Counsel & Sec.-259$20.11-1.26%
3/01/2014O BRIEN ROBERT PExec. VP & COO-379$20.11-0.29%
2/27/2014COCCAGNO JAMES ANDREWVice President-137$19.74-8.53%
2/27/2014Dearth Randall S.President & CEO-2,304$19.74-4.45%
2/27/2014Rose Richard D.SVP, General Counsel & Sec.-370$19.74-1.77%
2/27/2014SCHOTT STEVAN RSVP & CFO-458$19.74-2.49%
2/27/2014GERONO GAIL AVP Investor Relations-145$19.74-0.17%
2/27/2014O BRIEN ROBERT PExec. VP & COO-793$19.74-0.61%
2/12/2014O BRIEN ROBERT PExec. VP & COO-1,102$20.55-0.84%
2/12/2014Rose Richard D.SVP, General Counsel & Sec.-754$20.55-3.48%
2/12/2014SCHOTT STEVAN RSVP & CFO-847$20.55-4.40%
2/12/2014GERONO GAIL AVP Investor Relations-396$20.55-0.46%
11/22/2013Rose Richard D.SVP, General Counsel & Sec.-8,456$20.45-32.22%
11/22/2013Rose Richard D.SVP, General Counsel & Sec.1,820$16.1010.23%
11/22/2013Rose Richard D.SVP, General Counsel & Sec.5,456$13.8930.67%
11/22/2013Rose Richard D.SVP, General Counsel & Sec.3,000$14.9412.90%
11/13/2013O BRIEN ROBERT PExec. VP & COO6,100$8.374.19%
11/13/2013O BRIEN ROBERT PExec. VP & COO5,200$8.793.96%
11/13/2013O BRIEN ROBERT PExec. VP & COO9,200$7.926.74%
11/13/2013O BRIEN ROBERT PExec. VP & COO-25,259$20.31-16.14%
5/28/2013GERONO GAIL AVP Investor Relations50,000$7.0482.05%
5/28/2013GERONO GAIL AVP Investor Relations-35,785$18.17-32.26%
5/28/2013GERONO GAIL AVP Investor Relations4,200$7.925.42%
5/28/2013GERONO GAIL AVP Investor Relations3,000$8.373.67%
5/28/2013GERONO GAIL AVP Investor Relations-2,400$18.20-3.00%
5/28/2013GERONO GAIL AVP Investor Relations4,800$8.796.39%
5/17/2013LYONS WILLIAM JDirector4,165$17.9010.83%
5/13/2013MASSIMO LOUIS SDirector8,900$17.25179.51%
5/10/2013MASSIMO LOUIS SDirector100$17.252.06%
3/22/2013Sullivan James A.SVP - Americas-13,918$18.24-43.07%
3/22/2013Sullivan James A.SVP - Americas3,050$14.9410.42%
3/22/2013Sullivan James A.SVP - Americas3,612$13.8914.08%
3/22/2013Sullivan James A.SVP - Americas-10,000$18.21-35.22%
3/22/2013Sullivan James A.SVP - Americas4,200$14.7122.83%
3/22/2013Sullivan James A.SVP - Americas3,056$15.9113.52%
3/20/2013O BRIEN ROBERT PExec. VP & COO14,204$7.049.98%
3/20/2013Sullivan James A.SVP - Americas-10,000$18.52-35.22%
3/20/2013O BRIEN ROBERT PExec. VP & COO-11,433$18.48-7.44%
3/18/2013Singleton AllanVice President, Asia-9,175$18.36-87.69%
3/18/2013Singleton AllanVice President, Asia2,388$8.3729.57%
3/18/2013Singleton AllanVice President, Asia2,387$8.3741.97%
3/18/2013Singleton AllanVice President, Asia4,400$4.28341.61%
3/04/2013Sullivan James A.SVP - Americas-240$17.00-0.84%
3/04/2013O BRIEN ROBERT PExec. VP & COO-384$17.00-0.25%
3/04/2013SCHOTT STEVAN RSVP & CFO-263$17.00-1.53%
3/04/2013Rose Richard D.SVP, General Counsel & Sec.-314$17.00-1.73%
3/04/2013GERONO GAIL AVP Investor Relations-184$17.00-0.30%
3/02/2013Sullivan James A.SVP - Americas-273$16.99-0.94%
3/02/2013O BRIEN ROBERT PExec. VP & COO-685$16.99-0.44%
3/02/2013SCHOTT STEVAN RSVP & CFO-396$16.99-2.25%
3/02/2013Rose Richard D.SVP, General Counsel & Sec.-356$16.99-1.93%
3/02/2013GERONO GAIL AVP Investor Relations-152$16.99-0.25%
3/01/2013Sullivan James A.SVP - Americas-200$16.97-0.69%
3/01/2013Rose Richard D.SVP, General Counsel & Sec.-302$16.97-1.61%
3/01/2013GERONO GAIL AVP Investor Relations-159$16.97-0.26%
3/01/2013SCHOTT STEVAN RSVP & CFO-340$16.97-1.89%
3/01/2013O BRIEN ROBERT PExec. VP & COO-400$16.97-0.26%
11/30/2012Dearth Randall S.President & CEO634$13.511.75%
11/29/2012Rose Richard D.SVP, General Counsel & Sec.1,000$13.047.01%
9/14/2012Rose Richard D.SVP, General Counsel & Sec.-635$14.54-4.26%
9/07/2012NEWLIN WILLIAM RDirector3,526$14.061.67%
9/04/2012NEWLIN WILLIAM RDirector8,864$13.504.38%
8/31/2012NEWLIN WILLIAM RDirector2,896$13.631.45%
8/30/2012LYONS WILLIAM JDirector4,196$13.6913.80%
8/30/2012Rose Richard D.SVP, General Counsel & Sec.500$13.613.47%
8/29/2012Dearth Randall S.President & CEO2,986$13.399.00%
8/21/2012O BRIEN ROBERT PExec. VP & COO19,723$5.0715.29%
8/14/2012GERONO GAIL AVP Investor Relations13,000$5.0727.65%
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