Cogent Communications Holdings Inc $34.58

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29/8/2014 11:50 AM  |  NASDAQ : CCOI  
Industries : Telecommunications / Diversified Communication Services

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
8/18/2014KILMER HENRY WVP of IP Engineering-1,250$32.88-4.10%
8/04/2014KILMER HENRY WVP of IP Engineering-1,000$34.54-3.17%
8/01/2014BEURY ROBERT N JRVP & Chief Legal Officer-1,000$34.67-2.52%
8/01/2014ONEILL TIMOTHY GVP Field Engineering-500$34.78-1.41%
7/03/2014KILMER HENRY WVP of IP Engineering-1,000$35.02-3.08%
7/01/2014ONEILL TIMOTHY GVP Field Engineering-500$34.85-1.39%
7/01/2014BEURY ROBERT N JRVP & Chief Legal Officer-1,000$34.90-2.46%
6/16/2014KUMMER RAYMOND BCTO; VP Optical Transport-2,000$34.96-3.51%
6/12/2014WEED THADDEUS GERARDVP, CFO & Treasurer-7,500$35.34-9.93%
6/03/2014KILMER HENRY WVP of IP Engineering-1,000$35.90-2.99%
6/02/2014BEURY ROBERT N JRVP & Chief Legal Officer-1,000$36.36-2.40%
6/02/2014ONEILL TIMOTHY GVP Field Engineering-500$36.60-1.37%
5/19/2014KILMER HENRY WVP of IP Engineering-1,250$36.57-3.60%
5/05/2014KILMER HENRY WVP of IP Engineering-1,000$34.43-2.80%
5/01/2014ONEILL TIMOTHY GVP Field Engineering-500$34.39-1.35%
5/01/2014BEURY ROBERT N JRVP & Chief Legal Officer-1,000$34.78-2.35%
4/03/2014KILMER HENRY WVP of IP Engineering-1,000$36.29-2.72%
4/01/2014ONEILL TIMOTHY GVP Field Engineering-500$35.63-1.34%
4/01/2014BEURY ROBERT N JRVP & Chief Legal Officer-1,000$36.41-2.29%
3/07/2014KILMER HENRY WVP of IP Engineering-1,000$37.40-2.65%
3/03/2014ONEILL TIMOTHY GVP Field Engineering-1,000$38.97-2.60%
2/06/2014BEURY ROBERT N JRVP & Chief Legal Officer700$4.881.59%
2/03/2014BEURY ROBERT N JRVP & Chief Legal Officer-1,000$41.06-2.23%
2/03/2014ONEILL TIMOTHY GVP Field Engineering-1,000$41.10-2.36%
1/02/2014ONEILL TIMOTHY GVP Field Engineering-3,500$40.12-7.62%
12/19/2013BEURY ROBERT N JRVP & Chief Legal Officer1,800$4.884.08%
12/16/2013KUMMER RAYMOND BCTO; VP Optical Transport-2,901$39.05-4.85%
12/13/2013KUMMER RAYMOND BCTO; VP Optical Transport-99$39.05-0.17%
12/02/2013ONEILL TIMOTHY GVP Field Engineering-500$38.90-1.08%
12/02/2013BEURY ROBERT N JRVP & Chief Legal Officer-1,000$38.13-2.22%
11/01/2013BEURY ROBERT N JRVP & Chief Legal Officer-1,000$35.32-2.17%
11/01/2013ONEILL TIMOTHY GVP Field Engineering-500$35.06-1.06%
10/17/2013KUMMER RAYMOND BCTO; VP Optical Transport-1,000$34.27-1.64%
10/01/2013BROOKS STEVEN DDirector-2,000$32.27-7.80%
10/01/2013BEURY ROBERT N JRVP & Chief Legal Officer-1,000$32.48-2.12%
10/01/2013ONEILL TIMOTHY GVP Field Engineering-500$32.11-1.05%
9/13/2013WEINGARTEN TIMDirector-2,500$30.99-23.86%
9/03/2013BEURY ROBERT N JRVP & Chief Legal Officer-1,000$31.14-2.08%
9/03/2013ONEILL TIMOTHY GVP Field Engineering-500$31.34-1.04%
8/13/2013KUMMER RAYMOND BCTO; VP Optical Transport-4,000$32.46-6.07%
8/08/2013ONEILL TIMOTHY GVP Field Engineering-3,200$30.02-6.26%
8/08/2013KUMMER RAYMOND BCTO; VP Optical Transport-298$30.00-0.45%
8/01/2013BEURY ROBERT N JRVP & Chief Legal Officer-1,000$28.97-2.04%
8/01/2013ONEILL TIMOTHY GVP Field Engineering-500$28.82-0.97%
7/18/2013KUMMER RAYMOND BCTO; VP Optical Transport-1,000$29.69-1.49%
7/15/2013ONEILL TIMOTHY GVP Field Engineering-1,412$30.01-2.66%
7/15/2013KUMMER RAYMOND BCTO; VP Optical Transport-1,402$30.01-2.04%
7/12/2013KUMMER RAYMOND BCTO; VP Optical Transport-450$30.00-0.65%
7/12/2013ONEILL TIMOTHY GVP Field Engineering-388$30.00-0.73%
7/01/2013BROOKS STEVEN DDirector-2,000$28.30-7.95%
7/01/2013ONEILL TIMOTHY GVP Field Engineering-500$28.31-0.93%
7/01/2013BEURY ROBERT N JRVP & Chief Legal Officer-1,000$28.45-1.99%
6/14/2013BROOKS STEVEN DDirector-3,000$27.67-11.70%
6/13/2013MARGALIT EREL NDirector-2,500$27.95-100.00%
6/07/2013ONEILL TIMOTHY GVP Field Engineering-9,000$27.09-14.30%
6/03/2013ONEILL TIMOTHY GVP Field Engineering-500$27.54-0.79%
6/03/2013BEURY ROBERT N JRVP & Chief Legal Officer-1,000$27.48-1.96%
5/09/2013WEED THADDEUS GERARDVP, CFO & Treasurer-11,250$28.85-12.97%
5/09/2013WEINGARTEN TIMDirector-10,000$29.15-55.63%
5/01/2013BEURY ROBERT N JRVP & Chief Legal Officer-2,000$28.25-3.76%
5/01/2013Karnes JeffreyVP Sales & CRO-2,000$28.25-2.69%
4/26/2013ONEILL TIMOTHY GVP Field Engineering-2,500$27.83-3.79%
4/22/2013KUMMER RAYMOND BCTO; VP Optical Transport-1,000$27.86-1.43%
4/16/2013Karnes JeffreyVP Sales & CRO-1,200$28.30-1.59%
4/15/2013BEURY ROBERT N JRVP & Chief Legal Officer-1,000$28.01-1.85%
4/11/2013ONEILL TIMOTHY GVP Field Engineering-1,500$27.12-2.22%
4/09/2013KUMMER RAYMOND BCTO; VP Optical Transport-1,500$26.82-2.10%
3/14/2013WEED THADDEUS GERARDVP, CFO & Treasurer-5,000$25.71-5.45%
3/13/2013Karnes JeffreyVP Sales & CRO-9,000$25.61-10.66%
3/08/2013KUMMER RAYMOND BCTO; VP Optical Transport-3,350$26.09-4.47%
3/07/2013Karnes JeffreyVP Sales & CRO-10,000$25.50-10.59%
2/28/2013KUMMER RAYMOND BCTO; VP Optical Transport-3,000$25.31-3.85%
2/27/2013KUMMER RAYMOND BCTO; VP Optical Transport-1,100$25.20-1.39%
2/27/2013MARGALIT EREL NDirector-5,000$24.98-100.00%
2/26/2013MARGALIT EREL NDirector-15,500$24.96-75.61%
2/25/2013WEED THADDEUS GERARDVP, CFO & Treasurer-5,000$25.22-5.17%
2/01/2013ONEILL TIMOTHY GVP Field Engineering-5,000$25.08-6.90%
1/15/2013BEURY ROBERT N JRVP & Chief Legal Officer-1,000$23.44-1.60%
1/11/2013ONEILL TIMOTHY GVP Field Engineering-1,500$23.59-1.85%
12/10/2012Karnes JeffreyVP Sales & CRO-3,000$22.00-2.87%
12/06/2012KUMMER RAYMOND BCTO; VP Optical Transport-10,000$22.01-10.13%
12/06/2012ONEILL TIMOTHY GVP Field Engineering-5,000$22.08-5.80%
11/29/2012ONEILL TIMOTHY GVP Field Engineering-5,000$22.03-5.49%
11/28/2012WEED THADDEUS GERARDVP, CFO & Treasurer-10,000$21.10-8.42%
11/20/2012Karnes JeffreyVP Sales & CRO-3,000$21.11-2.79%
11/01/2012BEURY ROBERT N JRVP & Chief Legal Officer-1,000$21.82-1.58%
10/15/2012Karnes JeffreyVP Sales & CRO-1,500$21.09-1.37%
10/15/2012BEURY ROBERT N JRVP & Chief Legal Officer-1,000$21.11-1.55%
10/15/2012KUMMER RAYMOND BCTO; VP Optical Transport-1,300$20.93-1.29%
10/11/2012ONEILL TIMOTHY GVP Field Engineering-1,000$21.31-1.09%
9/26/2012KUMMER RAYMOND BCTO; VP Optical Transport-2,000$22.50-1.94%
9/14/2012BROOKS STEVEN DDirector-5,000$20.93-21.60%
9/07/2012BEURY ROBERT N JRVP & Chief Legal Officer-3,000$20.85-4.46%
9/06/2012WEED THADDEUS GERARDVP, CFO & Treasurer-5,000$20.13-4.04%
9/04/2012BEURY ROBERT N JRVP & Chief Legal Officer-1,000$19.49-1.46%
8/27/2012MARGALIT EREL NDirector-5,000$20.30-24.39%
8/24/2012KUMMER RAYMOND BCTO; VP Optical Transport-2,000$20.53-2.30%
8/13/2012Karnes JeffreyVP Sales & CRO-4,000$19.36-3.54%
8/01/2012BEURY ROBERT N JRVP & Chief Legal Officer-1,000$18.64-1.44%
7/16/2012BEURY ROBERT N JRVP & Chief Legal Officer-1,000$19.36-1.42%
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