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Nov. 27, 2015 | 01:00 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
11/04/2015MELLOR ROBERT EChairman (non-executive)5,000$2.8011.73%
9/14/2015Hanagarne Frank L. Jr.SVP & Chief Operating Officer1,500$2.631.54%
9/11/2015MELLOR ROBERT EChairman (non-executive)1,000$2.662.40%
9/03/2015KREBS MITCHELL JPresident and CEO25,000$2.909.02%
8/17/2015MELLOR ROBERT EChairman (non-executive)1,000$3.842.46%
8/06/2015Nault Casey M.SVP & General Counsel2,000$2.992.20%
5/21/2015Spurbeck MarkVice President, Finance-2,087$5.51-4.42%
5/14/2015Mitchell Peter C.SVP & Chief Financial Officer5,000$5.734.37%
5/07/2015Kerr Keagan J.SVP, Corp. Affairs & HR-183$5.23-0.42%
5/07/2015Nault Casey M.SVP & General Counsel-620$5.23-1.18%
3/06/2015KREBS MITCHELL JPresident and CEO5,000$5.043.36%
2/27/2015MELLOR ROBERT EChairman (non-executive)1,000$5.883.94%
1/31/2015Hanagarne Frank L. Jr.SVP & Chief Operating Officer-701$6.30-1.69%
1/31/2015KREBS MITCHELL JPresident and CEO-1,500$6.30-1.00%
1/22/2015Kerr Keagan J.SVP, Corp. Affairs & HR-624$6.31-1.42%
1/22/2015Nault Casey M.SVP & General Counsel-711$6.31-1.33%
1/22/2015Hanagarne Frank L. Jr.SVP & Chief Operating Officer-1,005$6.31-2.37%
1/22/2015KREBS MITCHELL JPresident and CEO-1,974$6.31-1.30%
1/17/2015Spurbeck MarkVice President, Finance-1,607$5.94-5.22%
1/17/2015Nault Casey M.SVP & General Counsel-2,788$5.94-4.97%
1/17/2015Hanagarne Frank L. Jr.SVP & Chief Operating Officer-3,911$5.94-8.44%
1/17/2015Mitchell Peter C.SVP & Chief Financial Officer-4,064$5.94-6.61%
1/17/2015KREBS MITCHELL JPresident and CEO-8,591$5.94-5.35%
1/17/2015Kerr Keagan J.SVP, Corp. Affairs & HR-2,359$5.94-5.11%
8/21/2014MELLOR ROBERT EChairman (non-executive)1,000$7.834.10%
8/08/2014KREBS MITCHELL JPresident and CEO10,000$7.746.64%
8/08/2014Nault Casey M.VP & General Counsel2,000$7.663.70%
8/08/2014Kerr Keagan J.VP, HR and Communication750$7.981.65%
8/08/2014Mitchell Peter C.SVP & Chief Financial Officer2,000$7.813.36%
5/21/2014Spurbeck MarkVice President, Finance-2,146$7.85-6.52%
5/07/2014Kerr Keagan J.VP, HR and Communication-190$8.19-0.42%
5/07/2014Nault Casey M.VP & General Counsel-621$8.19-1.14%
1/31/2014Hanagarne Frank L. Jr.SVP & Chief Operating Officer-841$10.15-1.86%
1/31/2014KREBS MITCHELL JPresident and CEO-1,560$10.15-1.02%
1/22/2014Kerr Keagan J.VP, HR and Communication-626$11.00-1.35%
1/22/2014KREBS MITCHELL JPresident and CEO-2,031$11.00-1.32%
1/22/2014Nault Casey M.VP & General Counsel-711$11.00-1.28%
1/22/2014Hanagarne Frank L. Jr.SVP & Chief Operating Officer-1,069$11.00-2.31%
1/17/2014KREBS MITCHELL JPresident and CEO-3,468$11.26-2.20%
1/03/2014KREBS MITCHELL JPresident and CEO-2,871$11.26-3.59%
11/21/2013Kerr Keagan J.VP, HR and Communication1,000$10.493.78%
11/08/2013KREBS MITCHELL JPresident and CEO4,650$10.746.17%
11/08/2013Mitchell Peter C.SVP & Chief Financial Officer2,000$10.687.16%
11/08/2013Nault Casey M.VP & General Counsel1,000$10.853.10%
10/03/2013Hanagarne Frank L. Jr.SVP & Chief Operating Officer-242$11.58-1.58%
9/13/2013Kerr Keagan J.VP, HR and Communications650$13.222.52%
8/14/2013MELLOR ROBERT EChairman (non-executive)1,000$15.215.75%
8/09/2013Mitchell Peter C.SVP & Chief Financial Officer2,000$13.437.71%
5/09/2013Russell LutherSVP, Environ. Health Safety-411$14.45-2.03%
5/07/2013Kerr Keagan J.VP - Human Resources-199$14.59-2.57%
5/07/2013Nault Casey M.VP & General Counsel-667$14.59-5.55%
3/04/2013Russell LutherSVP, Environ. Health Safety-985$18.03-4.63%
3/04/2013KREBS MITCHELL JPresident and CEO-2,651$18.03-3.40%
3/04/2013ANGELOS THOMAS TSVP & Chief Compliance Officer-1,777$18.03-8.63%
3/04/2013BIRAK DONALD JSVP, Exploration-2,651$18.03-5.19%
2/26/2013MELLOR ROBERT EChairman (non-executive)1,000$19.116.10%
2/01/2013CURRAN JAMES JDirector1,505$22.008.00%
2/01/2013THOMPSON J KENNETHDirector4,090$22.0028.73%
2/01/2013MELLOR ROBERT EChairman (non-executive)4,090$22.0033.25%
2/01/2013LUNDQUIST ANDREW DDirector413$22.003.40%
2/01/2013Edwards SebastianDirector4,090$22.0041.12%
2/01/2013ROBINSON JOHN HDirector4,090$22.0027.02%
2/01/2013WINTERER TIMOTHY RDirector1,505$22.009.34%
2/01/2013Bogert L MichaelDirector1,505$22.0017.50%
1/31/2013ANGELOS THOMAS TSVP & Chief Compliance Officer-594$21.70-3.06%
1/31/2013BIRAK DONALD JSVP, Exploration-770$21.70-1.57%
1/31/2013Druffel Elizabeth MeyerTreasurer and Chief Accountant-212$21.70-4.67%
1/31/2013Hanagarne Frank L. Jr.SVP & Chief Financial Officer-783$21.70-4.85%
1/31/2013Russell LutherSVP, Environ. Health Safety-688$21.70-3.28%
1/31/2013KREBS MITCHELL JPresident and CEO-1,676$21.70-2.18%
1/04/2013ROBINSON JOHN HDirector926$20.806.52%
1/03/2013Russell LutherSVP, Environ. Health Safety-229$23.85-1.39%
1/03/2013ANGELOS THOMAS TSVP & Chief Compliance Officer-598$23.85-2.99%
1/03/2013BIRAK DONALD JSVP, Exploration-2,556$23.85-5.56%
1/03/2013KREBS MITCHELL JPresident and CEO-2,875$23.85-4.71%
1/03/2013Druffel Elizabeth MeyerTreasurer and Chief Accountant-205$23.85-4.32%
12/31/2012HARDY K. LEONSVP & Chief Operating Officer-2,323$24.60-4.07%
12/31/2012HARDY K. LEONSVP & Chief Operating Officer8,966$24.6019.61%
12/31/2012HARDY K. LEONSVP & Chief Operating Officer-12,773$24.60-21.83%
11/19/2012CURRAN JAMES JDirector2,315$20.8014.03%
11/19/2012CURRAN JAMES JDirector-2,039$23.73-11.00%
10/03/2012Hanagarne Frank L. Jr.SVP & Chief Financial Officer-236$27.80-2.82%
10/01/2012MELLOR ROBERT EChairman (non-executive)463$20.803.91%
9/10/2012BIRAK DONALD JSVP, Exploration500$24.701.10%
9/05/2012THOMPSON J KENNETHDirector-4,630$23.55-24.54%
9/05/2012THOMPSON J KENNETHDirector4,630$20.8032.53%
8/10/2012THOMPSON J KENNETHDirector665$18.504.90%
8/10/2012Kerr Keagan J.VP - Human Resources1,000$19.6056.79%
8/09/2012Nault Casey M.VP & General Counsel600$19.2510.43%
8/09/2012KREBS MITCHELL JPresident and CEO5,000$19.268.92%
8/02/2012Druffel Elizabeth MeyerTreasurer and Chief Accountant-267$16.04-5.33%
5/09/2012Russell LutherSVP, Environ. Health Safety-405$18.33-2.41%
3/02/2012KREBS MITCHELL JPresident and CEO-2,651$27.57-4.52%
3/02/2012HARDY K. LEONSVP & Chief Operating Officer3,846$15.406.57%
3/02/2012HARDY K. LEONSVP & Chief Operating Officer-3,846$27.57-6.17%
3/02/2012HARDY K. LEONSVP & Chief Operating Officer-2,323$27.57-3.82%
3/02/2012Russell LutherSVP, Environ. Health Safety-985$27.57-5.53%
3/02/2012Kast-Brown Kelli CSVP and General Counsel-2,651$27.57-6.95%
3/02/2012ANGELOS THOMAS TSVP & Chief Compliance Officer-1,778$27.57-8.17%
3/01/2012HARDY K. LEONSVP & Chief Operating Officer2,630$10.004.50%
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