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22/7/2014 04:00 PM  |  NASDAQ : CERN  
Industries : Computer Software & Services / Healthcare Information Services

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
6/13/2014WILSON JULIE MEVP & Chief People Officer-44,745$52.87-100.00%
6/13/2014WILSON JULIE MEVP & Chief People Officer519$58.411.17%
6/12/2014PATTERSON NEAL LChairman and CEO-22,000$52.86-10.13%
6/12/2014PATTERSON NEAL LChairman and CEO582$57.590.27%
6/01/2014WILSON JULIE MEVP & Chief People Officer-333$54.20-1.65%
6/01/2014TOWNSEND JEFFREY AExec. VP & Chief of Staff-959$54.20-0.70%
6/01/2014Nill MichaelExec VP & COO-959$54.20-0.72%
6/01/2014NAUGHTON MARC GExec. VP & CFO-333$54.20-0.41%
6/01/2014BURKE ZANE MPresident-1,334$54.20-1.23%
5/30/2014Cortese Denis A.Director-4,000$54.42-15.63%
5/28/2014ILLIG CLIFFORD WVice Chairman-40,170$54.53-0.60%
5/28/2014ILLIG CLIFFORD WVice Chairman80,000$5.251.21%
3/12/2014PATTERSON NEAL LChairman and CEO-187,979$59.82-0.97%
3/11/2014PATTERSON NEAL LChairman and CEO-141,000$60.11-0.72%
3/10/2014PATTERSON NEAL LChairman and CEO-90,000$60.64-0.46%
2/27/2014PATTERSON NEAL LChairman and CEO-17,500$61.48-12.63%
2/14/2014PATTERSON NEAL LChairman and CEO-15,000$59.90-4.73%
2/13/2014Nill MichaelExec VP & COO50,000$13.6561.27%
2/13/2014Nill MichaelExec VP & COO-50,000$57.94-37.99%
2/10/2014PATTERSON NEAL LChairman and CEO-116,323$56.10-0.59%
2/10/2014PATTERSON NEAL LChairman and CEO240,000$5.251.23%
2/10/2014Battaglioli Michael R.VP & Chief Accounting Officer-2,000$56.08-100.00%
11/25/2013ZOLLARS WILLIAM DDirector-8,700$58.01-9.56%
11/08/2013NAUGHTON MARC GExec. VP & CFO-40,000$56.57-35.86%
11/08/2013NAUGHTON MARC GExec. VP & CFO40,000$13.4555.91%
11/07/2013PATTERSON NEAL LChairman and CEO-4,000$55.67-1.25%
11/01/2013BURKE ZANE MPresident16,000$11.5817.79%
11/01/2013BURKE ZANE MPresident23,000$13.1721.71%
11/01/2013BURKE ZANE MPresident-39,000$55.98-30.25%
10/30/2013Battaglioli Michael R.VP & Chief Accounting Officer-1,200$56.62-100.00%
10/29/2013Battaglioli Michael R.VP & Chief Accounting Officer-1,200$57.07-100.00%
9/12/2013WILSON JULIE MEVP & Chief People Officer36,000$21.30342.14%
9/12/2013WILSON JULIE MEVP & Chief People Officer22,000$13.4547.29%
9/12/2013WILSON JULIE MEVP & Chief People Officer-58,000$48.57-84.64%
9/12/2013Nill MichaelExec VP & COO5,200$1.756.37%
9/12/2013Nill MichaelExec VP & COO3,120$3.503.59%
9/12/2013Nill MichaelExec VP & COO40,000$10.2144.48%
9/12/2013Nill MichaelExec VP & COO-48,320$48.77-37.19%
8/01/2013NAUGHTON MARC GExec. VP & CFO58,850$10.8882.26%
8/01/2013NAUGHTON MARC GExec. VP & CFO-58,850$49.50-45.13%
8/01/2013PATTERSON NEAL LChairman, CEO & President-1,000$49.59-0.31%
7/31/2013NAUGHTON MARC GExec. VP & CFO-21,150$49.50-22.82%
7/31/2013NAUGHTON MARC GExec. VP & CFO21,150$10.8829.56%
6/12/2013Cortese Denis A.Director-1,000$98.00-25.87%
5/23/2013ZOLLARS WILLIAM DDirector-5,270$95.60-10.90%
5/17/2013PATTERSON NEAL LChairman, CEO & President-15,000$97.05-0.15%
5/15/2013WILSON JULIE MEVP & Chief People Officer14,000$26.91280.00%
5/15/2013WILSON JULIE MEVP & Chief People Officer-14,000$96.61-73.68%
5/14/2013PATTERSON NEAL LChairman, CEO & President-2,500$95.35-3.64%
5/14/2013PATTERSON NEAL LChairman, CEO & President-2,500$95.29-1.53%
5/14/2013PATTERSON NEAL LChairman, CEO & President-2,500$95.50-0.03%
5/09/2013TOWNSEND JEFFREY AExec. VP & Chief of Staff10,056$10.5052.03%
5/09/2013TOWNSEND JEFFREY AExec. VP & Chief of Staff-10,056$94.05-34.22%
5/08/2013TOWNSEND JEFFREY AExec. VP & Chief of Staff23,116$10.50119.60%
5/08/2013TOWNSEND JEFFREY AExec. VP & Chief of Staff-23,116$94.64-54.46%
5/07/2013TOWNSEND JEFFREY AExec. VP & Chief of Staff9,832$3.7550.87%
5/07/2013TOWNSEND JEFFREY AExec. VP & Chief of Staff-64,660$95.24-76.99%
5/07/2013TOWNSEND JEFFREY AExec. VP & Chief of Staff14,828$10.5021.44%
5/07/2013TOWNSEND JEFFREY AExec. VP & Chief of Staff20,000$5.6568.59%
5/07/2013TOWNSEND JEFFREY AExec. VP & Chief of Staff20,000$9.0240.68%
5/06/2013WILSON JULIE MEVP & Chief People Officer-16,000$96.06-76.19%
5/06/2013WILSON JULIE MEVP & Chief People Officer8,000$20.1161.54%
5/06/2013WILSON JULIE MEVP & Chief People Officer8,000$18.36160.00%
5/03/2013NAUGHTON MARC GExec. VP & CFO-25,000$96.92-41.30%
5/03/2013NAUGHTON MARC GExec. VP & CFO25,000$15.7070.35%
3/05/2013BURKE ZANE MExecutive Vice President-20,000$91.45-50.00%
3/05/2013BURKE ZANE MExecutive Vice President10,000$27.3133.33%
3/05/2013BURKE ZANE MExecutive Vice President800$5.502.74%
3/05/2013BURKE ZANE MExecutive Vice President440$6.501.53%
3/05/2013BURKE ZANE MExecutive Vice President8,760$26.3443.80%
3/01/2013PATTERSON NEAL LChairman, CEO & President-1,500$89.00-0.91%
2/27/2013Nill MichaelExec VP & COO20,000$20.42146.72%
2/27/2013Nill MichaelExec VP & COO5,000$15.7057.93%
2/27/2013Nill MichaelExec VP & COO-25,000$87.07-74.34%
2/19/2013SIMS RANDY DSVP, CLO & Secretary-22,332$88.56-96.35%
2/19/2013SIMS RANDY DSVP, CLO & Secretary22,332$15.702,642.84%
2/19/2013Battaglioli Michael R.VP & Chief Accounting Officer-1,000$88.55-100.00%
2/15/2013SIMS RANDY DSVP, CLO & Secretary7,668$15.70907.46%
2/15/2013SIMS RANDY DSVP, CLO & Secretary-7,668$88.53-90.07%
2/15/2013PATTERSON NEAL LChairman, CEO & President-1,500$88.50-2.14%
2/15/2013PATTERSON NEAL LChairman, CEO & President-1,000$88.55-0.60%
2/13/2013PATTERSON NEAL LChairman, CEO & President-1,000$88.14-1.40%
12/14/2012ILLIG CLIFFORD WVice Chairman-100,000$77.29-1.49%
12/04/2012ILLIG CLIFFORD WVice Chairman-32,246$76.87-40.80%
12/04/2012ILLIG CLIFFORD WVice Chairman20,000$9.0233.88%
12/04/2012ILLIG CLIFFORD WVice Chairman48,000$5.65435.14%
11/28/2012BISBEE GERALD E JRDirector-5,000$76.95-19.23%
11/26/2012PATTERSON NEAL LChairman, CEO & President100,000$5.651.47%
11/26/2012PATTERSON NEAL LChairman, CEO & President-43,333$77.02-0.63%
11/20/2012ILLIG CLIFFORD WVice Chairman-6,500$77.18-12.04%
11/06/2012Battaglioli Michael R.VP & Chief Accounting Officer-1,200$80.02-100.00%
11/05/2012NAUGHTON MARC GExec. VP & CFO6,168$3.7520.20%
11/05/2012NAUGHTON MARC GExec. VP & CFO25,000$15.7068.11%
11/05/2012NAUGHTON MARC GExec. VP & CFO8,000$10.5012.97%
11/05/2012NAUGHTON MARC GExec. VP & CFO-39,168$78.53-56.19%
9/14/2012Nill MichaelExec VP & COO20,000$15.70231.72%
9/14/2012Nill MichaelExec VP & COO-20,000$72.40-69.85%
9/07/2012WILSON JULIE MSr. VP & Chief People Officer8,000$20.11200.00%
9/07/2012WILSON JULIE MSr. VP & Chief People Officer8,000$18.3666.67%
9/07/2012WILSON JULIE MSr. VP & Chief People Officer15,000$26.9175.00%
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