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Oct. 8, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
10/06/2015Robb StephenEVP - Chief Financial Officer-19,125$119.00-46.47%
10/06/2015Robb StephenEVP - Chief Financial Officer20,250$68.1596.84%
10/01/2015Reynolds Eric HSVP-Chief Marketing Officer-99$115.38-2.96%
9/25/2015Robb StephenEVP - Chief Financial Officer22,240$66.48112.95%
9/25/2015Robb StephenEVP - Chief Financial Officer-21,020$115.00-50.13%
9/25/2015KANE JACQUELINE PEVP- HR & Corporate Affairs-2,340$115.00-8.43%
9/18/2015Robb StephenEVP - Chief Financial Officer-8,500$113.85-30.36%
9/17/2015Foster James EEVP Product Supply-3,710$113.92-21.60%
9/17/2015KANE JACQUELINE PEVP- HR & Corporate Affairs-5,027$115.00-15.42%
9/17/2015Foster James EEVP Product Supply-1,551$114.88-8.28%
9/17/2015Foster James EEVP Product Supply5,443$84.4540.96%
9/14/2015Foster James EEVP Product Supply-5,133$109.53-27.87%
9/14/2015Foster James EEVP Product Supply5,400$68.1541.47%
9/11/2015Foster James EEVP Product Supply-6,866$109.20-34.53%
9/11/2015Foster James EEVP Product Supply7,185$72.1156.57%
9/08/2015Balousek Jon MSVP - GM, Specialty Div-1,294$111.38-10.76%
9/02/2015TATASEO FRANK AEVP - New Bus. Development-3,673$110.25-13.25%
8/28/2015JOHNSON THOMAS DVP - Global Business Services-1,051$111.34-7.07%
8/27/2015Foster James EEVP Product Supply-3,000$111.39-19.36%
8/20/2015Vlahos Nikolaos AEVP-COO - Household-1,377$116.54-10.58%
8/20/2015Vlahos Nikolaos AEVP-COO - Household-3,423$115.96-55.28%
8/18/2015Costello Michael R.SVP - International-210$116.99-1.02%
8/17/2015Dorer Benno OCEO4,735$117.5134.73%
8/17/2015Willoughby Dawn CEVP-COO - Cleaning, Int'nl2,341$117.5134.53%
8/17/2015Vlahos Nikolaos AEVP-COO - Household2,341$117.5121.81%
8/17/2015Reynolds Eric HSVP-Chief Marketing Officer-730$117.51-18.33%
8/17/2015Balousek Jon MSVP - GM, Specialty Div-1,141$117.51-8.66%
8/17/2015TATASEO FRANK AEVP - New Bus. Development-3,420$117.51-10.98%
8/17/2015Laszlo Matthew TSVP - Chief Customer Officer997$117.5175.99%
8/17/2015KANE JACQUELINE PEVP- HR & Corporate Affairs-2,888$117.51-8.14%
8/17/2015Laszlo Matthew TSVP - Chief Customer Officer-376$117.51-16.28%
8/17/2015Dorer Benno OCEO-2,472$117.51-13.46%
8/17/2015TATASEO FRANK AEVP - New Bus. Development6,552$117.5126.64%
8/17/2015Costello Michael R.SVP - International-63$117.51-0.31%
8/17/2015STEIN LAURAEVP - General Counsel5,533$117.5112.59%
8/17/2015Robb StephenEVP - Chief Financial Officer5,533$117.5121.82%
8/17/2015Balousek Jon MSVP - GM, Specialty Div2,184$117.5119.88%
8/17/2015JOHNSON THOMAS DVP - Global Business Services-549$117.51-3.56%
8/17/2015Foster James EEVP Product Supply-68$117.51-0.44%
8/17/2015Robb StephenEVP - Chief Financial Officer-2,888$117.51-9.35%
8/17/2015STEIN LAURAEVP - General Counsel-2,888$117.51-5.84%
8/17/2015KANE JACQUELINE PEVP- HR & Corporate Affairs5,533$117.5118.47%
8/17/2015GARNER DENISESVP - Chief Innovation Officer-617$117.51-22.68%
8/17/2015Costello Michael R.SVP - International2,735$117.5115.35%
8/17/2015JOHNSON THOMAS DVP - Global Business Services1,459$117.5110.46%
8/17/2015Foster James EEVP Product Supply2,908$117.5122.98%
8/17/2015Reynolds Eric HSVP-Chief Marketing Officer1,942$117.5195.20%
8/17/2015Willoughby Dawn CEVP-COO - Cleaning, Int'nl-53$117.51-0.58%
8/17/2015GARNER DENISESVP - Chief Innovation Officer1,638$117.51151.25%
8/17/2015Vlahos Nikolaos AEVP-COO - Household-53$117.51-0.41%
8/11/2015Foster James EEVP Product Supply-3,786$117.15-23.03%
8/11/2015JOHNSON THOMAS DVP - Global Business Services3,010$84.4513.90%
8/11/2015JOHNSON THOMAS DVP - Global Business Services7,185$72.1149.65%
8/11/2015JOHNSON THOMAS DVP - Global Business Services-10,712$117.63-43.43%
8/06/2015Willoughby Dawn CEVP-COO - Cleaning, Int'nl7,830$57.25146.79%
8/06/2015Willoughby Dawn CEVP-COO - Cleaning, Int'nl-6,384$119.32-48.50%
8/05/2015TATASEO FRANK AEVP - New Bus. Development32,330$72.11141.67%
8/05/2015TATASEO FRANK AEVP - New Bus. Development-42,083$118.62-63.11%
8/05/2015TATASEO FRANK AEVP - New Bus. Development11,527$84.4520.90%
8/05/2015Vlahos Nikolaos AEVP-COO - Household-10,310$117.60-48.99%
8/05/2015Vlahos Nikolaos AEVP-COO - Household10,775$72.11104.94%
8/04/2015Robb StephenEVP - Chief Financial Officer1,258$57.256.14%
8/04/2015Robb StephenEVP - Chief Financial Officer16,887$63.95467.40%
8/04/2015Robb StephenEVP - Chief Financial Officer-15,849$115.00-72.84%
8/03/2015Robb StephenEVP - Chief Financial Officer-21,497$115.00-85.61%
8/03/2015Robb StephenEVP - Chief Financial Officer20,572$57.25597.16%
8/03/2015Robb StephenEVP - Chief Financial Officer1,093$63.954.55%
7/29/2015STEIN LAURAEVP - General Counsel45,080$66.48108.48%
7/29/2015STEIN LAURAEVP - General Counsel-42,698$112.00-49.28%
6/01/2015Thomas-Graham PamelaDirector8,000$57.00449.69%
6/01/2015Thomas-Graham PamelaDirector-8,000$107.90-81.81%
5/19/2015Vlahos Nikolaos AEVP-COO - Household12,150$68.15124.56%
5/19/2015Vlahos Nikolaos AEVP-COO - Household-11,633$110.00-53.11%
5/12/2015Willoughby Dawn CEVP-COO - Cleaning, Int'nl-427$107.49-7.41%
5/12/2015Vlahos Nikolaos AEVP-COO - Household-427$107.49-4.19%
5/12/2015Foster James EEVP Product Supply-427$107.49-2.53%
3/23/2015Willoughby Dawn CEVP-COO - Cleaning, Int'nl-5,440$112.00-48.64%
3/23/2015Willoughby Dawn CEVP-COO - Cleaning, Int'nl6,500$63.95138.74%
3/16/2015Robb StephenEVP - Chief Financial Officer11,400$61.5165.80%
3/16/2015Robb StephenEVP - Chief Financial Officer15,400$61.16800.42%
3/16/2015Robb StephenEVP - Chief Financial Officer-1,600$109.96-5.57%
3/16/2015Robb StephenEVP - Chief Financial Officer-23,679$109.46-87.30%
3/09/2015Balousek Jon MSVP - GM, Specialty Div-2,812$109.40-20.38%
3/05/2015KANE JACQUELINE PEVP- HR & Corporate Affairs19,526$63.9568.33%
3/05/2015KANE JACQUELINE PEVP- HR & Corporate Affairs6,199$66.4812.89%
3/05/2015KANE JACQUELINE PEVP- HR & Corporate Affairs-24,344$110.01-44.83%
3/02/2015Costello Michael R.SVP - International15,385$66.4893.08%
3/02/2015Costello Michael R.SVP - International-14,278$110.03-44.74%
2/27/2015Dorer Benno OCEO-710$108.64-4.95%
2/24/2015Costello Michael R.SVP - International3,084$63.9515.77%
2/24/2015Costello Michael R.SVP - International-6,105$109.80-26.97%
2/24/2015Costello Michael R.SVP - International3,895$66.4824.88%
2/20/2015Balousek Jon MSVP - GM, Specialty Div8,240$57.2523.40%
2/20/2015Balousek Jon MSVP - GM, Specialty Div-29,663$109.10-68.26%
2/20/2015Balousek Jon MSVP - GM, Specialty Div13,940$66.48152.70%
2/20/2015Balousek Jon MSVP - GM, Specialty Div12,150$68.1552.67%
2/18/2015Costello Michael R.SVP - International-11,296$109.82-41.91%
2/18/2015Costello Michael R.SVP - International11,296$63.9572.16%
2/13/2015Costello Michael R.SVP - International-6,302$108.36-28.70%
2/13/2015Costello Michael R.SVP - International4,060$61.1626.66%
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