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Mar. 2, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
2/25/2015Sammann DerekSr MD Commodity & Options Prod-1,619$96.51-7.03%
2/25/2015Sammann DerekSr MD Commodity & Options Prod-2,770$96.55-10.73%
2/25/2015Sammann DerekSr MD Commodity & Options Prod2,770$66.2512.02%
2/25/2015Sammann DerekSr MD Commodity & Options Prod-381$96.56-1.78%
2/11/2015DUFFY TERRENCE AExecutive Chairman & President-30,875$94.55-21.74%
2/11/2015DUFFY TERRENCE AExecutive Chairman & President30,875$83.8827.78%
2/10/2015Pankau Ronald A.Director-350$94.00-8.77%
2/06/2015Harley Jill AMD & CAO800$83.887.74%
2/06/2015Piell Hilda HarrisSr MD & Chief HR Officer1,600$88.137.95%
2/06/2015Piell Hilda HarrisSr MD & Chief HR Officer-1,600$94.00-7.36%
2/06/2015Harley Jill AMD & CAO-800$95.00-7.18%
2/05/2015Harley Jill AMD & CAO-344$90.00-3.22%
1/02/2015Harley Jill AMD& CAO-346$88.92-3.14%
1/02/2015Harley Jill AMD& CAO-4$89.41-0.04%
12/19/2014Harley Jill AMD & CAO-800$93.00-6.76%
12/19/2014Harley Jill AMD & CAO800$83.887.25%
12/18/2014Harley Jill AMD & CAO-800$90.06-6.76%
12/18/2014Harley Jill AMD & CAO800$83.887.25%
12/16/2014Harley Jill AMD&CAO-100$87.50-0.90%
12/14/2014Cutinho SunilSr MD & President CME Clearing-104$87.08-0.99%
12/12/2014Harley Jill AMD&CAO-400$87.82-3.47%
12/08/2014Piell Hilda HarrisSr MD & Chief HR Officer-5,825$89.00-22.44%
12/08/2014Piell Hilda HarrisSr MD & Chief HR Officer5,825$83.8828.93%
11/17/2014Harley Jill AMD & CAO-450$84.61-3.75%
11/14/2014GEPSMAN MARTIN JDirector-500$84.78-1.16%
11/03/2014Sammann DerekSr MD Commodities P&S-990$84.25-4.12%
11/03/2014Sammann DerekSr MD Commodities P&S2,480$54.3710.76%
11/03/2014Sammann DerekSr MD Commodities P&S-2,480$84.25-9.72%
11/03/2014Sammann DerekSr MD Commodities P&S6,320$54.3027.43%
11/03/2014Sammann DerekSr MD Commodities P&S990$56.874.30%
11/03/2014Sammann DerekSr MD Commodities P&S-6,320$84.25-21.52%
11/03/2014Sammann DerekSr MD Commodities P&S210$66.250.91%
11/03/2014Sammann DerekSr MD Commodities P&S-210$84.25-0.90%
11/03/2014DUFFY TERRENCE AExecutive Chairman & President-5,340$84.55-4.59%
11/03/2014DUFFY TERRENCE AExecutive Chairman & President9,240$54.308.32%
11/03/2014DUFFY TERRENCE AExecutive Chairman & President-9,240$84.55-7.68%
11/03/2014CRONIN KATHLEEN MSr MD Gen Counsel & Corp Secr-1,920$84.52-9.74%
11/03/2014DUFFY TERRENCE AExecutive Chairman & President5,340$54.374.81%
10/01/2014Harley Jill AMD & CAO800$56.876.46%
10/01/2014Harley Jill AMD & CAO-800$80.00-6.07%
10/01/2014Harley Jill AMD & CAO-400$79.96-3.23%
9/16/2014GILL PHUPINDERCEO-1,342$79.87-1.07%
9/16/2014Holzrichter JulieChief Operating Officer-187$79.87-0.81%
9/16/2014Parisi James E.CFO & Sr MD Finance & Corp Dev-642$79.87-1.31%
9/16/2014TAYLOR KIMBERLY SPres. Global Ops. & Risk Mgmt.-805$79.87-0.81%
9/16/2014Kometer KevinSr MD & CIO-234$79.87-0.67%
9/16/2014Piell Hilda HarrisSr MD & Chief HR Officer-187$79.87-0.92%
9/16/2014CRONIN KATHLEEN MSr MD Gen Counsel & Corp Secr-203$79.87-1.02%
9/16/2014Cutinho SunilPresident CME Clearing-202$79.87-1.88%
9/16/2014Tully SeanSr MD Financial P&S-237$79.87-1.55%
9/16/2014Zagotta RobertSr MD, Strategy & Execution-234$79.87-1.95%
9/16/2014Durkin Bryan TChief Commercial Officer-805$79.87-1.53%
9/16/2014Harley Jill AMD & CAO-139$79.87-1.11%
9/16/2014DUFFY TERRENCE AExecutive Chairman & President-1,677$79.87-1.49%
9/16/2014Sammann DerekSr MD Commodities P&S-203$79.87-0.87%
9/15/2014Cutinho SunilPresident CME Clearing-256$79.82-2.98%
9/15/2014Sammann DerekSr MD Commodities P&S-569$79.82-2.70%
9/15/2014DUFFY TERRENCE AExecutive Chairman & President-3,389$79.82-3.37%
9/15/2014Harley Jill AMD & CAO-245$80.00-1.92%
9/15/2014Harley Jill AMD & CAO-1,350$80.00-9.56%
9/15/2014Harley Jill AMD & CAO1,350$54.3010.57%
9/15/2014Harley Jill AMD & CAO1,225$54.379.59%
9/15/2014Harley Jill AMD & CAO-259$79.82-2.44%
9/15/2014Durkin Bryan TChief Commercial Officer-2,000$79.82-4.35%
9/15/2014Tully SeanSr MD Financial P&S-122$79.82-0.97%
9/15/2014CRONIN KATHLEEN MSr MD Gen Counsel & Corp Secr-458$79.82-2.87%
9/15/2014Piell Hilda HarrisSr MD & Chief HR Officer-440$79.82-2.36%
9/15/2014Harley Jill AMD & CAO-1,225$80.00-8.75%
9/15/2014GILL PHUPINDERCEO-2,781$79.82-2.41%
9/15/2014Holzrichter JulieChief Operating Officer-440$79.82-2.44%
9/15/2014Parisi James E.CFO & Sr MD Finance & Corp Dev-947$79.82-1.90%
9/15/2014TAYLOR KIMBERLY SPres. Global Ops. & Risk Mgmt.-1,306$79.82-1.41%
9/15/2014Kometer KevinSr MD & CIO-549$79.82-1.83%
9/15/2014Piell Hilda HarrisSr MD & Chief HR Officer-2,267$80.00-10.04%
9/15/2014Piell Hilda HarrisSr MD & Chief HR Officer-2,085$79.00-8.45%
9/15/2014Piell Hilda HarrisSr MD & Chief HR Officer2,085$54.309.23%
9/15/2014Piell Hilda HarrisSr MD & Chief HR Officer-1,145$79.00-4.82%
9/15/2014Piell Hilda HarrisSr MD & Chief HR Officer1,145$54.375.07%
9/14/2014GILL PHUPINDERCEO-1,557$79.33-1.33%
9/14/2014Piell Hilda HarrisSr MD & Chief HR Officer-207$79.33-1.10%
9/14/2014TAYLOR KIMBERLY SPres. Global Ops. & Risk Mgmt.-578$79.33-0.62%
9/14/2014Parisi James E.CFO & Sr MD Finance & Corp Dev-482$79.33-0.96%
9/14/2014Holzrichter JulieChief Operating Officer-207$79.33-1.14%
9/14/2014CRONIN KATHLEEN MSr MD Gen Counsel & Corp Secr-224$79.33-1.38%
9/14/2014Cutinho SunilPresident CME Clearing-223$79.33-2.53%
9/14/2014Sammann DerekSr MD Commodities P&S-224$79.33-1.05%
9/14/2014DUFFY TERRENCE AExecutive Chairman & President-1,946$79.33-1.90%
9/14/2014Harley Jill AMD & CAO-176$79.33-1.63%
9/14/2014Durkin Bryan TChief Commercial Officer-934$79.33-1.99%
9/14/2014Zagotta RobertSr MD, Strategy & Execution-258$79.33-3.42%
9/14/2014Tully SeanSr MD Financial P&S-219$79.33-1.70%
9/14/2014Kometer KevinSr MD & CIO-258$79.33-0.85%
9/02/2014Durkin Bryan TCOO6,875$28.8014.65%
9/02/2014Durkin Bryan TCOO-6,875$76.75-12.78%
9/02/2014Durkin Bryan TCOO18,750$28.8039.95%
9/02/2014Durkin Bryan TCOO-18,750$76.75-28.55%
8/13/2014Pankau Ronald A.Director-400$73.65-9.85%
8/01/2014GEPSMAN MARTIN JDirector-800$74.46-1.83%
7/23/2014Harley Jill AMD & CAO1,225$54.3710.67%
7/23/2014Piell Hilda HarrisSr MD & Chief HR Officer-2,282$75.00-10.80%
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