Centene Corp $81.56

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23/9/2014 10:20 AM  |  NYSE : CNC  
Industries : Health Services / Health Care Plans

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
9/18/2014Imholz Donald GEVP, Operations and CIO-5,000$80.10-6.32%
9/18/2014Williamson Keith HEVP, Secr. & General Counsel-4,000$80.54-6.95%
9/15/2014Williamson Keith HEVP, Secr. & General Counsel-4,000$77.48-6.50%
9/09/2014Hunter Jesse NEVP, Chief Bus. Dev. Officer-5,000$79.35-4.93%
9/09/2014Schwaneke Jeffrey A.SVP, Corp. Controller & CAO-1,000$79.51-3.92%
9/02/2014Imholz Donald GEVP, Operations and CIO-5,000$77.32-5.95%
8/28/2014Schwaneke Jeffrey A.SVP, Corp. Controller & CAO-1,000$77.02-3.78%
7/27/2014HARROLD JASON MEVP, Specialty Comp. Bus. Unit-667$74.21-1.48%
6/30/2014Thompson Tommy GDirector468$74.800.56%
6/30/2014ROBERTS JOHN RDirector418$74.800.84%
6/30/2014STEWARD DAVID LDirector468$74.801.01%
6/30/2014EPPINGER FREDERICK HDirector418$74.800.58%
6/30/2014DITMORE ROBERT KDirector535$74.800.20%
6/30/2014JOSEPH PAMELA ADirector418$74.800.62%
5/28/2014NEIDORFF MICHAEL FChairman, President and CEO70,000$17.854.04%
5/28/2014NEIDORFF MICHAEL FChairman, President and CEO-42,352$74.02-2.35%
5/28/2014Hunter Jesse NEVP, Chief Bus. Dev. Officer7,980$25.408.30%
5/28/2014Hunter Jesse NEVP, Chief Bus. Dev. Officer-2,739$74.02-2.63%
5/12/2014HARROLD JASON MEVP, Specialty Comp. Bus. Unit-2,500$70.00-5.26%
4/30/2014MINIFIE C DAVIDEVP, Chief Marketing Officer-334$65.51-1.73%
4/23/2014HARROLD JASON MEVP, Specialty Comp. Bus. Unit-834$64.29-1.72%
4/22/2014DITMORE ROBERT KDirector3,000$57.291.11%
4/02/2014HARROLD JASON MEVP, Specialty Comp. Bus. Unit-5,000$62.19-9.37%
3/31/2014DITMORE ROBERT KDirector647$61.780.24%
3/31/2014ROBERTS JOHN RDirector506$61.781.00%
3/31/2014Thompson Tommy GDirector567$61.780.71%
3/31/2014SCHEFFEL WILLIAM NExec VP, CFO & Treasurer-17,895$61.99-17.30%
3/31/2014KROLL EDMUND ESVP Fin & Investor Relations-5,000$62.00-10.69%
3/03/2014DITMORE ROBERT KDirector10,000$16.653.79%
3/03/2014DITMORE ROBERT KDirector-4,905$63.68-1.79%
2/24/2014Williamson Keith HEVP, Secr. & General Counsel-4,000$63.00-6.10%
2/06/2014Williamson Keith HEVP, Secr. & General Counsel-4,000$61.09-5.75%
2/06/2014Imholz Donald GEVP, Operations and CIO-5,000$61.36-5.61%
2/06/2014Hunter Jesse NEVP, Chief Bus. Dev. Officer-5,000$61.66-4.87%
2/06/2014GOLDMAN CAROLExec VP Chief Admin Officer-10,000$61.57-10.44%
2/06/2014NEIDORFF MICHAEL FChairman, President and CEO-10,000$62.00-0.57%
2/04/2014Williamson Keith HEVP, Secr. & General Counsel-733$59.11-1.04%
2/04/2014SCHEFFEL WILLIAM NExec VP, CFO & Treasurer-1,242$59.11-1.19%
2/04/2014Imholz Donald GEVP, Operations and CIO-1,262$59.11-1.40%
2/04/2014Hunter Jesse NEVP, Chief Bus. Dev. Officer-1,255$59.11-1.21%
2/04/2014HARROLD JASON MEVP, Specialty Comp. Bus. Unit-737$59.11-1.36%
2/04/2014GOLDMAN CAROLExec VP Chief Admin Officer-1,261$59.11-1.30%
2/04/2014NEIDORFF MICHAEL FChairman, President and CEO-9,509$59.11-0.54%
12/31/2013DITMORE ROBERT KDirector688$58.110.26%
12/31/2013ROBERTS JOHN RDirector538$58.111.08%
12/31/2013Thompson Tommy GDirector602$58.110.75%
12/17/2013AYALA ORLANDODirector17,600$56.41151.82%
12/15/2013NEIDORFF MICHAEL FChairman, President and CEO-23,976$57.58-1.32%
12/14/2013Williamson Keith HEVP, Secr. & General Counsel-1,668$57.58-2.32%
12/14/2013Schwaneke Jeffrey A.SVP, Corp. Controller & CAO-556$57.58-2.04%
12/14/2013SCHEFFEL WILLIAM NExec VP, CFO & Treasurer-2,780$57.58-2.59%
12/14/2013KROLL EDMUND ESVP Fin & Investor Relations-1,374$57.58-2.85%
12/14/2013Imholz Donald GEVP, CIO and Operations-5,056$57.58-5.28%
12/14/2013Hunter Jesse NEVP, Chief Bus. Dev. Officer-4,827$57.58-4.44%
12/14/2013HARROLD JASON MEVP, Specialty Comp. Bus. Unit-1,668$57.58-2.92%
12/14/2013NEIDORFF MICHAEL FChairman, President and CEO-11,988$57.58-0.65%
12/14/2013GOLDMAN CAROLExec VP Chief Admin Officer-2,224$57.58-2.24%
12/13/2013HARROLD JASON MEVP, Specialty Comp. Bus. Unit-1,668$54.26-2.83%
12/13/2013GOLDMAN CAROLExec VP Chief Admin Officer-1,112$54.26-1.11%
12/13/2013Hunter Jesse NEVP, Chief Bus. Dev. Officer-1,390$54.26-1.26%
12/13/2013Imholz Donald GEVP, CIO and Operations-1,112$54.26-1.15%
12/13/2013SCHEFFEL WILLIAM NExec VP, CFO & Treasurer-1,112$54.26-1.02%
12/13/2013Schwaneke Jeffrey A.SVP, Corp. Controller & CAO-834$54.26-2.97%
12/13/2013Williamson Keith HEVP, Secr. & General Counsel-1,668$54.26-2.27%
12/12/2013NEIDORFF MICHAEL FChairman, President and CEO-11,988$55.73-0.65%
12/11/2013NEIDORFF MICHAEL FChairman, President and CEO150,000$56.628.85%
12/11/2013GOLDMAN CAROLExec VP Chief Admin Officer-1,223$56.62-1.20%
12/11/2013HARROLD JASON MEVP, Specialty Comp. Bus. Unit-695$56.62-1.17%
12/11/2013Hunter Jesse NEVP, Chief Bus. Dev. Officer-1,223$56.62-1.10%
12/11/2013Williamson Keith HEVP, Secr. & General Counsel-1,529$56.62-2.03%
12/11/2013Imholz Donald GEVP, CIO and Operations-1,223$56.62-1.25%
12/11/2013SCHEFFEL WILLIAM NExec VP, CFO & Treasurer-1,223$56.62-1.11%
12/11/2013Schwaneke Jeffrey A.SVP, Corp. Controller & CAO-723$56.62-2.51%
12/10/2013Williamson Keith HEVP, Secr. & General Counsel10,000$57.3215.34%
12/10/2013Schwaneke Jeffrey A.SVP, Corp. Controller & CAO7,500$57.3235.17%
12/10/2013SCHEFFEL WILLIAM NExec VP, CFO & Treasurer25,000$57.3229.50%
12/10/2013HITCHCOCK ROBERT TEVP Health Plans8,500$57.3247.82%
12/10/2013Baldwin Kenneth RoneEVP, Insurance Group30,000$57.32197.41%
12/10/2013GOLDMAN CAROLExec VP Chief Admin Officer25,000$57.3232.54%
12/10/2013HARROLD JASON MEVP, Specialty Comp. Bus. Unit7,500$57.3214.40%
12/10/2013Hunter Jesse NEVP, Chief Bus. Dev. Officer25,000$57.3228.95%
12/10/2013Imholz Donald GEVP, CIO and Operations25,000$57.3234.20%
12/10/2013KROLL EDMUND ESVP Fin & Investor Relations6,500$57.3215.60%
12/10/2013MINIFIE C DAVIDEVP, Chief Marketing Officer10,000$57.32107.05%
12/09/2013Schwaneke Jeffrey A.SVP, Corp. Controller & CAO-134$60.19-0.62%
12/09/2013HARROLD JASON MEVP, Specialty Comp. Bus. Unit-184$60.19-0.35%
11/30/2013Baldwin Kenneth RoneEVP, Insurance Group-1,668$59.73-9.89%
11/03/2013Imholz Donald GEVP, Chief Information Officer-2,335$56.00-3.09%
10/22/2013MINIFIE C DAVIDEVP, Chief Marketing Officer-834$66.11-8.20%
10/22/2013HITCHCOCK ROBERT TEVP Health Plans-2,224$66.11-11.12%
9/30/2013DITMORE ROBERT KDirector619$64.630.23%
9/30/2013ROBERTS JOHN RDirector484$64.630.98%
9/30/2013Thompson Tommy GDirector542$64.630.68%
9/25/2013NEIDORFF MICHAEL FChairman, President and CEO100,000$17.856.04%
9/25/2013NEIDORFF MICHAEL FChairman, President and CEO-60,080$64.76-3.42%
7/27/2013HARROLD JASON MEVP, Specialty Comp. Bus. Unit-668$56.08-1.26%
7/25/2013Schwaneke Jeffrey A.SVP, Corp. Controller & CAO3,000$17.3813.98%
7/25/2013Williamson Keith HEVP, Secr. & General Counsel-6,000$57.74-8.36%
7/25/2013Hunter Jesse NEVP, Chief Bus. Dev. Officer-5,000$57.41-5.47%
7/25/2013Schwaneke Jeffrey A.SVP, Corp. Controller & CAO-3,000$57.40-12.27%
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