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Nov. 25, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
11/16/2015Longoria Janiece MDirector-3,000$17.03-5.42%
9/01/2015Bridge Tracy BExec VP - Div Pres31,069$17.84476.74%
8/26/2015MCGOLDRICK JOSEPH BExec VP - Div Pres9,984$18.2358.89%
6/02/2015Bridge Tracy BExec VP - Div Pres10,000$19.8018.70%
6/01/2015CARROLL MILTONExecutive Chairman-8,205$20.22-4.43%
6/01/2015Bridge Tracy BExec VP - Div Pres10,000$20.2023.00%
5/15/2015Smith Phillip RDirector2,000$20.2815.14%
5/14/2015MCGOLDRICK JOSEPH BExec VP - Div Pres10,000$20.159.60%
5/13/2015ROGERS WILLIAM DEVP & Chief Financial Officer2,700$19.856.08%
5/13/2015ROGERS WILLIAM DEVP & Chief Financial Officer7,100$19.8419.03%
5/13/2015ROGERS WILLIAM DEVP & Chief Financial Officer200$19.830.54%
5/13/2015ROGERS WILLIAM DEVP & Chief Financial Officer1,793$19.766.61%
5/13/2015ROGERS WILLIAM DEVP & Chief Financial Officer8,207$19.7728.39%
2/26/2015MCGOLDRICK JOSEPH BExec VP - Div Pres-1,983$21.02-2.45%
2/26/2015WHITLOCK GARY LEVP & Chief Financial Officer-5,777$21.02-1.38%
2/26/2015Bridge Tracy BExec VP - Div Pres-1,492$21.02-3.32%
2/26/2015Colvin KristieSVP and CAO-613$21.02-2.11%
2/26/2015Prochazka Scott MPresident & CEO-1,481$21.02-1.31%
2/22/2015MCGOLDRICK JOSEPH BExec VP - Div Pres-1,294$21.73-1.72%
2/22/2015Bridge Tracy BExec VP - Div Pres-1,013$21.73-2.50%
2/22/2015Colvin KristieSVP and CAO-360$21.73-1.31%
2/22/2015WHITLOCK GARY LEVP & Chief Financial Officer-3,382$21.73-0.84%
2/22/2015Prochazka Scott MPresident & CEO-840$21.73-0.77%
6/06/2014CARROLL MILTONExecutive Chairman-9,795$24.11-6.59%
6/01/2014CARROLL MILTONExecutive Chairman-8,205$24.12-5.23%
5/13/2014Smith Phillip RDirector2,500$23.7650.00%
5/05/2014CARROLL MILTONExecutive Chairman-10,333$24.44-6.18%
2/26/2014Fitzgerald Walter L.Sr VP and CAO-3,803$23.55-3.59%
2/26/2014Prochazka Scott MPresident & CEO-2,324$23.55-6.43%
2/26/2014MCGOLDRICK JOSEPH BExec VP - Div Pres-4,074$23.55-6.98%
2/26/2014Bridge Tracy BExec VP - Div Pres-2,339$23.55-10.53%
2/26/2014ROZZELL SCOTT EEVP, Gen.Counsel, Corp. Sec-15,946$23.55-4.71%
2/26/2014WHITLOCK GARY LEVP & Chief Financial Officer-17,400$23.55-4.51%
2/26/2014STANDISH THOMAS RExec VP-15,200$23.55-5.17%
2/24/2014MCGOLDRICK JOSEPH BExec VP - Div Pres-1,405$24.38-3.14%
2/24/2014Bridge Tracy BExec VP - Div Pres-849$24.38-5.84%
2/24/2014Prochazka Scott MPresident & CEO-701$24.38-2.47%
2/24/2014ROZZELL SCOTT EEVP, Gen.Counsel, Corp. Sec-7,138$24.38-2.36%
2/24/2014STANDISH THOMAS RExec VP-7,006$24.38-2.70%
2/24/2014WHITLOCK GARY LEVP & Chief Financial Officer-7,401$24.38-2.13%
2/24/2014Fitzgerald Walter L.Sr VP and CAO-1,153$24.38-1.24%
1/08/2014Fitzgerald Walter L.Sr VP and CAO8,000$10.929.31%
1/08/2014Fitzgerald Walter L.Sr VP and CAO-5,192$22.95-5.53%
12/03/2013MCCLANAHAN DAVID MPresident and CEO-106,100$23.01-9.70%
12/03/2013MCCLANAHAN DAVID MPresident and CEO106,100$10.9210.74%
11/12/2013WHITLOCK GARY LEVP & Chief Financial Officer35,200$10.9211.00%
11/12/2013WHITLOCK GARY LEVP & Chief Financial Officer-35,200$24.88-9.91%
11/11/2013Longoria Janiece MDirector-3,000$24.88-6.77%
6/01/2013CARROLL MILTONExecutive Chairman-8,432$23.18-6.47%
5/08/2013MCGOLDRICK JOSEPH BSr VP - Div Pres-2,000$24.40-4.74%
2/27/2013Harper C GregorySr. VP & Group Pres.-4,855$21.23-8.06%
2/27/2013STANDISH THOMAS RExec VP and Group Pres-12,470$21.23-5.06%
2/27/2013ROZZELL SCOTT EEVP, Gen.Counsel, Corp. Sec-13,150$21.23-4.52%
2/27/2013WHITLOCK GARY LEVP & Chief Financial Officer-14,304$21.23-4.32%
2/27/2013Fitzgerald Walter L.Sr VP and CAO-3,390$21.23-3.79%
2/27/2013MCGOLDRICK JOSEPH BSr VP - Div Pres-3,601$21.23-7.86%
2/27/2013Bridge Tracy BSr VP - Div Pres-1,539$21.23-11.42%
2/27/2013Prochazka Scott MEVP & COO-1,559$21.23-5.71%
2/27/2013MCCLANAHAN DAVID MPresident and CEO-51,258$21.23-5.02%
2/22/2013MCGOLDRICK JOSEPH BSr VP - Div Pres-1,459$20.90-4.29%
2/22/2013Harper C GregorySr. VP & Group Pres.-1,914$20.90-4.31%
2/22/2013STANDISH THOMAS RExec VP and Group Pres-7,205$20.90-3.33%
2/22/2013ROZZELL SCOTT EEVP, Gen.Counsel, Corp. Sec-7,337$20.90-2.83%
2/22/2013WHITLOCK GARY LEVP & Chief Financial Officer-7,572$20.90-2.54%
2/22/2013Fitzgerald Walter L.Sr VP and CAO-1,218$20.90-1.56%
2/22/2013MCGOLDRICK JOSEPH BSr VP - Div Pres-1,290$20.90-3.85%
2/22/2013Prochazka Scott MEVP & COO-686$20.90-3.07%
2/22/2013MCCLANAHAN DAVID MPresident and CEO-12,228$20.90-1.34%
1/08/2013Fitzgerald Walter L.Sr VP and CAO9,400$5.6413.60%
1/08/2013Fitzgerald Walter L.Sr VP and CAO-4,863$19.50-6.19%
11/29/2012WHITLOCK GARY LEVP & Chief Financial Officer25,000$5.6410.22%
11/27/2012MCCLANAHAN DAVID MPresident and CEO-103,900$19.59-10.81%
11/27/2012MCCLANAHAN DAVID MPresident and CEO103,900$5.6412.12%
11/19/2012CARROLL MILTONDirector-12,000$19.44-22.93%
11/13/2012CROSSWELL O HOLCOMBEDirector-8,999$20.20-26.86%
9/17/2012CARROLL MILTONDirector-13,000$20.80-19.90%
8/06/2012CROSSWELL O HOLCOMBEDirector-3,448$20.99-100.00%
5/18/2012CROSSWELL O HOLCOMBEDirector-8,147$19.78-19.56%
5/15/2012CARROLL MILTONDirector-25,000$20.03-21.68%
3/02/2012MCCLANAHAN DAVID MPresident and CEO103,377$6.4412.40%
3/02/2012MCCLANAHAN DAVID MPresident and CEO-103,377$19.31-11.03%
2/29/2012MCCLANAHAN DAVID MPresident and CEO-61,419$19.19-6.86%
2/29/2012WHITLOCK GARY LEVP & Chief Financial Officer-17,008$19.19-6.53%
2/29/2012ROZZELL SCOTT EEVP, Gen.Counsel, Corp. Sec-15,714$19.19-6.29%
2/29/2012STANDISH THOMAS RExec VP and Group Pres-14,902$19.19-7.26%
2/29/2012Bridge Tracy BSr VP - Div Pres-1,975$19.19-22.73%
2/29/2012Harper C GregorySr. VP & Group Pres.-6,450$19.19-11.82%
2/29/2012Prochazka Scott MSr VP - Div Pres-2,074$19.19-9.30%
2/29/2012Fitzgerald Walter L.Sr VP and CAO-4,342$19.19-5.91%
2/21/2012MCCLANAHAN DAVID MPresident and CEO-13,543$19.01-1.83%
2/21/2012WHITLOCK GARY LEVP & Chief Financial Officer-4,619$19.01-2.21%
2/21/2012ROZZELL SCOTT EEVP, Gen.Counsel, Corp. Sec-4,353$19.01-2.16%
2/21/2012STANDISH THOMAS RExec VP and Group Pres-4,210$19.01-2.66%
2/21/2012Bridge Tracy BSr VP - Div Pres-675$19.01-30.68%
2/21/2012Harper C GregorySr. VP & Group Pres.-2,100$19.01-6.50%
2/21/2012Prochazka Scott MSr VP - Div Pres-705$19.01-4.56%
2/21/2012Fitzgerald Walter L.Sr VP and CAO-1,323$19.01-2.27%
12/09/2011Harper C GregorySr. VP & Div. Group Pres.-4,409$19.68-12.71%
11/23/2011CARROLL MILTONDirector-6,667$18.73-5.70%
11/22/2011WHITLOCK GARY LEVP & Chief Financial Officer5,600$5.643.01%
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