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Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
5/21/2013STOTT PETER WDirector-8,837$39.35-47.86%
5/21/2013STOTT PETER WDirector-3,125$39.38-12.64%
5/21/2013STOTT PETER WDirector6,250$30.8533.85%
5/21/2013STOTT PETER WDirector-3,125$39.35-14.47%
5/21/2013BRUFFETT STEPHEN LEVP & CFO5,067$20.277.44%
5/21/2013BRUFFETT STEPHEN LEVP & CFO-5,067$39.50-6.92%
5/20/2013LUNDBERG LESLIE PSVP Human Resources-2,000$38.00-5.60%
5/20/2013LUNDBERG LESLIE PSVP Human Resources2,000$20.275.93%
5/16/2013LUNDBERG LESLIE PSVP Human Resources2,000$28.925.93%
5/16/2013LUNDBERG LESLIE PSVP Human Resources-2,000$36.62-5.60%
3/15/2013COEL KEVIN SSVP & Controller7$36.990.29%
3/15/2013Mullett Charles RVP Govt Rltns & Pub Affrs1$36.990.26%
3/15/2013Stotlar DouglasPresident & CEO41$36.990.27%
3/14/2013BRUFFETT STEPHEN LEVP & CFO-4,933$37.50-6.75%
3/14/2013BRUFFETT STEPHEN LEVP & CFO4,933$20.277.24%
3/08/2013COEL KEVIN SSVP & Controller2,000$20.278.92%
3/08/2013COEL KEVIN SSVP & Controller-6,500$36.53-22.48%
3/08/2013COEL KEVIN SSVP & Controller6,500$32.9626.62%
3/08/2013COEL KEVIN SSVP & Controller-2,000$36.50-6.47%
3/06/2013KENNEDY W KEITH JRDirector and COB-2,500$35.78-6.16%
3/06/2013KENNEDY W KEITH JRDirector and COB-26,000$35.76-39.03%
3/06/2013KENNEDY W KEITH JRDirector and COB2,500$33.903.90%
3/06/2013KENNEDY W KEITH JRDirector and COB26,000$32.0468.23%
3/05/2013LUNDBERG LESLIE PSVP Human Resources-2,000$35.00-5.60%
3/05/2013LUNDBERG LESLIE PSVP Human Resources-3,000$36.07-7.74%
3/05/2013LUNDBERG LESLIE PSVP Human Resources2,000$20.275.44%
3/05/2013LUNDBERG LESLIE PSVP Human Resources3,000$28.928.89%
3/01/2013Lehmkuhl Walter GEVP & President-2,200$34.90-4.99%
3/01/2013Lehmkuhl Walter GEVP & President2,200$25.135.25%
2/28/2013Lehmkuhl Walter GEVP & President4,800$28.9211.46%
2/28/2013Lehmkuhl Walter GEVP & President-4,800$35.15-10.29%
2/19/2013Gonzalez SaulExecutive Vice President-619$33.58-100.00%
2/11/2013Lehmkuhl Walter GEVP & President-1,308$33.69-3.03%
2/11/2013BRUFFETT STEPHEN LEVP & CFO-1,200$34.27-1.73%
2/11/2013Bianco Robert Leo JrEVP & President-4,561$33.26-6.64%
2/11/2013Lehmkuhl Walter GEVP & President-12,085$33.82-22.40%
2/11/2013Lehmkuhl Walter GEVP & President12,085$20.2728.86%
2/09/2013BRUFFETT STEPHEN LEVP & CFO-3,967$34.34-6.70%
2/09/2013Bianco Robert Leo JrEVP & President-4,572$34.34-7.56%
2/09/2013Lehmkuhl Walter GEVP & President-2,124$34.34-6.80%
2/09/2013Stotlar DouglasPresident & CEO-9,119$34.34-4.77%
2/09/2013COEL KEVIN SSVP & Controller-2,225$34.34-11.12%
2/09/2013Mullett Charles RVP Govt Rltns & Pub Affrs-851$34.34-7.07%
2/09/2013Gonzalez SaulExecutive Vice President-1,136$34.34-8.51%
2/09/2013LUNDBERG LESLIE PSVP Human Resources-2,576$34.34-8.81%
1/24/2013Bianco Robert Leo JrEVP & President7,125$32.9611.78%
1/24/2013Bianco Robert Leo JrEVP & President-7,125$33.06-10.54%
12/14/2012Stotlar DouglasPresident & CEO54$28.280.36%
12/14/2012Mullett Charles RVP Govt Rltns & Pub Affrs1$28.280.26%
12/14/2012COEL KEVIN SSVP & Controller9$28.280.37%
9/21/2012Schmidt Herbert JExecutive Vice President-6,984$27.18-13.42%
7/30/2012Mullett Charles RN/A2,000$20.2716.63%
7/30/2012Mullett Charles RN/A-2,000$37.00-14.26%
7/30/2012Schmidt Herbert JExecutive Vice President1,045$31.892.01%
7/30/2012Schmidt Herbert JExecutive Vice President-1,045$37.00-1.97%
7/30/2012Schmidt Herbert JExecutive Vice President10,230$31.8919.65%
7/30/2012Schmidt Herbert JExecutive Vice President-10,230$37.00-16.42%
7/02/2012Schmidt Herbert JExecutive Vice President1,645$20.272.37%
7/02/2012Schmidt Herbert JExecutive Vice President-19,001$35.83-26.74%
7/02/2012Schmidt Herbert JExecutive Vice President17,356$20.2733.34%
6/19/2012Stotlar DouglasDirector, President & CEO16,000$31.388.38%
6/19/2012Stotlar DouglasDirector, President & CEO-16,000$37.00-7.73%
6/15/2012Stotlar DouglasDirector, President & CEO43$35.390.28%
6/15/2012COEL KEVIN SSVP & Controller7$35.390.29%
6/01/2012TEMPLIN ROY WDirector1,400$33.6655.60%
5/30/2012Lehmkuhl Walter GExecutive Vice President-405$34.44-1.28%
5/30/2012Lehmkuhl Walter GExecutive Vice President-600$34.43-1.86%
5/30/2012Lehmkuhl Walter GExecutive Vice President-887$34.41-2.68%
5/04/2012JAUNICH ROBERT IIDirector-1,340$35.02-100.00%
5/04/2012JAUNICH ROBERT IIDirector-7,019$35.07-60.10%
5/04/2012JAUNICH ROBERT IIDirector-4,660$35.02-100.00%
5/04/2012JAUNICH ROBERT IIDirector-3,509$35.07-72.37%
2/16/2012JAUNICH ROBERT IIDirector-14,545$31.00-55.46%
1/26/2012Stotlar DouglasDirector, President & CEO-24,943$32.36-20.39%
1/26/2012Schmidt Herbert JEVP & President - CNT-7,331$32.36-27.34%
1/26/2012LUNDBERG LESLIE PSVP Human Resources-3,640$32.36-31.79%
1/26/2012Lehmkuhl Walter GExecutive Vice President-2,943$32.36-31.36%
1/26/2012COEL KEVIN SSVP & Controller-1,780$32.36-31.85%
1/26/2012BRUFFETT STEPHEN LEVP & CFO-7,356$32.36-25.87%
1/26/2012Bianco Robert Leo JrEVP & President - MWW-8,478$32.36-26.78%
12/15/2011Stotlar DouglasDirector, President & CEO54$27.640.36%
12/15/2011Schmidt Herbert JEVP & President - CNT9$27.640.38%
12/15/2011LUNDBERG LESLIE PSVP Human Resources1$27.640.29%
12/15/2011Lehmkuhl Walter GExecutive Vice President3$27.640.32%
12/15/2011COEL KEVIN SSVP & Controller9$27.640.38%
12/15/2011BRUFFETT STEPHEN LEVP & CFO2$27.640.31%
12/15/2011Bianco Robert Leo JrEVP & President - MWW44$27.640.36%
9/20/2011BRUFFETT STEPHEN LEVP & CFO-2,156$25.13-30.80%
9/15/2011Schmidt Herbert JEVP & President - CNT9$26.460.38%
9/15/2011LUNDBERG LESLIE PSVP Human Resources1$26.460.29%
9/15/2011Bianco Robert Leo JrEVP & President - MWW46$26.460.38%
9/15/2011Stotlar DouglasDirector, President & CEO56$26.460.37%
9/15/2011COEL KEVIN SSVP & Controller9$26.460.38%
9/15/2011BRUFFETT STEPHEN LEVP & CFO2$26.460.31%
8/18/2011CORBIN WILLIAM RDirector1,000$24.056.69%
6/15/2011CORBIN WILLIAM RDirector24$37.140.16%
6/15/2011Bianco Robert Leo JrEVP & President - MWW12$36.740.14%
6/15/2011Schmidt Herbert JEVP & President - CNT12$36.740.26%
6/15/2011Schmidt Herbert JEVP & President - CNT6$37.050.26%
6/15/2011LUNDBERG LESLIE PSVP Human Resources5$36.740.29%
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