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  1. MedTech Industry Stock Update - Jan 2014 - Industry Outlook

    January 7, 2014
    MedTech Industry Stock Update - Jan 2014 - Industry Outlook
  2. ArthroCare Acquires ENTrigue - Analyst Blog

    July 5, 2013
    ArthroCare Corporation revealed that it concluded the takeover of ENTrigue Surgical, Inc. in a cash transaction amounting ...
  3. CONMED Retained at Neutral - Analyst Blog

    July 5, 2013
    We reiterated our Neutral recommendation on CONMED following its moderate first-quarter results.
  4. Dentsply Reiterated at Neutral - Analyst Blog

    June 18, 2013
    We retained our recommendation for Dentsply at Neutral following its first-quarter results.
  5. Cooper Hits 52-Week High - Analyst Blog

    June 18, 2013
    The Cooper Companies Inc. attains a 52-week high of $122.80 on Monday, June 17.
  6. A New High for CR Bard - Analyst Blog

    June 14, 2013
    Shares of CR Bard achieved a new 52-week high, touching $109.37 on Jun 13.
  7. Bard Beefs Up Shareholder Return - Analyst Blog

    June 13, 2013
    CR Bard has increased its quarterly dividend by 5% and announced a $500 million share repurchase program.
  8. Cooper Unveils MyDay Lenses - Analyst Blog

    June 10, 2013
    CooperVision recently introduced the MyDay daily disposable contact lenses to the British Contact Lens Association (BCLA) ...
  9. Top-Performing Dividend Payers in Health Care with the Most Upside ...

    June 8, 2013
    It is not unusual for stocks on a tear to overrun their mean price targets, which is a signal of how far analysts on average ...
  10. CONMED Beats 4Q Estimates - Analyst Blog

    February 15, 2013
    CONMED Corporation (CNMD), a medical technologies and surgical devices company, reported fourth-quarter 2012 adjusted earnings ...
  11. Vertex Pharmaceuticals and Other Healthcare Stocks Making Big ...

    December 24, 2012
    The market has been slipping so far today. The Nasdaq has declined 0.2%; the S&P 500 is trading down 0.3%; and the Dow has ...
  12. BlackRock and Other Big Movers on the NYSE on October 5, 2012

    October 5, 2012
    So far today, the market has been on the rise. The Nasdaq has moved up 0.2%; the S&P 500 is up 0.5%; and the Dow has climbed ...
  13. Gilead Among Healthcare's Biggest Movers on October 2, 2012

    October 2, 2012
    So far today, the Nasdaq has climbed 0.4%, the S&P 500 is up 0.1% and the Dow is trading down 0.2%. The healthcare sector ...
  14. Buy or Sell? Friday's Winners: SWHC, COO

    September 7, 2012
    Among the biggest winners in Friday's early trading are Smith & Wesson (Nasdaq: SWHC) and Cooper Cos. (NYSE: COO).   ...
  15. Chipotle Mexica and Other NYSE Stocks Making Big Moves on September ...

    September 7, 2012
    The Nasdaq has decreased 0.2%, the S&P 500 has increased 0.3% and the Dow has been relatively flat this morning. The NYSE ...
  16. 2011 - Another Sick Year For Larger Med-Tech

    December 29, 2011
    Larger healthcare companies are still getting sickly returns in the market.
  17. Hottest Device Stocks Of 2010

    December 28, 2010
    The year's top performers in a tough medical device sector.
  18. 3 Stocks Getting Upgrades Before Earnings Season

    October 6, 2010
    These three companies bring great momentum and higher price targets into fourth quarter reporting.
  19. Book Value Bargains Or Laggards?

    April 22, 2009
    A look at companies trading at a low multiple of book, honing in on Sears.
  20. Get Inside Insiders' Heads

    January 6, 2009
    Investors looking for that extra edge should look to the employees of the company for direction.
  21. Alcon Takes A Poke In The Eye

    October 28, 2008
    Despite investor worries over Alcon's growth, the eye care company is a proven winner.
  22. Five Cash Flow Kings For August 18

    August 18, 2008
    Cash flow analysis can put the fortunes of a company into an entirely new light. This week features Sara Lee.
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