CPB : Analysis & Opinions

  1. Campbell Soup Stock Trades Ex-Dividend Monday

    January 9, 2017
    Campbell will send its dividend payment on Jan. 30 to shareholders of record as of Jan. 11.
  2. What's Behind Corporate America’s Profit Surge

    November 30, 2016
    Money machine: corporate profits rose 5.2% in the third quarter led by financials, technology, basic materials and utilities
  3. Stocks: 3Q Winners and Losers

    October 3, 2016
    The winning stocks during the third quarter reflected investors' increasing willingness to take risks
  4. General Mills to Lay Off Another 1,400 Workers

    July 22, 2016
    It wasn't that long ago that General Mills' (NYSE: GIS) cereal business was in real trouble, suffering from year-over-year ...
  5. Campbell Soup Stock Trades Ex-Dividend Thursday (CPB)

    July 6, 2016
    Campbell will send its dividend payment on August 1 to shareholders of record as of July 11.
  6. Kellogg's Launches VC Fund to Back Food Startups (K, GIS)

    June 21, 2016
    Kellogg's has launched a venture capital fund that will invest $100 million in upcoming food startups.
  7. General Mills Turning Into a Venture Capital Firm

    May 20, 2016
    It's not enough for food manufacturers to simply develop new products internally, as those experiments can be much too costly ...
  8. Campbell Soup Falls 6% Despite Earnings Beat (CPB)

    May 20, 2016
    Campbell Soup fell more than 6% even though the packaged food company reported third quarter earnings results that beat Wall ...
  9. Coca-Cola Agrees to Change Vitaminwater Label

    April 11, 2016
    Even if a company follows the letter of the law and properly labels all of the ingredients its products contain, it can ...
  10. Consumer Staples ETFs Are Attracting Assets in 2016 (XLP, VDC)

    April 6, 2016
    Learn about how the consumer staples sector reacts in times of market volatility and discover which ETFs in this sector have ...
  11. 3 Consumer Staples Stocks Near Their 52-Week Highs Worth Selling ...

    March 1, 2016
    Discover three consumer staples stocks trading near their 52-week highs, and explore why it might be a good option to sell ...
  12. What to Expect From Campbell Soup's Earnings (CPB)

    February 24, 2016
    In business almost 100 years, Campbell has fed consumers for a long time. Now the company is feeding investors' hunger for ...
  13. Campbell Soup Is Launching a Venture Capital Fund (CPB)

    February 19, 2016
    Acre Venture Partners will invest in food startups.
  14. A Gluten-Free Makeover For A Supermarket Near You

    September 22, 2015
    The gluten-free diet is changing the food choices of a large number of consumers, and the food industry is taking note and ...
  15. General Mills Goes Small With Sale of Green Giant (BGS, CPB)

    September 3, 2015
    Growing consumer aversion to processed and packaged foods continues to take its toll on cereal maker General Mills (NYSE: ...
  16. Slim Sales May Cause Campbell Soup to Boil Over (CPB)

    September 2, 2015
    Maybe Campbell Soup (NYSE: CPB) was just ahead of its time when it put its iconic mascots on a diet a few years ago, slimming ...
  17. ConAgra Goes BPA-Free (CGA, CPB)

    August 6, 2015
    BPA is PNG, persona non grata. ConAgra (NYSE: CGA) is the latest food company to eliminate usage of the controversial chemical ...
  18. Campbell Soup Shows That Shoppers More Price-Sensitive Than Investors

    May 21, 2013
    Campbell Soup remains volatile, but investors haven't minded
  19. Campbell Soup Quenches Thirst With Bolthouse Purchase

    July 10, 2012
    Campbell Soup announced on July 9 that it's buying Bolthouse juices for $1.55 billion. Here's why this looks like a win/win ...
  20. Consumer Staples That Yield High Dividends

    May 16, 2012
    If it's security, stability and a dividend you're after, these stocks are worth a look.
  21. General Mills Tops Competition

    March 29, 2011
    General Mills has a solid record of leveraging mid-single-digit sales growth into higher profit increases.
  22. 5 Consumer Staples Yielding High Dividends

    February 9, 2011
    If it's security, stability and a dividend you're after, these stocks are worth a look.
  23. What's Your Stock's Repurchase Premium?

    December 23, 2010
    Take a closer look at your favorite stock's statement of equity; you never know what you're going to find
  24. A Different Magic Formula

    February 23, 2010
    Joel Greenblatt's Magic Formula is very useful when comparing some of the biggest processed and packaged goods companies ...
  25. Is Campbells Um Um Good?

    February 23, 2010
    Campbell's role as a staple in American kitchens has helped it weather the recession, but it still faces big challenges. ...
  26. The Eternal Struggle: Growth Vs. Value

    October 24, 2008
    Learn the difference between growth and value, and which one wins in the current economic scenario.