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Jan. 30, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
1/30/2012DUPONT AUGUSTUS IV.P., Gen. Couns. & Sec.-1,092$48.38-1.06%
1/30/2012Switter Edward SVice President - Taxes-93$48.38-2.70%
1/30/2012Bender David EPresident, Electronics Group-77$48.38-1.07%
1/26/2012KOPCZICK ELISEV.P. - Human Resources-248$48.09-0.45%
1/26/2012ELLIS BRADLEYGroup President, Merch. Syst.-649$48.09-0.60%
1/26/2012DUPONT AUGUSTUS IV.P., Gen. Couns. & Sec.-248$48.09-0.24%
1/26/2012Craney Thomas JGroup Pres., Eng. Materials-227$48.09-3.15%
1/26/2012Baron Curtis A JRVice President, Controller-105$48.09-5.60%
1/26/2012KRAWITT ANDREW LVice President, Treasurer-209$48.09-2.07%
1/26/2012Maue Richard AV. P., Controller-183$48.09-3.78%
1/26/2012MITCHELL MAX HExecutive VP & COO-659$48.09-1.61%
1/26/2012PANTALEONI A DVP Envir. Health & Safety-93$48.09-4.81%
1/26/2012Perlitz Thomas JVP Corp Strtgy Grp Pres Cntrls-261$48.09-1.46%
1/26/2012Switter Edward SVice President - Taxes-93$48.09-2.63%
1/26/2012FAST ERIC CPresident & CEO-6,443$48.09-3.73%
1/25/2012PANTALEONI A DVP Envir. Health & Safety-93$48.21-5.24%
1/25/2012MITCHELL MAX HExecutive VP & COO-1,281$48.21-3.18%
1/25/2012Perlitz Thomas JVP Corp Strtgy Grp Pres Cntrls-372$48.21-2.13%
1/25/2012Switter Edward SVice President - Taxes-140$48.21-4.08%
1/25/2012FAST ERIC CPresident & CEO-6,752$48.21-4.11%
1/25/2012KRAWITT ANDREW LVice President, Treasurer-313$48.21-3.15%
1/25/2012Maue Richard AV. P., Controller-326$48.21-6.99%
1/25/2012KOPCZICK ELISEV.P. - Human Resources-558$48.21-1.03%
1/25/2012ELLIS BRADLEYGroup President, Merch. Syst.-872$48.21-0.81%
1/25/2012DUPONT AUGUSTUS IV.P., Gen. Couns. & Sec.-555$48.21-0.54%
1/25/2012Craney Thomas JGroup Pres., Eng. Materials-421$48.21-6.13%
1/25/2012Bender David EPresident, Electronics Group-230$48.21-3.10%
1/25/2012Baron Curtis A JRVice President, Controller-157$48.21-8.82%
1/24/2012Perlitz Thomas JVP Corp Strtgy Grp Pres Cntrls-126$47.41-0.76%
1/24/2012Switter Edward SVice President - Taxes-38$47.41-1.23%
1/24/2012DUPONT AUGUSTUS IV.P., Gen. Couns. & Sec.-126$47.41-0.12%
1/24/2012FAST ERIC CPresident & CEO-889$47.41-0.61%
1/24/2012MITCHELL MAX HExecutive VP & COO-186$47.41-0.51%
1/24/2012KRAWITT ANDREW LVice President, Treasurer-105$47.41-1.13%
1/24/2012PANTALEONI A DVP Envir. Health & Safety-93$47.41-5.75%
1/24/2012Maue Richard AV. P., Controller-93$47.41-2.40%
1/24/2012Baron Curtis A JRVice President, Controller-157$47.41-10.04%
1/24/2012KOPCZICK ELISEV.P. - Human Resources-126$47.41-0.24%
1/24/2012Craney Thomas JGroup Pres., Eng. Materials-85$47.41-1.49%
1/24/2012ELLIS BRADLEYGroup President, Merch. Syst.-124$47.41-0.12%
1/24/2012Bender David EPresident, Electronics Group-77$47.41-1.14%
12/30/2011Perlitz Thomas JVP Corp Strtgy Grp Pres Cntrls-6,578$46.71-28.78%
12/30/2011Perlitz Thomas JVP Corp Strtgy Grp Pres Cntrls7,500$36.6448.83%
12/27/2011Perlitz Thomas JVP Corp Strtgy Grp Pres Cntrls7,500$36.6452.48%
12/27/2011Perlitz Thomas JVP Corp Strtgy Grp Pres Cntrls-6,433$46.85-29.52%
12/20/2011Perlitz Thomas JVP Corp Strtgy Grp Pres Cntrls-4,317$46.02-23.20%
12/20/2011Perlitz Thomas JVP Corp Strtgy Grp Pres Cntrls5,000$36.6436.74%
11/22/2011FAST ERIC CPresident & CEO-9,583$44.78-6.87%
11/22/2011FAST ERIC CPresident & CEO15,000$16.4312.05%
11/11/2011DUPONT AUGUSTUS IV.P., Gen. Couns. & Sec.-26,609$46.25-20.82%
11/11/2011FAST ERIC CPresident & CEO15,000$16.4312.61%
11/11/2011FAST ERIC CPresident & CEO-9,483$46.25-7.08%
11/11/2011DUPONT AUGUSTUS IV.P., Gen. Couns. & Sec.40,000$19.1145.54%
11/03/2011FAST ERIC CPresident & CEO-90,554$45.08-37.11%
11/03/2011FAST ERIC CPresident & CEO90,554$45.0876.15%
11/01/2011FAST ERIC CPresident & CEO-9,170$42.81-7.16%
11/01/2011FAST ERIC CPresident & CEO10,000$36.588.47%
10/31/2011KOPCZICK ELISEV.P. - Human Resources28,750$23.2369.19%
10/31/2011KOPCZICK ELISEV.P. - Human Resources25,000$36.5835.56%
10/31/2011KOPCZICK ELISEV.P. - Human Resources-20,452$44.11-21.46%
10/31/2011KOPCZICK ELISEV.P. - Human Resources-22,139$44.11-29.58%
10/31/2011FAST ERIC CPresident & CEO30,000$36.5826.05%
10/31/2011FAST ERIC CPresident & CEO-27,079$44.11-18.65%
10/28/2011FAST ERIC CPresident & CEO-26,801$44.99-18.88%
10/28/2011FAST ERIC CPresident & CEO30,000$36.5826.79%
10/27/2011Perlitz Thomas JVP Corp Strtgy Grp Pres Cntrls10,000$36.5873.49%
10/27/2011Perlitz Thomas JVP Corp Strtgy Grp Pres Cntrls-10,000$45.55-42.36%
10/27/2011PANTALEONI A DVP Envir. Health & Safety5,000$36.58365.50%
10/27/2011PANTALEONI A DVP Envir. Health & Safety-5,000$45.12-78.52%
10/27/2011DUPONT AUGUSTUS IV.P., Gen. Couns. & Sec.15,000$36.5817.08%
10/27/2011FAST ERIC CPresident & CEO30,000$36.5827.62%
10/27/2011FAST ERIC CPresident & CEO-26,639$45.52-19.22%
10/27/2011DUPONT AUGUSTUS IV.P., Gen. Couns. & Sec.-15,000$45.13-14.59%
9/24/2011Maue Richard AV. P., Controller-163$36.87-4.30%
8/05/2011Cook Donald GDirector200$40.745.52%
7/28/2011FORTE RICHARD SDirector1,000$18.8711.87%
7/28/2011FORTE RICHARD SDirector500$36.265.30%
7/28/2011FORTE RICHARD SDirector500$26.615.04%
7/28/2011FORTE RICHARD SDirector-2,000$47.59-19.18%
6/23/2011BIGELOW E THAYERDirector-2,340$47.54-10.02%
5/27/2011ELLIS BRADLEYGroup President, Merch. Syst.-27,252$48.58-20.68%
5/27/2011ELLIS BRADLEYGroup President, Merch. Syst.-21,447$48.58-14.00%
5/27/2011ELLIS BRADLEYGroup President, Merch. Syst.25,000$36.5819.49%
5/27/2011ELLIS BRADLEYGroup President, Merch. Syst.40,000$23.2345.33%
5/27/2011Perlitz Thomas JVP Corp Strtgy Grp Pres Cntrls-5,000$48.60-26.87%
5/27/2011Perlitz Thomas JVP Corp Strtgy Grp Pres Cntrls5,000$36.5836.74%
5/24/2011KRAWITT ANDREW LVice President, Treasurer-188$46.69-2.04%
5/24/2011Maue Richard AV. P., Controller-158$46.69-4.00%
5/21/2011Craney Thomas JGroup Pres., Eng. Materials-221$46.52-3.89%
4/29/2011MITCHELL MAX HPres., Fluid Handling Group-6,250$49.88-14.73%
4/29/2011MITCHELL MAX HPres., Fluid Handling Group6,250$36.5817.28%
4/27/2011FAST ERIC CPresident & CEO-17,170$49.95-13.33%
4/27/2011FAST ERIC CPresident & CEO25,000$23.2324.08%
4/26/2011DUPONT AUGUSTUS IV.P., Gen. Couns. & Sec.-10,000$49.79-10.22%
4/26/2011DUPONT AUGUSTUS IV.P., Gen. Couns. & Sec.10,000$36.5811.39%
4/26/2011FAST ERIC CPresident & CEO25,000$23.2326.05%
4/26/2011FAST ERIC CPresident & CEO-12,735$49.82-23.74%
4/26/2011FAST ERIC CPresident & CEO-34,234$49.79-10.91%
4/26/2011FAST ERIC CPresident & CEO-17,183$49.86-14.20%
4/21/2011Bender David EPresident, Electronics Group-6,610$49.84-50.42%
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