CSG Systems International Inc $26.61

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30/7/2014 04:00 PM  |  NASDAQ : CSGS  
Industries : Computer Software & Services / Business Software & Services

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
7/22/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-200$26.60-0.23%
7/22/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-100$26.51-0.11%
7/22/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-700$26.63-0.79%
7/22/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-100$26.66-0.12%
7/22/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-100$26.64-0.11%
7/22/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-99$26.67-0.11%
7/22/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-101$26.61-0.11%
7/22/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-200$26.65-0.23%
7/22/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-101$26.73-0.12%
7/22/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-100$26.59-0.11%
7/22/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-100$26.69-0.12%
7/22/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-100$26.71-0.12%
7/22/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-200$26.64-0.23%
7/22/2014Johns Rolland BChief Accounting Officer-526$26.92-3.70%
7/21/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-1,974$26.67-2.17%
4/03/2014KALAN PETER ECEO & President-9,333$26.12-2.05%
3/17/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-14,121$27.19-13.46%
3/06/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-2,266$28.23-2.07%
3/06/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-2,510$28.23-2.34%
3/06/2014Ruble Joseph ThomasEVP, Gen Counsel, Sectry & CAO-1,866$28.23-1.20%
3/06/2014Ruble Joseph ThomasEVP, Gen Counsel, Sectry & CAO-2,266$28.23-1.47%
3/06/2014Ruble Joseph ThomasEVP, Gen Counsel, Sectry & CAO-2,712$28.23-1.79%
3/06/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-1,866$28.23-1.67%
3/06/2014Griess Bret CEVP & Chief Operating Officer-2,427$28.23-1.26%
3/06/2014Griess Bret CEVP & Chief Operating Officer-4,048$28.23-2.13%
3/06/2014Griess Bret CEVP & Chief Operating Officer-4,768$28.23-2.56%
3/06/2014WIESE RANDYEVP & CFO-2,157$28.23-1.10%
3/06/2014KALAN PETER ECEO & President-8,600$28.23-1.85%
3/06/2014KALAN PETER ECEO & President-8,249$28.23-1.75%
3/06/2014KALAN PETER ECEO & President-6,599$28.23-1.38%
3/06/2014WIESE RANDYEVP & CFO-4,071$28.23-2.13%
3/06/2014WIESE RANDYEVP & CFO-2,696$28.23-1.39%
3/04/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-100$27.94-0.09%
3/04/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-100$27.89-0.09%
3/04/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-200$27.84-0.18%
3/04/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-179$27.83-0.16%
3/04/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-100$27.74-0.09%
3/04/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-100$27.73-0.09%
3/04/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-300$27.66-0.26%
3/04/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-100$27.65-0.09%
3/04/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-100$27.63-0.09%
3/04/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-100$27.98-0.09%
3/04/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-200$27.99-0.18%
3/04/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-100$28.10-0.09%
3/04/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-100$28.33-0.09%
3/04/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-100$28.30-0.09%
3/04/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-100$28.27-0.09%
3/04/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-100$28.26-0.09%
3/04/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-100$28.25-0.09%
3/04/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-100$28.24-0.09%
3/04/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-100$28.18-0.09%
3/04/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-100$28.15-0.09%
3/04/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-100$28.12-0.09%
3/04/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-100$27.97-0.09%
3/03/2014Ruble Joseph ThomasEVP, Gen Counsel, Sectry & CAO-1,400$27.56-0.89%
3/03/2014WIESE RANDYEVP & CFO-1,618$27.56-0.82%
3/03/2014KALAN PETER ECEO & President-4,501$27.56-0.93%
3/03/2014Griess Bret CEVP & Chief Operating Officer-1,820$27.56-0.93%
3/03/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-1,396$27.56-1.20%
2/28/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-2,891$27.79-2.43%
2/27/2014WIESE RANDYEVP & CFO-1,571$27.72-0.79%
2/27/2014Ruble Joseph ThomasEVP, Gen Counsel, Sectry & CAO-1,303$27.72-0.82%
2/27/2014KALAN PETER ECEO & President-3,280$27.72-0.67%
2/27/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-1,468$27.72-1.22%
2/27/2014Griess Bret CEVP & Chief Operating Officer-1,819$27.72-0.93%
2/26/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-3,517$27.35-2.84%
2/25/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-1,796$27.31-1.52%
2/25/2014Ruble Joseph ThomasEVP, Gen Counsel, Sectry & CAO-1,685$27.31-1.05%
2/25/2014KALAN PETER ECEO & President-4,248$27.31-0.87%
2/25/2014WIESE RANDYEVP & CFO-2,012$27.31-1.00%
2/25/2014Griess Bret CEVP & Chief Operating Officer-2,389$27.31-1.20%
2/19/2014Griess Bret CEVP & Chief Operating Officer18,045$26.6011.73%
2/19/2014Griess Bret CEVP & Chief Operating Officer27,068$26.6015.75%
2/19/2014WIESE RANDYEVP & CFO15,038$26.609.18%
2/19/2014Ruble Joseph ThomasEVP, Gen Counsel, Sectry & CAO12,030$26.609.26%
2/19/2014Ruble Joseph ThomasEVP, Gen Counsel, Sectry & CAO18,045$26.6012.71%
2/19/2014WIESE RANDYEVP & CFO22,556$26.6012.61%
2/19/2014KALAN PETER ECEO & President30,075$26.607.24%
2/19/2014KALAN PETER ECEO & President45,133$26.6010.13%
2/19/2014Johns Rolland BChief Accounting Officer7,700$26.60118.46%
2/19/2014Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing7,542$26.606.39%
2/18/2014KALAN PETER ECEO & President-3,022$27.05-0.72%
2/18/2014Ruble Joseph ThomasEVP, Gen Counsel, Sectry & CAO-1,315$27.05-1.00%
2/18/2014Griess Bret CEVP & Chief Operating Officer-1,312$27.05-0.85%
2/18/2014WIESE RANDYEVP & CFO-1,396$27.05-0.84%
8/28/2013Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-100$23.89-0.08%
8/28/2013Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-400$23.88-0.33%
8/28/2013Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-50$23.79-0.04%
8/28/2013Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-300$23.87-0.25%
8/28/2013Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-100$23.87-0.08%
8/28/2013Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-300$23.86-0.25%
8/28/2013Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-300$23.85-0.25%
8/28/2013Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-50$23.83-0.04%
8/28/2013Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-100$23.90-0.08%
8/28/2013Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-100$23.91-0.08%
8/28/2013Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-200$23.93-0.17%
8/28/2013Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-100$23.94-0.08%
8/28/2013Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-100$23.96-0.08%
8/28/2013Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-100$23.97-0.08%
8/28/2013Henderson Michael JEVP, Sales & Marketing-100$23.98-0.08%
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