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Jul. 2, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
4/30/2015Holloman James PhillipPresident and COO-3,745$80.13-3.82%
4/15/2015Holloman James PhillipPresident and COO15,000$44.4316.47%
4/15/2015Holloman James PhillipPresident and COO-8,106$82.23-7.64%
3/23/2015FROOMAN THOMAS EVP, Secretary & Gen. Counsel-1,273$84.07-2.00%
3/20/2015FROOMAN THOMAS EVP, Secretary & Gen. Counsel3,945$39.846.20%
3/20/2015FROOMAN THOMAS EVP, Secretary & Gen. Counsel-3,945$83.96-5.84%
12/23/2014GALE WILLIAM CSr. VP & CFO-8,707$79.91-6.87%
12/22/2014FARMER RICHARD TSenior Executive Officer-102,870$79.81-36.08%
12/22/2014GALE WILLIAM CSr. VP & CFO-3,536$79.83-2.71%
12/19/2014Holloman James PhillipPresident and COO-6,981$78.30-7.12%
10/24/2014Holloman James PhillipPresident and COO-4,019$71.22-3.94%
10/24/2014Holloman James PhillipPresident and COO8,000$27.308.78%
10/24/2014Holloman James PhillipPresident and COO3,000$22.613.03%
10/21/2014Hansen J. MichaelVP & Treasurer500$44.432.33%
10/21/2014Hansen J. MichaelVP & Treasurer924$39.843.98%
10/21/2014Hansen J. MichaelVP & Treasurer1,232$36.085.60%
10/21/2014Hansen J. MichaelVP & Treasurer-1,454$71.17-6.02%
9/30/2014GALE WILLIAM CSr. VP & CFO7,500$44.435.78%
9/30/2014GALE WILLIAM CSr. VP & CFO-4,720$70.59-3.44%
9/30/2014GALE WILLIAM CSr. VP & CFO7,500$36.085.65%
9/30/2014GALE WILLIAM CSr. VP & CFO-3,834$70.59-2.74%
8/15/2014Holloman James PhillipPresident and COO-6,115$65.64-6.29%
8/08/2014FROOMAN THOMAS EVP, Secretary & Gen. Counsel-4,370$63.62-6.43%
8/08/2014FROOMAN THOMAS EVP, Secretary & Gen. Counsel6,000$36.089.68%
8/07/2014FROOMAN THOMAS EVP, Secretary & Gen. Counsel7,500$44.4312.41%
8/07/2014FROOMAN THOMAS EVP, Secretary & Gen. Counsel-1,057$63.11-1.56%
8/07/2014FROOMAN THOMAS EVP, Secretary & Gen. Counsel-4,890$63.12-7.31%
7/25/2014FARMER SCOTT DChief Executive Officer-17,111$63.52-2.41%
7/24/2014Holloman James PhillipPresident and COO-14,951$63.77-13.28%
7/24/2014FROOMAN THOMAS EVP, Secretary & Gen. Counsel-2,158$63.77-3.45%
7/24/2014GALE WILLIAM CSr. VP & CFO-10,030$63.77-7.17%
7/24/2014Hansen J. MichaelVP & Treasurer-1,710$63.77-7.37%
4/02/2014GALE WILLIAM CSr. VP & CFO-4,000$59.49-3.50%
3/26/2014Holloman James PhillipPresident and COO7,500$42.068.35%
3/26/2014Holloman James PhillipPresident and COO-5,373$58.72-5.52%
3/26/2014Holloman James PhillipPresident and COO-9,762$59.17-10.61%
3/26/2014Holloman James PhillipPresident and COO-1,096$59.26-1.33%
3/24/2014FARMER SCOTT DChief Executive Officer-25,289$59.15-3.44%
3/24/2014FARMER SCOTT DChief Executive Officer10,000$44.431.38%
3/24/2014FARMER SCOTT DChief Executive Officer25,000$42.063.57%
3/21/2014FROOMAN THOMAS EVP, Secretary & Gen. Counsel12,623$42.0633.45%
3/20/2014Hansen J. MichaelVP & Treasurer5,000$42.0628.06%
3/20/2014Hansen J. MichaelVP & Treasurer-4,220$60.59-17.71%
3/20/2014Hansen J. MichaelVP & Treasurer1,000$45.334.38%
3/20/2014GALE WILLIAM CSr. VP & CFO-10,413$60.59-8.36%
3/20/2014GALE WILLIAM CSr. VP & CFO15,000$42.0613.69%
3/20/2014FROOMAN THOMAS EVP, Secretary & Gen. Counsel-11,350$60.43-23.12%
3/20/2014FROOMAN THOMAS EVP, Secretary & Gen. Counsel-1,651$60.59-3.25%
3/20/2014FROOMAN THOMAS EVP, Secretary & Gen. Counsel2,377$42.064.92%
9/27/2013Holloman James PhillipPresident and COO-5,770$51.10-5.99%
9/23/2013Hansen J. MichaelVP & Treasurer-420$51.00-2.30%
9/20/2013Holloman James PhillipPresident and COO-758$51.26-0.78%
8/15/2013Holloman James PhillipPresident and COO-5,800$48.76-5.63%
7/30/2013Hansen J. MichaelVP & Treasurer-682$47.24-3.60%
7/26/2013Holloman James PhillipPresident and COO-16,492$47.29-14.27%
7/26/2013FARMER SCOTT DChief Executive Officer-19,027$47.29-2.75%
7/25/2013Holloman James PhillipPresident and COO-832$47.27-0.71%
7/25/2013Holloman James PhillipPresident and COO1,000$39.290.87%
7/22/2013Hansen J. MichaelVP & Treasurer-298$47.83-1.55%
7/22/2013Holloman James PhillipPresident and COO-2,265$47.83-1.92%
7/22/2013FROOMAN THOMAS EVP, Secretary & Gen. Counsel-1,494$47.83-3.00%
7/22/2013GALE WILLIAM CSr. VP & CFO-2,814$47.83-2.50%
4/11/2013Hansen J. MichaelVP & Treasurer-2,587$45.58-13.16%
4/11/2013Hansen J. MichaelVP & Treasurer3,000$39.2918.01%
3/21/2013FROOMAN THOMAS EVP, Secretary & Gen. Counsel-2,000$43.16-4.42%
1/31/2013Holloman James PhillipPresident and COO-1,646$42.26-1.61%
12/21/2012FARMER SCOTT DChief Executive Officer1,650$24.410.24%
12/21/2012FARMER SCOTT DChief Executive Officer-47,179$39.29-6.38%
12/21/2012FARMER SCOTT DChief Executive Officer50,000$39.297.25%
12/21/2012FARMER SCOTT DChief Executive Officer6,600$27.880.97%
12/21/2012FARMER SCOTT DChief Executive Officer1,500$38.740.22%
12/21/2012FARMER SCOTT DChief Executive Officer6,000$35.990.89%
10/24/2012GALE WILLIAM CSr. VP & CFO7,500$33.578.63%
9/24/2012FROOMAN THOMAS EVP, Secretary & Gen. Counsel14,890$33.5731.71%
9/24/2012GALE WILLIAM CSr. VP & CFO-11,393$41.12-11.59%
9/24/2012FROOMAN THOMAS EVP, Secretary & Gen. Counsel-4,475$41.22-8.99%
9/24/2012FROOMAN THOMAS EVP, Secretary & Gen. Counsel5,110$33.5712.21%
9/24/2012FROOMAN THOMAS EVP, Secretary & Gen. Counsel-12,092$41.34-19.55%
7/27/2012FARMER SCOTT DChief Executive Officer-1,462$39.29-0.22%
7/24/2012Hansen J. MichaelVP & Treasurer-3,508$37.66-17.39%
7/24/2012FROOMAN THOMAS EVP, Secretary & Gen. Counsel-11,016$37.66-20.84%
7/20/2012FROOMAN THOMAS EVP, Secretary & Gen. Counsel-589$38.00-1.10%
7/20/2012Holloman James PhillipPresident and COO-310$38.00-0.30%
7/20/2012GALE WILLIAM CSr. VP & CFO-1,172$38.00-1.18%
7/20/2012Hansen J. MichaelVP & Treasurer-463$38.00-2.24%
12/22/2011GALE WILLIAM CSr. VP & CFO-4,842$34.50-6.49%
8/11/2011FARMER SCOTT DChief Executive Officer100,000$27.890.58%
8/11/2011Summer Hill Partners, LLLPTenPercent100,000$27.890.58%
8/10/2011Summer Hill Partners, LLLPTenPercent350,000$27.612.07%
8/10/2011FARMER SCOTT DChief Executive Officer350,000$27.612.07%
8/09/2011FARMER SCOTT DChief Executive Officer200,000$26.971.20%
8/09/2011Summer Hill Partners, LLLPTenPercent200,000$26.971.20%
7/26/2011FARMER SCOTT DChief Executive Officer-1,982$34.18-0.32%
7/21/2011GALE WILLIAM CSr. VP & CFO-14,442$34.18-16.22%
7/21/2011GALE WILLIAM CSr. VP & CFO-1,662$31.06-1.83%
7/21/2011Hansen J. MichaelVP & Treasurer-188$31.06-1.06%
7/21/2011Holloman James PhillipPresident and COO-836$31.06-1.11%
7/21/2011FROOMAN THOMAS EVP, Secretary & Gen. Counsel-836$31.06-1.84%
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