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23/9/2014 04:00 PM  |  NYSE : CTL  
Industries : Telecommunications / Telecom Services - Domestic

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
5/31/2014POST GLEN F IIICEO & President-8,214$37.67-0.90%
5/31/2014Moreau Maxine LEVP - Network Services-771$37.67-2.06%
5/31/2014Cheek William EPresident - Wholesale Op.-617$37.67-0.73%
5/31/2014COLE DAVID DEVP-Controller & Ops Support-2,061$37.67-1.04%
5/31/2014GOFF STACEY WEx. VP & Gen. Counsel-2,061$37.67-1.46%
5/31/2014EWING R STEWART JREx. VP & CFO-2,778$37.67-1.20%
5/31/2014PUCKETT KAREN AEx. VP & COO-3,585$37.67-1.19%
5/27/2014NICHOLS FRED RDirector-3,000$37.30-29.99%
5/23/2014Moreau Maxine LEVP - Network Services-582$37.28-1.53%
5/23/2014Trezise ScottEVP Human Resources-759$37.28-2.46%
5/23/2014Cheek William EPresident - Wholesale Op.-1,031$37.28-1.21%
5/23/2014COLE DAVID DEVP-Controller & Ops Support-1,729$37.28-0.86%
5/23/2014GOFF STACEY WEx. VP & Gen. Counsel-2,171$37.28-1.52%
5/23/2014EWING R STEWART JREx. VP & CFO-3,247$37.28-1.38%
5/23/2014PUCKETT KAREN AEx. VP & COO-4,753$37.28-1.55%
5/23/2014POST GLEN F IIICEO & President-13,736$37.28-1.48%
5/21/2014Cheek William EPresident - Wholesale Op.-7,434$37.52-8.04%
5/16/2014COLE DAVID DEVP-Controller & Ops Support-2,459$38.18-100.00%
5/16/2014COLE DAVID DEVP-Controller & Ops Support-1,039$38.18-100.00%
5/16/2014COLE DAVID DEVP-Controller & Ops Support-4,378$38.18-100.00%
5/14/2014COLE DAVID DEVP-Controller & Ops Support-11,148$37.66-100.00%
5/14/2014COLE DAVID DEVP-Controller & Ops Support-2,134$37.66-100.00%
5/14/2014COLE DAVID DEVP-Controller & Ops Support-12,006$37.66-100.00%
5/12/2014EWING R STEWART JREx. VP & CFO20,600$33.408.76%
5/12/2014EWING R STEWART JREx. VP & CFO-20,000$36.75-7.82%
5/12/2014EWING R STEWART JREx. VP & CFO-600$36.79-0.25%
5/09/2014PUCKETT KAREN AEx. VP & COO-30,000$36.56-8.93%
5/09/2014Moreau Maxine LEVP - Network Services-5,000$36.61-11.63%
5/01/2014VONDEYLEN JEFFREY HPresident-Data Hosting Ops-5,000$35.00-5.86%
4/01/2014COLE DAVID DEVP-Controller & Ops Support-2,401$33.08-1.18%
4/01/2014GOFF STACEY WEx. VP & Gen. Counsel-2,342$33.08-1.61%
4/01/2014EWING R STEWART JREx. VP & CFO-5,059$33.08-2.11%
4/01/2014PUCKETT KAREN AEx. VP & COO-5,969$33.08-1.75%
4/01/2014POST GLEN F IIICEO & President-19,841$33.08-2.10%
4/01/2014Cheek William EPresident - Wholesale Op.-1,765$33.08-1.87%
4/01/2014Moreau Maxine LEVP - Network Services-522$33.08-1.20%
3/31/2014VONDEYLEN JEFFREY HPresident-Data Hosting Ops-958$32.84-0.90%
3/15/2014Beal Olani MatthewEVP Corp Strat, Prod Dev & CTO-827$30.62-1.90%
3/07/2014MELVILLE C G JRDirector-1,800$31.21-26.71%
3/07/2014Cheek William EPresident - Wholesale Op.-11,000$31.24-10.45%
3/06/2014BOULET VIRGINIADirector-3,200$31.30-14.26%
3/04/2014Moreau Maxine LEVP - Network Services-5,000$31.41-10.30%
2/20/2014Moreau Maxine LEVP - Network Services-501$31.12-1.81%
2/20/2014Cheek William EPresident - Wholesale Op.-792$31.12-0.91%
2/20/2014COLE DAVID DEVP-Controller & Ops Support-1,636$31.12-0.92%
2/20/2014GOFF STACEY WEx. VP & Gen. Counsel-1,628$31.12-1.39%
2/20/2014EWING R STEWART JREx. VP & CFO-2,138$31.12-1.04%
2/20/2014PUCKETT KAREN AEx. VP & COO-2,735$31.12-0.95%
2/20/2014POST GLEN F IIICEO & President-6,298$31.12-0.85%
12/31/2013VONDEYLEN JEFFREY HPresident-Data Hosting Ops-4,142$31.85-4.69%
12/05/2013MELVILLE C G JRDirector-500$30.79-6.91%
11/26/2013MELVILLE C G JRDirector-700$30.69-8.82%
11/15/2013VONDEYLEN JEFFREY HPresident-Data Hosting Ops-1,917$32.10-2.12%
9/05/2013McCray Gregory JamesDirector7,755$32.19199.67%
9/04/2013MELVILLE C G JRDirector-599$32.32-7.02%
8/20/2013ZIMMEL JOSEPHDirector-11,344$32.62-38.20%
8/15/2013NICHOLS FRED RDirector-3,070$33.45-23.49%
8/09/2013MELVILLE C G JRDirector-400$33.88-4.48%
6/04/2013MELVILLE C G JRDirector-983$34.85-9.91%
5/31/2013POST GLEN F IIICEO & President-8,214$34.15-1.09%
5/31/2013PUCKETT KAREN AEx. VP & COO-3,584$34.15-1.25%
5/31/2013EWING R STEWART JREx. VP & CFO-2,778$34.15-1.33%
5/31/2013GOFF STACEY WEx. VP & Gen. Counsel-2,061$34.15-1.73%
5/31/2013COLE DAVID DEVP-Controller & Ops Support-2,061$34.15-1.14%
5/31/2013Beal Olani MatthewEVP Corp Strat, Prod Dev & CTO-771$34.15-1.71%
5/31/2013Moreau Maxine LEVP - Network Services-771$34.15-2.85%
5/31/2013Cheek William EPresident - Wholesale Op.-617$34.15-0.71%
5/28/2013BOULET VIRGINIADirector-3,007$37.07-11.81%
4/07/2013Moreau Maxine LSVP - Network Services-410$36.11-2.47%
4/01/2013POST GLEN F IIICEO & President-19,841$34.86-3.33%
4/01/2013PUCKETT KAREN AEx. VP & COO-5,968$34.86-2.58%
4/01/2013EWING R STEWART JREx. VP & CFO-5,383$34.86-3.12%
4/01/2013GOFF STACEY WEx. VP & Gen. Counsel-3,404$34.86-3.77%
4/01/2013COLE DAVID DSr.VP-Controller & Ops Support-3,491$34.86-2.28%
4/01/2013Cheek William EPresident - Wholesale Op.-1,765$34.86-2.52%
4/01/2013Beal Olani MatthewSVP Corp Strat, Prod Dev & CTO-610$34.86-1.76%
4/01/2013Moreau Maxine LSVP - Network Services-521$34.86-3.04%
3/15/2013Beal Olani MatthewSVP Corp Strat, Prod Dev & CTO-1,751$34.37-4.81%
3/15/2013Cheek William EPresident - Wholesale Op.-1,759$34.37-2.45%
3/15/2013COLE DAVID DSr.VP-Controller & Ops Support-4,728$34.37-3.00%
3/15/2013EWING R STEWART JREx. VP & CFO-7,928$34.37-4.39%
3/15/2013PUCKETT KAREN AEx. VP & COO-10,230$34.37-4.23%
3/15/2013POST GLEN F IIICEO & President-23,441$34.37-3.78%
3/15/2013Moreau Maxine LSVP - Network Services-1,233$34.37-6.71%
3/15/2013GOFF STACEY WEx. VP & Gen. Counsel-4,834$34.37-5.08%
2/28/2013MELVILLE C G JRDirector-200$34.91-2.84%
2/21/2013POST GLEN F IIICEO & President-11,213$34.27-1.77%
2/21/2013PUCKETT KAREN AEx. VP & COO-3,072$34.27-1.25%
2/21/2013EWING R STEWART JREx. VP & CFO-2,560$34.27-1.39%
2/21/2013GOFF STACEY WEx. VP & Gen. Counsel-1,659$34.27-1.70%
2/21/2013COLE DAVID DSr.VP-Controller & Ops Support-1,659$34.27-1.04%
2/20/2013EWING R STEWART JREx. VP & CFO-2,134$33.93-1.15%
2/20/2013PUCKETT KAREN AEx. VP & COO-2,730$33.93-1.10%
2/20/2013GOFF STACEY WEx. VP & Gen. Counsel-1,616$33.93-1.63%
2/20/2013Cheek William EPresident - Wholesale Op.-779$33.93-1.07%
2/20/2013COLE DAVID DSr.VP-Controller & Ops Support-1,623$33.93-1.01%
2/20/2013Moreau Maxine LSVP - Network Services-501$33.93-2.65%
2/20/2013POST GLEN F IIICEO & President-6,299$33.93-0.98%
2/19/2013Moreau Maxine LSVP - Network Services1,094$34.616.29%
2/19/2013Moreau Maxine LSVP - Network Services406$34.622.20%
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