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Nov. 27, 2015 | 01:01 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
9/15/2015SMITH DANIEL EARLSr. VP & General Counsel100$52.002.27%
8/25/2015Olivari William L.Director500$52.5012.50%
8/24/2015Patten Mark ESr.VP & CFO500$52.311.95%
8/24/2015SMITH DANIEL EARLSr. VP & General Counsel200$52.004.76%
6/15/2015SMITH DANIEL EARLSr. VP & General Counsel200$56.425.00%
6/15/2015Warlow Thomas P. IIIDirector100$56.152.86%
6/15/2015Warlow Thomas P. IIIDirector400$56.1712.89%
6/15/2015Fuqua Jeffry BDirector1,000$55.309.09%
6/11/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-100$56.02-0.04%
6/11/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-100$56.43-0.04%
6/11/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-100$56.10-0.04%
6/11/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-144$55.79-0.06%
6/11/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-100$56.15-0.04%
6/11/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-100$56.00-0.04%
6/11/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-50$56.44-0.02%
6/11/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-172$55.64-0.07%
6/11/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-56$55.80-0.02%
6/11/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-100$55.72-0.04%
6/11/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-53$56.38-0.02%
6/11/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-100$56.45-0.04%
6/11/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-100$56.46-0.04%
6/11/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-118$56.56-0.05%
6/11/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-200$56.52-0.08%
6/11/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-100$56.50-0.04%
6/11/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-50$56.48-0.02%
6/11/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-100$56.66-0.04%
6/11/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-150$56.73-0.06%
6/11/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-100$56.80-0.04%
6/11/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-100$55.62-0.04%
6/11/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-28$55.63-0.01%
6/11/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-200$56.11-0.08%
6/11/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-200$56.12-0.08%
6/11/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-100$56.25-0.04%
6/11/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-100$56.31-0.04%
6/11/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-400$56.36-0.16%
6/11/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-22$56.37-0.01%
6/11/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-25$56.40-0.01%
6/11/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-100$56.42-0.04%
6/10/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-30$55.78-0.01%
6/10/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-100$55.57-0.04%
6/10/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-100$55.96-0.04%
6/10/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-100$55.95-0.04%
6/10/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-170$55.90-0.07%
6/10/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-428$56.00-0.17%
6/10/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-100$56.03-0.04%
6/10/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-300$56.01-0.12%
6/10/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-600$56.15-0.24%
6/10/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-200$56.16-0.08%
6/10/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-100$56.25-0.04%
6/10/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-100$56.10-0.04%
6/10/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-300$56.08-0.12%
6/10/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-100$56.26-0.04%
6/10/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-100$56.16-0.04%
6/10/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-84$56.17-0.03%
6/10/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-100$56.53-0.04%
6/10/2015Skinner A. Chester IIIDirector176$55.903.52%
6/10/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-400$56.57-0.16%
6/10/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-120$56.21-0.05%
6/10/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-100$56.20-0.04%
6/10/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-100$56.28-0.04%
6/10/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-100$56.46-0.04%
6/10/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-100$56.40-0.04%
6/10/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-99$56.33-0.04%
6/10/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-200$56.46-0.08%
6/10/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-100$56.47-0.04%
6/10/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-300$56.51-0.12%
6/10/2015Skinner A. Chester IIIDirector13$55.710.22%
6/10/2015Skinner A. Chester IIIDirector161$55.862.76%
6/10/2015Skinner A. Chester IIIDirector350$55.886.76%
6/10/2015Skinner A. Chester IIIDirector300$55.875.43%
6/09/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO10,000$28.904.18%
3/10/2015Olivari William L.Director3$54.500.09%
3/10/2015Olivari William L.Director597$54.9317.54%
1/22/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO2,000$56.052.00%
1/22/2015Albright John PPresident & CEO-638$56.05-0.63%
1/22/2015Patten Mark ESr.VP & CFO700$56.054.79%
11/18/2014SMITH DANIEL EARLSr. VP, General Counsel & Secy127$52.304.23%
11/18/2014SMITH DANIEL EARLSr. VP, General Counsel & Secy73$52.292.33%
11/18/2014SMITH DANIEL EARLSr. VP, General Counsel & Secy199$52.406.22%
11/18/2014SMITH DANIEL EARLSr. VP, General Counsel & Secy100$52.382.94%
11/18/2014SMITH DANIEL EARLSr. VP, General Counsel & Secy1$52.410.03%
11/06/2014Serkin Howard CDirector1,000$51.2888.03%
11/06/2014Skinner A. Chester IIIDirector300$51.897.50%
11/06/2014Skinner A. Chester IIIDirector700$51.8316.28%
10/30/2014Albright John PPRESIDENT AND CEO-100$53.76-0.12%
10/30/2014Albright John PPRESIDENT AND CEO-100$53.12-0.12%
10/30/2014Albright John PPRESIDENT AND CEO-400$53.11-0.47%
10/30/2014Albright John PPRESIDENT AND CEO-1,700$53.10-1.97%
10/30/2014Albright John PPRESIDENT AND CEO-100$52.98-0.12%
10/30/2014Albright John PPRESIDENT AND CEO-100$52.55-0.12%
10/30/2014Albright John PPRESIDENT AND CEO-100$52.48-0.12%
10/30/2014Albright John PPRESIDENT AND CEO-500$52.46-0.57%
10/30/2014Albright John PPRESIDENT AND CEO-100$52.15-0.11%
10/30/2014Albright John PPRESIDENT AND CEO-100$52.05-0.11%
10/30/2014Albright John PPRESIDENT AND CEO-400$52.04-0.46%
10/30/2014Albright John PPRESIDENT AND CEO-300$52.01-0.34%
10/30/2014Albright John PPRESIDENT AND CEO-900$52.00-1.01%
10/30/2014Albright John PPRESIDENT AND CEO-200$51.18-0.22%
10/30/2014Albright John PPRESIDENT AND CEO-200$51.17-0.22%
10/30/2014Albright John PPRESIDENT AND CEO-100$51.16-0.11%
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