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  1. 3 Valuable Tips From Buffett's Shareholder Meeting

    February 23, 2015
    Less than a year ago, over 35,000 people flocked to the "Woodstock for Capitalists" just for a chance to sit in on a six-hour ...
  2. This Hated Company Is Poised For An 80% Gain

    February 23, 2015
    Some stocks are like elite athletes. They may come with some extraneous baggage, but they still warrant a sizeable investment ...
  3. EI DuPont de Nemours & Company (DD): New Analyst Report from ...

    January 28, 2015
    We are retaining our Neutral recommendation on DuPont. Adjusted earnings for fourth-quarter 2014 matched the Zacks Consensus ...
  4. DuPont's Q4 Earnings Meet, Strong Dollar Weighs on Outlook - ...

    January 27, 2015
    DuPont's (DD) fourth-quarter earnings came in line with expectations whiles sales missed.
  5. Soft Results as Q4 Earnings Limp On - Ahead of Wall Street

    January 27, 2015
    Earnings remain front and center in today's session, with soft results from a number of industry leaders weighing on investor ...
  6. Is the Q4 Earnings Picture that Weak? - Earnings Trends

    January 26, 2015
    Is the Q4 Earnings Picture that Weak? - Earnings Trends
  7. Is the Q4 Earnings Picture that Weak? - Earnings Outlook

    January 26, 2015
    Is the Q4 Earnings Picture that Weak? - Earnings Outlook
  8. DuPont (DD) Warms Up for Q4: Will It Beat Earnings Again? - Analyst ...

    January 23, 2015
    DuPont (DD) is set to release its fourth-quarter 2014 results ahead of the bell on Jan 27.
  9. DuPont (DD) Faces Proxy Battle, 'Breakup' Call Gets Louder - ...

    January 12, 2015
    DuPont (DD) is facing increased pressure from hedge fund Trian after the latter announced its plans to secure four board ...
  10. Stock Market News for January 06, 2015 - Market News

    January 6, 2015
    Benchmarks dropped sharply on Monday with energy shares leading the decline due to another slump in oil prices
  11. Dow 30 Stock Roundup: AT&T Raises Dividend, P&G Sells Camay, ...

    December 26, 2014
    The Dow had a short but successful holiday-shortened week.
  12. DuPont Dismisses Infringement Lawsuit against Monsanto - Analyst ...

    December 24, 2014
    DuPont (DD) declares to dismiss patent infringement lawsuits against Monsanto Company in the U.S. District Court in St. Louis.
  13. Stock Market News for December 24, 2014 - Market News

    December 24, 2014
    Benchmarks mostly settled in the green on Tuesday banking on better-than-expected revision to third quarter GDP numbers
  14. DuPont's (DD) Shares Touch Fresh 52-Week High at $74.22 - Analyst ...

    December 23, 2014
    Shares of chemical company, E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company (DD) hit a new 52-week high of $74.22 on Dec 22, 2014, and ...
  15. DuPont Pioneer to Sell Alfalfa Assets to S&W Seed Company - Analyst ...

    December 22, 2014
    E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company (DD) announced that DuPont Pioneer has decided to sell its alfalfa production and research ...
  16. Stock Market News for December 22, 2014 - Market News

    December 22, 2014
    Benchmarks ended a turbulent week on a positive note as investors continued to welcome Fed’s decision to remain ‘patient’ ...
  17. Oil Prices Crashing: Will It Hurt These Chemical Plays? - Analyst ...

    December 18, 2014
    Crashing oil prices have put a spate of chemical companies at risk of losing their shale-derived feedstock cost advantage.
  18. DuPont Selling Neoprene to Denka Performance Elastomer - Analyst ...

    December 17, 2014
    DuPont (DD) is selling its Neoprene product line for an undisclosed price.
  19. What's Weighing on Chemical Industry Stocks? - Industry Outlook

    December 16, 2014
    What's Weighing on Chemical Industry Stocks? - Industry Outlook
  20. DuPont (DD) Clinches Defense Contract for Nomex Fibers - Analyst ...

    December 16, 2014
    DuPont (DD) announced that its DuPont Protection Technologies unit has won a contract worth $1.8 million with the Defense ...
  21. Chemical Industry Looking Up Amid a Few Worries - Industry Outlook

    December 15, 2014
    Chemical Industry Looking Up Amid a Few Worries - Industry Outlook
  22. Chemical Industry Looking Up Amid a Few Worries - Zacks Analyst ...

    December 15, 2014
    Chemical Industry Looking Up Amid a Few Worries - Zacks Analyst Interviews
  23. Chemical Industry Recovery Stays the Course - Industry Outlook

    August 12, 2014
    Chemical Industry Recovery Stays the Course - Industry Outlook
  24. Is It Complacency? - Ahead of Wall Street

    June 27, 2014
    The magnitude of the Q2 rebound is a lot less robust than consensus market expectations.
  25. Q1 Earnings in Focus - Ahead of Wall Street

    April 14, 2014
    A lot is riding on the Q1 earnings season which ramps up this week, with more than 50 S&P 500 companies reporting results. ...
  26. Closing the Books on Q4 Earnings Season - Earnings Trends

    March 10, 2014
    Closing the Books on Q4 Earnings Season - Earnings Trends
  27. This Simple System Could Lead To 41% Gains In Less Than 5 Months

    February 6, 2014
    The past few years have been a great time to be an investor.Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's zero interest rate ...
  28. Buybacks Instead of Capital Investment - Ahead of Wall Street

    January 28, 2014
    Hard to make sense of the fact that companies would consider it prudent to invest in their own sharesinstead of their businesses.
  29. DuPont Boosts Technology Center Capabilities - Analyst Blog

    July 10, 2013
    DuPont announced that it is expanding capabilities within its Silicon Valley Technology Center to usher in new innovations ...
  30. Why Is Monsanto Evil, But DuPont Isn't?

    June 19, 2013
    Monsanto is perhaps the most-hated company, but competitors like DuPont behave in very similar ways
  31. Rockwood Gets Its Deal For CeramTec

    June 17, 2013
    Rockwood gets a solid multiple for its high-margin, growing CeramTec business.
  32. Waiting For Housing To Recover, Valspar's Recovery Already Arrived

    May 15, 2013
    Valspar's market share and performance suggest the stock has recovered far enough.
  33. 3M Ends Up In The Same Industrial Tar Pit As Everybody Else

    April 25, 2013
    Disappointing margins dent 3M's all-weather credentials.
  34. DuPont's Cyclicality Seems Overpriced

    April 23, 2013
    Investors should be wary of paying a big premium for DuPont's cyclicality.
  35. Monsanto Looks A Bit Vulnerable At Current Levels

    April 3, 2013
    Monsanto beat expectations, but they could have done better.
  36. The Market May Be Overestimating Adecoagro's Risks

    April 2, 2013
    Volatile farming results and worries about Argentina have pushed Adecoagro shares well below the value of the company's land. ...
  37. Take a Breather Before Earnings Deluge - Analyst Blog

    January 21, 2013
    With the markets closed today for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the earnings season takes the day off as the reporting flood ...
  38. Beat the Market in 2013 With the Dogs of the Dow

    January 7, 2013
    Are you looking to beef up your blue chip exposure, but aren't quite sure how to best go about doing it? Sometimes, the best ...
  39. Honeywell Battens Down The Hatches

    December 13, 2012
    Honeywell's guidance was a bit soft, but the deal for Intermec is smart.
  40. The Best (and Worst) Sectors to Invest in 2013

    November 30, 2012
    In his book "How to Make Money in Stocks," famed investor and founder of the Investor's Business Daily publication William ...
  41. BASF's Deal For Pronova Shows The Importance Of Good Nutrition

    November 23, 2012
    BASF ties up another high-grade fish oil company in Pronovna, adding to the recent rise in popularity for the fish oil space.
  42. Earnings Scorecard: DuPont - Analyst Blog

    November 7, 2012
    Chemical and industrial products behemoth E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company's (DD) second-quarter 2012 adjusted earnings ...
  43. Weak Volumes Knock The Wind Out Of DuPont

    October 25, 2012
    DuPont's third quarter rattled investors, with a big shortfall in volume, revenue and earnings.
  44. Cabot - Higher Risk, But Greater Opportunities

    October 25, 2012
    Analysts seem down on Cabot's valuation, but the potential for better returns is worthwhile.
  45. 3M Stuck In The Same Macro Mire

    October 25, 2012
    3M is doing better than many conglomerates, but a miss at the revenue and operating lines is not encouraging.
  46. EI du Pont de Nemours Third Quarter Earnings Preview

    October 18, 2012
    In the lead up to EI du Pont de Nemours' (NYSE:DD) announcement of its third quarter earnings on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 ...
  47. Dow Chemical Joins Bend Research - Analyst Blog

    October 11, 2012
    U.S. chemical giant Dow Chemical (DOW) has joined forces with leading pharmaceutical drug-delivery research company, Bend ...
  48. A Much Better PPG, But Not Cheap

    October 5, 2012
    PPG is well-positioned in attractive markets, but the Street is fully aware of its merits.
  49. DuPont Products Show More Yield - Analyst Blog

    October 4, 2012
    Chemical and industrial products behemoth E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company's (DD) Optimum AQUAmax products displayed ...
  50. Carlyle Group Carves Itself A Future

    September 13, 2012
    The private equity firm goes shopping for unwanted businesses of large companies. As a result, it's busier than ever buying ...
  51. Chemical Industry Stock Outlook - May 2012 - Industry Outlook

    September 6, 2012
    June quarter results mostly reflect a slow economic recovery in the U.S. and persistent recessionary conditions in Europe, ...
  52. Eastman's Saflex Gets Seal of Reco - Analyst Blog

    September 5, 2012
    Eastman Chemical Company (EMN) announced that its Saflex S-series solar absorbing polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer has ...
  53. Monsanto Has Bloomed, But Summer Won't Last Forever

    July 3, 2012
    Monsanto is thriving today, but the harvest can't last forever and long-term holders ought to go over the numbers carefully ...
  54. 3M Set to Acquire FSTech - Analyst Blog

    June 22, 2012
    3M Company (MMM) is all set to acquire business of Federal Signal Technologies Group (FSTech), a provider of electronic toll ...
  55. FMC Adds Phytone to Portfolio - Analyst Blog

    June 15, 2012
    Given the rising demand for natural colors in most food and personal care products, FMC Corp. (FMC) has acquired U.K-based ...
  56. Adecoagro Has Taken Its Lumps

    June 15, 2012
    Adecoagro has taken a hit from both weather and politics, but the long-term value makes it worth a look.
  57. 3 Reasons American Pacific Is Ready To Take Off

    June 6, 2012
    Las Vegas-based American Pacific Corporation is the only producer of ammonium perchlorate in North America, it's struggled ...
  58. Rockwood Has Its Risks, But Also Some Apparent Value

    May 31, 2012
    Rockwood has economic risks, but offers real growth opporunities in higher-value lithium and ceramics.
  59. Is DuPont Expecting Resistance Soon?

    May 16, 2012
    New York, May 15th (TradersHuddle.com) - E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Co. (NYSE:DD) ended the trading session at $50.84, ...
  60. Aceto Looking At A Tough Future

    May 15, 2012
    Aceto is making sound moves, but the results need to be better.
  61. DuPont On The Upswing

    April 24, 2012
    Over the past three years, DuPont's sales are up less than 7% annually, but profits have jumped at a nearly 19% annual average ...
  62. Is It Time To Prepare For A Braskem Rebound?

    April 9, 2012
    Braskem has been hit by tough spreads, but conditions are looking up.
  63. Neogen's Valuation Defies Gravity

    April 2, 2012
    Neogen's valuation makes no sense.
  64. Valspar Paints A Pretty Picture

    March 30, 2012
    Global's coatings business expected to reach $107 billion by 2017. Valspar is going to be a big part of that growth. Its ...
  65. Innospec Might Be A Name To Watch In Specialty Chemicals

    March 13, 2012
    Innospec is under-followed, but interesting nonetheless.
  66. American Vanguard No Shrinking Violet

    March 8, 2012
    American Vanguard has good growth prospects, but needs a little more value.
  67. Can Zoltek Keep The Wind At Its Back?

    February 8, 2012
    Zoltek was set up to soar on a big beat.
  68. Eastman Chemical Seems To Get The Long-Term Picture

    February 1, 2012
    Eastman has solid and improving returns, open-minded leadership and an undemanding valuation.
  69. Can Investors Grow Wealth With Mosaic?

    January 6, 2012
    Mosaic is looking for crop prices to feed stronger fertilizer demand.
  70. 3 Reasons To Own DuPont

    January 6, 2012
    In mid-December, DuPont trimmed its earnings per share. No matter, there's still reason to own its stock.
  71. PPG Industries Gets Ready For 2012

    December 21, 2011
    PPG Industries is seeing a slight slowing in some of its end markets, as concerns about the global economy create uncertainty ...
  72. Be Your Own Venture Capitalist With These Stocks

    September 16, 2011
    By doing some digging, there are ways for the average joe to become his/her own venture capital fund.
  73. When Times Are Tough, Should Investors Go Swiss?

    September 15, 2011
    Swiss stocks may offer a more conservative hiding place.
  74. 11 Stocks to Watch for the Next Uptrend

    August 26, 2011
    As he awaits the next broad market rally...whenever it arrives...Fred Richards is eyeing a number of names that he sees as ...
  75. Bullish News For Agriculture

    August 16, 2011
    The recent USDA crop report highlights the long-term potential for ag-related equities.
  76. Syngenta's Growth Strategy

    July 14, 2011
    Seed-maker Syngenta merged its two major divisions in an effort to boost growth. The market is not yet sure how well this ...
  77. How to Trade Box Spreads in Options

    July 10, 2011
    A box spread is a complex option strategy that can “eliminate” risk and generate small returns, but understanding the key ...
  78. Finding High Growth In Chemicals

    June 21, 2011
    Although many industrial stocks have lost some luster in the face of a slowing global economy, the chemicals industry is ...
  79. Conglomerates With A Dividend Angle

    June 6, 2011
    Well-run conglomerates can be great additions to income-oriented portfolios.
  80. Will Nestle Succeed Where Others Have Failed?

    May 26, 2011
    Nestle is making an interesting step into medical pharmaceuticals and diagnostics.
  81. Sector Expectations Weigh Monsanto Down

    April 8, 2011
    Seed and agricultural giant Monsanto turned in a fairly good second quarter, but the market was looking for even more direction ...
  82. Buffett Brings Lubrizol Into The Fold

    March 14, 2011
    Berkshire makes a logical, although unexpected, deal for Lubrizol.
  83. PPG Coated With Profits

    January 26, 2011
    Specialty coatings, chemical and glass maker PPG Industries posted a sharp rise in quarterly and full year profits.
  84. DuPont - From Gunpowder To Plastics To Yogurt

    January 12, 2011
    DuPont reinvents itself yet again, this time entering the food and industrial enzyme industries.
  85. A Royal Present For Martek Shareholders

    December 23, 2010
    DSM furthers its transition to a food and health-focused chemical company.
  86. 2010's Highest Performing DJIA stocks

    December 14, 2010
    Check out 2010's highest-performing DJIA stocks.
  87. Revisting Your ABC's

    November 16, 2010
    In May 2008 I took a look at 10 stocks with trading symbols that had only one letter in them. Their performance over a three-year ...
  88. Top Performing Dow Stocks This Year

    November 12, 2010
    Hunting for stock treasures doesn't mean looking beyond the biggest, most well-known names in American industry.
  89. The Good And Bad Of DuPont's Strength

    October 28, 2010
    DuPont's success confirms an economic recovery, but raises the spectre of inflation.
  90. BIG Dividends, BIG Returns

    October 22, 2010
    High dividend paying stocks are present in many industries. But do you know how to analyze a balance sheet to ensure that ...
  91. Monsanto Plants Seeds Of Growth

    October 8, 2010
    Monsanto posted weaker than expected fourth quarter earnings, and fiscal year earnings that were less than last year's.
  92. 3M Posts Its Glowing Profits

    July 28, 2010
    3M remains a terrific company and a solid stock.
  93. Monsanto Earnings: Seeds Of Doubt Or Opportunity?

    July 6, 2010
    Monsanto earnings were hit hard by poor sales of its Roundup weed killer, as well as flat demand for its gentically altered ...
  94. KBR Analyst Day Review

    June 29, 2010
    We'll look at some highlights from KBR's recent analyst meeting.
  95. Finding Cramer's Accidental High-Yielders

    May 26, 2010
    We check out good companies that now have supersized dividends due to depressed stock prices.
  96. Keep An Eye On Biobutanol

    May 18, 2010
    Could biobutanol ultimately supplant ethanol as the biorenewable fuel of choice?
  97. Will History Repeat Itself?

    February 22, 2010
    During the previous energy cycle peak in the early 1980s, many outside companies bought oil and gas companies, suggesting ...
  98. Hopes Still High On Ethanol

    June 8, 2009
    Despite earlier disappointments, government support and rising gas prices have big players continuing to bet on ethanol.
  99. Revisiting Your ABCs

    May 27, 2009
    These ten stocks - chosen by ticker name alone - are compared, one year after an initial assessment.
  100. Some Investors Never Learn About IPOs

    March 30, 2009
    Approaching the four-year anniversary of the Warner Music IPO offering, its stock closed March 27 down 85% from its initial ...
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