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  1. Earnings Expectations For The Week Of September 16: FedEx, Oracle ...

    September 15, 2013
    Highlights on the earnings front this week will be the reports from FedEx (NYSE: ORCL). Analysts are looking for marginal ...
  2. Sallie Mae Stays Neutral - Analyst Blog

    July 9, 2013
    On Jul 4, 2013, we reiterated our Neutral recommendation on Sallie Mae, Inc.
  3. PRAA Raised to Strong Buy - Analyst Blog

    July 8, 2013
    On Jul 6, 2013, Zacks Investment Research upgraded Portfolio Recovery Associates Inc. to a Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy).
  4. Looking Ahead to Q2 Earnings Season - Earnings Preview

    June 14, 2013
    Looking Ahead to Q2 Earnings Season - Earnings Preview
  5. Looking Ahead to Q2 Earnings Season (revised) - Earnings Preview

    June 14, 2013
    Looking Ahead to Q2 Earnings Season (revised) - Earnings Preview
  6. Mastercard for Easier EMV Migration - Analyst Blog

    January 23, 2013
    Last Friday, MasterCard Incorporated (MA) pronounced its decision to provide other U.S. debit networks with the some of the ...
  7. PayPal is Powering eBay - Analyst Blog

    December 28, 2012
    As 2012 nears its end, a quick look at the top 25 industry sectors as ranked by Investor's Business Daily (IBD) leads to ...
  8. Disco and Other Financial Stocks Making Big Moves on December ...

    December 20, 2012
    After the morning's trading, the Nasdaq has declined 0.4%, the S&P 500 has been relatively flat and the Dow has decreased ...
  9. Ahead of Wall Street - December 20, 2012 - Ahead of Wall Street

    December 20, 2012
    Thursday, December 20, 2012 The favorable tone of this morning's economic releases this morning will likely do nothing ...
  10. VeriFone to Upgrade PayLife System - Analyst Blog

    November 16, 2012
    VeriFone Systems, Inc. (PAY) recently inked an agreement with Austrian company PayLife to install new VeriFone VX 680 wireless ...
  11. Banks to Face Tougher Stress Test - Analyst Blog

    November 16, 2012
    Major American banks will have to undergo yet another round of stress tests early next year to prove their financial mettle ...
  12. Disco and More Big Movers in Financial on November 15, 2012

    November 15, 2012
    The market is currently down, with the Nasdaq slipping 0.4%, the S&P 500 declining 0.3% and the Dow falling 0.3%. The financial ...
  13. Total System Remains Neutral - Analyst Blog

    October 5, 2012
    We are reiterating our Neutral recommendation on Total System Services Inc. (TSS) based on the current sustainability factor. ...
  14. Groupon Kicks Off Mobile Payments - Analyst Blog

    September 21, 2012
    Groupon Inc. (GRPN) recently announced its entry into the mobile payments market with the launch of Groupon Payments - a ...
  15. Upcoming Technology Events You Should Know This Week

    August 28, 2012
    This week will see the release of results from only a couple technology firms, though one should lend solid insight into ...
  16. Total System Kept at Neutral - Analyst Blog

    July 9, 2012
    We are reiterating our Neutral recommendation on Total System Services Inc. (TSS) based on the current sustainability factor. ...
  17. Waiting For A Better Price On Wright Express

    June 27, 2012
    Wright Express does well by many metrics, but its valuation is not very attractive.
  18. Company News for June 20, 2012 - Corporate Summary

    June 20, 2012
    "    IHS Inc. (NYSE:IHS) posted second quarter earnings per share of $0.71, beating the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $0.65 ...
  19. Zacks Releases Four Powerful ''Buy'' Stocks: Radware, Canadian ...

    May 8, 2012
    For Immediate Release Chicago, IL - May 8, 2012 - Four free stock picks are being made available today on Zacks.com. ...
  20. eBay Beats Earnings Estimates

    April 19, 2012
    eBay had help from Pay-Pay.
  21. JPMorgan's Earnings Suggest Economic Improvements

    April 17, 2012
    JPMorgan released their first quarter earnings, showing that they had recovered from a poor fourth quarter in 2011.
  22. 5 Small Caps With Bearish Shorts Reporting Earnings This Week

    April 17, 2012
    These small-cap stocks are seeing an increase in short selling.
  23. 4 Stocks To Watch On Thursday

    September 21, 2011
    These companies are set to report on Thursday and could give investors a sneak preview of what to expect when the unofficial ...
  24. Is The Consumer Coming Back?

    September 14, 2011
    Consumers sent a mixed picture as they increased overall borrowing but cut back on their credit card borrowing. Will this ...
  25. 14 Growth Stocks Beating the Market

    July 15, 2011
    Joel Klein of Klein Asset Management gives Kate Stalter his view on growth names that are currently outperforming the indices. ...
  26. Cash-Rich Companies with Strong Charts

    July 7, 2011
    Investors looking for relative safety in the current environment should consider shares of these four companies, which have ...
  27. Can Capital One Get Real Value From ING Direct?

    June 22, 2011
    Capital One is making a high-risk, high-reward play by taking on ING Direct.
  28. Earnings Preview for June 23

    June 22, 2011
    Here are four companies that will be releasing their earnings on June 23.
  29. Credit Card Companies Emerge From Crisis Scot-Free

    May 23, 2011
    Recent earnings reports suggest that credit card reform was not as bad for issuers as they had feared.
  30. 4 Important Earnings Announcements For March 22

    March 21, 2011
    Earnings reports are significant events for every stock. Here are 4 earnings announcement for March 22 to check out.
  31. Consumers Inch Back

    January 13, 2011
    Consumers continued to slowly find their way back to spending in the U.S. economy, as consumer credit rose $1.3 billion in ...
  32. 3 Fundamentally Sound Financials

    October 21, 2010
    The sector may be down, but there are some great buys as a result.
  33. Time To Act Locally On Global Payments?

    October 13, 2010
    Is GPN falling into turnaround territory, or just falling?
  34. Paradigm Shift For Plastic?

    September 14, 2010
    Analyst ratings were lowered on some credit card issuers' stocks, as consumers use has changed to favor debit cards.
  35. 4 Bargain Credit Companies

    August 23, 2010
    Companies that provide credit services and loans for consumers are looking better than ever.
  36. Low P/E Stocks In Every Sector

    June 30, 2010
    There are low P/E stocks in every sector, and these are just a few of them.
  37. Was It Really A Bailout?

    March 23, 2010
    Although Americans are convinced that the TARP program was a waste of taxpayer money, the latest report indicates that most ...
  38. Stocks Providing Value And Growth

    August 3, 2009
    Value and growth are usually considered opposites in the investing world. Well, here's some stocks that may boast both.
  39. The AmEx Upgrade May Not Help

    July 9, 2009
    Though AmEx's long-term looks promising, even an upgrade may not help its near-term.
  40. How To Profit From The Economic Recovery

    May 11, 2009
    Investors, get ready!
  41. Insiders Bank On The Financials

    April 27, 2009
    Insider buying in the financial sector may indicate a turnaround in the econemy in the short-term future.
  42. Capital One: Debt's In Your Wallet?

    October 8, 2008
    Capital One offers attractive valuations, but charge-offs and delinquencies are on the rise.
  43. The S&P 500 All Rookie Team

    July 24, 2008
    MasterCard, AK Steel and several other well-known names are the latest stocks to crack the S&P 500 lineup. Learn what they ...
  44. Busting The Debt Myth (AXP, DFS, COF)

    January 7, 2008
    Consumers are cutting credit card debt from their budgets and card companies are suffering. This sector is no longer a goldmine.
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