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Dec. 1, 2015 | 04:00 PM

Insider Transactions

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Date Name Title Volume Trade Price Holding Change
11/11/2015Cyprus NickDirector5,000$16.7119.71%
11/03/2015ZERVIGON EDDYDirector2,000$15.8018.08%
11/03/2015Scott Walter S.EVP, USG Business and CTO3,050$16.305.87%
11/03/2015Ferrera Gary WEVP, Chief Financial Officer4,000$16.389.82%
11/03/2015JENSON WARRENDirector10,000$16.3741.89%
11/03/2015Comfort StephanieSVP, Strategy, Comms and Mktg3,060$16.3612.91%
11/03/2015HOUGH LAWRENCE ADirector5,000$16.6016.28%
11/03/2015TARR JEFFREY RPresident and CEO3,000$15.801.36%
11/03/2015ESTES HOWELL MDirector3,050$16.557.40%
10/12/2015Hascall Timothy MEVP, Chief Operations Officer-1,122$21.06-1.86%
8/19/2015TURNER DAVID B. JR.SVP, Commercial Sales-3,482$24.53-8.25%
8/06/2015ESTES HOWELL MDirector1,300$23.783.46%
8/04/2015TARR JEFFREY RPresident and CEO2,000$22.890.91%
6/01/2015TURNER DAVID B. JR.SVP, Commercial Sales-502$30.19-1.18%
6/01/2015TURNER DAVID B. JR.SVP, Commercial Sales-1,818$30.19-4.23%
5/22/2015JABLONSKY DANIEL LSVP, GC and Secretary-408$31.57-0.67%
5/22/2015TARR JEFFREY RPresident and CEO-3,083$31.57-1.39%
5/22/2015Scott Walter S.EVP, USG Business and CTO-627$31.57-1.19%
5/22/2015WRAY GROVER N.SVP, Chief HR Officer-408$31.57-0.66%
5/22/2015Hascall Timothy MEVP, Chief Operations Officer-562$31.57-0.92%
5/21/2015TURNER DAVID B. JR.SVP, Commercial Sales-420$31.91-0.97%
5/01/2015Scott Walter S.EVP, USG Business and CTO-142$31.22-0.14%
5/01/2015Scott Walter S.EVP, USG Business and CTO-350$31.22-0.69%
4/04/2015TARR JEFFREY RPresident and CEO-4,918$34.60-2.23%
3/12/2015JABLONSKY DANIEL LSVP, GC and Secretary-3,049$34.11-4.89%
3/06/2015Troup Nathan M.N/A-24$34.65-0.28%
3/06/2015TARR JEFFREY RPresident and CEO-3,297$34.65-1.47%
3/06/2015Scott Walter S.EVP, USG Business and CTO-1,119$34.65-2.15%
3/06/2015WRAY GROVER N.SVP, Chief HR Officer-204$34.65-0.34%
3/06/2015Hascall Timothy MEVP, Chief Operations Officer-458$34.65-0.77%
3/04/2015TURNER DAVID B. JR.SVP, Commercial Sales-2,500$34.70-5.28%
3/04/2015TURNER DAVID B. JR.SVP, Commercial Sales-1,500$34.71-3.34%
3/04/2015TURNER DAVID B. JR.SVP, Commercial Sales2,500$15.405.57%
3/03/2015Scott Walter S.EVP, USG Business and CTO-384$35.00-0.38%
3/02/2015Scott Walter S.EVP, USG Business and CTO-142$33.25-0.14%
3/02/2015Scott Walter S.EVP, USG Business and CTO-350$33.25-0.67%
2/23/2015Scott Walter S.EVP, USG Business and CTO-259$29.63-0.49%
2/05/2015TARR JEFFREY RPresident and CEO-4,108$29.31-2.39%
2/05/2015Troup Nathan M.N/A-225$29.31-5.24%
2/05/2015TURNER DAVID B. JR.SVP, Sales & Marketing-904$29.31-2.52%
2/05/2015WRAY GROVER N.SVP, Chief HR Officer-759$29.31-1.52%
2/05/2015Scott Walter S.EVP & Chief Technical Officer-888$29.31-2.21%
2/05/2015Hascall Timothy MEVP, Operations-1,048$29.31-2.47%
2/05/2015Graffam FredInterim CFO-309$29.31-1.74%
2/05/2015JABLONSKY DANIEL LSVP, GC and Secretary-775$29.31-1.52%
2/05/2015SHAPERO AMY ESVP, Strategy & Corp Comm.-499$29.31-2.93%
1/25/2015SHAPERO AMY ESVP, Strategy & Corp Comm.-411$28.09-2.36%
1/25/2015WRAY GROVER N.SVP, Chief HR Officer-1,026$28.09-2.01%
1/25/2015TURNER DAVID B. JR.SVP, Sales & Marketing-1,067$28.09-2.89%
1/25/2015Troup Nathan M.N/A-148$28.09-3.33%
1/25/2015TARR JEFFREY RPresident and CEO-4,593$28.09-2.61%
1/25/2015Scott Walter S.EVP & Chief Technical Officer-1,291$28.09-3.11%
1/25/2015JABLONSKY DANIEL LSVP, GC and Secretary-1,067$28.09-2.05%
1/25/2015Hascall Timothy MEVP, Operations-1,291$28.09-2.96%
1/02/2015Scott Walter S.EVP & Chief Technical Officer-350$31.00-0.34%
1/02/2015Scott Walter S.EVP & Chief Technical Officer-142$31.00-0.34%
12/19/2014WRAY GROVER N.SVP, Chief HR Officer-3,085$30.01-5.70%
12/15/2014ESTES HOWELL MDirector2,000$24.986.49%
12/15/2014ZERVIGON EDDYDirector2,000$24.8451.71%
12/12/2014STEINKE-FIKE MARCY A.SVP, Government Relations-1,349$25.01-5.06%
12/12/2014WRAY GROVER N.SVP, Chief HR Officer210$24.610.39%
12/11/2014Hascall Timothy MEVP, Operations2,043$24.464.91%
11/19/2014TARR JEFFREY RPresident and CEO2,000$26.831.15%
11/17/2014ESTES HOWELL MDirector3,000$27.0210.89%
11/05/2014TURNER DAVID B. JR.SVP, Sales & Marketing-3,000$28.84-7.52%
8/06/2014Spruill Yancey L.EVP, CFO and Treasurer-15,000$28.20-18.97%
8/05/2014TURNER DAVID B. JR.SVP, Sales & Marketing-3,000$28.71-7.00%
7/25/2014SHAPERO AMY ESVP, Strategy & Corp Comm.-451$26.96-2.52%
6/13/2014HOUGH LAWRENCE ADirector-1,500$30.50-5.92%
6/12/2014HOUGH LAWRENCE ADirector-1,500$30.71-5.59%
6/11/2014HOUGH LAWRENCE ADirector-4,000$31.50-12.98%
6/01/2014TURNER DAVID B. JR.SVP, Sales & Marketing-1,818$30.36-4.07%
5/29/2014HOUGH LAWRENCE ADirector-1,500$30.50-4.64%
5/22/2014SHAPERO AMY ESVP, Strategy & Corp Comm.-203$30.55-1.12%
5/21/2014TURNER DAVID B. JR.SVP, Sales & Marketing-420$30.35-0.93%
5/21/2014Troup Nathan M.N/A-51$30.35-1.13%
5/21/2014FRAZIER LEON ANTHONYSVP, General Mgr. of Analytics-579$30.35-1.85%
5/12/2014TURNER DAVID B. JR.SVP, Sales & Marketing-2,800$32.08-5.84%
5/12/2014JABLONSKY DANIEL LSVP, GC and Secretary7,075$11.8013.57%
5/12/2014JABLONSKY DANIEL LSVP, GC and Secretary-7,075$32.35-11.95%
5/07/2014Cyprus NickDirector-21,376$31.66-54.72%
5/07/2014Cyprus NickDirector22,876$17.97141.31%
4/01/2014Scott Walter S.EVP & Chief Technical Officer-500$29.06-1.18%
4/01/2014Scott Walter S.EVP & Chief Technical Officer-183$29.06-0.18%
3/14/2014FRAZIER LEON ANTHONYSVP, General Manager Insigh-770$31.38-2.35%
3/13/2014HOUGH LAWRENCE ADirector-2,500$31.48-7.40%
3/12/2014JABLONSKY DANIEL LSVP, GC and Secretary-3,049$32.01-5.53%
3/06/2014WRAY GROVER N.SVP, Chief HR Officer-198$32.12-0.37%
3/06/2014TARR JEFFREY RPresident and CEO-2,923$32.12-1.61%
3/06/2014Spruill Yancey L.EVP, CFO and Treasurer-813$32.12-1.02%
3/06/2014SHAPERO AMY ESVP, Corporate Development-143$32.12-0.78%
3/06/2014Scott Walter S.EVP & Chief Technical Officer-1,119$32.12-2.58%
3/06/2014Hascall Timothy MSVP, Operations-455$32.12-1.05%
3/06/2014ESTES HOWELL MDirector3,000$31.9015.04%
3/06/2014Troup Nathan M.N/A-24$32.12-0.53%
3/04/2014Scott Walter S.EVP & Chief Technical Officer-120$32.70-0.28%
3/04/2014Scott Walter S.EVP & Chief Technical Officer-50$32.70-0.05%
3/03/2014TARR JEFFREY RPresident and CEO2,000$31.041.11%
3/03/2014Scott Walter S.EVP & Chief Technical Officer-620$30.84-1.41%
3/03/2014Scott Walter S.EVP & Chief Technical Officer-233$30.84-0.22%
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